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What warrents buying/owning a console or handheld?

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Linkachu, Mar 31, 2006.

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    The definitive games list topic got me thinking... How many games do you guys consider a "good" amount in a console/handheld collection, or at least the amount of games that warrent actually owning the system? (As in, down the road, not feeling like it was a waste of money) Or maybe it has nothing to do with the amount of games you physically own, eh?

    Ideally, being able to find 15 to 25 good games to buy on a system is the number I aim for, yet some of my current collections don't have that many games in 'em. Take Genesis for example. In total we own about 8 games for it, but does that mean it wasn't worth the money? Heck no. Of those 8 games are some of my favourite games of all time, and even if we didn't buy too many we still rented a lot or borrowed games from other people.
    The same goes for my GCN collection. I only personally own about 13 games on it, but that's mainly because I've borrowed all the other notable ones off my brother and friends. I may not play GCN much anymore but I have no regrets buying it either.

    I guess it depends on a few factors: how much you pay for the console/handheld, how much the games are, if you're able to rent/borrow them from others, and how good the games are. As of now, I don't think what PSP has to offer warrents me buying one, BUT if I could get it at a cheaper price I would. I could say the same for X-Box and the 360 aswell. Still... if a really, really great game came out for any one of those systems and the price was good, I'd probably end up buying it for said game.

    Sometimes a hole in your wallet/bank account is worth the experience, and chances are once you have the console in your possession you'll find other things on it that spark your interest. Hopefully ^^

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