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Ask to Join What To Do...? (an Undertale RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Il Fantasma, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. (Discussion thread's here, if you're interested. Please sign up there. The people who can post here are as follows: @LonelyLapras, @PeachyPie, @Sciencewars, @TheRagingSSJG, @Defaeco, @DaVioletAce, @Anchiale, @AspenTR33, @Cutepikachu343, @AsrielDreemurr, @HydreigonBorn37, @EeveeBestPokemon, and @OmegaNave.

    I don't own any AUs, except for Motortale, which I'll introduce later maybe. Credit goes to the original creators.)

    How creepy was this?

    At the entrance of a dark, sparkling cavern sat a short skeleton, bored out of his mind and on the verge of sleeping. Why did he have sentry duty in Waterfall, anyway?

    Probably because his brother thought a human might come through the portal that sat directly in front of him.

    Looking into an alternate universe always creeped him out more than a bit- this is why he hated this post so much. Monsters from this 'AU' had already come through the portal, joining him and his friends in their on world. He had always assumed that none of the other barriers were broken, that the monsters were feeling cramped in their own universes, so they came over to his. Every time he saw someone that looked like him, he couldn't help the shiver that shot up his spine. Sure, they wound up being cool, acting freakishly similar to himself or some others, depending on their universe, but the mere fact that this was him was odd enough.

    Closing his sockets for a moment, head resting on his crossed arms, Sans let his tiredness kick in and he dozed off, falling asleep just as someone stepped out of the portal before him without his knowledge.


    The door to the bar creaked open, allowing the now-full girl to walk out into the brisk, snowy wind. Tempo had always liked Snowdin, ever since she fell down here, but the visitors the small town had been housing for a while was a bit much. There were so many others that looked and acted like her friends- heck, they even looked and acted like herself! Laughing to herself, the albino girl walked off, away from Grillby's and back to her home, which was located in the northern part of the town. Small puffs of air appeared in front of her face with each breath she took, and the crunching sound beneath her feet soothed whatever nerves she felt.

    Past a group of Papyruses, Tempo walked, careful not to make eye contact. She hadn't really communicated with many of the other-universe monsters, and she kept telling herself that she would soon, but how to approach them? A while back, she had started a conversation with a lab coat-wearing Sans, but he went off on some science tangent, so she had politely excused herself as soon as she could and left. Ever since, she had been pretty nervous.

    Should she try to talk to one today?

    Fishing in her pocket, she pulled her house keys out and was about to unlock the front door when she felt a tug at her dress. Turning around to the source, Tempo resisted the urge to squeak when she came across a much-younger-than-usual Papyrus, scarf nearly covering the bottom half of his face. He must've come from the group she had passed, Tempo thought, kneeling down in front of him and patting his head. "Hey there, little guy! You need something?"

    "I wanted to know if you wanted to play with me," he says in the usual loud voice. Tempo's not quite sure what she expected. Pointing back to the group, Papyrus continues. "They won't, 'cuz he's a lazybones like my brother, he thinks he's 'too cool for me,' and he's scary!" He points to the three different Papyruses as he speaks. "And you looked so nice and fun!"

    The smile on Tempo's face grew wider as she looked back to the young incarnation of her friend, once again patting her head. She couldn't help but wonder what alternate universes these Papyruses had come from, but she didn't ask. "You know what? Sure, I'll play with you!" Standing up again, she took little Papyrus's gloved hand. "What do you want to play?"

    Papyrus led her back to the southern part of Snowdin, toward the group. "I have a puzzle! Would you like to try it out?"

    Tempo couldn't stop the snicker that escaped her lips. She needed to find her Papyrus and introduce him to this one. He'd love it, and she's pretty sure this one would like meeting his older self, too. "Of course! Sounds like fun!"

    Figures. The puzzle was a simple junior jumble. She didn't want to let him down, though, so Tempo sat down next to Papyrus on the cold snow she was so used to, taking his offered pencil and beginning the puzzle, asking her new friend for help as she worked. Many others passed them by, including those from different AUs, but she paid them no mind.
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  2. The young human was too busy trying to avoid conflict in her own world that she walked further out of town than normal. There was no one back home waiting for ber -- if you called a corner in an alley a home -- so she could be gone for days without anyone even noticing. It was a free life but certainly had it's fair share of struggles.

    'They say those who climb the mountain never return' was the odd rumour that she kept thinking of in her head as she made her journey to it. She didn't believe it exactly but curiousity got the better of her. As she reached the top she looked back towards the town in the distance for a moment or so before moving forward once more, stopping as she came to the edge of a large hole in the mountain.

    "Huh... Maybe some dragon monster lives here..." She muttered sarcastically to herself as she looked around. Well, nothing special to see here to give any sort of confirmation to those rumours, she thought as she began to turn away... But what if people have gone down there? She would be lying if she didn't wonder if this was the fait of some of those who had gone missing.

    Given her polished climbing skills from outrunning cops or angry food-cart owners, she decided to start making her way down the pretty steep descent in to the mountain. For once, she could feel her hands shaking a bit as they gripped and searched for secure rocks to grab on to. There was an almost heavy for of atmosphere, very different to anything she had felt before. The unknown did make her a bit anxious, but for some reason she couldn't even think that going back up was an option. Despite her skills, when she got a bit further she lost her footing when a ledge under her crumbled, making desperate grabs for safety but ended up falling down with it.

    The girl let out a shocked cry and that was the last thing she remembered before everything went dark. Next thing she new, her eyee slowly opened with a groan and she was staring up at where she had just came from. Looking around her, she was surprised to see she was laying on a bed of beautiful yellow flowers and she couldn't help sit up to admire them for a moment. Well... Guess you'll never be returning unless you find some way out of here.
  3. (I'm assuming that the cliff in Undertale, where it ends, is right where the entrance of the Underground is.)
    Violet sat peacefully near the cliff, scribbling in her notebook.
    Monsters - monstrous and vile beings that are said to snatch children from their sleeps and steal them away into the night.
    Quietly, she hummed to herself.
    Only recently had she been separated with her brother, and now she was waiting for something to snatch her away. Preferably, monsters.
    Two minutes later, an girl's shocked cry broke her thoughts. Frightened, she stood up. She spun to the cliffside, and spotted the gigantic hole behind the cliffside's sight.
    "What the-" She walked towards the hole, and looked down.
    The hole was dark, and she couldn't see anything. Clutching her bag and notebook to her chest, she muttered something and stepped closer. An piece of slippery stone slipped her, and she yelled an curse word as she fell deep below.
    Then something went THUMP.
  4. Clara jumped to her feet from being startled when she heard and saw someone else falling down, staring for a moment with a puzzled expression.

    "Wha... Hey! Are you ok?" She asked as she hurried to her side and crouched down, "At least I'm not the only clumsy idiot now," She said, trying to make light of the awkward situation.
  5. The portal flared to life. King Sans had no clue what was going on. Asgore, the Royal Scientist, had no clue either. Of course, Chara knew it all. Rips across space and time. Portals to alternate universes. Universes which Chara, being so interested in quantum mechanics, knew like the back of her hand. And here he was standing in front of one. Right next to their sentry station was a portal to the "original" universe.

    They were about to figure out what these rips where. Plodding through the snow, he stood infront of the portal. This was the moment. She stuck her body into the massive hole as it felt like his entire deep red soul was being torn to pieces.


    Cold snow filled Chara's vision as she regained her consciousness. Jerking upward, she dashed her head around to see... Waterfall. But it was different.. Of course, that's to be expected when you just traveled into another universe. Out of the corner of his eye, she saw.. Sans. Not King, mind you, but Sans nonetheless. She had barely gotten to study the bare minor tears that had shown up before, only to collapse within the hour, but she could reconize the face. "Ok then, lazybones." She exclaimed aloud. "So you're the original. Sure is knife to meetcha."
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  6. As two humans fell they didn't seem to notice the disco ball that fell with them. It hit the ground, and a door opened. A space Pod? No, a disco ship. Our stepped the one true sign of power, his freshness.
  7. If that scared her, then the weird giant disco ball falling down about gave Clara a heart attack. Damn, could this day get any stranger? For a moment she was beginning to wonder if this was all a really weird dream.

    Whatever it was, Clara was certainly a bit fearful, anxious and a whole mix of other negative emotions. What the hell did she fall in to?!
  8. (OOC: @Sciencewars... I'm in Waterfall. :p)

    Awake, Sans jerked, eye sockets wide from the sudden, unexpected arrival. At the sight of someone who looked very similar to Frisk but most definitely wasn't them, he couldn't help but feel skeptical about them. They had told them a while back that it wasn't exactly them that had control during any and all Genocide Routes, and this person met the visual description he had received almost perfectly, but they seemed to... act like him? What was up with that universe?

    Shrugging the thought into a part of his mind that wasn't entirely in the back, to be forgotten, Sans's smile tightened slightly at the knife joke that was made. "heh," he chuckled humorlessly. "i guess you could call me that. haven't seen you around before. you new to 'the original timeline'?" As much as he wanted to follow up their pun with something ten times worse better, he couldn't be sure about this person just yet, so he restrained himself.


    "Aaand... done!" Tempo drawled, writing in one last letter before handing the paper back to the young Papyrus, who she learned was from an alternate universe known as Littletale. The smile taking over the face of concentration, she once again patted the young skeleton's head, standing up from her spot in the snow. Even though she was used to the cold by now, that didn't stop the wetness of the sticky stuff from seeping through her dress. Making sure it wasn't stuck to herself, she took a few steps closer to her house, not looking away from Papyrus. "That was fun! Thank you for letting me try it out! So..." Turning back around to face him, she continued, "where to next? Do you have someone that takes care of you, or...?"

    Shaking his head, Papyrus bounded over to Tempo's side like a puppy. "I take care of me!" he yelled, hands held high above his head in pride. "Where do you think we should go?"

    Oh no. Pursing her lips, Tempo looked around for anyone that might be the caretaker, the cold beginning to get to her for no apparent reason. "Um... Let's... Let's take you to Grillby's, hm? I'll get you a burger and some fries."

    Papyrus pondered the thought for a moment. Sure, the Papyrus she knew only went to Grillby's to pick up Sans if he had fallen asleep there, but he always refused to eat any of the food. This Papyrus didn't seem to be any different from him... until now. Nodding his head wildly, he grabbed her hand once again, the puzzle stuffed into his pocket, and dragged her in the direction of the bar and restaurant.

    Quickly, Tempo followed behind him, still keeping herself from emitting a sound at the absolute cuteness that walked in front of her.

    A snicker sounded from not far away.

    Turning her head around, stopping her walking, Tempo searched for the source of the noise, quickly spotting one of the Papyruses from earlier, who was wearing a hoodie. Furrowing her brow, she sent an irritated look his way.

    Smirking, the hoodie-wearing Papyrus walked off from the group he had been talking to, over to her and the now-confused Littletale!Papyrus. "Goin' to Grillby's?" he asked, voice a bit slow and all calm. It reminded her of Sans.

    Tempo cocked her head to the side. "Yeah. I dunno where else to bring this little guy, and I don't wanna leave him alone." She nodded over to the skeleton that still held her hand as she spoke.

    Underswap!Papyrus copied her nod, looking over his young look-alike. "Looks like I'm coming with you, then. I'll look after him for ya. Besides, I like that place. Grillby's."

    Eyes lighting up, Tempo began the trek to the building once again, now with two skeletons in tow. "Cool! Thanks a bunch. I really need to get back home and change and all that jazz."

    Even though Tempo had said this and Underswap!Papyrus had seen what they were doing, she did end up staying at the bar for quite a while, talking with the two and making sure she wasn't leaving her new friend in the hands of someone from a 'corrupted AU,' as she's heard some alternate universes be called before. Now at home, fully trusting the mustard-loving skeleton, she changed from her dress to her pajamas, crashing on the couch with a blanket over her body. She would've stayed out longer with the others, but the wet spot on her dress had begun to freeze, and all her other clothes were in the wash, dirty. Not quite sure what to do at the moment, she read for quite some time, waiting for the dryer to ding so she could head back out.
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  9. Lily stood, embracing the warmth of the wind as she spread her arms out, free-falling through long known as a vile place full of monsters. Hearing the cries from the hole below, she chuckled. What was that to her now? She had run away from home, slayed and survived for a year on this mountain with just the wind and the earth around her. As she fell, she lamented on her pitiful life and the misery she endured.


    A girl lay unconscious on the floor for but a minute, opening her eyes to find two-no, three others standing there. She had seen tracks before, but never another human. Not for ten long years. Perhaps she had simply missed the signs. Awkwardly, she dusted off her blue jeans and rose to meet them, fingering her daggers. In her small survival pocketbook, only one entry was on the human race.

    Disgusting, vile creatures that lack care or love for anyone, and unlike other mammals aren't protective of their children at all. Their four chambers of heart purely pulsate of evil. They ruined everything I, an innocent child, own. They destroyed it with no pity. In a scenario with them, the best thing to do is run and hope that someone will come and rescue you. One day, they will all die.

    An enjoyable entry, the word die in her own blood. Now she regretted reading that, and in fear of her life she stood there and listened to the conversation. Perhaps they would ignore her? That was what she hoped as she backed up into a corner and simply listened.

    ((OOC: Sakiya will pop up when/if we need her!))
  10. Violet jolted awake, scared by the disco ball. "What in the name of Jesus-" she stopped as she saw the girl beside her.
    "What even is-"
    With a flash, she reached for her side.
    She became quiet. She didn't even try to reach for her dagger in her bag. She was frozen, her only memory of a good life being gone.
  11. "Wiggity wack wack what's up bro? It's yo boy, uh, skinny asriel!"
  12. She was still frozen. She got to her feet, and stepped back.
    As soon as she did, she gasped with relief, snatching the notebook on the ground.
    An new smile on her face, she gave a half-smile to the monster.
    "Uh, hello?"
  13. "Hey yo was chill bill my dog? Heard you like dropping balls, so I came with you down here."
  14. Her eyebrow arched.
    "With a disco-ball? Is that really needed?"
    And then she saw that there were four people in total in the hole.
    She sighed. "And then you wonder how many people fall down in this hole in a day.."
  15. "Your wiggity guess is as fresh as mine, my Guess is something funnier then 24...;)

  16. "Alrighty,"

    Still standing up, she grabbed her backpack and put the notebook in.
    Never losing you again..
    Then she turned to the second human, who'd backed up into an corner.
    "Ya know, staying there holding you're daggers make you look like you're strategizing the way you'll kill us,"
  17. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    TheRagingSSJG: Reminder that RP posts should be PARAGRAPHS, Not single lines. I'm pretty sure this isn't the only time I warned you about this, and if It continues It'll become an official RP rule conduct warning.
  18. She bit her lips at the human that had noticed her, and realizing she also had at least a dagger she was likely outnumbered. Not the most social type, she could only think of one thing to say. "I might be. Better than trusting everyone you meet, in my opinion." Her English had somehow improved over the many years, but her tone was still a cold, maybe emotionless one. Such was how she was.
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  19. Clara was helping the first -- well second after her -- human to their feet when another fell. "What the fuck?" She muttered in surprise, "Is it raining humans now?" Seriously.

    Before she could ask the other human if she was ok, she noticed her backing up a bit and figured the whole scenario had them shaken up. At least now she could look to the skinny goat-looking monster and... Try make sense of the weird language he was speaking.

    "Uh... Did you drop in from the fifties?" Clara asked, pretty much being rhetorical.

    She then heard the less sociable human speaking with Violet.

    "Pah!" Was the noise Clara couldn't hold back escaping her mouth at the comment that she 'might be' plotting to kill them, "Listen, bud, for one it's lovely to meet you too, and another don't think you scare me with your tiny dagger," She frowned, "Besides, you're outnumbered and I know you're at least not stupid." Well, to be honest she does think Lily is pretty stupid but knew to at least hold that one back, "Maybe focus more on the hippie dude with the giant discoball rather than making death threats."
  20. Violet crossed her arms and groaned. "Before we kill each other, why don't we get to know each other?"
    "Besides, if his name is two words," she said, pointing at the skinny goat monster. "And that is definitely not normal, does that mean there are more of you?"
    Besides, any mother would name someone skinny is a lunatic..
  21. "Yo what are you serious? You're wiggity walked up, dawg, were all monsters down here in the chill town downtown underground, and you may call me his freshness, or asriel whatever's down with the funk in yo funky book."
  22. (Paragraphs. Not one sentence, remember?)

    Violet's eyes narrowed. "No, what I mean is that are there more..asriel's?" She flicked a stone towards a pillar. "I doubt it, though. That would mean science..and science is not my thing,"
  23. "Yo what dawg? I'm the one and only real og, ain't nobody being me but me, and if not that's whacked up. I'm the god of hyper fresh and that's all these wiggity is to it."
  24. Lily sighed, chuckling silently before replying. She really, really wanted to kill somebody in this room, but until she figured out who she decided to simply play along. "I don't see why or why not. However, I'd like to question the...the Skinny Asriel on the Skinny part of his name. Is that a figure of speech or your actual name? No offense intended."
  25. "Alright," She turned to the purple(?) gateway. "would you all like to have a little adventure once we stop threatening each other?"

    As she said that, flashes of something else glinted in her thoughts.
    "Violet, do you want to have a adventure?"
    "We'll get in trouble!"
    "Who cares?"

    Her hand stiffened. She took a step forward.
  26. "Yo thanks for the fresh question m'dude. Skinny A's just a name my boy paps came up with, before I came to this chill underground. Come on yo, let's go. And no offense taken."
  27. Lily, a little more observational than social, had been noticing both the weird goat and the girl's every flinch, blink, and motion so far. Seeing the girl's hand stiffen, Lily decided to test Violet's strength. She disregarded the goat for a bit, and turned her attention to the girl. "You sure? Doesn't sound like the best situation to be in. Adventuring has lead to millions of deaths. I bet falling down the hole was some sort of adventure for you."
  28. Once again, her eyes narrowed. "I'm not scared to die, for your information,"
    Her whole life had been centered on being ready for dying. To not be whining to come back to life. "And besides, I didn't jump down willingly. I was guessing my brother would pick me up when I was up there," she said. She looked up, whispering something.
    "But now its too late, isn't it?"
  29. Lily tossed her daggers into the air, and as they were gripped by the hilt she decided on her answer. "Mm. Well, we need food or water eventually, don't we? I'd say we can stop once we've reached that far." She whispered something inaudible but dark under her breath, as she tried to clean off the dried blood of her daggers, waiting on Violet.
  30. "Heyo, I'm just gonna float over to that mansion and chillax for a bit. Chill dogs? Great." Asriel said as he floated towards a familiar looking house.
  31. She looked down.
    "Well, thats done,"
    And she marched into the gate, dagger still at her side.
  32. Lily tapped the gate, afraid it would collapse. Seemed old enough. She walked under it carefully and rushed under, wondering what would be ahead. "Well, uh. I'm not very much one to see things in a dark, musty cavern. What's in here?"
  33. Violet squinted at their surroundings.
    "You can see that light right? The rest of the place is dark. I imagine if we went those ways we'd get lost," she said. Her eyes lightened suddenly. "Hey, just for the sake of you know, adventuring, would you mind telling me you're name? I don't.." Her words drifted off.
  34. ((OOC: I'll take all the Torielses, but I dunno about Flowey, who wants him?))

    Lily smirked when she heard the girl. For the sake of adventuring. Even though it would probably kill her and a bit, it's adventuring. Wow. Lily emphasized the word adventure as she spoke. "I'd think it would be more of an adventure if you tried to figure it out. Anyways, it's Lily. And, since you're the adventurer of this group, do you want to get lost or not get lost?"
  35. (OOC: I think we should just play Flowey, but eh)

    She shot her a slightly irritated look. "This doesn't seem that hard to navigate, ya know," she said, pointing at the next gate. "and its Violet," she added.
    Quick as a flash, she whipped a paper airplane out of her pocket and threw it a yellow flower.
  36. ((OOC: Alrighty then, I guess he can just be a NPC for now and we can both play him or something....?))

    Lily raised one eyebrow as she went and picked up the paper airplane to hold it up in the air. "Why in blazes would you ever, ever use a piece of paper to do anything? I doubt anyone-or anything-would be even slightly hurt by this piece of wood. Or intimidated. Nor is it good for decision making, because there isn't any wind. So why?" Noticing the yellow flower, she was careful not to step on it as she quickly found and read off what she had on yellow flowers.

    -Yellow Flowers-

    Whether they're dandelions or poppies, they are NOT to be trampled on or picked. Instead, record what type of flower they are and see if they have any medicinal properties. If in a no food situation, eat them, and they could possibly contain dew that provides water.The following yellow flowers have the following helpful and non helpful properties:
    California Poppy - Reduces anxiety and insomnia
    Carnation - Reduces anxiety, agitation, stress and fatigue
    Chrysanthemum - Fever, headache, and common cold relief
    Bulbous Buttercup - Inflames and blisters skin, juice causes sneezing and may cure some headaches
    Dandelion - Effective for cleaning blood
    Honeysuckle - Effective for rashes or skin infections
    Sunflowers - Ulcers and cramps

    Barely glancing back at Violet, Lily disregarded her previous question as she asked, "Do you know your flowers?"
  37. ((ooc: @Anchiale ALL the Toriels? That's... Quite something to take on! Though I think others might want Toriel))

    Clara rubbed her temples as she tried to register all that was happening. There was some hippie monster guy talking like an idiot, some homicidal maniac human and... Ok the other seemed normal, at least.

    "At least with more than one of us it's safer. Safety in numbers in all that," She said as she followed after them, "I'm Clara, by the way," She introduced herself. "Guess one thing we have in common is all being clumsy, huh?"
  38. ((OOC: @Defaeco True, and I'll give anyone who wants a Toriel one, I'll just take them on so we can continue the story. How dareyou call precious Lily a homicidal maniac human! Also sorry for repeatedly posting, I'll wait on DaViolet after this))

    Lily snorted. "As if. Landing was a little worse than I thought, but I don't just fall down holes. Unlike some people, I tend to notice these things. Again, do you know your flowers?" Having accidentally fallen down would've ashamed her for life, considering herself observant of every twinge and crack and not to randomly 'adventure' around and fall down holes.

    She rubbed the back of her head as farther away, Toriel noticed a flower-scented goat, specifically her otherworldly son, coming towards her house. "My dear friend Fresh Toriel, I believe your child has arrived. Come now, and I'll leave you two be while I go on a walk." She left the area as Fresh!Toriel arrived upon the scene with her 'awesome' shades. "What's up, dawg?"
  39. ((OOC: @Anchiale LOL bad Clara, calling her such a thing! ))

    Clara shrugged softly, "Not really, to be honest. I know some flowers, but never studied them," She replied, wondering why she asked about flowers and was now curious. Guess they just really like flowers? Not that she didn't like them herself, they are pretty and all that.

    As another goat-looking monster showed up, she stared at her in disbelief and looked between the two goats, " ... You two related?" Or did all monsters just talk that way? This is getting so weird.
  40. "Nope. I never finished school," Violet confessed.
    "Also," she said, "Paper has helped me dozens of times. For example, when mom tried to.." Once again, her words drifted off and she stood still, staring up dreamily.
    Suddenly her face contorted into horror and she squeezed her eyes tight.
    She opened her eyes, which were normal once more. She peeked around the flower and poked it.
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