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What SHOULDN'T they bring back? (again)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Blarg, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. I will re-post this topic. The title really says it all. I personally would like to see the Underground bite the dust more than anything else.
  2. I reckon. I hated the underground so much. Another thing they sould get rid of is the layout of the PC. The one from R/S/E was almost perfect but the Gen IV one was bilky and slow.
  3. Underground, annoying HMs and diamond style contests were some of the most hated things if I recall correctly
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  4. The underground was a great way to obtain rare items such as heart scales and shards. Competitive battling would be incresingly difficult without these items- or the underground.

    Contests are annoying, but the conditions of certain Pokemon can help evolve them, like Feebas into Milotic.

    Personally, they shouldn't use the mainly touch screen layout of HGSS. I want everything on the top screen, thank you.
  5. I liked the usage of the touch screen in HGSS. But what shouldn't they bring back? The Underground. I loved the secret bases in Ruby and Sapphire, but the Underground? Heck no!
  6. I reckon they need the fossil finding side of the underground because having to rock smash for fossils or heart scales frustrates me. I find it so much more fun to spend half an hour in the underground rather than going back and forth smashing rocks.
  7. The underground was a nice idea idea and all but it didn't work out very well. They definitely should not bring it back.
  8. I actually really liked the Underground. It was a lot easier to get items in DPPt than in any other game released before or since. And the touchscreen integration in HGSS was a definite step up--being able to register two items = win.

    But back to the topic, as El said in the old topic, the whole calling people for battles should absolutely not come back in any shape, form, or fashion. It makes leveling up needlessly difficult and tedious. The VS Seeker is much, much easier to use. And that silly minesweeper game introduced in HGSS shouldn't make a return either. I'd rather not have a game corner at all if they're going to do it that way.
  9. I do not ever want to see the HGSS game corner again because of how hard it was to get coins. I also would rather have the generation III contests back because, to me, the dancing and dressing up your Pokemon thing kinda sucked.
  10. i liked the secret bases and the pokemon following me but the downside was i was on a hidden item i walk a step awy to look at it and pick it up but my quilava was in the way... so i guess they should take that out but keep the pal park but have it so you can have ANY pokemon following you and they should take out the underground
  11. I actually really liked the Pal Park, but now I think it will be scrapped, scince it was in D/P/Pt/HG AND SS. I think everyone will have ported all they wanted to already.
  12. Hoo boy. For some strange reason, I've always HATED the ferries.

    If they didn't come back, that'd be kind of awesome.

    Virgil and I talked about this, and we think the new mode of transportation will be by Blimp or Airplane. Most likely, however, would be one of the WaterPlane things with the floating buoy-things instead of landing gear.
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  13. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Based off of what has been released, I think it's pretty safe to say that there will be an Airplane at least somewhere in the Gen V games.

    Also, I actually liked the HGSS GameCorner game, it was more about using your noodle to win (as opposed to those damned slot machines). I cleaned out pretty well at the game and bought some nifty stuff in my playthrough.

    I also agree that the Pokegear needs to go. I HATE getting called constantly. Stupid mom spending all of my money on mostly pointless crap...

    Also, just get rid of Contests in any and all forms. The Pokealthon was a million times better, and even that is mostly crap. Contests aren't even a fun little way to spend time, they just need to stay away from Gen V and I'll be mighty happy.
  14. The Underground was okay, I guess, considering the fact that you get exremely items (and pointless items), and the touch screen bottom menu in HGSS was nice, but disturbing since you're used to the x button. But I have to say the IV Gen. Contests and the HGSS game corner. I seriously suck at it and end up with the Voltorb every three to five flips!

    I miss the slot machines... :'(
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  15. I personally hated TMS & HMS why not make EVERYONE of those reusable againand again but noooo u can only use those once when you can only get half of those once in the whole Game!!!! >:(

    Also I say instead of replacing contests with Pokeathlon why not put both in one Gynormous DOME!!!

    Also The whole Aprijuice thing was lame I mean they went from Pokeblocks to Poffins to Aprijuice... At least Pokeblocks sounded like it was related to pokemon Aprijuice sounds like a abrivaton of Apricot juice!!! >:(
  16. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    BlackAmber, please remember to not abuse smilies and make sure your spelling and grammar is 100%
  17. I didn't mind the underground, but it was too big and lifeless. If there had been something to break up the endless, featureless tunnels it would have been vastly improved: rock features, holes, pools of water, mushrooms, something. Now that every pokemon has an overworld sprite from HGSS we could even have cavey pokemon appear and--if not be catchable-- then maybe you could see them digging or going about their daily routines or something.

    I also want the touch screen functionality in battles from HGSS to be turned off or optional, it was really annoying. I do, however, want touch screen to stay for PC boxes-- I really liked the drag-and-drop function for ordering and selecting pokemon.

    This is 100% crazy, but I wish they would get rid of the current HM system. Let us get HMs and use them to teach pokemon moves, yes, but don't require us to have a pokemon knowing the HM move in order to use its overworld function. Just having the HM in your bag should let you cut or whatever. If you have a pokemon that knows the move, then you can surf on it or see it rock smash, but if you don't, the HM should act like a little machine and do it for you. I don't mind surfing or flying since those are actually decent moves, but the flashes and rock smashes and cuts drive me crazy. I hate having to have an HM slave. I want to walk around with the six pokemon I'm training!
  18. You are a genius, I hate HM slaves as well. It wouldn't be so bad if they made HM's actually useful in battle. I was thinking something along the lines of once you beat a gym you have access to a special shop that sells the HM you have unlocked for over world use and the TM you got as a gift from the leader.With this way they could make HM's into a special set of TM's that can be overrided with other moves and it would give a purpose for money early game.
  19. HMs really don't bug me all that much. I say they stay, as long as they can be deleted without finding some random guy in a house, and they were more powerful, so they would be actually worth putting on one of your main Pokemon instead of wasting a party space with an HM slave.
  20. I kinda wish they would get rid of the lil cutscenes whenever you use an HM, particularly surf. The more animation they add to it the more it annoys me. It would be ok to have it say the first time you use said HM but after that its just wasted time.

    PS: i dont mean the pokemon shadow swopping across your screen for fly, I mean more like the bar that shows up with the selected pokemon and animation.
  21. As most say, the Hms arent really needed and there just a waste of a attack slot, i also think they shouldnt bring back zubats,golbats that you run into constantly, along with that i think we could do without a long victory road.
  22. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    You guys bag on the Underground way to much. The underground gives us an unlimited amount of battle items, fossils and evolutionary stones, which in the games before we could only get a few of because we found them all in certain areas and only once. I ♥ the underground and the secret bases in D/P/Pt.

    What I don't want to see? Gymleaders and Elite 4 using fucking full restores, use the damn superpotions! Really, who DOESN'T want this gone? I can't tell you how many times I've lost because the trainer uses a full restore... But I want them to change up contests too, so they can have a battle system in the contests.
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  23. Umm... I don't. The fact that Gym Leaders and Elite 4 members have these is to make the game challenging! If they didn't, the boss fights as well as the entire game would be piss-easy (even easier than the games are already.) All I'm saying is that the fact that the bosses have and can use items makes the game challenging, but still fun.
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  24. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    You do realize I was joking, right? I said that because I couldn't think of really anything I want to go...
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  25. Re: What SHOULDN'T they bring back?

    Get rid of all those gay zubats, golbats, bidoofs, starleys and staravias. They suck and always get in the way. Take away the voltord game and get a brand new Pokemon game corner game. Take away the underground and the pokemon contests, keep the pokeathlon. Erase that stupid pokegear. They made it way too hard to challenge people. Bring back the VS seeker. I think they should make it so you can use TMs more than once (Like HMs).
    Make it so you can erase the HMs off a pokemon when you have used it. That is all I ask.
  26. maybe have HMs on pokemon, without using a attack slot. So then, you can still only have pokemon that know some HMs, not having it be perfectly easliy accessed, but still not be wasting a slot

  27. That's a good idea someone should e-mail gamefreak and ask them to do that for the next gen or game if it isn't in black and white
  28. About the tm problem they should make it where you can buy the tms anytime you want with money NOT battlepoints.. Every tm you got in the game that you thought you would only be able to get once should be available to buy after you beat the elite 4.. If i was one of the makers of pokemon id make it rock :D
  29. I completely agree with you. I personally enjoyed using the underground, but it was just a bit too bland many of the times. Just a few features besides mining would make the underground a lot more interesting.

    Oh my god, yes! I have no idea why, but that few seconds more of waiting truly bothers me with a burning passion. If I want to Fly, I want to fly there immediately. I'm fine with the shadows, for I know the game needs some sort of loading time, but the bar is just pushing me over the edge.

    I must say that I also enjoy HM's. Everyone seems to be complaining on how they are "completely useless." Moves like Surf and Fly are moves that I personally use constantly for my in-game team. Also, Waterfall, Strength, and Rock Climb are actually good moves that I would teach some of my Pokemon every-now-and-again. The only ones that I have never used in an actual battle would be Cut and Rock Smash. Those I will admit are too weak to generally use in battle. I do wish that they made it a little more challenging to get the HMs, though. I really liked having to get Surf from Red and Blue version, for it wasn't challenging, but it made it actually fun and interesting instead of being straight-out handed to you.

    The Voltorb game in the Game Corner was personally a great addition. It was a game that actually challenged me. I just didn't like how it was the only game there. If they kept the Voltorb game and added the slot machines back, then I'd be happy.

    The one addition to HGSS that trully bothered me would be that the Move Tutor only accepted BP, and a lot of BP at that. I already have a bunch of items that I want to use my BP on and Move Tutors are not one of them. If they maybe made it a smaller amount then I'd be happy, but I'd still wish that they'd change it back to Heart Scales or the shards.
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  30. I wouldn't mind the underground disapearring as long as they have another way to get fossils, and another thing I don't want is the super contest. I know there is gonna be something like the super contest, but as long as it's a bit easier. Another thing: Floor Traps. Those were annoying in HG.
  31. Like alot of you guys isn't saying, the Undeerground wasn't useless, down there, it may of took some time but you got every fossil, every evolutionary stone, HS, shards and much more, plus i agree with everyone that contests suck eggs, PokeAthelon FTW!!!

    And the idea of a different slot for HM so they are not taking up space is good, i like it :D
  32. Most of these have already been touched on, but I wanted to add my thoughts too. Approximately in order from "if you do this I will curse your family's family for four generations" to "it'd be cool, y'know. if you have time."

    -Phone calls for rematches. No, no, no no no no no. Kill this dead. We already know that it can be done better with the VS. Seeker. We just did it the better way for a significant part of the franchise. I wouldn't mind if they could call for special rematches, but if I'm trying to drag my umpteenth breeding project to a decent level, let me rematch a whole lot of trainers quickly and easily.

    -Making a bunch of TMs Game Corner only... and then not letting you buy coins. WHAT? What kind of casino would ever do that?? I know that this game isn't big on logic (to put it mildly) but it's both illogical and fun-sucking. Mini-games can be fun. Mini-games for ten hours so you can buy a single TM are not.

    -Gratuitously complicated menus. Yes, yes, two screens are cool. We get it. But uh... why do you keep moving around the save screen? Figure out where you can put it that 1. makes sense and 2. loads as fast as possible. That's really all we want. Ditto all the rest-- two screens yaaaaay, we understand, but I am getting really tired of menus adding an extra second of lag when I go in/out of them because the game has to redraw two screens from scratch.

    -An HM system that provokes HM slaving. When there were only about five? Fine. You can find uses for 2-3, and only need one HM slave for the rest, at worst. It has since snowballed into eight and 1-2 faux-HMs. Pick your poison: handicap your team by reducing their total number to have room for HM slaves, or handicap your team by meaning they get 1-2 less good moves each. Gah!

    -A purely personal thing, but making all secret bases subterranean was a huge turn-off for me. I like caves. But a lumpy hole in the dirt is just not my idea of fun, or cool. Bushes? YES. Trees? Sure! Rocks? Eh, ok. A messy hole drilled into the side of a boring underground maze? ...no thanks.
  33. i think they should bring back the lead pokemon follow you ;D
  34. Payton, this thread is about what they SHOULDN'T bring back for Generation V, not what you would like back. Sadly, I doubt we're going to be getting the luxury of traveling with our Pokemon behind us in this generation as most of the trailers haven't promoted it whatsoever.

    Now, I'm a simple minded guy, and I have many likes and dislikes, but there are two things I'm really terrible at and also hate... Picross, and Minesweeper. Mix 'em together and what have you got? A FREAKING EUROPEAN REPLACEMENT FOR THE SLOT MACHINE BECAUSE THEY'RE SCARED IT'LL PROMOTE GAMBLING. Honestly, what the fuck were they thinking? I really enjoyed the slots in R/S/E and D/P, and now I can barely rake in any coins because I find scavenging for coins slow and annoying and playing a frustrating Voltorb panel game a real pain in the arse. I hope they bring back the slots in Black and White, because I want a rare and valuable Isshu Pokémon in my party.
  35. Doctor Oak

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    Probably "Oh, the EU just passed a new law about depictions of gambling in the media, we should try and not break the law!". It's got nothing to do with Nintendo or Game Freak. We should be glad that they, at least, put something into the games in place of the slots after Platinum, rather than just cutting it entirely. It's a lot more effort than many other publishers would go to in localisation.
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  36. Pokealathon, Contests (but sadly they will make a return.. oh well, no Milotics for me), Underground... no one does underground!

    Honestly though, the GTS was a fantastic idea.... helped me finish the PokeDex, in like, no time. But there were that awful few who wanted Level 1 Mews.
  37. I was not fond of rare event pokemon such as mew
    I always missed the wifi events and half of them don't even come out in America >:(

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