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what should they add or bring back

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by cbosma9, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. what i think they should bring back is the secret bases in the r/s/e games also maybe they should allow the people to jump like on top of boxes to get an item
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  2. I think a 'jump' function is a great idea, especially with the new camera angle. This could also be a TM or HM to earn, adding a way to access new areas and items.
  3. R/S/E Secret Bases are FT*freakin*W. I'd also like them to dump the Poffins in place of the R/S/E Pokeblocks.
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    I really liked the underground, and rather missed it on my playthrough of HG/SS. I know a few people found it annoying/pointless, but I quite liked searching for those elusive Blue shards! I also used it as my 'Breeding fund'. Back when I was breeding my Team I spent a whole lot of money breeding for Natures/moves/IVs, so I'd go down into the underground every so often and find loads of treasures to sell. Oh well, I guess I'm easily pleased XD

    Jump would be interesting, but what would it be used for? You still wouldn't be able to jump over those barrier things on routes because otherwise they'd be pointless. It's not really something that's needed in Pokemon, and another HM would just be infuriating. We already have enough, even though I'm sure they'll toss another new on at us in Gen V, if not more. Two HM slaves just won't be enough :V

    The only thing I'd like adding is a way to see what EVs/IVs the Pokemon has. It would be very, very helpful when breeding or Training for competitive play, especially the EVs. It'd be nice to be able to check if you've done it all correctly~
  5. I personally loved Sinnoh's treasure filled Underground because it's been the easiest way to get items. Where else could you find Max Revives? For the first time, I wasn't afraid to use those because we could get more. The Undeground doesn't -have- to return, but I'd like something of a similar capacity of the ease of getting items.

    And like everyone else, I miss the RSE style Secret Bases. Sure I made myself one in Diamond, but it just wasn't fun and I didn't even bother in Platinum. The RSE bases just were cooler: you could put them in interesting locations (mine was up a Waterfall) and you could battle whoever you'd mixed records with (in my case, it was myself) and potentially have a really high EXP mine, plus the furniture was so cute. And think about it, RSE secret bases in a gorgeous region like Isshu on the 3DS.



    I mentioned this in this thread's companion, but I so, so want the VS Seeker back for reasons I don't have to repeat.
  6. Ah, the Underground. Loved it, treasure finding was so cool, but you had such limitedt sphere bag capacity. The bases weren't all that great, other than capture the flag and that AWESOME Lucario doll! The Underground would be a nice renewal, except without the secret bases and bringing back the R/S/E bases. I really liked them, but I think they should be bigger to hold more items and stuff.
  7. I also missed secret bases from RSE. Mine was in a tree in the middle of a lake. ^_^ Totally awesome.

    I liked the Underground but it felt too huge and grindy. There was too much space and not enough rewards; I liked when I got an item, plate, fossil, etc. but the Orb currency system was annoying. The capture-the-flag system was insane grindy as well.

    The VS Seeker definitely needs to come back. HG/SS had such a dearth of exp without it, my pokemon could barely make it to level 40 just fighting trainers normally before the elite four.

    I'd like to see a way to import or trade items similar to pokemon. I did my best with hold items and trading pokemon over when I was consolidating all my pokemon onto my SS cart, but all my sacked and gutted GBA games still have a lot of TMs and rare items on them. I was also really sad about leaving my killer secret base behind in Sapphire. :( I had the glass pidgeot statue for doing really well at contests. I wish those items could have been imported into Gen 4 somehow. A lot of the secret base items in Gen 4 are pretty ugly imo.

    I agree that there should be a way to just numerically see what EVs and IVs a pokemon has, no more of this messing around with phrases and trying to guess with the EV berries and stuff.
  8. i like the idea of going underground again but i think they should add some pokemon trainers that u could battle to pass the time u have underground maybe even add pokemon :o
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