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What Pokemon Would Benefit You Most In Your Day To Day Life?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Aishi, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. There are a pelethora of Pokemon in existence all with a variety of types and specialties. Likewise, there are countless jobs that people all over the world do. So whether you're a student, work at a desk all day, or building a skyscraper, surely there would be a Pokemon that would benefit you greatly throughout your day.

    Personally, I do like Lapras and a few other marine Pokemon, but in my day to day life I believe that Meowstic, particularly male just for color preferences, would benefit me. Everybody needs a psychic cat in their life, plus I'm always a klutz, and drop everything. So I could imagine a Meowstic being able to levitate dropped items, helping find things, or even being a good Pokemon to curl up with when I get stressed with my homework. At first I began to consider Blitzle, due to my love of horses, but I figured that aside from riding a Blitzle for fun, it wouldn't actually benefit me much.
  2. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Get me a ditto to transform into me and go to classes for me and do my homework and stuff. Or like, a pocket Solosis or something to telepathically help me out.

    I'd also love to have an Altaria for whenever I have a panic attack. They don't come about as often as before but whenever they do they're absolutely terrible and I hate them with a passion. I usually hug a pillow and curl into a blanket when it happens, but being able to cuddle with a friend would make me feel a lot less lonely. And what better cuddle buddy than a fluffy Altaria? I'm sure listening to its humming will also help calm me down as well.

    Also I just want a Mega Altaria for ULTIMATE FLOOF.

    As an aspiring linguist, Chatot might be interesting to have. As a computer scientist, maybe Porygon/Porygon-2 or Rotom? Rotom could also help by doing some daily tasks by possessing various household appliances (thanks for mowing the lawn, man!) but I feel it'll be too playful to actually be useful.

    This is a fun topic~!
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  3. I have always said I would have a Janovii in my day to day life (why stop now), even if it was just adorable in a lil white coat standing next to me while I'm at work.
    However, when it comes to benefit, I need a psychic type capable of telepathy, my memory is terrible, not your standard "oh i forget why i just walked in here" terrible, medically diagnosed and caused by head-trauma terrible.
    I am pretty positive that if pokémon were real, I would have a symbiotic relationship with an elgyem or something similar, they would act as my memory, hopefully being able to physically show me (even from 3rd person) what I'd been doing, as a lot of the time people tell me things i've done, and I have no recollection of doing/saying them. I would love to talk to people and they say "remember that guy the other day with the funny hat" and elgyem would put the image in my head for me, rather than me either trying to play it off as I do remember (yes, this is how problems arise) or having to say no and then there's the inevitable awkwardness...
    i could do with a mincinno to help with the cleaning too
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  4. I think an Espurr would be most helpful - I've always wanted the powers of hell at my fingertips.

    Okay but seriously, thinking of my intended profession in the future (a clinical psychologist), I'd really want a Pokemon from the Ralts line (or maybe the Riolu line?) to help me in more accurately detecting the emotions of my client. I mean sure I'd be trained to look for tiny signs of distress or any risk factors, but having a back up would be so useful, considering there can be some fairly high stakes if I misjudge something and don't ask the appropriate questions. I'd really rather my client's didn't die, or kill someone, or hurt themselves, or anything along those lines, if I can help it. Actually something like an Absol would also be really useful for detecting potential disasters in the client's future as well, in case they make the decision to throw themselves off a bridge before our next meeting when I can intervene properly. Or maybe an Altaria as Lyni mentioned, for ultimate floofy cuddles. That's technically not day to day stuff, but if all goes to plan it will be eventually, so it kinda counts?

    Anyway doom and gloom aside, in my current everyday life I think something like a Munna would be really useful. I have pretty bad sleep cycle, and just something to help me be a bit more regular or even just getting to sleep in the first place would be great. Or maybe I should just get something with access to a sleep inducing move and Wake Up Slap... Breloom? Also definitely an Abra or something with access to Teleport - I'd love to be able to get out of bed a minute before work or a lecture starts and still make it on time. Oh and final thing that would be useful would be a fighting type of sorts for me to spar with. At the moment most of the people training at the dojang are quite young, and going all out against children is highly frowned up. Plus they'd just help motivation wise and learning the style better.
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  5. I would like a Machamp to have help carrying heavy stuff. Also, a Pokémon with Sing like Jigglypuff or Minccino because I have a hard time sleeping.
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  6. Having a Samurott to ride around rivers and oceans are particularly a must-have for me. Considering I'll probably forget to learn how to swim,, I might as well have a partner capable of allowing me to get through water-filled areas.
    Hitmontop can be used for my training purposes such as self defense practice.
    And Magikarp is my pet fish. Because heck,, it's Magikarp!
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