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What Pokemon Might be Tasty? Mmmm

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Renzo*, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. Pick a Pokemon that you want to eat like: I like eating torchic because I love chicken. Somthing like that.please answer in a full sentence!
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  2. Woah dude!I have no interest in eating Poke...Well I would love to eat some Pokemon Eggs or Slurpuff..yum...
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  3. Oh dear, this will not end well at all...
    Um, Magikarp I guess, it would make a nice fish snack. Or a Gyrados for a full fish meal, I like fishy things.
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  4. This topic is a little odd, probably Miltank seeing as I like steak or maybe Grumpig bacon
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  5. I would love to eat a Vanillite for sure. Like C'mon, Ice cream :D
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  6. Magikarp.
    Fish taste good.
    And Miltank.
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  7. Dude, Magikarp is bones! Didn't you see that one episode when Jessie and James tried to eat Magikarp? Oh and I would like to eat a feebas becuase they remind me of salmon. I like salmon.
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  8. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Guys can we NOT eat Magikarp, please? Magikarp are very precious to me and I would appreciate it if they could splash around with me more. Thanks guys.

    Also the thought of eating Pokemon is kind of weird what XD Though mmmm the thought of eating an ice cream on a hot summer in Texas- NO I LOVE VANILLITE, I DON'T WANT TO HURT THE POOR THINGS ;;
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  9. RoseAiluros

    RoseAiluros Mother of Meltans

    Simple. Pokémon eggs. : D ♥
    THAT or maybe a Cherubi.

    ...Most likely the eggs.
    I got attached to my Cherubi, therefore sentimental.
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  10. Ok...how about a Quilfish? :'D (oknotreally)

    Anyway, I was thinking Exeggcute or Vanillish. Maybe Swirlix, though, for food on the go! :nom:
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  11. Maybe Tauros because of tha beef...mmmm beef......
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  12. Why not eat Xerneas? looks edible.
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  13. Vanillish looks great. When I first saw it, I was drooling all over.
  14. Maybe some Tropius bananas.. LOL. no. but Vanillish looks tasty.. But Miltank steaks do sound tasty too.. Whait, I love Miltank!! But maybe if I could snatch Witneys Miltank and bake it..
    .. You heard nothing!
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  15. Give me a Corphish and Farfetch'd, my hunger will be fulfilled.

    Edit: Re-wording
  16. This is such a strange topic! If you're a vegetarian, would eating a grass Pokemon be okay?

    Really, I'm not a vegetarian, but I do prefer vegetables and fruits. I like mushrooms, so maybe Shroomish? Cherubi would be considered, too.
  17. grumpig for becon,whitneys miltank for meat and milk,tauros for meat,cherubi for vegetarians,vanillite as something sweeter,tropius for it's bananas, or slurpuff if you wanna spoil your self :p lol

    also scizor,metagross,dragonite,muk and giratina look pretty tasty :)
  18. Farfetch'd with its leek. Or maybe a delicious Slowpoke tail.
  19. Corphish and clauncher
  20. In the anime, there are instances of people eating Pokemon, at least early on. However, they show a great deal of sentience, at least some species do. That means I might have some issues eating some Pokemon, but I do think that I wouldn't have a bit of trouble eating Tauros and such, as long as they are treated humanely and such.
  21. Ehh.... Whynaut eat Chespin Looks Pretty Edible
    WAIT WHYNAUT AH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. well since they already said that Magikarp wouldn't be any good to eat and Goldeen just doesn't look tasty I'm gonna have to go with Octillery or Wailord. You'd get a lot of meat of a Wailord.
  23. I mean, people eat the fruit that grows from Tropius' neck. I'd go for an Octillery, though, provided it tastes anything like regular squid.
  24. Mmmh... tough choice.

    I like sweet foods, so I'll say Swirlx or Cherubi.
  25. Your Gonna Eat a Wailord DUDE you cant even cut that thing
  26. You had me at food

    Personally I'd probably stick with basic stuff I already eat in real life, like for beef I'd probably stick with Tauros (or Boufalon), ham would be Grumpig or Emboar, and chicken could be Blaziken, but I imagine that any bird would taste right if you cooked it with the right ingredients (I've always wondered what Pidgeot tastes like to be perfectly honest).

    Then again, on the WAY off chance it would happen, I wonder what would happen if you ate something like Arceus meat? Do you become god?
  27. Stantler, mm, venison.
  28. With my absolute love of seafood, I'd have to say Octillery. If it tastes anything like actual Octopus it must be delicious. Clawncher would be up there too, that big a claw has to have an abundance of meat.
  29. There's a leek in the boat! (Ahhhh!)

    I'd eat Azure Bay Slowpoke Tail
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  30. Muk is made out of decomposing feces

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