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What Pokémon do you think needs a Mega Evolution?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Cotonee Furleaf, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. My question I ask is all in the title of this thread.
    I also ask that everyone gives a fluent, detailed answer of their Mega Evolution idea, along with the benefits that Pokémon would receive, and an optional picture or link to the picture of what the new Mega would look like.

    Example (using a Mega that already exists):

    I think we need a Mega Aerodactyl, because it's's the only fossil Pokémon without an evolution. It could gain some more speed and attack, earn the ability 'Tough Claws,' and have some black rocks on its back.

    *Insert Mega Aerodactyl pic*

    Thank you everyone for taking your time and doing me this solid. I might actually post what should be a Mega Pokémon some time, so stay tuned. ;)
  2. I really wish Gallade had gotten a mega evolution along side Gardevoir. It was fairly popular back in Gen IV because it was the masculine counterpart of that line (don't shoot me @StellarWind Elsydeon) and looked really cool. The benefits would primarily be a nice increase in speed and a slight increase in attack. As far as looks go, I envision an even more Roman soldier inspired design and and an actual sword. Moxie would be a nice ability for it and it could make pretty good use of it. I wouldn't have minded it having Justified if special dark moves were more common, but alas.
  3. Burgundy

    Burgundy Formerly SuperSableye24

    I think Sableye should've gotten a Mega Evolution alongside Mawile (No not just cause of my name. :p), seeing as they are pretty much counterparts, like Magmar and Electabuzz.
  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I must admit I was surprised when I saw Sableye didn't get one - although I suppose that with Prankster, Sableye doesn't really need that much of a boost - it has a role. Mawile was pretty lacklustre and didn't actually have that much of a battle role until the mega form made it into the monster that it is. XD
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  5. What I think:
    Hear me out:
    Decent attack, wonderful speed and skill link. all it needs are better defenses and higher attack (and more multi hit attacks...) To make it actually usable. Plus we need more cute megas. Mawile is the definition of ugly.
    Like Cinncino, it just needs better stats to send it up the ranks. I could see it as a bulky defensive grass tank to wall ground and water types.
    Since we haven't gotten Eeveeon, why not give the normal type some love? If it became usable in battle, BAM! New lead.
    She is already OP with access to Quiver Spam And Sleep Powder, but her stats suck so badly and keep her from ACTUALLY USING THE ATTACKS! Plus, she needs better attacks anyway :p
    Always thought of her being a fighting type, and when fairies came around, I thought she would get re-typed like gardevoir, but I guess not. A mega would REALLY help Floppyloppy climb out of the NU with new battle tactics.
    Giratina, Shaymin, Meloetta, Keldleo, Kyurem...
    The alternate form legends should have one to open up new ways to use them. YES I KNOW THEY WOULD BE BANNED FROM EVERYTHING EVER but it would be SOO fun. Admit it.
    Riachu and the rest of the starters. Need I say more?
    Gengar has one. Why not give it to it's opposite? Clefable would be such a tank. Cosmic power would be sooo obnoxious with meteor mash and moon blast.
    Gardevoir's shiny mega looks like its a follower of gothitelle, so why not do th e same for Gothitelle but like gardevoir? It becomes regal and graceful? But its cry is just... EWW... and those bows.... But it can really shiny with a bit of devotion and patience.

    And that there is WHY gardevoir got it and he didn't. She was losing her popularity from ruby andsapphire and they wanted her to keep it. plus gallade is OP as he is, with the right set up anyway. but if they gave him one, it would be like scizor, so mediocre that using the regular gallade would make no difference imo.
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  6. Using Smogon's tiers Gallade is only BL in Diamond and Pearl and RU in Black and White I'd say it's far, FAR from OP. It's speed let's it down mightily.
  7. Volcarona, Conkeldurr, Greninja, and freaking GLISCOR.
  8. When I was young back in the third gen, me and my brother made fake evolutions that were actually a lot like mega evolutions. Some of my favorites were:

    Skydon (Mega-Skarmory): Skarmory's Mega evolution would be a Steel/Dragon type, helping with that OP Fairy type problem Dragons have. It would become a fast, physical sweeper, in contrast to Skarmory's common physical wall usage, and Skarmory could then have access to egg/TM moves like Dragon Dance and Outrage. With the ability Levitate or Intimidate, it could be a dangerous adversary (only weak to Fighting if Levitate). Would look kinda like Gyrados, but with clouds n' stuff.

    Chartle (Mega-Torkoal): I know, I know. Torkoal is already OP with the ability White Smoke OR Shell Armor, not to mention it gets Withdraw AND smog. Let's face it: Torkoal pretty much sucks. It has some defensive use, but seriously? This guy could use a Mega. With a new typing Fire/Steel, he'd be an ultimate wall, immune to Toxic and Will-O-Wisp. Torkoal already gets Iron Defense/Amnesia, so it could have great wall potential with boosted defenses. Baisicly looks like a Torkoal with a giant, metal furnace on its back and a knight helmet.

    Finally, a more recent thought,
    Mega-Luxray. I already use Luxray, mostly in doubles (Choice Banded Guts Wild Charge after Will-O-Wisp,) but I think it deserves a Mega because Luxray already looks awesome, and it's Mega would be the definition of boss. "Remember what they did to Manect-" Shut up. This is different. Boosted speed, a little more of a "Pride Leader" feel to it, and you have an epic thunder lion. The only abilities I would give it would be Speed Boost or a new ability that allows moves to always hit (dose eyes).

    ...This ended up being longer than I thought...
  9. Salamence & Volcarona will look badass if it had a Mega Evolution. 8) Flygon should also get one too, maybe a cute one? ♥
  10. Saybleye should have got one because his stats are very low at only 380 so the boost would definitely be needed. He could keep Prankster like Scizor kept Technician so he could stay the beast he was, maybe be banned from UU, (before Aerodactyl that is) and even if he didn't keep Prankster, there's always the possibility of Shadow Tag. Half of the Priority moves are Normal type anyway.
    For some reason everyone thinks Mega Aero is weak, but he has 135 attack and 150 speed. The people these days are just ridiculous.
  11. (Legendaries aside) I think that any Gen V pokémon needs a mega evolution. I know that this was the most recent generation and, from what I've seen, a lot of people weren't fans of this batch of pokémon, but I can't help but feel that they were snuffed out on a lot of features in Gen VI and I hope that at least one of them will able to mega evolve in the future.

    If I had to pick any, I'd say it'd be the following:

    Pokémon to Promote Mega Evolution (Similar to Mewtwo{s}, Charizrd{s}, & Lucario)
      • Mega Zoroark
        • Type- Dark/Ghost (To represent how the kitsune spirit possess people & to resist Lucario's Fighting type moves)
        • Ability- Illusion
      • Mega Conkeldurr
        • Type- Fighting or Fighting/Rock
        • Ability- Iron Fist, Moxie, Solid Rock, or Rock Head
      • Mega Haxorus
        • Type- Dragon or Dragon/Steel
        • Ability- Mold Breaker, Strong Jaw, Tough Claws, or Sniper
    Pokémon Who'd Benefit from Mega Evolving:
      • Mega Gigalith
        • Type- Rock
        • Ability- Solid Rock
        • Stat Boost- Attack and Defense
      • Starters
        • Mega Samurott
          • Type- Water or Water/Fighting
          • Ability- Shell Armor
          • Stat Boost- Attack & Sp. Attack
        • Mega Serperior
          • Type- Grass/Dragon or Grass/Flying (since one of its possible inspirations was the Quetzalcoatl)
          • Ablity- Aerialate, Gale Wings, or Drizzle (since the Quetzalcoatl was believed to be a bringer of Rain clouds. It would also enable Serperior to learn Water-type moves such as Rain Dance and Water Pulse)
          • Stat Boost- Defense, Sp. Defense, &/or Sp. Attack
        • Mega Emboar
          • Type- Fire/Fighting
          • Ability- Flame Body or Guts
          • Stat Boost- Attack and Sp. Defense
      • Mega Garbodor (Mainly because it's one of the most unpopular pokémon)
        • Type- Poison
        • Ability- Poison Touch or Huge Power
        • Stat Boost- HP and Attack
      • Mega Stunfisk
        • Type- Ground/Electric
        • Ability- Arena Trap
        • Stat Boost- HP and Special Attack
      • Mega Liepard
        • Type- Dark
        • Ability- Pure Power, Prankster, Infiltrator, or Tough Claws
        • Stat Boost-Attack, Sp. Defense, &/or Speed
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  12. Emolga, duh! Emolga is my favourite Pokémon, it deserves a mega evolution!!
    Here's my idea of what it should look like and the stone used is a black, yellow and white mega stone called the Emolganite.
    2014-04-02 20.32.51.jpg
    I drew that pic :3
  13. All the Eeveelutions
  14. Xatu. I think it really needs that boost, if you ask me.
    It would stay Psychic/Flying, but gain the ability Gale Wings.
  15. It is not really tailored for gale wings, being a special attacking bird. Magic Bounce is a perfect ability for it as it is.
  16. Grumpig, I think it's main boosts should be in Defense and Special Attack with minor boosts in Speed and Special Defense. Not sure what ability it should have maybe Magic Bounce.
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  17. Hmm, your right. Now that I think of it, yeah, Magic Bounce would work. I forgot that Xatu's only special Flying move was Air Cutter<.>.
  18. You... I like you. Magic Bounce though seen a lot these days would be the best choice since that lines signature move is Magic Coat after all.
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  19. While I don't really have any especially specific details in mind.. I'll second the Eeveelutions, that was my first thought when they revealed mega evolution for XY. Otherwise, I'd like to see more of the non-evolving pokemon get some more attention in this area, as well as the earlier lines that just get blown away and forgotten.

    Some that really jump out at me:
    Tauros, Farfetch'd, Arcanine, Sandslash, Snorelax, Furret, Linoone, Qwilfish, Shuckle, Breloom, Torkoal, Zangoose, Seviper, Tropius, Pachirisu, Watchog, the early game birds of each gen, the cats (Persian/Purugly/Delcatty/Liepard), Zebstrika, Krookodile, Galvantula, Luxray, Furfrou

    Really not a fan of the these but Plusle and Minun as well as the 3 monkeys, could do something interesting with these pairs with mega evolution.. Could prolly fit in the Meowstics with this line of thought too..

    And for laughs, Unown, a throwback to Missingno in design =)
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  20. i thought about this recently but why don't they make mega's for pre evolved pokemon like a mega pikachu without being a raichu or somewhat but what i want is a a mega-weavile, with all these uber pokemon able to attack first like Talonflame weavile speed can't do anything anymore, or atleast improve the moveset like let it learn Close combat its defence is low enough already and give it a better ability instead of preasure like a last chance ability let it become then next uber killer
  21. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Mega Evolution is an evolution that transcends evolution. Basically, it's designed to push a pokemon beyond its 'ultimate' evolutionary stage. So unless they decide to randomly retcon that for no reason, nothing that can evolve further naturally will Mega-Evolve, and nothing that can Mega-Evolve will evolve further naturally.

    But a Mega Weavile could be interesting.
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  22. i have alot of ones that need it, and as a bonus ones i dont feel that deserve it

    ones that really deserve a mega
    its powerful and i think it needs to mega evolve
    it used to be a pure powerhouse with no weaknesses but now its weak to fairy types. i want it to have no weaknesses again but im not wanting a wondertomb again
    arcanine and ninetales
    arcanine is cool, used to be powerful and it looks like he deserves a mega
    ninetales is powerful also, especially in speed and sp. defense. i was thinking for a design it could have a look similar to amaterasu from okami, and yes ninetales needs a mega
    its powerful though its weak to fairies by alot. like spiritomb, i think he needs to get out of that spot but be at least have a x2 weakness to them

    ones that deserve a mega but not as much as the previous ones
    krookodile, mamoswine, heliolisk, all other fully evolved starters, raichu, jumpluff and bellossom, magcargo and honchkrow and mismagius

    ones that dont deserve it
    it looks stupid and hopefully its stats make up for it
    gamefreak messed him up entirely in my opinion. they made him look stupid and became, not a dragon type like everyone wanted, but A DARK TYPE. ruinedforlife
  23. I'd like to see Mega Mightyena, Tropius and Slaking
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  24. Slaking Mega evolves to the greatest of lazyiest slums used eternal slump lol
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  25. I think Zoroark needs a Mega Evolution, imagine how badass it would be! I would also like Kabutops and Omastar to get Mega Evolutions, since Aerodactyl got one. Mega Arcanine and Ninetales would also be cool :D
  26. Y'know, since Mega Evolutions are already on par with Legendaries, a Mega Smeargle would be pretty cool. It'd come in X and Y forms, with X having boosts in Sp. Atk. and Attack, and Y having boosts in Defense and Sp. Def. Both forms also get a Speed boost. And I don't think any Pokemon is more deserving of the Protean ability then a Mega Smeargle, whose nearly unlimited movepool would make it a true force to be reckoned with!
  27. I'd like a Mega Grumpig too.. Magic Bounce would be a neat ability, it would fit it perfectly ( much more then Mega Absol anyawy..)

    I'd also like to see a Mega Mamoswine. Maybe a boost in Attack and Defence, and a small boost in Speed and Sp. Attack. And for an ability, I'm not really sure.. :|
  28. empoleon or any other starter
  29. Zoroark, Rhyperior, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Sylveon, Gallade, Gliscor, Togekiss, Sandslash, Weavile, Honchkrow, Torterra, Roserade, Pachirisu, Chandelure, Druddigon, Serperior, Meganium, Vanilluxe, Dedenne, Emolga, Dusknoir, Dragonite, Volcarona, Haxorus, Mienshao, Ninjask and Zangoose all need Mega's in my opinion. Sorry this post is really long. These are just the Pokémon I think need Mega's.
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  30. Nice pic
  31. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    I would love to see gallade and bisharp get a mega evolution.
    Gallade needs one to compete with with gardevoir.
    I think if they did a bisharp mega I'd look sick.
    Both megas would boost defense, and speed.
    Gallade and bisharp would be unstoppable!
  32. gliscor all eveeloutions all the starters all the fossils gallade and genesect need one
  33. Jaguar you forgot to put in Weavile :3

    and sorry i forgot to mention this before but i really hate it that Gallade didn't get a mega evolution but Gardevoir did, i mean like they are basically the same pokemon just different genders why only give it to one pokemon?
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  34. I would like to see Dunsparce having a Mega-Evo. I want to know what he looks like (mega) evolved. That and Flygon.
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  35. Seviper, Zangoose, Arbok, Sandslash, maybe Muk, Weezing, and Garbodor, and possibly Goodra.
  36. FalChromiforme

    FalChromiforme Formerly Aurora Beam

    Zoroark and Archeops, maybe Milotic. Definitely infernape
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  37. Archeops, Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Typhlosion, Feraligatr and Meganium.
    That would be awesome.

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