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What Pokemon do you like just for the heck of it?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by KidCasket, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. What Pokemon do you like just because you like it? These Pokemon don't need to be awesome or a tank in battle. It could just be a cute Pokemon you think is well..cute :) or a pokemon you just like because, heck you're not sure why! what are your favorite Pokemon for the heck of it? :D

    I will start with 5 Pokemon :)

    Cloyster - Yes, Cloyster is kind of a DEF BEAST! but That's not the main reason I like him. When I was younger I saw an episode of Pokemon where Cloyster was introduced by a female member of the elite four and I thought he was the most BAD ASS Pokemon ever! Ever since when I play a Pokemon game, this hard shelled Pokemon has been by my side.

    HootHoot - IS EASILY the cutest Pokemon I've ever seen! I love his big eyes, his round body and his feet! but the thing that always makes him super cute to me is his super tiny wings :D So cute ♥ I will never evolve him into Noctowl! even though everyone says I should -_-"

    SlowPoke/SlowBro - I've always loved these guys. Slowpoke and Slowbro have always been so funny to me that I could never resist using them in battle and to my surprise...they aren't that bad! I can't really describe it but I love slowpoke and Slowbro. I'm not a huge fan of Slowking. I don't know why but the idea of it being super smart and being able to talk takes away the charm of it being a cute simpleton.

    Litwick - I LOVE this whole evolutionary chain. Never before have I been so obsessed with ghost Pokemon since Litwick, Lampent and Chandelure. The thing that makes them so fascinating to me is all the information behind them! Go check it out sometime!

    Marill - Just like HootHoot, I will never evole Marill! Just so cute :D A little mouse with a balloon on its tail. TOO CUTE! :3

    YES YES I KNOW! This technically was 8 Pokemon and not 5 >_<" But that's my list :)

    SO what Pokemon do you guys like..Just for the heck of it? :)
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  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Ooo. I've got a few good ones. =D

    Bidoof - Yes, Bidoof. I only used to so-so appreciate it, but the more people bash the thing's very existence the more I love it. Makes for a damn cute plushie, too. :3

    Muk - Maybe Ash catching one played a role in my loving the thing, or continuously getting Muk toys from Burger King's first ever Pokemon promotion; or finally raising the bugger, battling with it, and seeing how awesome Muk truly is... But I love my Muky.

    Rhyhorn - It's one of the cutest Pokemon ever. Seriously. I love Rhyhorn.

    Combusken - After PRPing a character with a Combusken I've come to really like the thing. I even like its design more, which I was never very fond of earlier on! I guess that's just the power of RPing.

    Annd those are probably my main four Pokemon that I love for the heck of it, although Muk has actually given me reason competitively to appreciate it more. Now I just genuinely love the thing. ^^
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  3. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    We can't be friends any more.
  4. I really like Oddish and Bellsprout, I think both are pretty adorable and both have helped me out on numerous occasions
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Love for Bidoof +10! Just keeps going up. :D
  6. HeHe Bidoof was a cutie :3 but it never really caught my eye :D OH! i Forgot to put it but my slowpoke is named George ♥
  7. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Dunsparce is probably the Pokemon I like most just for the heck of it. I think he's so cute and there's just something about him that I really like. One day he shall evolve into an epic winged serpent of doom and all shall fear him >:D

    Stunfisk I probably like for similar reasons, and a couple of other reasons ;) But I think he's impossible not to like at least a little. He's just so daft and squishy.
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  8. Delibird I think I just like its design, as well as its concept. Also, the Rocket Delibird in the anime is part of a few funny scenes.

    Dunsparce If one Pokemon needs an evolution, it's this one. Dunsparce has a cool design and concept, and just look into those eyes! They give nothing away. Ok, they're closed. Still...look into those eyes...
  9. Trubbish: It looks like trash. Smells like trash. IS trash. But, the idea and the story behind the character made me interested. It's charm, even though constantly judged, caught my eye. Ever since, I've had a Trubbish in my pokemon party or occasionally in my fan art.

    Beedrill: The odd thing about this pokemon is that it mirrors one of my greatest phobias; bees. Perhaps its cute nature, or the fact of knowing it's not real that keeps me attracted to this stinging bug.

    Octillery: I always thought of it as a typical octopus, only mushed with Mario traits. As it got aired on the anime and the more I learned about the pokemon, I grew fond of it and got used to its common looks. I still joke though, on occasion, that it got ripped from a Super Mario game. xD
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  10. I really like the ones on my trainer card, but I also like...

    Sentret & ZigZagoon - I love raccoons, and they resemble raccoons.
    I liked the designs for RSE. I thought they were really cute.
    Ditto and Mareep are seriously cute, too.
    I also like Magikarp.

    So, there's a few of mine, and I have a lot more! ^^
  11. I have to say I'm a sucker for Bug and Grass types.

    Weedle, Paras, Oddish, Bellsprout, Venonat, Tangela, Ledyba/Ledian, Spinarak, Sunkern, Hoppip, Shuckle, Surskit, Mothim, Cherubi, Snover, Maractus, Dwebble and Durant. I love them all and I don't know why D:

    I also rather like Stunfisk, Sigilyph, the Vanillite line and the Trubbish line for no reason :3
  12. There are a few Pokemon that I'm not really sure why I like but I can't list them all so here are the ones I can think of:

    Garbodor, Doduo, Seadra, Bastiodon, Monferno (I don't like Chimchar or Infernape) and Karrablast. I could probably name more but I'll just stop there.
  13. hehe i'm glad this topic is getting a good amount of responses :D I Have two more!

    Wheezing - I've always like this poison pokemon! Not really sure why but maybe it's just because I remember him being used by James and I found teem rocket awesome as a kid :D

    Miltank- MOOOOO!!! it's sooo cute ♥ A friend and I started liking this Pokemon as a joke but then I found out it is 1) pretty decent stats wise and 2) SOOOO CUTE! MOOOOO!!!
  14. Dunsparce- I dont know why I like that little thing.. but I love it to death.
    Skitty: I think I like it because it reminds me of my cats.
    Kangaskhan: Dont ask. I cant explain this one...
    and finally Meowth: I've always found them so cute and cuddly... I think meowth in the anime kinda played into me love them too..
  15. Bidoof, because its goofy smile makes it cute.

    Joltik, because it's cute but deadly.

    Magikarp, because I can imagine the hateful, vengeful thoughts of what it will do to people who laughed at it once it evolves, and it amuses me.

    Feebas, for the same reason as Magikarp.

    Mawile, because it is so odd looking.

    And Eevee, because it can evolve into so many different Pokemon.
  16. Psuedo-revival!

    Altaria: There's just something about a birdy/dragon thing stuck in a cloud that I find adorable! If only the shiny form were pink.

    Mantine: Okay, I may have a reason for this one. Manta Rays are cool!

    Xatu: Yeah, I don't even know. It might be nostalgia.
  17. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Same here actually. I don't overly enjoy training Xatu nor consider it the best bird Pokemon by design, but it's a nifty critter and I've always really liked it. It's easily one of my top favourite generation 2 Pokemon.
  18. The notable pokemon I like would seem to be:

    Ampharos - This may have some reasoning, back to Gold/Silver, when it was the first shiny (excluding Gyarados) that I found. Ever since, I've just considered Ampharos my lucky sheep. (Baa!)

    Volcarona - This one even confuses me. Ever since I saw Volcarona (at the time Ulgamoth), I thought it was a strange concept, and just knew I would want to raise it.

    Lapras - No idea where it came from. Maybe back when Pokemon Stadium was the thing, and Lapras could take Jolteon's Thunder. It takes some severe tanking to survive that, especially staying in yellow. Lapras I've also raised have managed strange feats, including taking on Red over 20 levels lower than his pokemon, and taking out 3 of his pokemon single-handedly (Blastoise, Lapras, and Venusaur.)

    Glaceon - Never raised one, always wanted to, never came up with a plan for it. Soon as it was announced, just thought it was beautiful. Then I heard the call, and just fell in love with it.
  19. The Pokemon I love for the heck of it are Clefairy, Pikachu, and Piplup. I like Pokemon that are cute and that I can use to battle effectively. :angel:
  20. Rinoa Heartilly

    Rinoa Heartilly Mother of Meltans

    A PKMN that I have always liked is Starmie. I guess it has its advantages in battle but I've always had a strong attachment to it - just because. Another one would be Vaporeon. Whenever I see one, I light up. (:

    I always make an effort to have them on my team!
  21. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    You know, I think Vaporeon must count for me too, because one has been on my team since my first play-through of Pokemon Red. I tend to forget that, but she (or the many variations and versions of her) has been a constant throughout my entire Pokemon experience xD

    So I guess Vaporeon is a Pokemon I like just for the heck of it too xD
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  22. Rinoa Heartilly

    Rinoa Heartilly Mother of Meltans

    I remember the first time I saw it in PoKéMoN Blue on my friends GameBoy at the age of seven. And the only reason I remember is because of how badly I wanted a GBC & PKMN game. xD

    I thought 'it is very beautiful to look at' and then once I had one, I found mine to be rather reliable when in battle. It wasn't perfect and still had its weaknesses but it is one of those PoKéMoN I still love unconditionally. If I didn't have a Vaporeon when I was younger, I had an Umbreon.
  23. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Plusle and Minun. Idk, why, maybe I just have a thing for stuff that come in pairs, like twins and stuff, even if they're useless in battle most of the time. |D

    Breloom's another one, but I think it's because it mostly reminds me of someone I really miss.
  24. Plusle and Minun. I like the whole twins/counterparts thing. They remind me of such duos as Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow and Sideswipe and Sunstreaker.

    Also Muhclax. No real reason here, I just like Munchlax. Hell, I took the quiz at the beginning of Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time over and over and over until I got Munchlax.
  25. Rinoa Heartilly

    Rinoa Heartilly Mother of Meltans

    I realised there was always another PKMN that I really liked for the hellovit.

    That thing is so cool.
    I'm not sure why but it just is, imo.

    I really like the shape, colours and so on.
    Just a really likable creature to me. xD

    I always try to get one in my games.
    If I could battle better with it, I'd have it in my party too.
  26. I'm rather fond of Swadloon.

    Leavanny is a pretty good Pokemon once it's evolved, but Swadloon will always have a special place in my heart as being the first Unova Pokemon design I saw and instantly loved! It's just so cute bundled up in its leaves with a perpetual frown. It's also a visual stereotype of hikikomoris (shut-ins) and I think that's neat, if not amusing~
  27. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    For me the best Pokemon to fit this description would be one I've never used, both in-game and competitively, and is based on a species of animal I'm not particularly fond of anyway, since I tend to like the majority of Pokemon for one reason or another.

    Tl;dr it's Persian. In most games I tend to be very greedy with money and Meowth having Pay Day is right up my alley. I've always considered Persian the best cat in the game, a title it still has for me even now (although Liepard probably ties with Persian now,) and it has a pretty interesting set of stats and moves/abilities. So why have I never used it? Meowth has never been in any regional 'Dex for any Pokemon game I've owned besides FireRed, where I never found one anyway. Here's to hoping the X Version in Gen VI changes that for me.
  28. Here's a pokemon i like for the heck of it
    Cyndaquil He's just so cute and I love fire types ~:D~
  29. well after replaying through white 2, I've become quite partial to Serperior, just an awesome pokemon in general. all in all though, my favorite would have to be galvantula. i've always been a bit partial to bug types and i've always loved its design :D
  30. Mareep--my favorite Pokemon, even if it is a tad useless and outclassed. However, I am charmed by the Stunky line, due to its typing and just adorable appearance.
  31. I love a couple:

    Snorlax - Just because you're fat doesn't mean you can't be good!

    Blastoise - My first ever starter that I used and he kinda stuck as I played as one of my favorites.

    Growlithe - He is so cute! Sure Lillypup can be a pet dog too, but can it BREATHE FIRE? Thought not. Also because he evolves into a BEAST!

    And finally... Eevee - Not entirely sure why I like him (or her) so much. Eevee really stuck out to me a lot. Probably because of the many eeveelutions it has.

    Gen 1 pokemon were the first pokemon I ever encountered which made me stuck to the series. That's probably why all of the pokemon above are from that gen.
  32. I freaking love Parasect, I have no idea why, but I do. Usually in my playthroughs of Pokemon Blue I use one on my team.
  33. Sableye- Sableye has always been my favorite Pokemon, I just love how cute he is :D
    Banette- I like really creepy pokemon, so I just love the heck out of him
    Flaaffy- Just so cute and fluffy, like cotton candy
    Latias- Out of Latias and Latios, Latias is just my favorite and she's so adorable :)
  34. I'm really into the gimmicky novelty kind of Pokemon, like Spinda xD

    Basically, I'm a supporter of the underdogs of the Pokemon world and I really think some of them deserve more love! A few of them include:
    • Farfetch'd
    • Dunsparce
    • Spinda
    • Kricketune
    • Stunfisk
    There's just a certain quality about them that intrigues me, though perhaps pity is the closest word to describe how I feel xD
  35. Ok, this may sound a little weird because this pokemon isn't the most known pokemon but, Vigoroth. I LOVE
    Vigoroth. The main reason is because my first pokemon card (i got from my friend.) It kind of got me into pokemon. Even though i dont like the cardsanymore i still have that one :D. I always make sure its on my team.
  36. Charizard because it can fly.
    Ho-oh very big and can also fly.
    Onix its huge and has few good attacks.
  37. Awesome choices dude!Well for me I've always loved Lopunny for it's awesome apperance and the fact that it can freaking learn a lot of awesome TMs Like Blizzard and Thunderbolt!Well,unlike a lot of Pokemon gamers,I started playing Pokemon Ruby and got my very first Pokemon Torchic!!So it's one of my favourites since then!I really never used legendaries when fighting anyone,I just catch em and then released em he,he!
  38. Smeargle, Plusle and Minun! Smeargle Is my favourite Pokemon, cuz it's an artist and all. Plus that tounge makes it's expression so cute!!! Minun and Plusle- the Hoenn region duo! They are just super cute, and I just wanna cudle them FOREVA!!! And they are good in double battles!!!
    Oh and Jirashi! FAV LEGENDARY!!
    Raticate was awesome when I used it! FORGET PIKACHU, I HAVE MY OWN ELECTRIC RAT!!! it can learn thunderbolt.. But i like Pikachu alot too!
    Magby, Smoochum and Elekid- the trio of Johto! Some of the cutest baby Pokemon I ever had!
  39. With Gen VI out for everyone to play now, there is only one word I have to answer this:

  40. Yeah, I like Goomy too! Goomy is so addorable, and when it evolves into Goodra! One of the cutest fully evolved dragon types out there!!

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