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What Pets Do You Own?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Demelza, Sep 19, 2011.

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  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Title probably gives a basic idea of what this topic is about.

    What pets do you have? Include their names if you wish. =]

    We have currently;

    Lola the dog
    Apple the rabbit
    fourteen sheep (Which all have names xD)
    Jade and Matilda the donkeys
    Nemo the goldfish
    And Splash the homing pigeon (Some of you will know the story behind it's name)
  2. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    We bought fish when we moved into this house (mine was called Frately, my housemate's was called Nick Fanny Slutburger) but they died pretty quickly because everyone forgot about them.

    I have my sister's hamster now, because she got cats and couldn't keep her, and the adorable thing's called George. She's sociable but doesn't like being handled, loves running around in her ball and spends a lot of time climbing her cage in hopes of me feeding her chocolate drops.
  3. We just have two dogs and a bunch of fish.

    The oldest of the two dogs is Taz, and he's what I like to refer to as "pleasantly plump". He's not really overweight, he's just not that thin. The younger is Aziz, and he's effing crazy. He constantly chases his tail (it's a nervous tic) and even though he's only a little over one year old, he's still larger than Taz is. He also has these brighter brown eyes that are pretty cool.

    The fish are of the tropical variety, and they are either too numerous or too short-lived to name.
  4. I'm a dog man. Always have been, always will be, save for the cows and horses we technically owned for a bit.

    However, currently I have five dogs, all of which are Pomeranian dogs, however, two stay at my house and the guys stay at my dad's. The mamma dog is named Coda, she is orange, and she is spoiled rotten. She weighs 20 pounds too :p She lieks her food. Her daughter, who looks exactly like her dad, is named Kitty, no joke. She is a pampered pooch with tons of energy, and loves to butter people up if she thinks she's in trouble.

    As for the three guys, the dad is named Chester, who had a tuxedo look on him. Believe it or not, he is shorter and lighter than the others. He is hyper, really hyper, but gets his feelings hurt easily. He has two boys, one gray one named Chip, who has a loud voice, but is pretty shy, and an orange one (who looks like a hamster in the face XD) named Red, and he is just a sweet sweet boy who loves attention.

    However, my mother loves to keep fish, and my sister has three dogs and a cat who thinks he's a dog of her own.
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I realize this is regarding currently owned pets, so humor me. Between myself and my family we currently own 1 dog (family's) and two rats (mine). I also personally owned a dog, but she died recently (on the 9th). Her name was Kira, she was a pug, she was about 19 months old, and I miss her dearly. She was also the sister of the family dog, Jade.

    Jade is a crazy thing whom I dubbed "the demon spawn" when we first bought her. Puppies are crazy, 'nuff said. :p Now that she's older she's an adorable bugger, very gentle, and loves being around people. She can be incredibly vocal when she chooses (a little TOO much sometimes D=<) and the range of noises she can make is ridiculous. On top of that, she snores, snorts, and sometimes makes purring sounds. When Jade was younger she used to crawl through the grass on her belly. I swear pugs aren't 100% canine. They're easily the strangest dogs I've ever met, but after owning them I can see why people fall in love with the breed. They're quirky little stubborn goofballs.

    Then there's my rats. I used to have three, but one of them (Link) died over the summer holidays. The other two, Glenn and Arthur, are getting up in age and I'm just cherishing each day I have with them at this point. Glenn is a black and white dumbo rat, and Arthur is a Siamese. Both of 'em are adorable, even if Arthur does love to pee on my clothes when I'm holding him. xp They don't bite, love to lick, and love attention. I'm lucky to have such nice fellows.
  6. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator


    Me and my sister's cat.
  7. Well my family has a bunch of pets. Like, too many of them. Luckily, I moved away for Uni :D But out of all of those pets, 2 of them are actually mine that I miss.

    The first is my kitten, he's adorable and his name is Harlequin, thanks to the pattern of his fur on his face. I call him Harley for short :'D

    Then there's my dog, who eventually sort of became my dad's dog, but whatever it still counts D:< She's an Australian Shepherd Dog or some-such Australian related thing, so her name is, appropriately, Sheila.

    Then there's the horde of animals that also resides at my house in Cali, but I don't count them because I dislike almost all of them |D
  8. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I don't have any pets at the moment, but I've had so many birds as pets it's kind of ridiculous.

    The first pets I've ever had were a pair of parakeets. I wasn't a great pet owner (I was five, guys. D:) and I constantly took them out and poked them around to see if they were able to fly. I didn't know clipped wings=no flying at the time. It's no surprise that when I let them go hop around in my backyard a bit, I totally forgot about them, and the neighbor's cat, ah, ate them. I still have a feather from the male ;_;

    I had a little chick (like, BABY CHICKEN) when I was seven, but it, too, met the same fate.

    Then we bought a pair of ducklings, whom had much better fates. They grew up to become cute little ducks, and gave birth to little duckling babies ♥ The female, Phoenix, laid 10 eggs, but only 6 of them hatched. I named them all after Fruits Basket characters~ The older male was named Dragon, by the way. :3 They're now roaming freely in the neighborhood park; four of the six ducklings were eaten, but the remaining four ducks all continued passing on their genes to future generations.

    That's pretty much it XD
  9. I think I've talked about most of my pets before... 'cept maybe my Pancake.
    ...He's a dog, named Pancake. We call him Pancakerous Minimus for long. He's half Corgi, half Australian Shepard and all crazy. He's shaped like a Corgi but he looks more like an Aussie. He even has one eye that's half brown and blue. He will put his nuzzle on your leg and stare at you with those huge eyes of his until you give him a treat. And he's pretty smart too, he can spin both ways, shake, give high fives and jump through a hoop. I need more tricks to teach him when I get home.
  10. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Here be Jake, the family dog. He'll be two years old in February ♥ 'Tis quite a large photo, so in a spoiler tag it goes~


    He's on the large side, but he's the biggest wuss you've ever known.


    Now for my children. These two little squishies are Spirit and Sage. Spirit is my little man and I loves him very much. He was alone in the pet shop so I bought him with the idea of getting him a friend. Long story short, it didn't work out. Gerbils are really hard to introduce to each other, and even though it worked, the second little male died of a birth defect ;___; And so I tried again a little while later, with what I was told was another male. Sage turned out to be female, but oh well. She's a bit weird, she has a slightly bent spine and a funny ear, but I adore her and her quirky personality ♥

    Spirit and Sage live in a split tank, so they can see each other and groom each other through the mesh. Spirit is really calm and friendly. He likes cuddles. Sage is very highly strung and has mood swings, but she's a big softie too and loves attention and cuddles ♥


    Boggle (light brown) and Neptune (cream and brown) are my little old ladies. While Sage is quite possibly the noisiest gerbil I've ever known, and with Spirit making a fair bit himself, it's nice to have these two being all nice and quiet XD

    Boggle is a bit more active than Neptune, but they've both reached that age now where they just potter about their tank looking for food, stuff to chew on and sleeping. They do occasionally still go mental though, there's life in the old girls yet XD
  11. Our family dog is a rather beautiful white shepperd, which some of you might've seen; Qenai. He's quite big, a good inch or two taller then his breed is supposed to be, but I think it makes him look more imposing in a way. Which is good, because he's actually a bit of a wimp. He's also bisexual :))

    Then there's Bard, my lovely bearded desert dragon; He's quite magnificent in his own right. His posture is quite plump, but don't be fooled- These critters can be fast as lightning and they're skilled climbers.

    And last but not least, my two goldfish Flash and Spot, who zip around panicking at every slight movement me or Bard make in my room.
  12. Weeell... I have two dogs in my house right now, but my family has six overall (well not really, just the ones I see the most :p ) Here's a piccy~:
    I guess I should name them...
    The first one on the left is Uke (Hey, it's different in Lithuanian :p )She's my sister's first dog. And a psycho.
    The next one is my beloved Rix, one of my dogs. He's big, but he's afraid of everything (small ones includes fireworks, air balloons and motorcycles -_-')
    Me. Nothing to add.
    The small one on my right is Spikis. Cute, but he has no brain. He belongs to my sister.
    The big black one next to Spikis is Keri, a big coward as well :p She's up for adoption, so my grandparents are taking care of her right now.
    Then there's Feja (translated: Fairy) Oh God, her... She's hyperactive. All she does when you come over to my grandparents is bring you something ant play Fetch. Ugh.
    Aaand finally, there's Usnius, the oldest of the bunch. He's fourteen. My bro got him when I was born. He's my sibling :3 But now he had his hair cut and now he looks like this:
    He's a beauty, isn't he? :3
    We also have two fishes, but they're not important :p
  13. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    My pets consist simply of two dogs. One's a golden retriever, and the other's breed we can't figure out for certain because we got her at a shelter, and the people who ran the place didn't know themselves.

    The golden's name is Lacy, or maybe it's Lacey...I probably should check her license to see for certain...either way, what's interesting about her is that we got her from the same breeder where we got our last golden, who had only just passed on a few months prior to that, and she was one of his sister's puppies, which makes her his niece. She looks and acts a lot like he did, so it's almost like he's living on through her in a way. She's always eccentric, always, and she's definitely not shy around any unsuspecting person who passes her by. I've lost count of how many times she's interrupted the soccer practices that go on near my backyard...

    The unidentifiable one (probably a better choice of words out there, but that's what I'm going with) is named Kizzy. I wasn't quite so eager about that name choice, but everyone else seemed to like it, so I had to comply. Now, Kizzy is really hard to figure out sometimes. She's apparently afraid of, and timid near most male humans, we deduced this most likely came from her being abandoned in some form, yet near any females, or the few males that she's gotten used to being around (Me and my dad for instance), she's just as eager as Lacey, if not sometimes more so because she's less bulky. She's not always very obedient, and she's run away on a few occasions, though she almost always runs right back home after a while. We're working on getting a trainer to keep her from doing that as much, seeing how my entire family can't seem to do much of anything on our own that actually works (Though what else is new...)

    I also had a fish for three or so years, a betta named Quando. Always loved fish, and I wanted to get another one after he died, but sadly that never happened.
  14. When I was very little, we had a stray cat called Cat. I got my fish when I was two, and the first (Sarah) lived for five years, while the other (Hamster) is still going. Hamster, I know :x
    I also had a dog called Pablo, but he ran away :C
  15. I've had in the past a long-haired chihuahua named Desi after the Desi Arnez, multiple easily-dying fish, my first, agouti gerbil Jeran, and the famous white Semper who died last year. Currently, I have a wimpy shorthaired chihuahua named Vinny and a cavy named Othello. He is dark colored with brown, black, and orange hairs,with a white rosette on his head. He is the cutest cavy ever. :p
  16. 1. Belle the cat is black and white. She's 3 years old and fat, stupid, and lazy, but I love her anyway. I found her in the front yard. Spent a week trying to find her owner. Turns out they moved away and left her behind purposely. She was pregnant at the time, which I didn't find out until literally a day before she gave birth. She likes to rip up paper products, including toilet paper.

    2. Dandy the cat is all black. He's 1 and a half years old and he's Belle's son. He's stupid and whiny and has a weird cat voice. Very loud, but he's also affectionate. Doesn't purr much, though.

    3. Skuld the cat is all black, too. He's 1 and a half years old and he's Belle's son, too. He's more delicate than Dandy and has a girly meow. He's really annoying and likes to be inside things, like plastic bags, cupboards, boxes, backpacks.

    4. Chevalier the guinea pig is a black and white Abyssinian (they're the ones with wild hair). She's 4 years old and a huge grouch. She likes to be taken out of her cage but hates going back in. I got her from a Petsmart. She spent the first week with a vet for respiratory problems but she's healthy now. I don't recommend ever buying a guinea pig from a pet store. I learned my lesson.

    5. Snowball the guinea pig is a white Texel (they're the ones with the curly, coarse hair). He's 4 years old and very eager, cheerful, and noisy. I rescued him from a shelter 3 years ago.

    6. Stryker the guinea pig is a brown and white American Smooth (the usual kind). He's 1 years old and super shy and skittish. I'm still working on socializing him. He was given to me by a friend about half a year ago when he realized guinea pigs are not the pet for him.

    7. Zazu the sun conure is yellow, orange, blue, and green. She's a year and a half old. Very annoying bird. If you ever want a bird, be mindful that these birds are very loud. But they can also be very friendly and cute and they're definitely humorous.
  17. I have right now a cat :3 he is very cute and has lived with us since two years ago.[​IMG]
  18. i have two cats.the older cat is male, his name is soko(9 months old) and shadow is my 6month old female kitten. soko is fluffy and is gray with a white tummy and he looks like hes wearing white socks. shadow is short haired and completly gray with bright orange eyes. ;D :3
  19. Obi - Golden Retriever
    Jasper - Jack Russell Terrier Miniature
    Trixie - Three Legged Cat
    And then there's about 4 white rabbits which seem to have taken a shining to our garden so Ill throw them in there.
  20. My family has had many animals over the course of my life

    The first pet I remember is a white german dhepard named Aspin. We had another dog, But I do not remember her

    For a hwile after Aspn dies of old age, we had only horses. We had pure-blooded arabians. A family of arabians, actually. A stalion, a mare, and their daughter. Bus sadly, all of them are now dead

    Now, we have 2 new horses, an arabian chestnut mare named Scarlet, and a grey-and-white paint/quarterhorse gelding named Flash. We also have a cat, a calico named Joy. However, she does not live up to that name in hte least. She is a fair bit vicious with people she doesn't like, and hates being toyed with. But she'll run and hide at first scent of a stange man
  21. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Mild revival because I can >:D

    Purely for the pleasure of those who don't have me on Facebook:


    Sage the Gerbil was not impressed by the appearance of Pansage

    Sadly since my last post here, dear little Boggle passed away, so I now have three Gerbils *cries*
  22. Already posted a couple of pictures in the main pictures thread, but oh well, I can't help myself.

    I have a 10 month old skunk!

    I wanted a skunk for years, I just think they're so freaking cute! I know they count as vermin in most US states, but Domino is one of the most affectionate aminals I've ever had, she's so cute, so friendly, and largely just wants to be cuddled. Do you need much more than that from a pet?

    We also have a pond full of fish in the garden, a ridiculously fluffy ginger half Burmese cat (who is on the way out, unfortunately) and my brother's dumb-as-anything Dalmatian practically lives with my parents next door to me, meaning I end up having to walk the little bastard on a regular basis. It's not that I'm not a dog person, it's just he is the most retarded dog ever; almost got me arrested once, injured me and my dad last year, destroys everything, and likes to relieve himself on peoples shoes and cop cars.
  23. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Oh my goodness, she's so cute :o

    What do you feed her? I know that obviously wild ones are Omnivores but I'm just curious as to what a pet Skunk's recommended diet is :)
  24. We have to feed her a mixed diet, and she can be really fussy literally loving some food one day and refusing it the next. Things she loves include, cottage cheese, strawberries, lychee berries, plums, corn on the cob, heavily buttered toast - preferably with light philadelphia or peanut butter, hard boiled or scrambled eggs, and poppadoms =) we also import a special skunk food called "stomp" which is mostly comprised of freeze dried chicken.
    One of my patients is a farmer that brings me a box of fruit and veg every week, so we never have a shortage of things to try her on. Also being vegetarian myself, I regularly end up cooking for myself and Domino at the same time, it's quite fun =)
  25. I have my so annoying dog called Tebo, who is a black and white purebred spaniel. He is hyper, as all dogs are, but he especially likes to bite my hand off.
    My next pet, Potato, is an orange and white cat. He's much better than the dog, and is very playful. We let him roam around outside every night.
  26. well lets see:
    personally I own a cat, his name is Captain Teag.
    Although I live on a ranch with 2 dogs, Bear and Hank.
    8 horses, Stormrunner, Winddancer, Flame, Cruiser, Billy, Sheila, Queenie, and Magic.
    and a llama named Fuzzybear.
  27. Well, I have:

    One dog named Sam

    Two dogs that don't deserve to be called that because they are so small called Daisy (Duke) and Jack (Sparrow)

    Two cats named Benny and Zorro

    Two fish who's names escape me

    And a three headed dog named Fluffy

    When I grow up I want to get a Rat and Name it Yuki :>
  28. Well we aren't allowed animals at the flat (stupid building owner D<)

    So my pets are back at my parents house, well I say mine, they are the families. But keeping on track I have a dog called Tilly all she does is eat, sleep and makes foul smells xD And I have two goldfish called Cosmo and Wanda that is about it for me
  29. Do younger brothers count as pets?

    If not my official pets are:
    Two cats: Wyatt and Earp.
    Three Ciklets: Spongebob, Bob, Squidward.
    Plecko named Spot and a catfish named Mr.Dotty.
  30. Currently I don't have any pets, but in the past, I had fish and various cats. As an adult, I'd love to have a cat now...but my mom told me I couldn't get one unless I moved out lol.
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