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What new features of Black and White do you like/dislike?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by jertyuiop, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Personally, there are quite a few new features that I like. Just to give a few examples, the first is that whenever something happens to do with abilities, a bar goes across the screen and it says the pokemon's ability. For example:

    Purrloin used Sand Attack!
    Patrat's Keen Eye
    Patrat's accuracy was not lowered!​

    Another new feature that I like is that you can use TMs as many times as you want. This can be very helpful if you want to use it many times because it's a good move, or just because you can use it without thinking "I can never use this again! Oh no!".

    I also like the inclines which you can go up, as an alternate one little row of stairs. This was a small addition, but I quite like it. Also, it looks cool when the camera angle changes, so that it's not always a view from the top showing the same amount of land. For example, on Skyarrow Bridge there were quite a few camera shots showing the whole of the bridge and in the middle there was one that stayed still instead of following the character.

    The TV shows on the TVs are good, the four which I think are the best are the one which teaches a sentence of Japanese, the one with Technic Al'Machine (XD) which tells us new moves and what they do, but also how we could use the move in life, the one with Watchy the Watchog that shows us newly introduce items (Watchy is funny) and 'Wawalk' where they see pokemon with (mostly) new abilities and tell us what they do.

    Those are the new features that I like about Gen V.What new features of Black and White do you like/dislike?
  2. I personally love how poisoning doesn't hurt you as you ealk anymore. FINALLY you actually stand a chance of surviving to a Pokécenter with your Pokés. Also neat because my Gurdurr has Guts, and Poison doesn't lower any stats, so it's pretty awesome (I know burn's attack effect is removed with Guts, but still)

    The ability bar is pretty sweet, as is the camera switching. I love Castelia City simply because of that, it "takes the original Pokémon grid system and spits in it's face", as I nicely put it. The TM thing is also a huge relief, in previous gens I'd just stock up all of my TM's and never use them, because I could only do so once, and there might be another Pokémon it would've been better on and so forth. At one point half of my team had Rock Smash, just because they could xD (It was pretty early on, so it wasn't that bad actually)

    One thing I'm really fond of as well is how there's some kind of story for every Gym Leader. At least you get to see every Gym Leader outside of their Gym at least once. It's great, cos it shows how Gym Leaders are supposed to be, role models for their towns, and keepers of peace, not just bunkering in the back of some old building filled with trainers. I also love how common Team Plasma is, there's no "Hmm, I haven't heard from Team Plasma for a while"-moments, because they're everywhere. Rvrn in the friggin Cold Storage. And this gen has the besy OST of any Pokémon games so far.

    Simply amazing, gen V.

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  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I really like the C-gear feature where you can trade and battle any where you want(not to mention the 3Ds/Dsi video chat feature). I also like how when you trade ,the Pokemon are fully healed .
    I'm abusing the Hell out of it!
  4. Eh, there's not really much I don't like about BW, well, maybe except that TM's are outragious in price, and you can't get any ice type moves until much farther in, but that is heavily outweighed by the good stuff.

    As everyone else said, TM's being resuable rock. I also like how they made the battles more lively by having the Pokemon evade more than them simply missing. It makes you wonder how many Pokemon in the first 4 gens needed glasses 8I But anyway, I also like how your rivals aren't just boring as heck.
  5. I'm quite fond of N's complexity, on how he sees that separating humans and Pokemon may be good in general, but it can harm the good trainers. Growing up isolated also was interesting, as well as being the king, his coronation shown in the beginning of the game.

    However, I really dislike the C-Gear. I don't have anyone to do anything wireless with in my area, so all it does it eat up battery. At least it can be turned off. :p
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet, but this is the first Pokemon game where I haven't had to keep an HM slave with me for the majority of the games. It seems Black and White were contructed in such a way that the HMs let you uncover hidden items and locations, but they aren't wholly necessary to play through the main story. Mind you, I haven't hit Victory Road yet, but I've been climbing Dragonspiral Tower and even there I haven't required the HM moves. The ONE place that I had the option to use Strength I simply took a detour to reach the higher platform. All of this is just a really nice step in the right direction.

    Also... yeah, I basically love everything else others have said too, and then some. The ability bar within battles is really cool, being able to reuse TMs is awesome, there are tons of daily and weekly events, the seasons are a nifty will no doubt help the games feel fresher longer, and all of these little additions like drink machines littering the region, the shaking patches, the random nurses and doctors healing you, the darker double battle grass... It's all good and makes the games much more enjoyable to play. ^_^

    As for what I dislike... Without other players nearby to interact with and the Global Link website being down, the C-Gear is basically pointless and not nearly as handy as the Poketch was. The new WFC multiplayer battle settings are also a downgrade from Gen IV, which is just... dumb, really. I'm hoping they fix it within additional Gen V releases. :p
  7. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    You don't need strength for Victory Road, but if you want to be able to pick everything up without running around even more - or to pick up Terrakion - you will want it. You basically use it to clear the path for backtracking.

    I found it much more helpful to not require the usual HM slave too - although I do wish they hadn't forced it at the start of the game with Cut. Especially since you really don't need it the rest of the main game and it's a long way to go before the Move Deleter.
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  8. I dislike how the game automatically assumes you will be using the C-Gear all the time, more particular the wireless. I always have to disable it on starup, while it isn't much of a problem in itself, but the default option should be off.

    Most of what the game does now is amazing. The fact that poison doesn't hurt you as you walk caught me off guard.
  9. I also like how you see the gym leaders doing their occupation which is not a gym leader, as I think someone else mentioned, they aren't just someone who locks themselves inside their gym doing nothing but battling challengers, they do other things and I knew that Elesa was a model before I knew she was a gym leader! Also, the outside of each gym looks different which adds a nice touch. I like how when the leader is down to their last pokemon the music changes, it adds a bit of "let's go!" to the battle. Also, it makes it more realistic that the pokemon's eyes close when they're asleep (if they're not already closed).

    Something that I don't like is the boxes. There are so few of them that it doesn't fit all 3 scenes, let alone the misc., no wonder there are no hidden box wallpapers! (I think there aren't, but I might be proved wrong) I've beaten the 5th gym, so I don't know if you can receive any more boxes somehow, if we can't then I don't know how I can store the pokemon I'm going to transfer from Gen IV.
  10. You actually do receive more boxes and more wall paper after your beat the Elite Four, Jerty ^^

    Overall, I really like Black and White and it was a bunch of little improvements that did it for me. For example, you can now trade directly from your PC boxes. A lot of people have mentioned many of the things I like, but I have to note that TMs are now unbreakable. That is probably the single greatest improvement overall. And as Alex said, I love that you don't need an HM slave all the time. All I need is something can use Fly. As Secad noted, N and Team Plasma were really great villains for a Pokemon game and I found myself enjoying any battles with them.

    I'm still meh on the C-Gear. Until the Dreamworld servers are up, it serves no purpose except to make my bottom screen look pretty and drain my battery--I keep it turned off most of the time. And even when the Dreamworld servers are up, the C-Gear will never be as useful as the Poketch or HGSS's menu set up.
  11. I like the different movements of your pokemon when your in a battle. Let alone movements at all instead of just staying still. I also love how you can register alot of things in the Y button it makes life so much easier. I like the music definitely. I like the backgrounds better such as when you view your pokemon or name them. I like how you can use an item and use it again right after instead of selecting it again. I like how the games harder than the past games...... I dislike how when you walk and a pokemon appears so quickly that you cant walk 3 to 4 steps without one appearing. Oh more things i like how every city has its own theme. Theres way more places to visit. And i could keep going. But yeah not that many things i dislike about the game huh?
  12. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    My favorite feature has to be how you can go AROUND things now, like in Castelia City and other places where the roads are bent and not straight. It adds a nice effect to the game, even if it gives me a slight headache sometimes.

    I also like the little moving Pokemon, because it makes them seem more realistic to me. Also in the battle screen, I like how when your Pokemon's HP goes down to red, the music changes. And when gym leaders use their last Pokemon, the music changes as well. And status effects gives the Pokemon a slight tinge of red/yellow/blue/purple, or they close their eyes, or whatever, and they move slower at lower HP/paralyzed. And that ability thing pops up when their ability is activated. Gosh, I love what they've done to the battle stuffs XD

    Other additions include unbreakable TMs, how the gym leaders are involved in the plot more, and all the little cut-scenes with N. Because I love N to pieces... Okay, I'll admit it, I squealed when N and my character were in the Ferris Wheel together. It was like a little date~ I love how he shakes his head this one time, and how he's split on liking you or disliking you and all his other stuffs that makes him an awesome character that's not 2D like most other characters are.

    I dislike Bianca's personality a little, along with Cheren's, but that's just me. They work, and do seem to be realistic, but they don't seem like people I would hang out with too much. I don't see much use for the C-gear, but then again, I'm using a rom... ^^;
  13. Ah, of course. I just received a whole bunch of new boxes after I beat the 5th gym. Thanks for the info, Carmen!

    Back on topic, I went on the Entralink and it was fun looking for someone else in their world as someone else. Then someone entered my Entralink and gave me a 50% sale in the poke-marts for half an hour! Thank you!

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