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What new abilities would you like?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by pfreaking unbelievable, Jun 19, 2010.


How did you feel about the pointless ability poll?

This poll will close on Jan 3, 2051 at 6:50 PM.
  1. I thought it was good.

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  2. Screw it!

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  3. I thought it was good.

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  4. Screw it!

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  1. I heard there were some new abilities for the Gen V pokemon like turbo blaze so I thought maybe other people would have ideas for new abilities for Gen V pokemon. Feel free to look at ideas or create your own. ;D ;D

    #1 pfreaking unbelievable, Jun 19, 2010
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  2. Well, this is interesting. I've actually had a few ideas in mind. I have no idea on names, but one that could make HM/TM moves more powerful, one that allows a Pokemon to attack another while offscreen (like when they are using Fly, Dive, etc.), or one that can allow moves that would normally not have an effect on another Pokemon, due to typing or otherwise, the move could hit regardless. Those are just my ideas.
  3. I thought of a ability where, in a tag battle, if yours and your partner's pokemon have the same -type (EX: Water & Water vs. Random) and they use an exact type move (EX: Water-type= Surf, Water gun, etc. ) then the move would increase the team's stats to the max and the move will have double the current power. I call this, "Statistic-type".

  4. This isn't a new ability, but I'd like for them to tweak two abilities: Storm Drain and LightningRod. I'd like them to give the user an immunity to water moves and electric moves respectively in a double battle rather than just redirecting them. Seeing as all the Pokemon with Storm Drain are (obviously) water types and we only have two LightningRod users that aren't Ground types, it's nothing game breaking, and it would make these abilities a tad more useful. A tad.
  5. Magpie

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    My original Thunderdog had Lightning Rod, but as he's not the best at taking hits actually taking those redirected attacks just wasn't doing me or him any good. It would be nice, and a much more worthwhile ability - especially on Pokemon without defensive stats, to have it tweaked in the way you said, Carmen.
  6. Three now that Shimama is in the mix, but your point still stands. I think double battle exclusive abilities are...frustrating. Do not want. <.<
  7. I'd like for them to make a new ability that powers up attack after each physical hit. Maybe something called Ragepoint.

    Another one I'd like is one called Underdog, which powers up a pokemon when the level is lower than the opposing type or it is at a type disadvantage. (not too much. Imagine a pokemon with a lower level and a double type disadvantage for instance.)

    Maybe another would be one that powers up for every fallen comrade in your team. The name "Ally Power" comes to mind.
  8. I'm personally annoyed when pokemon have two possible abilities and one is far-and-away superior to the other, like run away vs. flash fire. It makes me wish there were Major and Minor abilities or that the bad one should be discarded.

    One ability I'd like to see is on a pokemon with a lot of eyespots or no eyes, "False Eye", where moves that require eye contact or sight (Leer, Scary Face, maybe Flash) fail against that pokemon.
  9. This one ability I thought of would be "Overslept". If the pokemon with the ability uses a move that makes the opponent(s) sleep, the sleeping effect will last for 8 turns.

    Another is "Statistic Evolution". If the pokemon evolves leveling up, then the stats grow 10 in each stat.

    One last one is "Opposing Type". The user will turn into the first opponent's type. (No they don't change form like Arceus, they stay the first change until end of battle, and it is not like Color Change)

  10. Subjects: 3 on 3
    3 on 3: In a 3 on 3 battle, a new ability I thought of was "Fuse". What Fuse does: In a 3 on 3 battle, the user and it's partners will all use their moves at the same time. If their moves are the same type, then they'll use a Fuse Ball which does 80 damage to each pokemon selected by the user (EX: Squirtle hit Zorua+Buizel hits Shimama+Mijumaru hits Pokabu =Fuse Ball hits all 3 pokemon. EX2: Squirtle and Buizel hit Shimama+Mijumaru hits Pokabu=Fuse Ball hits Shimama and Pokabu) and has 20% of Burn, Poison, Frozen, or paralysis.
  11. I'm not the best at coming up with new abilities, but here are some that I think would be neat~

    Drip: It would deal a small amount of damage each turn to any Pokemon super effectively hurt by Water type moves. Kinda cheap, but it wouldn't be toooo much damage each turn, maybe even less than a burn or something.

    Teething: Any moves involving biting (Bite, Crunch... I don't know if there are even any more...) will have their power lessened slightly, but will become multiple hitting moves. It'd be seen only on baby Pokemon, like maybe Poochyena.
  12. There is already ability like that called Scrappy that allows Normal type moves to hit Ghost-Type Pokemon. As for what I'd like to see, I want an ability that makes moves like Selfdestruct and Explosion not damage the user. It would be on few pokemon, of course, since it's pretty overpowered.
  13. Subject: Legendaries.
    Legendaries: These abilities called Legend Up and Legendary Bond.
    Legend up: If the user levels up during a battle and is still left with at least 100 HP then the user is able to learn the next Level up move.
    Legendary Bond: If user is in a Tag Battle, then the user and it's partner(s) will go first.
    Legendary Bond (Outside of battle): The user will be at max happiness with it's trainer.
  14. Actually, if you level up during a battle and the next level has a move you can learn, you CAN learn it in the middle of the battle, I'm pretty sure.

    It's only evolving that occurs after the battle, if memory serves.
  15. He meant that if there was a move they learned on level 55, and you leveled up to level 54 with 100 HP left, you could learn the move on level 55.
  16. That kind of seems awkward and not really making a lot of sense to me either way...
  17. Well, it just came to my mind and I was being creative Vibration. BTW, you have made this the first Topic I made to be a Hot Topic with 15 replies. thank you! ;D ;D ;D.

    Basically, I mean that, say a legendary's next move was at Lv. 80 but it leveled up to a level 70 but it still had at least 100 HP left, it would still be able to learn that move even though it is only a Lv. 70 while still in battle. If you still don't understand, that's ok. Well now other abilities.

    Subjects: Pokerus, Ghost.
    Pokerus: An ability for PKMN with Pokerus (a useful Pokemon Virus) I thought of is Experience-rus.
    Ghost: A ghost ability I thought was Invisible.
    Experience-rus: If the user has Pokerus and was switched out during battle (or has the experience share) it will still gain the normal amount of experience and not half.
    Invisible: Every turn, the user will gain 1 stage of evasiveness.

    Hope you like these, and sorry about the confusion.

    [move] Pokemonfreak [/move] (I don't like being called freak!)
    #17 pfreaking unbelievable, Jun 30, 2010
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  18. What would happen after the battle? Would the pokemon keep it's newly aquired move, or is it kinda like mimic?
  19. The Pokemon would keep the move. And also if the Pokemon is suppose to learn a move at that level, then the ability won't activate. Also, Rare Candies won't work for it's an in-battle ability.
  20. It sounds very overpowered, giving legends even more reason to be banned from most tourneys, both real life ones and ones over the internet.
  21. [me=Reina Carmen]throws in her two cents[/me]

    The competitive battler in me is coming out. If I've read Pokemonfreak's description correctly, then it isn't overpowering at all. In fact, it's useless in competitive battling because Pokemon don't level up. Outside of the competitive arena, I think this particular ability is sorta useful because a lot of legendaries learn moves at obscenely high levels (Mewtwo learning Psychic at level 71 for example). Granted it wouldn't make a huge difference with legendaries, but it's plausible.
  22. I know they don't level up in competitive battle, but it does seem overpowered to me.

    Like in a More reward less effort kinda way. :C

  23. Well, Screw it then. Besides, I doubt they may even use the ability. But anyway, NEW THOUGHTS:
    More Pokemon Like Porygon

    Start Up: If the pokemon is poisoned, then they will not loose health outside of battle and the poison will were off after 100 steps and the pokemon will gain full health.
  24. Okay, here's some:

    Kick Start: Mainly a fighting type ability, but a few others like Lopunny can learn it. Basically it gives the pokemon the first attack, after that it powers up speed by a small amount. This works by sending a pokemon out into battle, waking up from sleep, or after it defrosts.

    Inner Flame: Can't be frozen. Powers up Non Physical Fire attacks. ( It weakens after a move like Rain Dance, Water Sport, or Whirpool hits.)

    Target: Basically this move works better in double or triple battles. Basically this ability makes most attacks said pokemon.

    Spook: 10 to 20% chance that the opponent flinches.

    And this may be over powered:

    Assault: Lowers enemy pokemon's health by half if its super effective against holder. Mainly given to weaker pokemon like Dunsparce.

    Enrage: Doubles attack if the pokemon's health is extremely low. Mostly for pokemon like Primape.
  25. First Topic with 25 post YAY!
    NEW: Fighting and Psychic.

    Ability: Aura Team.
    Does: The user will be able to tell the team when it's sent out.

    NEW: Fighting, Rock, Flying, Dragon, Electric.

    Abilities: Muscle. Powers up Fighting-type moves in a pinch.
    Gravel. Powers up Rock-type moves in a pinch.
    Air. Powers up Flying-type moves in a pinch.
    Fierce. Powers up Dragon-type moves in a pinch.
    Thunderstorm. Powers up Electric-type moves in a pinch.

    Response to:
  26. That's uber haxx. I think legends/Lucario/Riolu would have that though.
  27. Maybe so, but it was just a fic. Yeash! It's not real! Anyway, yeah I made it more like Lucario, Riolu, or any other aura pokemon like mew and mewtwo.
    And... (Dr. Hax comes in) Dr. Hax: HAX!!
  28. Make that 3. Shimama has Lightning Rod and is not a ground type
    100% Powers. If the user uses a move with a secondary effect, the effect will activate, but it'll cost 5-20 HP (Depends on level).
    Cold Status. If the user freezes the opponent, the user will gain a random stat upgrade each turn the opponent is frozen.
    Questionable Status. If the user confuses the opponent, the user will gain a random stat upgrade each turn the opponent is Confused.
    Snoring Status. If the user sends the opponent to sleep, the user will gain a random stat upgrade each turn the opponent is Sleeping.
    Cold Water. The if the user gets frozen while asleep or asleep while frozen, then both status problems will disappear and the pokemon may attack again.
  29. Raktoner already pointed that out a couple of posts below the one you quoted <<

    Anyway this is related to your Start Up ability, Pokemonfreak. There's another ability I want tweaked and that's Poison Heal. I was so excited about my Breloom having Poison Heal that I gave it a Toxic Orb to hold while I was training it. Imagine my shock when I found out Poison Heal only worked in battle. It lost HP outside battle as normal. ;_; I'd like it changed so that Poison Heal also heals outside of battle as well.

    As for a new ability: Daunt (No, not like the Fire Emblem skill). It's the special variation of Intimidate. Simply put, the user lowers the special attack of the opponent upon entering the battle.
  30. Well, I didn't read the post, SORRY! BTW, there's an ability called poison heal??

    Pokemon Energy. Draining moves (Absorb, Mega drain, Giga drain, leech life, etc.) will always count as a super effective.

    Normal Power. Hidden Power, Secret Power, etc. will always be treated as a normal type.
  31. Yeah, Poison Heal is one of my favorite abilities ♥ As of gen IV, only Shroomish and Breloom have it (I pretty sure). Sorry if I sounded harsh; I didn't mean to ^^;
    #31 Carmen Lopez, Jul 12, 2010
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  32. Another for pokemon that can explode >:D

    K.O. Impact: if the pokemon is at 0 hp, it will self destruct, explode, or something greater.

    And this one is sorta odd :/

    Zombie: The pokemon will stay in battle for 1 turn after HP hits zero, in which you can heal it if you want.

    Mix up: Types tend to scramble from one type another. Example: Fire punch could end up being poison or fighting or something else.

    Dragon's roar: Powers up special attack once every turn.

    Dragon Heart: Powers up if the enemy is a dragon or if you have any other dragons in your team.

    Heavy weight: Powers up physical techniques according to weight.

    and one more:

    Wild card: may randomly turn a move into a super effective move.
  33. Seems kinda over powered. And do you have to use a revive? Can you use a revive?
  34. No. You don't have to use a revive, technically its still up so you can heal it regularly. It has its drawbacks too.

    1. Technically its Hp. is 0. so even if you have the ability, you'll go down if you get hit again. (like by sandstorm)

    2. It only last one turn, after that its down. Then you use revive. But it can only be used once per battle.

    3. It doesn't come into affect if the holder is hit by a super effective move.

    4. Its mainly available for Ghost type.

    5. If the effect kicks in, your held item is dropped.

    6. If you are hit with a status ailment, you go down.

    7. Even if you win, the Hp is only returned to 1 after the battle.
  35. Oh that makes more sense. Now it seems like a perfect ability.

    NEW: Mainly for ground and rock.
    Washed away. If it's raining, the user will loose 10% of health and looses 1 Defense or Sp. Defense stage each turn. In return, the user earns 1 stage of evasion and attack or special attack.
  36. This poll was probably just a waist of time. So I guess this was pointless so I'll just continue with making your own abilities. SCREW THIS! as nick says.
  37. KoL

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    Double-posting is against rules, pokemonfreak387, you get a warning for breaking said rules, yadda-yadda.

    Kindly read the twice aforementioned rules.
  38. illusion for zoroark

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