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What is your Team for Pokémon Black and White!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Nekonoku MeowChild, Sep 18, 2010.

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  1. Hey. I want to find out what the most popular pokémon are. So far nearly EVERYONE is picking The grass snake starter. A few have picked Mijumaru and none I've seen have picked Pokabu, (Poor piggy)

    My team (So far, I have a good few months to decide) is:
    1. Daikenki (Water Starter fully evolved)
    2. Leperasudu (The Dark type Leopard Pokémon)
    3. Chirachinno (The evolution of Chillarmy, seen with Prof. Aragrai)
    4. Mebukijika (Final evolution of the Normal/Grass deer Pokémon)
    5. Wargle (Red and Blue bird Pokémon)
    6. --Open Space-- (For whatever previous generation Pokémon is there.)

    Give me your opinion on my team and also tell me your team!! :D Thanks!
  2. Good question. I've racked my brains thinking, but I've come up with a team (This is an in-game team, right?):

    1. Emboar (Fully evolved Fire starter)
    2. Yanakii (Evolved Grass monkey)
    3. Abagoora (Massive turtle thing)
    4. Swann (The swan Pokemon)
    5. Denchura (The Electric spider)
    6. Warubiaru (Fully evolved crocolile)

    That's all.
  3. Ah, I can't wait to loose these guys on a level 2 Wild Minezumi :)

    1. Jaroda
    2. Kojondo
    3. Abagoora
    4. Oobemu
    5. Furiijio
    6. Hihidaruma
  4. Oh come on. I posted a topic:
    on this yesterday, and it's ignored? Seriously,that is just silly. :o

    ...Although since it was doomed from the start anyway, I'll post my team here.
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  5. Well, I had an idea. Since I couldn't decide what team to use, I made about three teams. However, two of these outshined Jaroda.

    White: Team Enbuoo:


    Black: Team Daikenki

  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Cycloneblaze has a point. Why did you create another topic like this when one already existed? I'll leave this one open since it has more replies, but you're getting a warning. Next time, scan the board before creating a new topic - and if you have yet to do so, please read the rules.
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  7. My team would be
    • Jyanobii
    • Yanakii
    • Mebukijika
    • Dentula
    • Nattorei/Aianto

    Forest team assemble!
  8. These are my very initial team plans; they don't take into account the locations of the pokemon, how much EXP they need to level or their strengths, they're just pokemon I like the look of without doubling up on types. x) This is also going to take multiple games. Also, there are too many fire pokemon I want to use. >:| I haven't got a place for Hihidaruma, and I'd like to make another, fourth game where I ignore my starter but have all 3 monkey pokemon. So I've got lots of options for future games!

    Black Team
    Jaroda (Grass starter) - Grass
    Dentula (Spider) - Electric/Bug
    Archeoth (Archaeopteryx) - Rock/Flying
    Sazand (Hydra) - Dark/Dragon
    Chandelier - Fire/Ghost
    Doryuuzu (Mole) - Ground/Steel

    White Team
    Enbuoo (Fire starter) - Fire/Fighting
    Mebukijika (Deer) - Normal/Grass
    Warbile (Crocodile) - Ground/Dark
    Zeburaika (Zebra) - Electric
    Shinpora (Nazca Lines) - Psychic/Flying
    Iant (Ant) - Bug/Steel

    Grey Team
    Daikenki (Water starter) - Water
    Ulgamoth (Fire moth) - Fire/Bug
    Ononokuth (Dragon) - Dragon
    Terakion (Roaming legendary) - Rock/Fighting
    Shibildon (Eel) - Electric
    Deathkan (Casket) - Ghost
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I dont know the names, nor can I be bothered to find out, nor can my wii let me have two tabs!

    Black team:
    Evo of pokabu
    Evo of yorterrie
    Evo of gen V pidgey

    I could have zangoose and lucario but I dont want to have too many pokemon resulting in my team being underleveled also I dont have a clue about my white/grey teams I think Ill do a solo run with different starters maybe?
  10. Behold my dream team, though it will be quite difficult to have all of them on the first playthrough. I could always get a different team for that first time, then get these guys and EV them for competitive battling.

    Warubiaru (gotta love alligators)
    Hihidaurma (I still play with dolls :p)
    Desukan (it should be my neighbor if it isn't)
    Daikenki (the other starters are a bit meh for me)
    Mebukijika (an awesome deer pokemon, gotta love giant antlers)
    Kobaruon (if it's allowed in the Battle Frontier/Tower/Subway, like the dog, bird, and Regi trio are, otherwise...)
    Dentula (because a thunderbug sounds awesome)
  11. My team would be:
    Daikenki - I hate Jaroda, but atually quite lik Emboar, but not that much.
    Muurando - It can learn Surf and Reversal.
    Kokorimori - It's one of the fastest in the game.
    Dageki - I am not getting the red one. It's too fat to fight.
    Tsunbear - It can learn dive and would probably be my powerhouse.
    Baokki - I need something to kill Dento.
  12. I'll give it a try. =3

    Team #1:
    Daikenki (Honestly, that thing is awesome.)
    Shandera (Meh, Hitomoshi was cute.)

    Team #2:
    Daikenki (Yes, again, I am a water loyalist (exception of using Chikorita in Johto.)
    Gochimeru (Never evolving it to last, the last is kinda.. ugly.)
    Zoroark (If event places in U.S.)
  13. After mulling it over, I'm giving my (in-game) team a revamp:

    Pokemon Black team

    1. Emboar (Fully evolved Fire starter)
    2. Yanakii (Fully evolved Grass monkey)
    3. Musharna (Dreaming tapir)
    4. Burungeru (Jellyfish with tache)
    5. Denchura (Electric spider)
    6. Aakeosu (Fully evolved Archaeopteryx)
  14. I don't know if I even want a full team! There are a few I've actually decided on...

    Emboar (Pokabu's sooo kawaii!)
    Desukan (I like-a the coffin)
    Zoroark (Duh!)
    Wargle (Though I perfer to call him Wooguru. Sounds better.)
  15. This is my White team. Not quite sure about Black version yet XD Nicknames included :3

    -Shinbora [Nazca]
    -Denchula [Dendryph]
    -Wargle [Colbert]
    -Ranculus [Schwann]
    -Chandellar [Faeu]OR[Aleya]
    -Daikenki [Nickname Pending]
  16. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Currently planning a team based on Jaroda, Urgamoth, Dentula, Ononox, Abagohra and a pending sixth. That shall be my White team in the real game. Haven't decided on nicknames quite yet, except I know the Ononox will be female and named Excel. XD
  17. Changing this because sprites look awesome :D

    1 - Starter


    When the starters were first revealed, Tsutaja looked the coolest, hands down. I didn't want that clown otter or self-roasting ham. However, fanarts and an awesome evolution got me on the side of Mijumaru. Then Jalorda was revealed, and I was back on the side of Tsutaja. But now I've got to like Daikenki. It's pretty much back and forth, although Daikenki may have the edge because of its superior pre-evos and stat distribution, not to mention getting Jalorda in dream world will make leaf storm destroy any worthless mortals who dare challenge it.

    2 - Fire



    I instantly liked Hihidaruma, it was my favourite out of the first batch of normal Pokemon. It looks really cool and has an awesome attack stat. However, I prefer the design of the others a bit. I wasn't exactly drawn to Urugamoth like a...well you know. But I got to really like it once we got clearer sprites. Also, it learns some really awesome moves. However, Shandera I liked instantly, plus it has an awesome type combination and special attack stat. Official art could decide this one.

    3 - Rock


    Archeos is likely to win this one. It just looks so awesome (though it has an awful ability.) Iwaparesu has an adorable pre-evolution and could look very cool in official art. Then again, the same could be said for Aken, so Archeos definitely has the edge. However, a Shiny Gigaiath would win if I found it.

    4 - Psychic

    I instantly liked Musharna. It was my favourite Gen V Pokemon right from when it was revealed. It might get knocked off its top spot by a couple of newcomers (for instance Archeos.) It is my definite Psychic choice because I don't like any other Psychics quite as much as this one. Oh, and it has a freaky cry.

    5 - Fighting


    Roopushin was a Pokemon I instantly liked when it was revealed. It's definitely a love it or hate it Pokemon, but to me it looks awesome. It is a clown with two cinder blocks. Hell yeah. Kojondo, on the other hand, I didn't much like when it was revealed. However, maybe it was seeing a clearer sprite, maybe it was fanart, but I suddenly 'got' Kojondo and really liked it. It just looks so elegant and badass compared to most pure fighting types. Kojondo may have the edge (for a start you have to trade in order to evolve Roopushin.)

    6 - Electric



    Now, it is the battle of electricity! Let's start with Dentula. It has decent stats, an awesome ability and design and is extremely cute. However, Shibirudon, an electric type with no weaknesses and an awesome design (link's hat yeah!) also looks like a good option. Now, Zeburaika. For some reason, I never really liked Shimama. I don't know what it is about it. I guess it isn't good or bad. Although I might have liked it more had Stel not said that it looked fanmade. Can't blame him, it does look pretty fanmade xD. Zeburaika came, looked awesome and went. However, official art has opened my eyes to its awesomeness, and although it and Shibirudon probably won't beat Dentula they have a good shot.

    7 - Bug




    Holy snap. This gen. Has so many. Awesome bug types. 9 evolution lines. I like all of them. Love 6 of them. However, one's a legendary and the other doesn't quite match up to this fantastic four. They will only get in if (for Shubarugo) the other three don't get in or (for Dentula, Urugamoth and Iwaparesu) they don't get in but I don't end up having that type in my team. Anyway, I've pretty much said all I can about the first three, so I'll talk about Shubarugo. Wow. An awesome knight with lances and helmet? Yes. Even better, its armour is the discarded shell of another bug! How cool is that? Anyway, this one really is too close to call, although Urugamoth and Shubarugo might have the edge.

    8 - Ghost


    This is assuming Shandera doesn't get picked and I don't use Hihidaruma/Urugamoth. Anyways, when I first saw Desukan's back sprite, I thought "I hope the front doesn't screw it over." And it didn't. It multiplied its awesome by over 9000. Desukan is hella scary, infects the foe with its ability and has a frickin' creepy cry. This one is too close to call.

    9 - Dark


    I don't care if it was revealed first, I absolutely love Zoroark. It looks so awesome. My favourite dark type evar. Kirkizan is on the border of "Quite Like" to "Really Cool" and I'm sure its official art will make it look miles better. It's the Pokemon Dark/Steel deserves. Oh, and it's a Power Ranger.

    10 - Starter Dependant


    Hiyakki if I get Jalorda, Mebukijika if I get Daikenki. I really liked Hiyappu when it was first revealed. Then I saw Hiyakki and hated it. However, I saw a picture of it meditating next to Musharna, which completely redeemed it for me. Mebukijika was also one which I didn't like, although to a lesser extent. I saw it and thought "Just another realistic Pokemon." However, it looks absolutely amazing in its official art, and its seasonal ability is an added bonus.

    11 - Legendaries

    I really like most of the legendaries xD I thought I'd separate them out as I don't usually use that many legendaries in game, let alone in competitive battling.

    12 - Aaaand the rest

    This has kind of turned into a favourite Pokemon post, but in all honesty these are all genuine contenders for my team who came really close to making to the sections above (apart from the legendaries bit, obviously.) You never know, a fanart here and an official art there and these guys could be beating Adeku in the Isshu league.

    Sorry about all the images, there are just a lot of Isshu Pokemon I like! What could end up happening is 3 or 4 'core' Pokemon and then 5 or 6 lower levelled ones (in-game - there are probably about 52 final forms I really like and will end up using.)

    Black and White (still haven't decided) can't come soon enough!
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  18. I can really only think of two Pokemon I definitely want on my in-game team and that's a female Jaroda (who will be tentatively called Roison) and Zaburaika. The others will vary, but I want Shinpora, Waribiaru, Hihidaruma, and possibly Burungeru. I can't even begin to seriously consider my future competitive team aside from Shanderaa yet XD
  19. There's a few that I really want, most are covered in my signature.
    But the ones that aren't are the Geographic lines Psychic/Flying pokemon and... I'll need to brush up on names, if we had the english names I'd be better at this, lol
  20. looking at the movepools and base stats, I can think of several Pokemon to use for my Isshu team. However, odds are once I actually play the game, the immediate availability of each Pokemon will affect just what my team will be by the end of the run. So for now, this is the team I'm planning:

    Doryuuzu (Ground/Steel)
    Archeos (Rock/Flying)
    Kojondo (Fighting)
    Shanderaa (Ghost/Fire)

    A toss-up between Hahakomori (Bug/Grass) Pendora (Bug/Poison) or Dentula (Bug/Electric) Curse you Isshu and your awesome bugs D:< I wanted Shubarugo, Chobomaki and Urugamoth too, but those three are slightly more difficult to obtain so :p

    And depending on which bug I end up with, Emonga (Electric/Flying) or Mebukijika (Normal/Grass)

    no starters wut
  21. Admittedly, I'm not a good-moveset-synergy-typing-coverage-whatever-picker, so my theoretical team is most likely going to be rather mediocre, but ...

    Meme the Jaroda: None of the starters' final evolutions really piqued my interest this generation, sadly. But I'd pick Smuglord over the Gonky Ganonpork and the Suddenly-Super-Popular-Yet-Formerly-Derpy-Daikenki any day. Unfortunately, Jaroda's moveset looks kind of ... well, not great.

    Oz the Aekeosu: Yes yes yes I love this. Just ... the coloring and the design and ... yeah. And it gets U-Turn and Dragon Claw ohmygosh.

    Corona the Shandera: Its base special attack is 145 whaaaat amazing. And I love the design.

    Red Hot the Warubiaru: Interesting typing.

    Cyanide the Burungeru: I'm getting a male. The females are ... weird.
    Honestly, I'm kinda iffy on this one, as I don't realllly need two ghost-types, but this is the only water-type I like this generation ...
    Name derivation: 'cyan' because it's blue, and 'nid' from 'cnidarian', plus an 'e'. I am such a nerd.

    The last slot will probably be rotated between a
    [​IMG] / [​IMG] / [​IMG]
  22. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Here's my Poke'mon Black White team:

    Jaroda(grass starter final evo)[​IMG]
    Desukan (mummy ghost coffin/I am so loving it)[​IMG]
    Abagoora(big blue sea turtle)[​IMG]
    Shubarugo(bug armored knight)[​IMG]
    Shanderaa(ghost chandelier)[​IMG]
    Nattorei(Steel ,plant...UFO thing)[​IMG]
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  23. Linkachu

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    This gen is totally killing me with its endless team possibilities, so I'll need to post multiple choices. Not going to restrict myself to six Pokemon for now. I'll be playing White my first time through, and the only Pokemon I know I'll definitely be training are my starter and the deer. :X

    Potential White Team (with sprites, because they mean more to me):
    [​IMG]/[​IMG]/ [​IMG]
    [​IMG] / [​IMG]

    I might end up training 7 of those Pokemon or I might not. For all I know, my final count will higher than that because I haven't listed a single Psychic-type yet. Regardless, I probably won't be overlapping types. If I end up raising a Urugamosu on this play, I won't be raising Dentula. The same can be said for Gigaiasu and Aakeosu.

    The only exception I'd make is for the Normal-types. It's really just a tag-on type in most cases. I agree with Stel that Wargle should've been Fighting/Flying, but what can you do? XP
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  24. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    The aim for my team thus far (as far as in-game goes) is this:


    Emboar, the fiery Ganon look-a-like, is my starter. He's still in his second form as Chaobuu at the moment, but I will be evolving him when the time comes. I'm already loving his enormous movepool, especially now that I've gotten an Expert Belt for him from an NPC. I've not really much to say about this guy besides "he's amazing."


    I've yet to find a Leaf Stone to evolve Yanappu into Yanakki, which is a major pain since Yanappu is rather underwhelming when it comes to good moves. Seed Bomb and Leech Seed are...OK I guess, but Seed Bomb alone doesn't hack it especially when Grass is a pretty bad offensive type anyway, and Leech Seed on something with poor defenses isn't all that reliable. Yanappu's alright, but I'm begging for a way to evolve him because he's just nowhere near as good as the rest of the party.


    After hearing something about "Dream Dust" and whatever connections it may have to the Dream World, the Munna line had me a little intrigued as far as potential application goes. Although I quickly discovered that you don't actually need this guy, nor does he have any item required to access the Dream World, he ended up in my party anyway and...well, the results are quite pleasing. My biggest gripe with this thing is that it doesn't learn a single move capable of damaging Dark-types for a very long time - not fun when the game is crawling with Dark-types from the get-go. I have yet to evolve Munna even though I already have the Moon Stone required for the job - I'm waiting for him to learn Psychic first. He already hits like a truck with Psybeam - Psychic from Musharna should be fun, especially on top of being able to put foes to sleep.


    I evolved Hiyappu into Hiyakki just after learning Boiling Water and...this guy kicks ass, giving me more reason to want to evolve Yanappu so that he can come to match this level of greatness. Between Boiling Water and Grass Knot, Hiyakki kicks ass for me, and when I get an Ice Beam TM for it, well...shit will go down. Hiyakki is a close second behind Chaobuu for best team member, with Munna just behind Hiyakki in third (which makes me wonder just how powerful Musharna will be.)

    ...and, if the game permits pre-E4:


    Call me a cheat, but hey, if Zekrom's available pre-E4 then he's being used - I could do with an Electric-type anyway. I don't think I need to explain this one.

    ...and if not, then:


    I know this guy's available before Zekrom at least, and I want a challenge this time around - raising this guy should be challenge enough given that he doesn't evolve until Lv.50...and that's his second form! His final form boasts a painful Lv.64 requirement...but this guy looks so fiendishly evil that I'd say it's worth it.
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  25. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    My Pokemon White team is most likely going to be as follows~


    My favourite Starter line from Gen V, Daikenki will be my first team member. It'll be the first time I've ever started with the Water Type (Charmander, Cyndaquil, Treecko, Turtwig). He has nice enough stats and such, and a decent movepool.


    I didn't like this guy at first, but Kenhorou has grown on me - as has it's line. I'll probably use him, even though his movepool isn't brilliant offensively


    I really like Warubiaru, even though Stel has compared his head to a certain something :V
    He gets some great attacking moves and I like his typing.


    Aken is my favourite Pokemon from Gen V, and I really like his evo, Aakeosu. He has awesome stats offensively, but has got majorly screwed over by his ability: Faint Hearted. I can see him being awesome in-game though, as NPCs don't tend to use Stealth Rock and the like. I'll give him a go. I really do want to train him for competitive battle, but we'll see I'll guess.


    For some strange reason, I really like Shubarugo. He's nothing like the sort I usually like, but I do like him very much. Maybe I'm just a sucker for knights in shining armour :'D
    Anyway, while I don't usually play through games with defensive Pokemon, this guy has a pretty great Attack stat. He's uber slow, but meh, I'm sure we'll get along just fine anyway. He's another candidate for use on my competitive team - even though his movepool could be better.

    Most of the other Pokemon I like from this Gen are only available late in-game, so they'll probably make up my second team when I play through Black.

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  26. Right! This will be my very LAST team I will post. Lots of major changes, so pay attention! (Complete with nicknames and genders! ;D)

    Pokemon Black team


    Jarvis the male Jaroda!
    Malcom the male Chirachiino!
    Clive the male Doryuuzu!
    Pax the male Denchura!
    (insert name) the female Swanna!
    Ellie the female Musharna!

    I will update the post when the english names are revealed!
  27. Team Black:

    [​IMG] / [​IMG] / [​IMG] / [​IMG] / [​IMG] / [​IMG]

    Team White, continuing my challenge of beating each region with mono electric:

    [​IMG] / [​IMG] / [​IMG] / [​IMG] /
  28. I personally despise all the starters this go, sooooo ♥

    Hot damn I think Dasutodasu is so adorable I just want it ♥ Poison types are cool, and I like to think he's made of chocolate and candy wrappers ♥ His average stats are nice and all, but Breakable Armor is a nifty ability so he can throw Spikes around ♥ Plus, he can explode. I do love me some Exploding trash. ♥ Along with the irony of learning Recycle. It's utter trash ♥

    Shibirudon is also just so adorable! And it's a floating fish that's not a fish. Imagine that thing floating through your window at night! Isn't it adorable ♥ Along with having Levitate, it's Electric, so no weaknesses either :> He's a bit slow, but his attack is pretty high, too.

    [​IMG] or [​IMG]
    I just wanna say that Furijio is so adorable. He's so cute and huggable I just wanna give him a big kiss on the cheek ♥ He's a nice Ice Type who's pretty fast and learns fancy Dark Moves as well! He's got enough special defense o switch into things and can carry viable double screens, too! Rapid Spin and Haze are awesome Support against Hazards and Baton Pass as well. Recover keeps him surviving, and, HE IS SO GOSHDARNED ADORABLE HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE HIM <33333

    Vaivanilla or whatever is terribly cute too, and I'll probably use him until I find Furijio ♥ They act pretty similarly, anyway.

    Yeah. I love the Heartfish a lot, and it's pretty cute, too! It's moves are really more designed for Double and Triple Battles, though. Seeing as it has an attack that heals the target and another that lets it take all the damage, it's a supportive friendly friend! ♥ Its fancy move, Submersion, apparently makes the opponent a Water type, making for interesting things as well. It's not very fast or strong, unfortunately, but it is made of support. Healing Wish along with Wish and even Safeguard make it my valuable friend ♥ Plus its Dream World ability makes it heal itself more for later! But yeah, I'd rather only battle with her in Doubles.

    Is it me, or does Nattorei remind you of that Top-like boss from Super Mario Galaxy? Anyway, I think it's cute and thorny with love ♥ It's pretty much Forretress in terms of stats, but it gets to be part Grass and has the equivalent of Rough Skin, making it pointy and lovely ♥ Its attack stat is nice, and has an interesting movepool. Herpderp.

    I can't say much about him. He's mostly there to use a Fire Attack. :V
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  29. I thought about something like this:

    -Jaroda (Grass)
    -Hihidaruma (Fire)
    -Abagoora (Water/Rock)
    -Wargle (Normal/Flying)
    -Roopushin (Fight)
    -Sazandora (Dragon/Dark)
  30. Zeburaika, Kenhorou, Baokki, Daikenki, Warubiaru, Dasutodasu (even though that Dasu thingy really creaps me out!)
    I know most of these can be caught really early but because of the graphics I will train alot more (Level 100 before 2nd gym *crosses fingers*)
  31. -Daikenki [​IMG]
    -Wargle [​IMG]
    -Zeburaika [​IMG]
    -Warubiaru [​IMG]
    -Shanderaa [​IMG]
    -Burunkeru [​IMG]

  32. My Black team will be:

  33. Daikenki(Cobalt) ;D
    Zeburaika (cuz it's bad@$$) 8)
    Doryuuzu (because of uber attack)
    Shandeara (frikken cute)
    Ononokus (once i saw kibago just had to have its family)
    Wargle (Im getting Black but I have a brother that does what I tell him. TRADE ME ::))
  34. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Tepig (Tea time pig)
    And last but certainly not least Hitomoshi.
  35. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I'm going with:


    Those are my favorites of Gen V based on design so I chose them for that reason. I still haven't decided if I want to use Hihidaruma or Baokki yet so both of them are on the table as my potential Fire-type. I might go to the clinic when the games are out to help with the decision making >>; As for Zekrom, it'll be in my final team, however because you get it so late in the game I'll need to decide who I want to fill that spot my first time through the Elite Four. That sixth member will also serve as my sixth for competitive play if I chose to do that this Generation.
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  36. Ugh, I STILL can't decide on a final team. Even more major changes. Pay attention!


    1. [​IMG]/[​IMG]

    Finally! I've been waiting for a pig pokemon for ages! And I'm pretty pleased with what I've waited for. Nice HP, base 110 I think. He's got massive attack, the highest single stat of any starter, at base 128. Slow as shit, but that's to be expected of a pig. Nice animation, too. All in all, a very impressive starter, to say the least!


    2. [​IMG]/[​IMG]

    Am I the only one in the entire forum that thinks Miruhog could be useful? The "Frustrater", as I like to call them, of the team. SuperFang, Hypnosis and Confuse Ray, all in one moveset? Yes please! I'll end up throwing HyperFang in there as well, because of it's decent powre, and, most importantly, a flinch chance, which I am very lucky with. Very average stats, but hey, on FireRed, I beat 3 of the Champion's Pokemon with a Ratacate!


    3. [​IMG]/[​IMG]

    ZOMG TAPIR :o! Very tank-like. With pretty solid defences of 116/85/95, and a great Special Attack of base 107, she can give just as much as she gets. The when it learns Psychic at lvl 37 as a Munna...*shudders*...

    Those are the only 3 I am adamant on, so stay tuned for more!
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  37. Um...what about Spoink or Grumpig? ^^;
  38. Well, Spoink isn't really a pig, and I've never owned a Grumpig. So it's the first full evolution line of pigs.

    P.S - What the hell is Spoink, anyway? If it was meant to be a pig, then Nintento, it's a shambles.
  39. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Heh. Recently posted this elsewhere, but might as well post it here too since I'm currently playing through Pokemon Black. :)

    Current Team (as of Shippou City)

    - Regal the Jyanobii
    - Eddy (M) the Hahderia
    - Zee (F) the Shimama
    - Adana (F) the Mogurew


    Potential Future Team (as of the Elite 4)
    #39 Linkachu, Dec 2, 2010
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  40. I've changed my mind about quite a few of my team members, this time im going for cuteness!
    I love Jaroda it's just so cute ♥ (compared to the other starters anyway)
    Well, duh!? Lucario is the best pokemon ever!
    The only reason I have this thing is because my friend Alanya thinks Hito is cute ♥
    And that's all folks! (I've had a Warner Bros. addiction lately...)
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