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what is your strongest pokemon?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Parz_Official, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. Parz_Official

    Parz_Official Previously Parz'sOfficialAlt

    my strongest pokemon is in my pokemon Y game. its a level 83 tysphlosion i got from a trade when it was level 1

    wait a minute its level 92 now
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  2. I have none. I guess the lvl 100 shiny mew i have. (took sooo long)
  3. My strongest Pokemon is in the black version is a level 91 Lucario :halo:
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  4. Panstyx

    Panstyx Formerly ShinyFlareon123

    My lvl 100 shiny flareon8), lvl 100 furret, or lvl 97 mega lucario
  5. Lvl 100 Swampert, Rayquaza, and Raichu all in HG. I wish I still had that game :(
  6. My strongest would probably be my lvl 100 Espeon, with 5ivs. That. Took. Me.Ages. Plus it had to be a female.
  7. Parz_Official

    Parz_Official Previously Parz'sOfficialAlt

    well, my games restarted yesterday and my strongest pokemon is lvl. 70 shiny rayquaza
  8. Hmm. My strongest in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire are my Lvl 83 Gliscor and my level 94 Raichu. I'm steadily trying to get my Garvantula up with them.
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  9. i have a lvl 86 Raichu, who i optly named 'SmallFry' just because it was a female pikachu. now its ironic becuase she is a fast sweeper, unlike most raichu, her speed stat is over 175 i think.

    other than that my lvl 99 Semsimatoad, who had 450 health, and a very powerful muddy water attack
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  10. I have a level 100 shiny Nidoking, a level 100 Blastoise, and a level 90 Talonflame
  11. My Mega Scizor,Mega Gallade,Mightyena,and a Volt Tackle Raichu.All of them sweep, at leapt most of them .-.
  12. RoseAiluros

    RoseAiluros Mother of Meltans

    My shiny Starmie, Shuriken, can absolutely annihilate almost every opponent I have thus far faced.
    's level 100 and kinda completely badass~ ♥ Second to that is my Raichu. n_n
  13. My Blaziken, and my Darkrai of course
  14. My Sylveon, no doubt.
  15. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    My strongest Pokemon would have to be my Phione, I got that a while back in Pearl after breeding Manaphy and Ditto, and I was so proud of that little thing~
  16. Right now it's my lvl 72 Yveltal named Dave.
  17. My strongest PKMN is a level 100 sylveon, that thing took out all Diantha's PKMN in one hit! On our first try, but then I ran out of charge and had to do Diantha all over again.

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