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What is your most over commonly used saying?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by QuilavaEmperor, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. Mine would definitely be CRYPTIC METAPHOR. I just say that at random times and during classes.
  2. Mine would be to just keep saying "And...?" over and over again when there's pretty much nothing to continue on.
  3. I use the word "Zetta" about twenty times a day. If I don't, I start using math terms as insults. It's plenty of fun.
  4. Mine would be "ROCKET LAWN CHAIR'D" after I noticed Stel say it. THen there's FAIL and FAILBOAT
  5. "What, ho! Fetch me my rapier, boy!"

  6. "To be fair..."

    I devil's advocate a lot.
  7. This is too easy...

    Whenever someone says something along the lines of how much more of this do I need for this, I reply with this...
    "Around an additional 5000 multiplied by 2, minus 500. Or in short... OVER NINE THOUSAND SUCKER!!"

    Oh yeah... can't forget the true king of this... the No.1 phrase for an awkward appearance, as seen once in the Love Demon episode.

  8. Either it's "Fail" or "Epic Fail". I overuse them so much..
  9. Oh my goodness. I'm suddenly reminded of the two weeks in which my friends counted every single time I said the words/phrases "Awesome!", "Oh my goodness!", and "I'm sorry." I guess I tend to use those a lot, as they counted 168.

    However, I've been saying these a lot lately.




    "Assault Hug!"

    Brendan, that saying is win. I love that everyone loves the Love Demon.
  10. Smeone says that something/someone's funny, I say, "I thought so."

    "Failiure."/"Way to fail!" Someimtes I say "MMMMMM!" a lot. If you can tell me where that's from, you are a god. XD

    Oh, and then there's: "I know... I'm fabulous." and "GIVE YOURSELF A THOUSAND POINTS!!"

  11. I always say "It's okay" or "That's okay", sometimes over and over again.

    it makes me seem too optimistic but that's just the way i roll ;D
  12. Another of mine is a"Mazal Tov" when someone breaks something or screws up!
  13. "O RLY?" "Sawdust and leprechauns."

    Yeah, I'm awesome. :D
  14. "How can somebody be as stupid as you and live?"
    "You're wierd..."
    "That was then- this is now..."
    "Make me happy and die!"
  15. Is it maybe MMMMMMMorshu?!

    I find my self saying "Oh, dear" and "Oh... Well then..." a lot lately (I dunno why though.)
  16. I have two...

    1. Exactly
    2. Joy

    Do not ask why. I don't have a clue.
  17. Mine would be "I know huhn." I usually say that when something "epic" happens.Oh yeah, the N is silent but that`s just how it`s spelled!
  18. "Oh, my God, you are an idiot!"
    - Me, every day-
  19. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    I tend to use "whatevs", "sure", "m'kays", "freaking", "thankies" or "meh" a lot in real life, and my most commonly used greeting has to be "yo". I also like to use the phrases "epic fail", "you fail", and "you suck". No I am not a mean person; I just tend to use those phrases a lot when I'm joking around, which is... most of the time. You can also find me using you or I as 3rd person pronouns, like, "I wants one" or something.

    Non-english stuff-wise, I do/did say a lot of random Japanese stuff towards the end of the school year, including stuff like sorry, thanks, I see, I'm glad, yes, no, and "watashi wa baka" or "kimi wa baka", among other things. And yes I am aware that my Japanese speaking skeelz fail, but meh.

    I have a list of other phrases I used a lot somewhere... dunno where exactly, though. But basically, if you saw me use the phrase/word a lot in chat, chances are I use it just as frequently, if not more, in real life.
  20. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Online and offline I use a few very different sayings, but some cross both realities.


    But those aren't really sayings so much as random words I use very frequently XD I also use the word "Just" so often it in writing it makes me want to stab myself. XP

    As for actual sayings... Most of my sayings are quotes. Lately I've gotten into yelling "THIS ______ BELONGS TO EVERYONE!" or "THIS IS EVERYONE'S _______!" You can insert "orange juice", or "garbage", etc. I just can't get enough of good ol' Darkrai's yelling XP

    Online, I've gotten into the habit of writing "Mmm..." a lot. I blame Sem who blames other people XP
    I also say "Heh" and "Hmm..." quite a bit, and not always for the same reasons. I also abuse wannabe emotes, such as XD, X3, D:, XP... and so on.
  21. i thend to use
    "your welcome"
  22. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I tend to overuse curse words, especially all the ones that have four letters in them - I need not say what those curse-words are. Other than that, I can't recall any other consistency with the things I say...aside from the heavy sarcasm and usually "Over-18" language.

    Me in chat is a different story; "PINGAS" frequents the chat thanks to me, any variation of "MAH BOI" isn't uncommon either, I usually tell everyone around that they've just lost the game (and now you have too for reading this,) and just to wrap it all up, I tend to threaten people with dragon-related deaths, be it by incineration, disembowelment, or just being eaten.
  23. sheesheesh

    sheesheesh Guest

    "... would be nice."
    "... 'cause I'm awesome like that."
    and in chat: "GAHR"

    GAHR. I forgot my most commonly used saying:

    "You could use a lawyer!"
  24. I definately say "wowyou would" way to much.
  25. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    This topic made me more aware of my speaking XD

    I use "Funny" at the beginning of sentences quite a bit, especially when posting on forums. In RL, I'm more likely to say "It's funny...", then ramble away about something XP

    And that's another. "More than likely". I abuse it in vocalized speaking.
  26. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Thanks to my high school Environmental Technology teacher I now say heckifino when I don't know an answer.

    It's not even heck if I know, its heckifino with a squiggly squoosh (~) over the 'n'. Thanks to the teacher spelling the word on the board like that, I now say it like that.
  27. I almost forgot mine!


    I say it instead of "Okay" or "Sure" and most people think I say "Why?". Yeah, I've gotten several strange looks and questions because of it. Oh, and I splurt Czech curses when I'm bugged. Usually along the lines of "Pro boha." or "Jde me to na nervy."

  28. I constantly use those southern word stereotypes, like y'all and ain't DX

    I only really use y'all because it rolls off the tongue much better than you alll for me, and ain't is just fun to say. Although the small 4 year olds I helped this week thought I was weird for doing it >> According to the same children, I also overuse alrighty, which only happens when I'm never and start talking fast, eheh.

    If related, I also do these odd little scoff noises that make it sound like I'm half trying to enter the topic I'm listening to and half girl D:
  29. Hm.. Well, mainly I use "It's all good." or "S'all good"

    I use those when people apologize to me or when I wanna say No. Kind of like an it's okay.

    Another common one is "Dude". In real life I almost always start Dude off with every sentence when talking to my friends.

    I do cuss somewhat a alot, sadly :x

    Can't forget the good ol' fashion "You.Would." *insert glare*

    Along with shouting randomness on a daily basis for no reason at all, that is about it :p
  30. I forgot a couple of things.


    I also like to remind people to be patient... many people aren't these days it seems. (With a friendly patronizing and sarcastic addition of something like "Young Padawan" obviously :p)
  31. I call every female younger than me 'dearie' for some reason. =o

    When it comes to writing things, I have a noticeable tendency to use "as a result..." a lot xD
  32. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    My frequently abused saying is "Fair enough." - as well as spouting several memes ("I art in thine base, slaying thine d00ds."), comedy sketches ("Boot to the head"), and the odd TF2 Meet The Team line ("Unless it's a farm!", etcetera etcetera). I'm not a walking box of references YET - that's Stel - but I'm getting there. ^_^
  33. When someone is doing something naughty and I see them I always say "Erm!"in a high-pitched voice.

    When I'm in trouble and trying to produce an explanation I always start off with "Well...".
  34. I tend to say "ZOMG" or "ZOOMG" quite a lot.
    Also, "Frikin' awesome" is something which seems to have entered my vocab...
  35. Hmm, words i say often would be

    -pocket sand

    I think that's about it for now lol.
  36. While I often repeat my words,I think my most commonly used sayings would probably be, "Which is why...", "Technically,....", and "For crying out loud....", all of which I use most in real life
  37. Mine would have to be "Yeah, Will!" from the Natwest adverts.

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