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what is your favorite Pokemon game battle music?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by PokeTeen, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. Pokemon games have allways stood out for me with their music, the best of which is the music for when you enter a battle, be with trainer, legendary pokemon, a team grunt or boss, frontier brain, gym leader or elite four, or even your own rival! so lets hear it what was your favorite pokemon game battle music that got you pumped during that battle?

    mine? mine would have to be the heart gold and soul silver Battle frontier Brain theme
  2. The music for the Pokemon Center ;D
    Definitely my favorite
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  3. Linkachu

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    Why, tho? (Especially considering that this thread is about 'game battle music', not your favourite music in general...)

    Your replies are starting to boarder on spam. Start putting more quality into 'em or next time you'll be getting a formal warning.


    Anyways, two pieces of music that stand out in my mind are the battle vs. Cynthia and the battle vs. Palmer. Cynthia's music in particular is easily my favourite champion music between Gens I-IV, and Palmer's tune always gets me pumped every time I enter battle against him. Those are the types of songs I'll sit and listen to before ever choosing my first attack.

    That said, I gotta give notable mentions to Dialga/Palkia's theme and Giratina's Platinum music. Both songs are incredibly awesome and just make the battles that much more epic. Sinnoh did really nice work on its legendary battle musics. ^^
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  4. Does it have to just be battle music? Cause i dont like battle music.. But i like the lake music in d/p/pt it makes me feel relaxed. Oh as much as i hate hoenn i gota admit they did a really good job with the route 113 music where you collect ashes off the grass. I go there sometimes just to listen to the music
  5. And why can't it be battle music? Some of us care about and enjoy good battle themes.

    In case you haven't heard me say it enough, Cynthia's DP battle theme leaves every other champion theme in the dust. It absolutely gets me pumped for battle. I also love Johto's generic trainer battle theme in Gen II and Gen IV. As far as Pokemon battle themes, Ho-Oh's is the best. I think my bottom jaw hit my keyboard when I first heard it. The Asian influence suits it so perfectly ♥ Yes, I climbed Tin Tower not to catch Ho-Oh, but to hear its battle theme. Deoxy's battle theme also gets an honorable mention. I'm sad no one told me how pwnful it was before now XD

    Edit: Good grief, how did I forget Team Galactic's and Team Rocket's HGSS theme?
  6. Cyntia's themes, both battle and pre-battle, are one of the best video game themes I've ever heard. But my all-time favourite is Maxie's theme in R/S/E. I sounds so evil.
  7. Rival Battle theme in R/S/E is pretty awesome. Also, the HGSS Frontier Brain music is intense and fits perfectly.
    The B/W Cynthia music is brilliant, and N's champion theme is so darn catchy ;D Oh and Team Plasma's theme is the best enemy theme ever.
  8. i just got soul silver a week ago and i got to say i love the music for when you fight red, also i love that they used to old pokeball symbol from silver when you enter the battle with red
  9. I love liza&tates battle music. I dont remember if all gym battles in RSE have that same music but i just heard it recently and liked the scary sounding part cause they ARE scary
  10. Gosh, the Team Galactic music always made me want to dance. I only need to hear the first few notes, and I can spout out the rest. XD
  11. all of the gyms do in R/S/E, its remix from pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness is better
  12. I can't express in words how much I love the R/S/E Regi theme as well as the Platinum Giratina theme. They both rock in ridiculous ways. :D
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  13. My favorite of all time will be the legendary music, ESPECIALLY Groudon and Kyogre's.
  14. i just heard the cytha battle theme from black and whit and i think it is amazing!
  15. The music that plays in Pokemon R/S/E just before you battle Brendan. It just sounds so.....so.......so.....I can't explain it!
  16. I only hear the annoying May version--just like how Ethan's song is better than Lyra's!

    My favorite battle music? DEFINITELY--
    A) The Blue/Red Gym Leader, Elite Four battle--Leafgreen/firered remix
    B) Ruby/Sapphire battle with Groudon, Kyogre, or Rayquaza--EPIC
  17. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Heh. I'm currently playing HG and now that I've encountered both Raikou and Entei I've gotta add their musical themes to my favourites (I must've had my music turned off when I caught them in SS!). Raikou's music in particular, being the faster paced version, sounds completely awesome. I had to just sit and stare at the beast for a bit while the music played. ^^
  18. Suicune's is also cool, but Raikou's theme is the best. :3

    While we're on the subject of music, ever notice that May, Brendan, and Ever Grande City have the same theme? It's also heard differently on Route 104.
  19. I like the music when you battle red/lance in HG and SS. It's so amazing so I always go to the pokemon league to re-defeat lance!
  20. Most favorite? I'd have to say Ho-Oh's in Pokemon SS/HG. It has a bit of an ancient japanese/chinese feel to it, especially in the beginning.
    Cynthia's music is also pretty good. I have a knack for the beginning of pokemon battle music. Cynthia's battle music is one of these.
  21. right now it would have to be the elite four battle from Generation III. The melody is very catchy, and I've always been a fan of the rhythm of dotted 8th 16th tied to and 8th 8th. the main problem I have is with the very generic and boring snare part playing on the off-beats.
  22. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Why limit ourselves to the main series? This gem from Pokemon Stadium is one of my most listened to tracks. And why not? The Rival's Champion Theme never sounded so elegant yet pwnful in any other incarnation in my opinion.

    The Black and White remix gets an honorable mention for turning the badassness up to eleven. The first time I heard this the only word that came out of my mouth was a silent "Yes..." 8)
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  23. I have to say, I like Red's (Lance doesn't deserve this theme >:0) theme, it just sounds so epic! Along with Silver's and Cynthia's theme as well. Plus, I know I sound like Uncle from Jacki Chan Adventures (One more thing!), but the Frontier brains in both the Emerald and Platimum sound epic! As far as my favorite Legendary battle, Raikou steals the win, mainly because he makes it sound so Epic!
  24. I absolutely love Red's battle theme. It's got an epic feel, but also reminds me of the series' main title screen too. Fire Red's version of the Rival Champion theme is also pretty boss. I'm also liking how Black and White's battle themes are sounding.

    As far as spin-offs go, I'm quite fond of Gale of Darkness' normal battle & Cipher Peon battle, Battle Revolution's Mysterial battle, and Explorers of Darkness' Primal Dialga battle.

    GAH! I just love videogame music so much! I could honestly make a never ending list of awesome songs from them!
  25. I like Ho-oh's HG/SS theme. Reminds meh of teh samari!

    Another is the Regi's them in Gen 3. Fuckkin' awsome!

    The music on your final battle with N is extremely catchy. Imma lovin' it!

    The Elite 4 music in B/W.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v:pS4ZCOpd ... re=related. 'Nuff said.
  26. Team Plasma's battle theme is amazing! team plasma's outfits maybe an epic fail but the music is an epic win!
  27. I just like the intro to it. The rest is quite meh. But the intro is fantastic.
  28. My favorite battle music is from HGSS, it's the wild pokemon music in Kanto. I love how over-thrilling it is and how upbeat it is even if it's only a wild pokemon.

    Either that or the music that plays when you find Entei/Raikou in the wild.
  29. i love the elite 4 battle music on bw
    i like cynthias theme for gen 4 and 5
    kanto's trainer battle and gym leader
    i always dance to the keyboard solo they added to the kanto trainers battle
  30. The battle music for Lance/Red in G/S/C and HGSS is sweet. I've always loved it.

    The new music for evolution is really cool in HGSS. It really took me by surprise because of the awesome.

    You also can't beat the Road to Viridian and Rival themes in Red and Blue.

    Edit: Kol brought up Dark Cave/Slowpoke Well and I really like that theme as well. I just forgot about it. Gotta love G/S/C! <33
  31. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'll tick 'em off by generation:

    Gen I: Champion Blue Theme by a mile. Both the original the the remixed FR/LG versions are amazing, the B/W version isn't quite as good but still very cool. The Gym Leader theme gets an honorary mention also, and earns second place for the Gen I music.

    Gen II: I'm not going to count Ho-Oh's theme here since it was HG/SS that had that and not the originals. That said, this generation had the best music in my opinion - Dark Cave, the Olivine Lighthouse/Mt. Silver theme (ESPECIALLY Mt. Silver since you were heading to face Red,) the Trainer Battle theme stands out as being pure awesome in 8-bit, and the Rival Battle theme also gets an honorary mention here. Shame that none of these tracks were done justice at all with the HG/SS remixes, but the GB Sounds item rectifies this issue nicely (thank Arceus...)

    Gen III: Not much of the music stands out for me here - the Regi theme was OK, Ky00ber/Groudon/Rayquaza was pretty cool, and the Elite Four/Champion themes rocked for R/S/E, but other than that, I didn't find the music in R/S/E as memorable as any of the older or newer generations. Hoenn being an awesome-looking region makes up for it, but hey, that's a whole other topic so Gen III ends right there.

    Gen IV: Sinnoh was...meh for music overall except for a few very stand-out themes: Cynthia Battle, Dialga/Palkia Battle, Frontier Brain theme, Distortion World theme and Giratina (Platinum) theme. HG/SS had the awesome Ho-Oh theme and a bunch of butchered remixes. Next...

    Gen V: Team Plasma Battle theme wins. Plasma Boss N Battle theme also wins as well as Geechisu's battle theme. Other mentions go to the odd but interesting "Low HP" theme that plays along with the bleeping alarm of past generations, and the crazy-as-hell roaming legendary theme that sounds extremely weird yet extremely cool at the same time.
  32. Woah, has anyone else heard the music on the Credits of Black/White? It's like something out of a blockbuster action movie!
  33. This is the best Pokémon battle theme by far. Do I really need to explain myself?
  34. I must say that I enjoy all of the battle themes as they get you into somewhat of a fighting mood. But, my favourite is the one when you challenge Lance in G/S/C ;D I also enjoy when a Pokémon uses Yawn, the sound they make when they use/get hit by it is cute.
  35. ok i'm gonna do this be region

    kanto :gym battle and remix in heart gold and soul silver and champion battle

    johto ; champion battle

    hoenn : team aqua/manga leader,elite four rival battle frontier,and champion

    sinnoh ; galactic grunt, battle frontier, and champion

    unova : trainer battle, plasma grunt, gym battle, and elite four
  36. Greevil's music from XD is another great piece.
  37. Seconded. For once, I want to watch credits. :3
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  38. well,my favorite battle music is when i face steven,gary,cynthia and cyrus.They have a wonderful battle theme ever!Also N too

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