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What Is Your Favorite Generation of Starters?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by ShinyCharizard124, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. There are really cool starter Pokemon, and then there are really crappy ones. Just reply and tell me your opinion. I'd really like to know! My favorites are the Kanto ones. :)
  2. Well, it really depends.

    For example, I love Bulbasaur and Charmander, but can't stand Squirtle. I love Totdile and Chikorita, but Cyndaquil is so boring. Each of it's forms are the exact same thing. I also love Mudkip, kind of like Treeko, but hate Torchic. I pretty neutral on all of the Sinnoh starters, though.
  3. I really do not like Piplup because he's so overrated and his evolved forms look really ugly. I hate Torchic and Combusken but love Blaziken. Treeko is a absolute no-no for me. I love all the Kanto starters as I have said before, and Feraligatr is awesome! Also, I love Typlosion regardless of the stages before it, but Chickorita is meh. That is my detailed opinion. ;)
  4. I'm not sure. I enjoy Treeko, but the rest I dislike quite a bit. With the Sinnoh starters I'm iffy. They're all good other than Piplup, but the second evolutions look crappy. The other regions' Pokemon have much better ones. I also am not very educated at stats and such. All things considered, I think Sinnoh has to be my favorite set.
  5. I never liked any of the Sinnoh starters, but if I had to pick one, I'd pick Chimchar. :)
  6. The only reason I choose Sinnoh was because it's the only generation of starters I know a good bit about. You're right though. Chimchar may be the best of the lot.
    The only other region I've played is the one in FireRed. ( Just goes to show how much I know about the regions. :)) Charmander is my favorite, but he's the only one I remember. The other starters I'm not experienced at. Because of the above, I'm not sure I can correctly comment on the other regions.
  7. I've never played Gold or Silver because when I had both they were my brother's and I had Red Version. Funny thing bout Red, I restarted the game after I beat Misty or Brock every single time. (I was 3 years old. Don't blame me for being so dim-witted.) :)
  8. First generation all the way.Mainly beacause when I got leaf green,it seriously took me an hour to decide betweeen Charmander,Bulbasaur,and Squirtle.But in the ened I chose Bulbasaur and I now have a kicka$$ level 100 Veanusaur!But I still like most of the other gens.Cyndaquil and Chikorita were the best while Totodile was kinda :p.The only one I actually hated was Ruby/Sapphire.Mudkip was generally weak without the move Muddy Water,Torchic was only cute as Torchic and Treeko I only liked as Grovyle.DP was good though!I fell in love with Chimchar and Piplup while I only liked Tutwig as Torterra.
  9. In Diamond I have a lv100 Shiny Charizard and a lv100 regular colored Blastoise! I got the Charizard off the GTS and I am pretty sure it is hacked. How else would you get it on Route 220? ;D
  10. I personally have to go with Sinnoh's starters. They seem to just have an aura about them that I like. Hoenn was just to bright for me. All of the Pokemon were to cheery and it seems like a little too colorful.

    Kanto and Sinnoh have some more tough looking pokemon that seem to balance out the cuteness of them all. Such as Piplup's Neanderthalean evolution, Empoleon.

    (Piplup slave!)
  11. Empoleon looked kind of ugly because all the detail and metal plates on him. My favorite was Prinplup because he looks cool without all the detail on him. 8)
  12. My favourite generation of starters is hoenn. The reason I say that is because of the middle evos. They're normally just a bigger version of the first evo and a smaller of the bigger evo. But, not the hoenn middle evos (and bayleef). So, that's why I choose hoenn :)
  13. I like the Johto starters, I switched around a lot with the one that I liked to choose as a favorite of them, but I really like Cyndaquil.

    I would say that my next favorite generation of starters after them are the Hoenn starters, simply because of the Mudkipz.
  14. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Hoenn, hands down.

    Sceptile is one of my favourite Pokemon, and a member of my completive team. Can't really say where the liking came from, I just had her the first time I played Ruby and loved her. I love Mupkip's line, almost as much as Treecko's. I like Torchic, but must say I'm not keen on it's line, especially Blaziken. I can't stand that thing. Torchic was the perfect opportunity to make a Gryphon-based Pokemon, which I want desperately. If done properly it'd be the only thing I could ever see knocking Manectric off his 1st place podium. Gryphons
  15. Hoenn and Kanto, no doubt!

    I just love treecko in hoenn and Charizard for Kanto!
  16. Well, I agree with you on Chimchar and Turtwig Magpie, but Prinplup is Empoleon with a lot less 'armor and detail' on it. The simple-ness and at the same time the complicated nature of it's sprite is cool. Kanto & Johto all the way!! ;)
    I agree with you on the Kanto part, Palki.
  17. Most definitely Hoenn! It's the only generation where I truly love all the starters and their final forms. So yes, Torchic is adorable, Treecko rocks, and yes, I leik Mudkipz. Blaziken, Sceptile, and Swampert all pwn souls and are easily one of the coolest of their respective types.
  18. I wonder why everyone likes Hoenn starters... probably a lot of people liek Mudkipz, including me. :D
  19. Tcha, personally I'd love to give all the starter's middle evolutions that aren't from Johto a good kick in the butt.I always love how the first starters are all so fluffy and cute, like Totodile, but the middle ones that aren't in Johto creep me out. I kind of like Grovyle, but I hate him because I never got to a Sceptile from it. The final evolutions I'm on the fence about, I don't like or hate them in general. Like Blaziken's hair. How much gel does it put in it anyway?

    Buuut, if I had to say, I like the Johto starters the most, especially Totodile and Croconaw.
  20. haha. 8) The Johto starters look a lot like the original forms on purpose. There was no Everstone in Pokemon Red, and people were complaining that they couldn't get a lv.100 Charmander. That's why they made the Johto starters look the same in each evoloution.
  21. And I think only Meganium looks kinda like Venasaur as well. i guess it's their final evolutions breaks the look- alike barrier...
  22. They were based off the same thing, I'm guessing... hmm. :)
  23. Actually, it is possible to get a level-100 Charmander-provided, of course, you have Gold, Silver, or Crystal, another GameBoy (With batteries!) and a link cable. That wway, you can trade a Charmander with, say, an Oddish, and then put the Everstone on and train them.

    Also, a possible reason for the inability to carry items may be the lack of different pockets on the backpack.

    I hope this helps!

    Also, to stay on topic, my favourite generation of starters would be the ones from Hoenn.
  24. I think the Kanto starters are definitely the best, well for me it is. It's probably because I actually like all three of them unlike the other ones where I always have one or two I don't like. Also it's probably because I grew up with those three.
  25. My is the Hoenn starters
  26. My favorite is charsard he has all the power out of ALL the starter pokemon.
  27. Correction it is spelled Charizard, although I agree Charizard is the best I do not think it could beat all starters(Hence my Swampert)
    Hoen is my fave, coz it has Sceptile and Blaziken and Swampet of course! But I think my face Pokemon is Charizard.
  28. Emmm........ I prefer the Johto Generation :D, because, you know, It's almost imposible to get them. I never had them D': I love Cyndaquil and Chikorita.

    Well I actually like every generation, but i kinda got bored of them, that's why I prefer the Johto Generation.

    Besides, Sinoh's starters have startliing evolutions! ( You know, they are really cute at their base forms but they get a little ugly)
  29. Johto, definitely. It is the best generation of all! Gooooo Cyndaquil!

    /first post
  30. Kanto: i like most of them... but charmander not rly.... Best Starter: Squirtle

    Jhoto: i LOVE all of them! Best Starter: All!

    Hoen: i LOVE all starters! Best Starter: Treecko

    Sinnoh: i LOVE turtwig, but i HATE chimchar. piplup is ok, i guess... Best Starter: Turtwig

    well i like all grass starters most water starters, and a few fire starters! Note: this is only MY opinion.
  31. I prefer the Sinnoh starters because all of the final eveolutions are dual types
  32. Mine is the Hoenn
  33. Hoenn/ 3rd Gen.- Blaziken is the coolest Pokemon evar, but Swampert and Sceptile are also awesome. All of them have pretty good stats from what I know. Too bad they all come from my least favorite region... XD

    Johto/ 2nd Gen.- Meganium and Typlosion are definitely made of win. Stat-wise, they are also totally awesome. I'm not too keen on Feraligatr though.

    Kanto- Only liked Charizard. 'Nuff said.

    Sinnoh- Despised them all. I had to migrate a level 5 Torchic for a starter to keep from losing my sanity.
  34. I wonder if I'm the only person in this world that hates monkeys.

    Every generation has a good starter.
    Kanto: I like Squirtle.
    Johto: I like Chikorita
    Hoenn: Mudkipz all teh way
    ...Except Sinnoh.
    I hate all of Sinnoh's starters AND they're evolutions, especially the Chimchar line.

    Johto is my favorite though, I absolutely love Quilava.
  35. Either Kanto or Johto. I personally dislike Chimchar AND Piplup, and I'm just neutral for Turtwig. I kinda like Torterra though. Johto, I personally LOVE both Chikorita and Cyndaquil, but I don't like Totodile. I like Croconaw, but not Totodile.
  36. sheesheesh

    sheesheesh Guest

    Johto has my favorite starters. Totodile is pretty dang awesome, Cyndaquil is also pretty cool, Chikorita, even though it's my least favorite starter from that region, is still somewhat cool.
  37. Hoenn--> But since I love penguins my favorite starter is Empoleon... ??? weird
  38. my favorite pokemon is mudkip...so i like waters and fires...well i like pretty much...all the pokemon but my favorite is hoeen i like all the pokemon but:piplup jynx and buneary!!!!!!!i feel dumb :-\ :( :'(
  39. I don't really have a favorite generation. I just choose the fire type. The way they place the fire type in an animal that makes it funny. Blaziken, for example is my favorite out of all the generations. It's a flaming chicken!!! :o

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