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What is your favorite eevee evolution?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by blaze25, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. okay. i think this topic's been posted already. but oh well.

    this topic is about eevee and its 7 evolutions. i think that almost every type of pokemon has an evolution that started with eevee.

    well fo my favorite evolution, i chose espeon. because espeon is a psychic type and i seldom chose psychic type pokemon. so there.
  2. I think there is no other topic like this (I've checked). Even if there was one, I can bet it's a dead topic. ;)

    My favorite, I'm going to say jolteon. I just love his appearance and his awesome set of Electric- type moves (also, Pin Missle is something no other electrics ever knows). My second is Leafeon, but you can guess why. XD
  3. My favourite colour is green. I like nature. Thus, Leafeon. I also very much like Umbreon.
  4. really? jolteon can learn pin missle? i don't chose jolteon as eevee's evolutions. XD i always use espeon or vaporeon. XD
  5. I have three favorites, but if I had to choose for my life, it would be Espeon.
  6. I agree with you espeon Is my favourite too. But I am the psychic lord haha
  7. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I am quite partial to all of the eeveelutions, but my favorite has to be Glaceon. I just really like the look of it for some reason.
  8. If it can be shiny the umbreon. If not then..... ??? just plain eevee
  9. My favorite would have to be Umbreon. I personally think its design looks the best and I love its shiny form. My second favorite would be Flareon since I like fire types and it apealed to me the most out of the first three Eevee evolutions way back then. Until Umbreon came of course.
  10. i haven't seen umbreon's shiny form. :(
  11. Hmmm I like Espeon, Flareon and Glaceon.

    Espeon was the first eeveelution I fell in love with. Second is Flareon because I love its design and last but not least is Glaceon because I really love its cry.
  12. Ohmaii being a hardcore Eeveevolution lover, I can't choose!
    I'd go for Vap. in term of looks, though :)
  13. My favorite eeveelution is Flareon. I just love that fluffy little ball of fire. I also have a particular fondness for Jolteon and Umbreon.
  14. It's a tie between Flareon and Jolteon for me. I love fire types, so that's where Flareon comes in, but Jolteon was the first Electric type that ever had a regular spot on a team of mine back in Red. Plus it just knows some unique moves that make it cool to have.
  15. Glaceon totally I love ice types. 8)
  16. Umbren is the best of the seven methinks.
  17. how do you evolve an eevee to glaceon/leafeon?

    i still haven't played yet the diamond/pearl/platinum version
  18. If you do play those games, the evolutions aere quite simple. For Leafeon, just level Eevee up in Etrena forest near the moss rock; and for Glaceon, level Eevee up on route 207. There you'll find an icy rock in which you can approach to.
  19. Gotta correct you, the ice rock is on route 217, not 207.
  20. thanks for fixing me. I searched it up, but i guessed I got the "1" missing where "0" was. yeah, it's in route 217, blaze25.
  21. Espeon is honestly my favorite of the group - I love Psychic types (almost as much as Dragons), and those Fennec ears are just adorable. ^_^
  22. If you do play those games, the evolutions aere quite simple. For Leafeon, just level Eevee up in Etrena forest near the moss rock; and for Glaceon, level Eevee up on route 207. There you'll find an icy rock in which you can approach to.

    thanks. i just started playing it. :D
  23. My favorite is Espeon. It has the best appearance of them all. It also can use its tails to predict the weather! How cool is that!
  24. My favourite is Glaceon. So pretty!
  25. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    As fucking overrated as Eeveelutions are...

    Leafeon, Vaporeon and Umbreon. In that order.

    Leafeon is obvious. It's a grass-type, it can has Leaf Blade and dear god it can use it WELL.

    Vap always stood out to me. Back in gen 1 it was the only one that did - with Jolteon looking like a Super-Saiyan Eevee and Flareon just... being a bigger fluffier colorswap of Eevee... Vaporeon was the only one that seemed like a proper evolution. I loved it back then and I still love it today (even though Jolteon grew on me).

    Umbreons are nifty-looking, but they're less ranking in my favorite list because I wouldn't train one ingame. Their stats are in all the wrong places. >>
  26. Its a bit difficult for me to pick a favorite in terms of aesthetics. Admittedly, the eevolutions thus far are quite adorable or cool in their own little ways, Leafeon in particular is amazingly detailed with its tattered leaf ears and tail, but Flareon is just so fuzzy wuzzy cute.

    From a Trainer's view, I'd have to say Vaporeon, Espeon, Leafeon and Jolteon in that order. Vaporeon, as far as I can remember into my childhood was my favorite eevolution between the three. However, I was only able to properly train one recently after picking up Fire Red. With its heavy HP stat and myriad of defensive attacks and a decent STAB movepool, Vapor's a decent Bulky Water.

    The latter three, Espeon, Leafeon and Jolteon pretty much tie as they serve as sweepers. Espeon though scores a bit higher in my book because back in Gen 2 I personally went out of my way to train one every time I started a new game.
  27. .... lole.
    I love eeveelutions, I'm weak like that :V
    Ever since gen 1, Flareon had a special place in my heart, because at the age of however young I was then, I had a team made up of mainly fire types.
    ... shut up I was like six D:<
    Anyway, since then he's been replaced :'D

    My absolute favorite eon in regard to appearance is a toss-up between Vaporeon and Glaceon. Vaporeon is just so.... I dunno. Sleek, streamlined :V And Glaceon just looks pretty, and I love it
  28. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    I can't quite say. I love them all. XD

    Because I'm totally biased like that, I'm in love with Vaporeon and, to an extent, Glaceon. Vaporeon is kind of obvious; it's a water type, one of my more favorite types/elements/whatever, and, being a water type, it can also use some ice-type moves. Plus it's just uber cute.

    Glaceon is because it's an ice type. With awesome special attack and speed stats, if my memory doesn't fail me. And its shiny version just fits it so well, though the normal Glaceon doesn't hurtmy eyes so much. I like both of their color scheme, though.

    I also have a soft spot for Leafeon. When I first saw its D/P sprite, it was so cute. It has a more pleasing color scheme than some others; a light fluffy tan color and a purdy green. Of course, it reminded me of nature, which I love to no end, and, like Stel sid, it has LEAF BLADE. Epic attack that fits Leafeon well.

    Espeon and Umbreon are awesome as well, though I see Umbreon as an Eeveelution more based on defense than on attack. They both have a healing move, if I remember correctly. In any case, Umbreon has Moonlight, which is good for stalling time and annoying people. Espeon is... psychic. Again, biased. Just love psychic Pokemon and it's a freaking KITTY. ^^

    Flareon wasn't as awesome as Vaporeon was, though it was nice and fluffy and (biased yet AGAIN) a fire type. Have to say I'm biased with Jolteon as well, 'cause electric types are just generally cute. Though Jolteon was a bit too pointy for me (to use vocab of a five year old) and PIN MISSLE of all attacks instead of some decent electric attacks. Though that attack is handy at times. XD

    But then, there's un-evolved Eevee. Which learns bite and can learn dig and shadow ball via tm and a bunch of awesome other attacks. Plus it's really cute and fluffy.

    Yeah, you can tell I love them all. :3 but if I had to choose, in this order, Vaporeon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Espeon/Umbreon, Flareon, and Jolteon. From OMG I LOVE YOU to I LIKE YOU SO MUCH BUT JUST NOT AS MUCH AS THAT ONE. And Eevee doesn't count as an Eeveelution, but I love the adorable fox as wells. :3
  29. I'm gonna have to go with Leafeon. I've found that I have a preference for Grass types and Leafeon just looks the best of the bunch.
    The others I like equally EXCEPT YOU FLAREON! (just because)
  30. My favourite is Umbreon - has been since Gen II...
    However, Glaceon is my second favourite, as Ice is one of my favourite types.
  31. My favorite eevee evolution would definitly have to be umbreon. I use it in almost all of my wifi battles and i have it on most of my games lol.
  32. I have to say Umbreon would have to be my all time favorite evolution, followed by Jolteon.
  33. Oh, that's a toughie... Umbreon. He's awesome looking, easy to train, and generally, he kicks some serious @r$3!!!!!!
  34. I think i like Glacion better before it was Espeon but now since i've seen the new evolutions i like Glacion
  35. vapoeron i love water type and glaceon she is soo cute
  36. It would have to be Glaceon. I love ice types, but I think Glaceon`s one of the coolest ones yet! But, one that was my fav from the begining is Flareon.
  37. hmmmmmm i guess it would have to be jolteon. flareon and glaceon are second and third.
  38. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Mmm... Let's do this properly. How I'd rank our current Eevee evolutions, in order:

    5. Glaceon
    4. Flareon, Espeon, Jolteon (3-way tie)
    3. Umbreon
    2. Leafeon
    1. Vaporeon

    My ranking is completely based on how much I like the Pokemon as a whole. Part of it is their looks, part is my attachment to them, and lastly it's their stats and usability.

    Vaporeon was the first Eevee evolution I ever trained - first time I played through Pokemon Red - and I've loved it ever since. Not only do I love its design, it has stats that make it really awesome in battle. I've always felt it's one of the better Water-type Pokemon in general, too.

    Leafeon is really cute, and a really powerful Grass-type. I love the one I raised and really enjoy it as a new evolution for Eevee. As for Umbreon, my liking for it is almost purely its adorable looks/design, but I think it could be pretty fun to use competitively.

    Espeon, Jolteon, and Flareon I like all about equally. Can't really put one of them above the others because they're all good Pokemon and I enjoyed training them. Something tells me once I finally train a Glaceon I'll feel the same way about it.
  39. Hmm... I really like all of them, they're all really cute...

    But I love Espeon the most. Even it's cry is cool.

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