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What is your craziest dream?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by QuilavaEmperor, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Mine would be that my face was made out of raspberry Jell-O and overweight Michellin kids came up with spoons and started eating me and I'd say "I'M SORRY MOMMY I WON'T BE BAD ANYMORE!!" Hey I was 6.
  2. I don't really remember many of my dreams.

    But what I do remember is kind of crazy.

    I dreamed once that I was in a Pokemon battle. That was pretty cool. Then again, I also have dreams in which my evil DVR will delete programs that I want. Yes. I apparently dream about my DVR. It deleted an episode of Galactic Battles, and I was very upset. When I woke up, I actually checked that it was still there. I also once dreamed that I was in a TWEWY-style battle, except my partner was an idiot D:
  3. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Do you have any idea what you just asked? I'm illegaly insane so I have crazy dreams once a week. But here's my favorite! >:D

    I obtain a Death Note and a Geass. Rather than make the trade for Shinigami eyes, I simply order people to tell me their names. However, I find a threat I am unable to kill; Saix. He's a Nobody so he has no heart which makes heart attacks useless. Also, I can't use any other cause of death because in a way he is already dead because I learn that he is the Nobody of Sosuke Aizen. Saix is an anagram of the fist three letters in Aizen. (Obviously 's' and 'z' are the same letters in my dreams)

    What makes Aizen/Saix even more dangerous is that he has eliminated Xemnas saying it had been his plan all along and takes over the Organization. Saix then forms an alliance with the Decepticons to revive Megatron (this was before I saw the movie). His army now consists of Arancars, Nobodies, Decepticons, and Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha (Don't ask).

    Sadly I woke up before my fight with them could get anywhere spectacular. But yea, you just got a glimps of what goes on in my psychotic mind while I sleep.
  4. One time I had a dream where my grandma turned into a man-eating zombie and started chasing me. Nobody believed me when I told them what she was, so I had to run away from home to get away from her. It was raining and I kept getting stuck in the mud, and she was always gaining on me. I woke up before anything really happened.
  5. My craziest dream is when I was out in the middle of nowhere. The was mud all over the floor, all I could see was the sunset and a giant pillar that was glowing red. That could have something to do with my life...
  6. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    I have so many crazy dreams, I don't know which to pick. XD

    Well, I have a rather odd dream that I had when I was a wee little kid. Like, 2. And I have no idea how I remember it, but I just do.
  7. I was in this scrapyard and was being chased by an ape which was trying to machine guun me down.
    I was 6.
  8. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Heckifino. Even I don't understand half the stuff that goes on in my head when I'm conscious :D.

    However, I had a dream last night that beat out all others I have ever had in my life time and will probably be the weirdest of all time. I dreamed that I was hallucinating. That's right, hallucinating.

    I'd be in one place, then some crazy shit would happen only for me to come back to reality and realize it didn't happen. I'd see things that were not really there and what not. When I finally woke up and realized I was indeed awake, I was highly curious as to what the hell I was on to hallucinate in my dreams.

    I'm so fucked up :D
  9. Well...I had one not long back where I went to a zombie survival camp and died at the first attack. It was so realistic. Well, until I respawned, remembered about the morph ball and went hyper ball on all the zombies.
    Another wierd one was where I was making a bacon double cheeseburger, got bored and went to watch someone play on some game. He was battling the boss and after the last hit, a gorrila appeared on-screen and everything asploded.
  10. I have at least one weird dream every night, but this one definitely takes the cake.

    I dreamt that I was in a large brick building, like a school and a tower combined, tiles floor and halogen lights and all. The inside was cavernous, and it had at least 200 floors. So I got to the 40 something-th floor, and all the characters from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu were there in the hot tub chilling out. I asked Koizumi where the elevator was and he pointed to it. I rode the elevator up to a much higher floor, and evidently a higher level as well. This floor was about half lava, with small islands of tiled floor pillars to jump to in order to get across. There were several black men playing laser tag, except with real guns, so it wasn't fun (I live in Ypsi, which is not a happy town, so I've developed a small fear, I admit). I was jumping on the pillars doging bullets when I looked behind me to another pillar. My husband was in midjump from his pillar towards mine, but I didn't know it was him, because he was looking down and I couldn't see his face. So I pointed my own gun at him and at the last second he looked up at me, but instead of his face, it was different. His head was still there, but only his face had been replaced by a triceritops' entire head, and the triceritops' mouth has been replaced with a large black dog's nose with a human mouth on top of it. It made me laugh so hard that I woke up laughing, and immediately woke my husband up to tell him about his new dino-face.

    God that was so funny...
  11. @Spix: Lol times infinite. That was so funny to read.

    As for my own, I dreamed that I was in One Piece and that I had eaten the Hie Hie no mi Fruit (Chilly Chilly for all you people that don't speak Japanese). Anyway, a lot of weird stuff happened. Luffy ate a cannon ball and it exploded inside of him but he didn't die. Usopp launched Zoro from his slingshot (no idea how). Chopper was in Monster Point, but he had Nami's face and he was using the Perfect Clima Tact's Dark Cloud Tempo to electrify him/herself(?) and he liked it a lot. Rob Lucci appeared, but he turned into a house cat with a really long tail, like 20-30 feet or something. I froze all of the food and everyone thought it tasted super mega delicious. I was standing next to the rail on the Thousand Sunny, and Aokiji pushed me off to get revenge for me eating the Chilly Chilly Fruit instead of him, and I was falling and I panicked because I was like "Holy crap! I'm gonna fall in the ocean and drown! Nooooooo!" Before I reached the ocean, at about the last second, I woke up and I felt like I was still falling before I realized I was awake.
    Oh, and I had another where I stabbed about 1000 people to death with a cell phone, a spork, a keyboard, and a mini flashlight.
    I'm sooooo criminally insane, but it's soooo fun! XD
  12. @ AetherGlaceon: It's funny, because that is still a plausible plot for an episode of One Piece. That anime is so insane, it would still fit right in.

    Your stabbing dream made me remember my own violent dream I had once. Back in high school, I was in marching band (with the color guard), and while it had it's fun parts, I mostly hated everything about it. One night, I had a dream which reflected my anger. However, since I didn't hate anyone actually in the band, just the entire class itself, my dream revenge centered on the drum major who leads all the marching, since he's kind of like the representative of the band.

    The whole dream consisted of me slowly peeling the flesh off of this guy bit by bit, while I laughed maniacally and enjoyed it thoroughly. When I woke up I forgot all about it, until I saw him in class that day; then I remembered it all at once and felt really really guilty that I had enjoyed it at the time. So much so that I went up and apologized to him, though I wouldn't tell him why.

    That was definitely an ordeal.
  13. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    You all need to stop watching so much anime >.>

    My weirdest dream involved me going to Russia and looking after my friend who had some kind of crippling illness. Then going to Manchester and asking for a cigarette off someone from college.
  14. Wow I have so many crazy dreams the one I mainly remember is:

    Somehow I appeared in a building that was all borded and chained up, I could not get out no matter how hard I tried, then I remembered there was a cannibal boy loose in the building, I never saw him throughout the whole dream until I climbed up a latter to pry boards off this high window I almost got them all off until his head popped up between the steps of the ladder I fell off into what seemed like a completely different dream where I was in a living room and I was laying on a couch and this creepy old guy tried to beat the shit out of me, but in the dream it was like I knew what was going to happened if I let the guy hit me his wife who was a zombie would run in and eat me, so I pushed him off and he fell back and hit the coffee table stood up and his tong got really long and tried to lick my face, then I woke up gasping for air and terrified (mainly cause zombies and weird old guys creep me out).
  15. ohjeez, i truly am insane, or so sane its insane. My subconscious knows this ._.

    well, there was the dream with the adorable psycho killer Nahr. He was something straight out of a Saw movie. It was pretty amazing.

    Then I had a dream about a decaying moose head that was trying to eat me. I was stuck in a white room with no windows or doors. rather freaky.

    there's also the dream that made me afraid of mirrors for a year x_x I was stuck in a mirror maze with other kids and if we looked at our reflection we'd be turned into monsters. Oh yeah, beetlejuice made a guest appearance there too.

    oh yeah another one was where my friend turned into a vampire and bit me and his friend turned into an old geezer. Afterwards I was turned into a vampusa/succubus

    ohh and theres the one I had last night where I was chilling with this pink-haired guy in a school bus, but I was all chained up.

    and so many, many, more

    If only I had the energy to really write out the detail in all of these dreams xD it would make quite the exiting novel.
  16. Okay, two really weird dreams.

    Number One:
    (I was, like, 8 when I had this dream)
    I was in the backyard of some HUGE house that was apparently my house, and the only thing in the backyard was a tiny playset with a slide and swings. A bunch of trees surrounded the backyard, and I went through them, only to find a culdesac on the other side. There were a bunch of kids that I knew there, just standing around. I made small talk with them, and then we all decided to go back to my house to play. Once we got back to the backyard, some freaky teddybear thing that looked like it belonged in a horror movie comes jumps out of the woods and starts chasing us! My friends all run into the house, and as I'm following them, the bear grabs me, throws me onto the playset, and reveals its HUGE sharp teeth! Just before it ate me, I woke up.

    Number Two:

    Okay, so I'm sitting on my couch with my family, and everything around us is going in fast forward, while we're moving and talking at a normal pace. To imagine this, think of you and your family talking slowly, then picture it in fast forward so you sound normal. Yeah. That's what it was like. Anyway, some weird white bunny comes out of nowhere, and we all start screaming and running around for some reason while the bunny starts chasing us, and, get this, GROWLS AT US! Next thing I know, I'm with my mom in a parking lot, and there's a big Doberman chained up to the back of a car. The doberman starts barking like NUTS and breaks free of the chain! It's about to go after me when I wake up. When I woke up, it tried to get out of bed, but I couldn't move a muscle! I couldn't do anything! After a what seemed like a few minutes of struggling to move, I wake up. Now, you may be thinking, "Wait. What? He said he already woke up!". Well, yes. I did say that. But it only seemed like I was awake. It was freaky! I mean, everything looked exactly like it should have! It scared the crap out of me!
  17. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    I once replaced Gordon Freeman from half-life in a dream...except i had a chainsaw...and there were headcrab zombies all around me...

    *zombie murder spree*

    were was I?
  18. That would be the time i dreamed that my beloved Swish White Shepperd Qenai fell of the stairs in my house, and suddenly had rabies and started walking around like a zombie with rolling eyes.

  19. okkk i have had a lotta crazy dreams my whole life but the wierdest one would beeeee ummmmm i was in this wierd house i dont know how i remembered this but i was like 6 or 7 so everything was blurry and spining around and i was on the floor and i couldnt get up or even move a muscle i could barely talk so i heard a voice saying anthonyyyyyyyyyy a n t h o n y and i freaked out i was calling my dad but he wouldnt answer so everything felt away far far away but heres the thing im able to wake myself up all i have to do is make a quick movement and close then open my eyes when i awoke i was drenched in sweat :'(
  20. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I've had a lot of dreams, and a lot of 'em could be defined as nutty, but the one freshest in my mind stands out at the moment.

    Let's just say it involved Pokecharms and the website staff members, ESL software testing (related to my workplace IRL), and ... World of Warcraft. And everything worked together perfectly.

    I'm still amused by how it all went down... XD
  21. This wasn't a dream but it was still pretty funny. Apparently I woke up last night asking "What?!" and when my husband asked what was wrong, I told him "I could have sworn the bed was covered in dog food... I need a drink of water now" and walked out of the room.
  22. I had a funky dream just last night. I dreamt that evil dentists were going to kill me, so my father drove through a barn to grab me and some unrelated little boy to go on a cross-country trip. For some reason, we stopped at a toilet seat store, and a trip wire was activated. It triggered a can of white caulk that sealed the doors and filled the room with knockout gas.

    Then I woke up. I was sad. It was an interesting dream.
  23. I somehow woke up at about 2:30 this morning out of a dream (or nightmare) involving the image of an Octillerage--that outrageously hideous spawn from GPX. Yeah, and for whatever reason I dreamed my eggs had the same grin (or sneer) as that thing.

    I'm not sure what's wrong with me either O.o
  24. this was 3 nights ago

    i had a dream zombies were coming out of their graves and started doing the thriller dance, and i started dancing and killing them with my dance moves. i did the wind mill and lobbed off a whole bunch of heads, then started flying and sawed through a whole line of them. i ran up a hill but then i was surrounded on all sides by millions. i then did the chicken dance and all of their heads exploded. then i walked to taco bell and got some volcano nachos and woke up.
  25. I've got two and they happened years ago.

    1. After watching Titanic before bed, I dreamed that the world was being flooded. We had to move to several states to evade it because it hadn't occurred there yet. But then I finally woke up.

    2. I don't remember this one much, but there was this killer in a department store and all and at first my dream was watching her and I wasn't in it, then I had ran into her and then I remember saying, "I know this is a dream. When I open my eyes, this will be over." I closed my eyes and opened them and she was still there. She said, "See it's not a dream." Then tried one more time and I woke up.

    The 2nd is the only dream I've ever had that I knew it was a dream.
  26. My craziest was that there was an alien invasion going on. Everyone turned into mutant bugs and threw custard pies. And seatbelts came alive and chased me. Then the custard pies chased me, then the aliens, then all the ships. Then I woke up in a sweat.
  27. My craziest dream happened when I was about 3 years old:

    I was in a greenhouse smelling all the pretty flowers which was nice. Then they started yelling at me. They called me names and threw things at me. I then ran out of the greenhouse and down the street but they started chasing me. Next, alot of lizards also started yelling and chasing me. Just as they were about to get me, I woke up screaming and crying :' ((I was three)

    Another weird one was when I was in a completely blank room except for a table with a sandwich. I went to eat it and then a crab claw came and oinched my nose from the sandwich.

    I was a messed up little three year old...
  28. Nim


    I was in some sort of village and i started to talk to an orphan child. Then these men with guns started to chase us wo we ranout of the town and wen up a treehouse. The gun men stayed outside looking forcing us to stay in our hiding spot for days. Then one day they startd to burn down the treehouse so we had to run for it. We made it to the forest but then they were close behind in horse And carriages. They shot orphan child in the kneecap an then came up and glassed him in the face. I kept running though as they were shooting qt me. I thendropped to the ground and pretented to be dead. Then i teleported to mount everest with two of my friends. One of them and myself were sitting down and the other was standing on the edge of the cliff. We told to come away or he would hut he said he wouldnt. Then he did fall and me and my other friend started laughing really hard. I then woke up on my bedroom floor. ???!!!!
  29. When I was 5 I had just seen Ernest saves halloween and I had a dream that the monster from it attacked me and the power rangers fought him

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