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What is the most frequently used type by all players???

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Top_Coordinator_Colton, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. What type of pokemon is used most often in game and competative battling????

    my guess is the fire type, but im not you know for sure thats right, i think poison is the least used due to its lack of type coverage and the types that are unaffected by poison attacks.
  2. Competitive play:
    Pokemon type: Dragon
    Pokemon Move type: Ice
    Least used type: No idea. My guess is grass.
    Least used move type: Poison
  3. That sounds about right.

    Man, Poison is a hopeless attack type. I want them to revise the element chart to make Poison strong against Fighting and Water next gen, but I doubt they'll do any more edits to the chart as in Gen II.
  4. KoL

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    Going by personal experience, I see a lot of Fire-types (the starters specifically), a lot of Water-types (again, the starters, although Gyarados, Milotic and Starmie appear a lot as well), Dragon-types (any of the three pseudo-legendary dragons, Garchomp being the most common,) and Steel-types due to Steel being a very good defensive type.

    Poison was super-effective against Bug-types in Gen I, I don't know why that changed in future generations since it made sense to me that bugs be weak to poison. Although it'd be good to see it change back to the way it was in Gen I, I don't see it ever happening.
  5. Bug attacks were also strong against Poison Pokemon. It was a weird dynamic. Honestly, I'm glad Poison is no longer strong against Bug since that would mean Bug and Grass share three weaknesses.
  6. Psycho Boost

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    Compettitive Battling

  7. I always seem to have an electric and dragon type Pokemon on my team every time, electric because they can take down mutliple opponets, and dragon for the high stats.

    Oh yeah, and I always have a Pokemon with Toxic on it, so I don't think Poison isn't useless, although I don't normally use a poison type Pokemon, just moves.
  8. The Pokemon types I use the most? Hmmm...that's a tough question. Since I have never actually battled competitively, since 1. I've never actually been able too, and 2. I simply couldn't be bothered with the breeding and EV training and such like that it seems you have to do if you want to be a good competitive battler, I don't have any favourite Competitive battle types.

    However, since I do play the games, I do have favourites for the In-Game Pokemon, mostly the Fire, Water, Psychic and Dragon Types. After Gen II, Steel and Dark were added.

    To wit: all my main Pokemon in ANY game has always had this formula of:
    Fire (mostly the fire starters)
    Water (mostly the water starters or legendary, as in the case of Suicune)
    Psychic (Espeon, Alakazam, Gardevoir are the main ones I use)
    and Dragon (Dragonair, Altaria, Flygon etc...).

    With the other two, Dark (either Umbreon or Honchkrow)
    and Steel (Steelix, Lucario and Bastidon)

    Of course, I also use other types, and have used pretty much all of them except for Poison, Bug or Grass, since I really am not fond of them. Fighting I also had an aversion to, until Blaziken, Infernape and Lucario came along, then I liked them.
  9. I think the most used types in competitive battling are Fire, Water and Psychic.
    For in game, I think it's Fire, Psychic, Steel and Dark. Or maybe that's just me.

    I have to agree that Poison is probably the least used type of Pokemon in the game. Their attacks (IE: Toxic) are cool on other types, but Poison types themselves aren't always the same.
  10. Totally unsure so takin a wild guess...

    STEEL TYPE. Well, it is for me though:

    . Metagross no.1
    . Metagross no.2
    . Empoleon
    . Magnezone
    . Dialga
    . Scizor
    . Steelix
    . Bronzong
    . Magnemite
    . Lucario
    . Shieldon
    . Skarmory

    And second, I think dragon types and for me I use:

    . Garchomp
    . Altaria
    . Flygon
    . Dialga
    . Giratina
    . Gible
    . Gabite
    . Vibrava
    . Trapinch
    . Palkia

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  11. Yoshimitsu

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    I have one thing to say to attachment man.


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