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What is best game

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by cashey1, May 8, 2009.


What is the best game?

  1. Pokemon Pearl

    1 vote(s)
  2. Pokemon Diamond

    1 vote(s)
  3. Pokemon Platinum

    18 vote(s)
  4. Pokemon Leafgreen

    1 vote(s)
  5. Pokemon Firered

    3 vote(s)
  6. Pokemeon Emerald

    7 vote(s)
  7. Pokemon Ruby

    1 vote(s)
  8. Or Pokemon Sapphire?

    2 vote(s)
  1. ??? What is your favorite pokemon game?
  2. Okay, I'm leaving this unlocked because this could actually have merit if people discuss why a specific game is their favorite (and we don't seem to have another topic like this), but... that post was rather without content (which falls under our spam rules), and it was in the wrong subforum. So you get warned.
  3. No contest; Platinum! it has way more events and fun then any other game! I mean the WiFi plaza, improved Battle Frontier, new Forums, and a new story and pokedex. If nobody likes this game, shame on them selves, even in their stinkin' graves!
  4. Might as well start off.

    I really do love Platinum the most out of the choices, simply because I could obtain all my favorites quickly and moist of them got new evos in this Gen. I really do like the moveset additions everyone could get, and I did laugh when Crasher Wake randomly appeared out of the gym >> I really also did love the gym redecorations, especially Fantina, as when I saw the crapload of Duskull statues, I squealed. Eheh.

    By the by, you may want to add G/S/C, considering people like those too >>

    And by the by, it won't kill people if they dislike Platinum >>
  5. I keeping changing my answer about this XD

    I picked Platinum in the poll, but honestly I don't have a favorite because every Pokemon games makes up another piece of the universe. I can say that Crystal and Platinum were the most notable to me. Crystal was the second Pokemon game I finished and I love the storyline (and playing as a girl). However Platinum had my favorite storyline of any games thus far. The final confrontation at Spear Pillar was really awesome and well done.
  6. As much as I love FireRed, Platinum all the way. It's the only Gen IV game I've played, so it might be that I like the entire primary line of DS games, but Platinum's been amazing so far.
    So much more to do, so much depth, and a few subtle callbacks to earlier games to really push it over the edge.
  7. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Platinum for me, too. The way I view Pokemon games is every successive title is better than the last, so 2nd gen was better than 1st gen (within reason), 3rd gen was better than 2nd, and 4th is the best thus far. Yes, it's debatable, but I'm looking at the games as a whole - and I certainly did find 3rd gen an improvement over 2nd.

    But yeah. Platinum takes from all the other previous games in the series and adds a bit more. Now we can rechallenge the Gym Leaders and an upgraded E4 in a single game, we have tons of new move tutors, lots of new ways to play the game via direct connection and the WFC, new forms for various Pokemon, and the Battle Frontier's back. Add to that all the things we already had from D/P (Morning/Day/Night, the attack-type split, and the Pal Park) and Platinum is easily the best one yet. I even find the new plot and layout for the gym leaders fairly nice, so it's not just Platinum's features that make it great. The music for the Distortion World and the Giratina battle are pretty damn awesome, too.

    But yeah, like Carmen said, all of the regions have their own charm, so I can't call Platinum the end all, be all Pokemon game. Some people may just like Kanto/Johto/Hoenn more as a place, and that's cool.
  8. It's very close, but I think I like Platinum the best, basically for everything Linkachu and the rest of you said. There's just so much you can do with Platinum compared to the other games. It even has a battle frontier to play through, which is really the last thing that puts it over Crystal in my mind. That, and that it actually has a good storyline for a nice change (D&P had them too, but Platinum's really is slightly better, just for involving both Dialga AND Palkia, along with Giratina, too). Platinum really does feel like the "ultimate" Pokemon game to me, at least so far.

    Crystal comes in a close second, as, for an older Pokemon game, it has a lot to it, and a little more than Gold and Silver. But Platinum just has a little bit more to do in it. (Okay, a lot more...) Even though I also liked Emerald a lot, there's something about Crystal that I just like more.
  9. i chose ruby because i have it and it is awesome. but its graphics are not all that great. ;D
  10. I think emerald is the best game because after honen all of new pokemon/sprites are all cartoonie and weird except water type
  11. Personally, I would've chosen gold and silver but they don't seem to be there, although out of the choice I'd say... Pearl, I don't know about platinum (not out yet in europe), my saphire game was constantly deleting itself, fire red and leaf green didn't seem to have the greatness of the origanal (excuse the spelling) games, also, I prefered Palkia over Dialga. So definitely pearl for me :)
  12. None of the above; I didn't vote. Crystal was the best of all the games.
  13. I think would have to say Platinum is the best game because I like all the new features of it, especially the Battle Frontier, and I thought the National Dex idea was great. I would say Crystal comes at a close second, the storyline has been my favorite of all games and that was just a pretty fun game.
  14. Platinum. I like it because of what everyone pretty much said.
    New pokemanz, gym enhancements, plot, battle frontier, the graphics~
    What I really like about it is...Cyrus.
  15. Definitely FireRed.
    You can get Meowth and Arcanine early in the games. And... well, honestly, that's all. ^^() Heh, it doesn't take much to win me over. But, y'know... Red and Blue might not have been as long and detailed and intricate as the later games, but they had a particular charm that's hard to replicate. And FRLG gave it a good shot.

    I've never played Platinum (I haven't had enough money to spend on a game in a while! x3 And now I'm saving up for HGSS. Eheheh.) but I did also love Crystal.
  16. Without trying to be disrespectful, but please say people aren't so poor that it takes them a whole year to save up 35euro (the price of a game)?
  17. *laughs* Well, for me, it can be quite a bit... I have other things I need to buy (school and school supplies are expensive, even going to a cheap school like my own!) and Pokemon games, while fun, aren't really my top priority as far as video games go, so other games come first. As do books, art supplies, gas, and trying to save up for an apartment. And I like to take trips to other parts of the world, so I'm also saving up for those. So... yeah, it takes me some time to get enough money put aside for a new game I'll beat in a few days. ^^()

    I'm certainly not what I would consider poor, no. ^^ Just have different priorities.
  18. GodlessM - Excuse me, just so you know, every countries' got different currency rates .
    What's cheap for this country might not be cheap for others .

    And as for mine, it should be Crystal, I remember how I love to stop in front of Suicune everytime and see it fled ;D
  19. platinum
  20. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Killer Heat, one-word responses to topics are not acceptable here. I suggest you read the rules before posting again.
  21. My favorite game is Emerald, by far. While Platinum is impressive, Emerald was the first Pokemon game I'd played for 100 hours or more. Ahhh, memories....
  22. I like Platinum the best, even though I haven't really played it yet. :p I like how the new Pokedex includes the six Pokemon in my "dream team," and the female protagonist's outfit is cute haha..
  23. platinum duuh, all of the new stuff is great
  24. i agree with mind loard platnum rocks ;D
  25. I personally like Emerald a bit better than Platinum just because of the fact that there were more battle facilities at the Battle Frontier.
  26. My favorite has to be Emerald I've just played it so much I guess I've grown accustom to it, then Fire Red as my second.
  27. I voted for Pokemon Fire Red becuase that game was loads of fun.
  28. in my oppinion silver version was the best.
  29. Platinum or Crystal. They are both really good, I wish I still had Crystal so I could play it....
  30. i like platinum the best because the sprites look the best they've been and all the enhanced wi-fi and the battle frontier. sure emerald's was cool, but some places made no sense like the battle pike.

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