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Open What if you woke up as an animal? {OOC/Discussion}

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by FroakiesFrubbles, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Hello everybody. So, I have a few questions to ask you. What if you woke up as an animal? How would you react to your new surroundings? Would you try to investigate this, or would you not even care? Take a moment to think about these questions, as they are what I am going to base the RP on. You have woken up as any animal (Excluding invertebrates, like starfish and jellyfish. All though, it would be easier if you could go on land.
    RP thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/you-wake-up-as-an-animal-what-do-you-do.18042/
    The setting would be a small beach village. In this world, all animals should be able to talk to each other, and they would live in the city. You suddenly wake up here, on this sort of paradise. What do you do? You can go relax, talk to the others, and just hang out.

    1. Don't be an invertebrate (Animals with no spine, or backbone. Examples: Jellyfish, Starfish, Worms). They can't really move around efficiently, and it would be harder to communicate with others. Also, no humans (Obvious reasons.).
    2. Unfortunately, (Or fortunately, depending on who you ask.) the animal actually has to exist. Hybrids can exist, but they have to be logical. No Dog/Horse hybrid for example. An example of an accepted hybrid would be Ligers (Lion + Tiger).
    3. Have fun! (Usual RP rules apply here too.

    Height (Optional):
    Weight (Optional):
    Eyes (Optional):
    Clothing (Optional):
    Identifying Marks (Optional, but you should put something down):
    Other (Anything else?):

    My character's Bio.

    Name: James
    Animal: Asian Small Clawed River Otter
    Gender: Male (Straight)
    Age: 17
    Height (Optional): 1'3" (1 foot, three inches.) {Minus tail he is 0'8")
    Weight (Optional): 5 Pounds
    Eyes (Optional): Look at my image.... (Green eyes, left eye has a white blotch of fur around it.)
    Clothing (Optional): Black hoodie, Black track pants.
    Identifying Marks (Optional): His left eye was a white blotch of fur.
    Personality (Doesn't have to be you!): Shy, introverted, and nervous. He doesn't want to have a long term relationship yet. Also, he is depressed.
    Skills: Practically none...
    Other (Anything else?): James is much smaller than a normal otter due to a birth defect, which made him stop growing early in development. He may look and sound like a child (He gets annoyed by others thinking he is a child.), but he isn't.
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  2. This sounds amazing! :D

    Can I do extinct animals? I'll add everything, I just need to know if I can. I'm not going for a mammoth, but a thylacine, a type of marsupial tiger from Australia, also known as a Tasmanian Tiger.

    Name: Annabelle "Anne" Lyxon
    Animal: Thylacine (Extinct 1936) - a Tasmanian Tiger/Wolf (which is actually a marsupial... Not a cat or a wolf).
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16 yrs
    Height: Before the transformation: 5'10" (177.8 cm); After: 51 in (130 cm) long, plus the tail (26 in; 65 cm). 60 cm (24 in) tall from the shoulder.
    Weight: Before: 130 lbs (58.9 kg); After: 50 lbs (22.7 kg)
    Eyes: Before the transformation, her eyes were hazel. Afterwards, her eyes are black.
    Clothing: Before the transformation, she would wear a blue t-shirt, hiking shorts, hiking boots, and a black bandanna around her neck. After the transformation, the clothes slipped off of her except for the bandanna, which stayed on her neck.
    Identifying Marks: She has a pouch on her belly which points toward her tail, and the hair around her neck is scruffier. Other than that, she looks just like a thylacine.
    Personality: Before the transformation, she was adventurous and loved to explore and meet new people. She's very outgoing and loves to try new things, as well as being an early bird. After the transformation, the behavior and instincts of the animal caused her personality to change. She became more withdrawn, shy, and being more of a night owl.
    Skills: Exceptional in sight and hearing, but can't smell very well. She is great at swimming and running long distances. She also is great at stealth and is quite smart about using her surroundings.
    Other: The thylacine was an apex predator in Tasmania. They are also hypercarnivores, only eating vertebrate flesh, as well as being an ambush predator and having a pack mind within its own family pack. Can stand on its hind legs like a kangaroo for a short time and can even hop on its back legs like a kangaroo. The sounds it will make will sound like growls and hisses when angry or agitated, with a threat-yawn which shows its teeth. If hunting and communicating with family members, they'll sound out guttural, cough-like barks, like "yip-yap", "cay-yip", or "hop-hop-hop". It will also emit a long, whining cry, like how a wolf would howl to tell others who it is and where it is. When communicating between family members, it will make a low snuffling sound.
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  3. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    I never would think someone would reply to this, oh well. I normally wouldn't let you do that, but because it only went extinct recently (They went extinct in 1936, I looked it up.). I think it'll be fine for you to use that animal, that is if anyone else joins this RP.
  4. Alrighty :)

    And usually, it takes about a week or more for a thread to get noticed.
  5. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Ohhh Looks Fun!

    Name: Feather
    Animal: Cat
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Height (Optional): 1 foot (Cat) 4.8 foot (Human)
    Weight (Optional): 3.8 kg (Cat) 8.4 stone (Human)
    Eyes (Optional): Silver
    Clothing (Optional): Choker necklace, Blue gap jacket, Jeans, Trainers
    Identifying Marks (Optional, but you should put something down): Freckles? As a cat she is white with brown and dark brown blotches
    Personality: Swift, Impish, Loyal, Dope, Mysterious
    Skills: Running and leaping
    Other (Anything else?):
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  6. Name: Cody
    Animal: red sparrow
    Gender: male
    Age: 13
    Height : 8" inches tall, somewhat skinny
    Weight :
    Eyes : light green eyes
    Clothing : small green scarf around his neck
    Identifying Marks: he has a black X on his right wing
    Personality: being a kid he is childish and isn't very responsible,he loves to adventure and travel,he is also mischievous and sometimes pulls pranks
    Skills: despite not being an animal for very long he is a natural flyer,he has amazing eyesight as well
    Other : Cody particularly doesn't mind being a bird,he often gets in trouble for his pranks
  7. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Hey! I think we have enough people, so you can post on the RP thread, lets pump some life into the RP!

    @Starry Phantump you are accepted.
  8. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Umm What About Me? Am I Accepted?
  9. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Oh sorry, forgot about that. Yes you are.
  10. Bio:
    Name: Xonak
    Animal: Butterfly
    Gender: Boy
    Age: 14
    Height (Optional): probaably 2 inches or something
    Weight (Optional): i have no idea how much a butterfly weighs
    Eyes (Optional): uhhhhhhhh
    Clothing (Optional): no
    Identifying Marks (Optional, but you should put something down): Wings are purple and green, in the pattern of leaves and flower buds.
    Personality: Chill, ironic. Goes with anything, and totally won't break the fourth wall.
    Skills: flying i guess, and good hearing.
    Other (Anything else?): is a cool guy

  11. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    You are
    A C C E P T E D
    The More the
    M E R R I E R
  12. Wait, can i have two sets of wings? i have no idea why though. Just for fun.
  13. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

  14. I created my character :) it's on my first post
  15. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

  16. Well, it seems you have mammals, birds, arthropods... I'm going with a reptile then.

    Name: Fafnir, though he was known before as James A. Johnson.
    Animal: Komodo Dragon.
    Gender: Male.
    Age: 20.
    Height (Optional): I really don't know how tall is a Komodo Dragon, but let's say about 0,6 m or 1.9 feet.
    Weight (Optional): 85 kg; or 187 lbs.
    Eyes (Optional): Reptilian eyes, with a reddish-orange iris.
    Clothing (Optional): No clothing, but he has a blue bracelet in his frontal left paw.
    Identifying Marks (Optional, but you should put something down): a scar that runs along the back part of his body.
    Personality: He normally shows a quiet and passive attitude, but if you mess up too much with him, or if he is hungry, he will no doubt about revealing his aggressive and rude facet.
    Skills: Toxic Bite and Good Smelling.
    Other (Anything else?): Despite being relatively "small", his total length is 2,1 metres or 6,9 feet.
  17. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Cool! Accepted!
  18. May I join? This looks super fun!

    Name: Alice
    Animal: Snow Tiger
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Height: About 2 feet tall. About the height of a cub
    Weight: No idea what a Tiger cub would weigh, let’s just say 89 pounds?
    Eyes: Strikingly green
    Clothing: She’s a tiger cub now so.....fur?
    Identifying marks: Her eyes are a bright green, even though snow tigers have blue eyes. She has a stripe that looks like a bolt of lightning that runs down the left side of her face.
    Personality: Curious, playful, bubbly. Basically how you would expect a tiger cub to be like. She was also this childish as a human.
    Skills: Keen senses
    Other: Can get into trouble easily...
  19. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    I'm surprised..


  20. Sorry about that XD I forgot there was an RP going on here, and I spaced it
  21. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Yeah, I just might not be on this one.
  22. Ooh this sounds coolio!!!
    (Can Jay already had become a blue jay a year ago? So when he was 11?)
    Name: Jay
    Animal: Blue Jay
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Height: 30 cm
    Eyes: Left is white and right is yellow.
    Identifying marks: one of his claws has a tag on it, indication that he was found by an Animal Shelter. One of his wings has a large black stripe on it, and his back also has the same black stripe.
    Personality: He is introverted, yet acts like a leader. He knows good escape routes a bird like him could need.
  23. MapleHayato

    MapleHayato Previously Thunderheart

    Sound nice!I love some hybrid!

    Name: Raven
    Animal: Crow
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Height (Optional): 28 ft.(human) 5 ft. (Crow)
    Weight (Optional): 1 pound (crow) 25 pounds (human)
    Eyes (Optional): Black
    Clothing (Optional): Raven charm necklace,crow charm bracelet.Black t-shirt with a white tracing of a crow,just right black pants (look like jeans).And orange shoe lace yellow shoes.Light skin.
    Identifying Marks: Large crow wings (he can hide them.) and the color of his clothes.
    Personality:Mysterious,surious,don't care about anything.kind inside.
    Skills: Perfect flying skills with is wings,can claw people in the face/cheek 100% swift speed.No one could see him when he is flying.He is a fast,quick,and perfect flyer!
    Other: He is awesome!
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  24. That is a large crow XD 28 feet XD you mean 28 inches? XD
  25. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    I hope it isn't too late to join I just absolutely adore animals.
    Name: Rose
    Animal: Fox (I would prefer an arctic fox but if that isn't available then a kit fox)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Height (Optional): Before transformation: 65 inches After transformation: 11 inches tall
    Weight (Optional): Before transformation: 117 pounds After transformation: 51 lbs
    Eyes (Optional): Before transformation: sky blue After transformation: crystal-like blue
    Clothing (Optional): White long sleeved top and pastel blue leggings. Medium length white boots and a necklace with an arctic fox on it. And also pearl earrings.
    Identifying Marks (Optional, but you should put something down): Blue eyes (not the normal colour for arctic foxes) and her pearl earrings
    Personality: Shy, Introvert, Doesn't talk much, Thoughtful, Cautious
    Skills: She's agile, petite, and flexible
    Other (Anything else?): Hope this is ok.....
  26. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    sorry, this is long dead. I completely forgot about this RP. So sorry
  27. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

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