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What HASN'T been Pokemon-ized?!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Bisharpedo, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Discuss all of the creatures, plants, and inanimate objects, that have NOT been made into Pokemon, here...

    I really think we need a legendary trio of Pokemon based on Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades.
  2. Here is a list of animals that aren't pokemon as far as I know

    Goat (Not sure on this one)

    That is all I can think of for now
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. The Holy Goat is, indeed, a goat. You can quote me on that if you like.

    I'd like a Kraken-mon, but I guess maybe Tentacruel kinda takes that place... in a way. Octillery evolution maybe?
  5. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I just really want a Gryphon Pokemon. When Gen V was being revealed and it had Ground/Flying in the 'dex it really got my hopes up, but alas. We're getting closer to one though, we got Hydra this Gen so maybe next time :)

    I'm surprised a Dolphin hasn't really been done, with them being such popular animals. Other than that, there are obviously just so many animals/plants/objects that haven't been done, so beyond being specific on what I'd personally like to see, it's hard to pick one to talk about xD

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  6. Also, we need a honey badger.
  7. Ok,I love the idea of the legendary trio off of Zeus Poseidon and Hades...just saying :D
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm rather surprised that we haven't seen one like this yet either.

    Beyond that... I'm going through my favourite animals and all of them have been represented somehow (dogs, cats, otters, bears, birds of prey, rodents, etc.). We have a shark and a whale line so I'm not too surprised that dolphins haven't been visited yet too, but I wouldn't be surprised if we received a dolphin Pokemon next gen.

    Without getting into nitty gritty specifics, I'll have to think about this question more. XD
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  9. I really wanna see a hamster/guinea pig/capybara evolution. I bet it'd be sweet.

    Surprised clown fish haven't been taken advantage of.
    also monsters from under the bed? srsly? no one has thought of this?
    also maybe more vegetable based pokemon
    because vegetables
  10. I really think that there should be a Grass-type starter with an appearance of a koala. Just saying.
  11. I'd say Psyduck is more Platypus than duck honestly xD. The only thing it's missing is the poison stinger.

    Also, I'd love to see a real tiger Pokemon (Arcanine totally doesn't count). We've gotten lions, pumas, house cats, and even sabre toothed tigers, but no modern day tiger based Pokemon. A hippocampus Pokemon would be pretty awesome too. It would make the perfect surfing Pokemon~

    Thanks to this ancient Kids WB promo, I always saw Grimer and Muk as the monsters under your bed xD
  12. I think that's sorta taken by Shaymin.
  13. shaymin strikes me more as a hedgehog, with it's back bush being the spines.
    and stuff.

    still want a guinea pig pokémon :B
  14. I like that pokemon are mostly designed from a japanese perspective rather than a western one, since it avoids designs/tropes that are kind of tired over here (greek gods, vampires, werewolves, etc.), and lets us know about obscure animals and japanese mythology, especially insects and aquatic animals. A lot of fan pokemon designs tend to be very heavy on mammals (guilty of this myself). That said, I would be ecstatic to see a griffin pokemon >.>

    I read a cool idea for a ghost/water dolphin pokemon at one time, playing off the mythology that dolphins carry the souls of the dead across the sea to a paradise. It would be amazing to see an australian/micronesian-themed game with tons of islands and unusual species.

    I'd like to see more pokemon that are based on inanimate objects or artifacts since they seem to annoy people. >:} CUPCAKE POKEMON LET'S DO THIS
  15. (Carmen Lopez=Also, I'd love to see a real tiger Pokemon)
    Raikou is a tiger
  16. Fossil-wise, I want to see more Cenozoic species, mammals in particular.

    Woolly Mammoth
    Saber-Toothed Cat
    Giant Ground Sloth
    Doedicurus (prehistoric armadillo)
    Megaloceros (prehistoric deer)
    Brontotherium (Prehistoric rhinoceros relative)
    Diprotodon (largest marsupial ever, pretty much a hippo-sized wombat)
    Macrauchenia (an animal that looked like a camel with a tapir's trunk)
    Entelodon (prehistoric carnivorous pig ancestor)

    Nintendo: For X and Y versions, choose TWO of these. One can be defense based, another, more offense based.
  17. I would love to see whatever they could make for a Thylacine, aka, the Tasmanian Wolf/Tiger. for those unfamilar, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thylacine that's what it is. give it 2 boomerangs and give it shorts wait what.

    Another cool possibility would be a wolverine. I don't know exactly what they could do...but hey.

    As far as anything else, I'll be that guy that actually picks something non animal: to be specific, a tank. Perhaps a tank merged with an elephant? Donphan evolution?
  18. I said modern day tiger. Raikou is a sabre toothed tiger like I mentioned in my previous post, so my point still stands.
  19. all of the starters except chespin are all animals that have been made froakie a blue frog (seismitoad,croagunk,toxicroak) fennikin a red fox (vulpix)
  20. Fennekin is a Fennec Fox not something we've had before iirc. Also this is what haven't been Pokemon-ized not 6th Gen discussion or say what has been done
  21. For some reason I always considered Unfezant to be a peacock because the male version was colourful, whereas the female was dull and brown. However I just looked at a picture then and realised it doesn't actually have a big colourful tail so maybe it isn't a peacock after all. :D

    I too would like to see a pokemon based on a modern day Tiger or any other big cat for that matter as there does seem to be a definite lack of them. As mentioned earlier, there are countless prehistoric animals that could be introduced through fossils in future generations which is always great to see seeing as I almost always choose to train one of the fossil pokemon in each game.

    Furthermore, there really needs to be more pokemon based on desserts. Vanilluxe was a good start but not nearly enough to fill the void.
  22. I think the Ghost-type is quite unexplored and underused, as well.

    There are lots of things they can consider like haunted jack-o-lanterns, the Headless Horseman or vampires.
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  23. I've always wanted to see a hummingbird Pokemon.
  24. they didn't make a pterodactyl yet..... that would be interesting..
  25. Actually, there is Aerodactyl.

    Persobally, I would like to see a pokemon based on a dolphin as there hasn't been one yet.
  26. Not that we need any more water types, but I would like to see a Squid or Cuttlefish Pokemon. The one Cephalopod we have evolves from a remora-archer fish hybrid and it weirds me out x3
  27. Deep sea cephalopods are pretty much untouched and yet they have some of the most amazing real life appearances that leaves a lot to the imagination.
  28. I don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but I would really love an ankylosaurus thing. It could have a spiked ball for a tail and just be a wrecking machine >:3 also a fire breathing t-rex would be nice.
  29. A proper ankylosaurus would be good not any of that planet with a ankylosaurus tail thing Torterra had going on
  30. I know we already have a bunch of dog Pokemon, but I think that a little dalmatian Pokemon would be the cutest thing ever. It could be a Water type and put out fires. I don't think it will happen, but a girl can dream...
  31. I mostly have Rotom on the brain at the moment, so that's why I'm thinking of appliance pokemon, and I don't mean forms either. How awesome would it be to have a toaster for a pokemon? And I'm still wondering why we don't have any tree pokemon yet. Sure, Sudowoodo may come to mind, but he's disguised as a tree, so it's not quite the same thing. And I'm sure I said this in another thread about Cofagrigus, but I would really like to see a Sphinx or Pyramid Pokemon appear.
  32. In my opinion, due to ground/flying being present, the other relatively unused type combination fighting/flying should be present, just to round it out. Some Normal/X combinations would be great, as this could simply be representations of everyday animals like insects as well as adding some new type combinations with which to work. As for personal preference for archetypes, I wish to see some deep sea invertebrates, as those have some of the coolest structures.

    Of course, everyone knows I want more rodents, too. XD
  33. i would love to see pokemon based on twin-tailed cats, wolfs, lynxes,and komodo dragons
  34. i really want to see a stingray, maybe a water/ fire type that learns poison moves.
  35. Whaen I think about it, we havn't had many dinosaur Pokemon at all, never mind specific species. I think this is a complete waste of a huge resource for creating new Pokemon.

    The only thing that bares any resemblance to a dinosaur is Craniados and Rampardos.
  36. We have Torterra being a rather good ankylosaurus, and Bastiodon being a Zuniceratops/Chasmosaurus type thing. Meganium is based on some kind of sauropod. Of course, Aerodactyl being based on some pterosaurs as well.

    Lapras is our plesiosaur, and one could make some more distant links to things like Tropius, Tyranitar, Breloom or Rhydon.

    Quite a fair few Dinos :)
  37. The Turtwig line are definately turtles and tortoises.

    I'm not sure about Meganium. I think if they really wanted to make a Sauropod, they would have gone all out and made it huge, to link it with the real thing. Meganium aint that big.

    PTEROSAURS AINT NO DINOSAURS. Flying reptiles. :angel:

    Not sure what your going on about Breloom. I could see Tyranitar and Lapras.

    Theres probably more than I said, but there aint THAT many.
  38. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator


    Also, Torterra certainly has some ankylosaurid traits fused into its general tortoiseness. Disregarding the dome-like carapace along its back, tree and all, note the armor plating structure along its body. That is not a trait taken from anything Testudinidae.

    As for sauropods, you do realize they were a massive group of creatures that had a great deal of internal variation, right? Not all Sauropods were fucknormous. Either way, a lot of Pokemon are different in terms of size (or at least Pokedex sizes, most of which are complete and utter bullshit) to the real world creatures they are actually based on. No one's saying Galvantula is any less of a spider in spite of it being far larger than any Terran spider could ever be, right? Same logic applies to Meganium. It IS based on a Sauropod, get over it. So is Tropius, for that matter. I don't see why that's such a "distant" link.

    Also, in terms of design, Tyranitar is pretty much "How close can we get to copying Godzilla and get away with it". So it's kind of an accurate portrayal of the dreaded, mostly-extinct Rubbersuitosaurus.

    As Luckii pointed out, Pterosaurs aren't dinosaurs. Neither, however, are Plesiosaurs (although Lapras is definitely based on one, or at least on a common portrayal of the Loch Ness Monster as one). Breloom I can easily see as a dinosaurian creature. Same goes for the Aron/Lairon/Aggron line. the Haxorus line was explicitly stated by Ken Sugimori to be based on certain herbivorous dinosaurs (Iguanodonts, I suspect, although their heads remind me of certain marginocephalians) and certain dinosaurian traits can be seen in many other species.

    Honestly It seems to me that as far as official Pokemon that aren't fossils go, Game Freak seems to prefer to stick to extant organisms as their basis for creature designs rather than extinct ones. This may or may not change over time, but who knows really.

    And lastly, though this is a matter of nitpicking - there are more dinosaurs in Pokemon than you may think. That is because there are a fuckton of birds. In case you haven't heard, birds are dinosaurs - the only dinosaurs still living with us today. Gen 5 even gave us a transitive form of sorts in Archen/Archeops. So there's that.
  39. Oh yes, I was wondering if you were going to drop the whole "Pidgey is a dinosaur" bomb :D Hahaha.
  40. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Most of the Pokemon I wanted to say - peacock, dolphin, gryphon, modern-day tiger, to name some - have already been mentioned, so it's a little harder for me to think of other creatures/items.

    A few mythological creatures that I can think of are satyrs, qilin/kirin, and harpies that I kinda think would be cool as Pokemon, but I'm getting really bad at remembering all the Pokemon so there's probably one of them already. XD I don't know if we really have had a proper phoenix Pokemon, unless Ho-oh and/or Moltres count?

    There are a few bugs that I kinda wish were Pokemonified, too, namely the praying mantis and maybe the mosquito, since again, I can't think of a Pokemon off the top of my head that represent them.

    And me being the biased musician I am, more Pokemon based off musical stuffs would always be nice heeeee ♥ (Drums or keyboard, maybe? :D)

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