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Open What has the World Become? {RP}

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by FroakiesFrubbles, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    To participate in this rp, you need to post here!:
    All was fairly normal. It was a bright, warm, sunny summer's day, and everything was calm. Apollo sat floating in a small lake next to a big wide open field, where smaller kid pokemon played. Apollo declared himself to old to run around in a field, and it was tiring anyways, so he just relaxed in the pond. The waters warm (well, if you are used to the cold...)! In fact, Apollo was slightly daydreaming. Only SLIGHTLY...

    He jolted awake after he heard a loud bang that pierced his ears, even though it was far away. In just a second, all the happy kids in the flower field were shocked by the bang and ran to their parents in tears. Everyone who could hear could hear this bang, and Apollo could probably hear it the most.

    He turned around to face the direction where the noise came from, but then decided to think nothing of it. The forest is well known for making weird noises, he thought, but that one seemed... artificial. Again, he shaked the sound out of his head, or at least he tried to. He stood up, and got out of the pond and headed towards the village, which was a close compact of dens, burrows, and warrens, to maybe talk to someone.
  2. Drake yawned as he crawled out of his burrow, shaking the water off. He has dug a hole and filled it with water, and used it to make it feel like home. Pablo was sleeping in the burrow, so he decided to go for a walk, seeing Apollo, he crawled over with a wide grin. "Heya Apollo. How's it going?" He asked the water type.
  3. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    "Oh, uhh, hello Drake..." Apollo croaked in a cautious manner. "Did you happen to hear that loud boom at all? The one that like destroys your ears?" Apollo was glad to have someone to talk to, because besides the kids getting scared, he could've just been crazy. Apollo fidgeted with his frubbles ©.
  4. After a long day of resting Crag climbed out of his burrow which was basically a pit connecting to some old digglet tunnels which don't spread far, and came out seeing Apollo and Drake and greets the two water types. "Hello Beautiful day is it not do you know what that noise was though it scarred me half to death".
  5. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Sobble was hiding behind a tree as he watched the kids playing in the flower field. he wanted to play too but he couldn't bring himself to do it.

    Suddenly a loud noice came, it sounded like a big explosion.
    It wasnt only him, everyone in the garden was seem to run away as well, leaving an a completely empty field

    Sobble looked to the left and the right a few times in confusion before running off, he wasnt sure whats going on but he didnt want himself to get spotted.

    However, he didnt run too much before smashing right into the tree.
    "Ouchy..." Sobble said as he rubbing his head, a few tears fell from his eyes while he was rubbing.
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  6. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Apollo looked a little shocked at the druddigon (who was way way way taller than the little froakie) before calming himself down. "Uhh... hello!" Apollo croaked at the large dragon type, before whispering. "To be honest, it scared the living daylight out of me..." He sighed. "What could've caused such a noise! I saw all the little kids run away from the fields because of the noise! Maybe we should go, and I dunno, investigate?"
  7. "That sounds like a good idea, there might be something bad going on". He said Looking down on the very small froakie. " Do you know where it came from i'll go make sure some of the other Pokemon are okay tell me if you can find out what that was ". Then he rushes to the fields over and makes sure that no one is hurt.
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  8. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    "Okay, then, I'll follow, since you might not see small pokemon..." Apollo croaked. Then hopped behind the druddigon, not really trying to follow Crag, because he couldn't keep up, rather just scanning the area. He noticed a small wailing blue pokemon, presumably a young water type, laying next to a tree. Apollo thought for a second then hopped over to the injured sobble. "Hey, you okay there, buddy?" Apollo tried to speak in the most young-child-friendly voice as he could to not scare it any more.
  9. Scorch was wandering around trying to find berries to eat when he heard a boom far off, he didn't mind it at first though he did find it pretty odd before seeing a small pokemon crying while rubbing his eyes. "Are you okay? Do you need any help?" He asked while also looking for any pokemon who could help the young looking pokemon seeing a froakie near him "Did you do this?" He asked
  10. Noticing that two other Pokemon where trying to help this small little Pokemon, Crag comes over and tries to see whats going on while not coming too close in case he scared the little sobble. So he kind of just stood to the side and backed up and accidentally knocked down a tree. Making a loud boom.
  11. Violet awoke to a loud Boom sound. She rolled over off her back and hopped down from the tree. She was curious on what that sound could have been. Then she saw a Froakie and a Sobble go by. She followed them, thinking they caused the sound. Eventually they separated, so she dexided to follow the Froakie. She followed him to a Torrocat and as they began talking. She bounced right in between them and introduced herself.
    "Hi I'm Violet! What's your name? Did you hear that noise? It was crazy loud. I was so comfortable too. We should go find the source." She said all this very fast.
  12. After seeing this new tiny Eevee Crag starts looking at her up and down. "Who are you I've never seen you before and i know everyone here." He says looking very confused " When did you arrive also right now isn't the best time to be here with that loud noise and all the chaos"
  13. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    (Btw, you are approved Glennis75, and I did take a while, sorry, but next time you have to get approved before you can join.)

    "Uhh guys," Apollo croaked, then looked back at the tiny sobble. "I think you guys all being here is scaring the little guy, can we like give him a little space?" Apollo turned around and crouched, well sat down essentially, in front of the small water type, and gave him a glob of frubbles to play with. "What happened, little guy?"
  14. "Probably scared by the big sound." He said while backing up slowly. He knew it wasn't his problem but decided to stay to try and learn what was going on from behind. "By the way does anyone know what caused the sound?" He said looking at all the other various pokemon.
  15. " No one knows we have no information just a loud boom that's it." He replied to Scorch. " We don't even know which direction it came from. It may have been a prank or an attack what do you guys think."
  16. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Apollo stood up and turned around. "If this was a prank, how and why would they do it?" Apollo questioned. "I don't know anything that can make a noise like that, not even pokemon moves." Apollo turned back around to care for the little sobble.

    (goodnight yall)
  17. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Sobble opened his eyes, only to find out he is face to face with a frokie.
    "Wha!" He said but before he could move more and more came, it was like they surrounding him, he just slowly walked backward to the tree.

    The loud voice that from the tree even scared him more, unlike the previous noice, but there wasn't anywhere to run.
    He start crying in panic as he trying to find an exit, all the voices they did only made sobble lose his mind.

    When they all got closer, or at least that what he saw, he used protect.
    He covered his eyes while they were dropping more tears, until the protect wore off.
    When he opened his eyes it was even worse, the frokie was just in front of him, he was too close that he could have touch him and hurt him.

    "L-leave me alone!!" Sobble yelled and sobbed loudly, his face was covered with tears and his eyes were sparkling in fear.
    His tail start dropping water, like they were tears and he start swinging it aimlessy and ran away, hitting everyone that was on his way with his wet tail.
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  18. Drake was following after them, and decided to put his speed to use. He ran after the Sobble, getting in front of it and blocking its path. "Calm down, little dude....we won't hurt you." He said calmly, trying not to alarm the little kid, it reminded him a bit of Pablo.
  19. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Sobble run as fast as he can with tears on his eyes, but luckily for sobble, he was a fast runner, but it wasn't enough to run away so easily and he find himself encountering the totodile.

    He didnt believed anything from what drake have told, he was completely scared from him. "go away!" He sobbed and used ice beam, trying to freeze the totodile.

    Right after he used the attack he flee, he wasn't sure if he froze the totodile or maybe distracted him but one thing for sure, he need to find his hidding place before its too late.
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  20. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    "Drake, stop!" Apollo softly yelled, and hopped as fast as he could hop and then blocked Drake. "Don't chase him, he probably thinks that we are surrounding him and killing him or something." Apollo croaked to Drake. "Let them clam down for a bit, then I'll go talk to him. They don't seem to like all the random stra-"

    All of a sudden, more loud booms where heard, differing from the first. Instead of one loud boom, there where five shorter and weaker booms. Apollo jumped (not the frog jumping kind of jumping) a little bit from the noises. "What the Arceus? Oh no..." He did one of those cartoon gulps.
  21. At that moment, Pablo was exploring when he was ran into by the Sobble. "Ow!" He cried, stu. going backwards. He looked at the water Pokemon and tilted his head. "Are you ok? I'm Pablo! Let's be friends!" He told the water type with a smile . Pablo wasn't even concerned he could be dangerous.
    Drake heard the sound, standing on two legs as he rose up to look.
  22. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    "ouchy" sobble said slowly as he rubbong his forehead again, he opened his eyes only to see the popplio in front of him.

    T-they are e-everywhere!, T-they all want me!
    He thought to himself, he went backward slowly.
    He felt like they start to surround him again, and the popplio blocking the path to his hidding zone.

    Sobble wanted to use his aqua tail but the sudden explosions fricked him out.
    he start gargling something in his mouth before unleashing a poisoning ball of gas toward pablo, it was a toxic attack.

    He didn't mean to use that attack but he took the chance and pass the popplio, he continued running until he reached his home, a pool of water that was near a colorful flower field.

    He entered the pool, making a little splash and disappear inside the deep water, he felt safe inside as he lied at the bottom of the pool.
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  23. Pablo dodged it, and ran after Sobble. He dive under the water, but didn't go to the bottom. "I won't hurt you....I get scared of new people a lot too! I can tell them to stay back, and we can talk about it if you want!" He cheered.
    Drake looked down at Apollo, him being about a foot taller. "We should check that out. We can deal with the little Pokemon later." He said calmly, he seemed pretty chill about this whole situation .
  24. " I agree we need to find out what is happening"He said as he was now running toward the source of the sounds Crag recognizes the sound but is still in denial trying to believe that its something else
  25. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    "Yeah, okay, whatever." Apollo sighed. "Let's go-", more loud bangs rang out throughout the forest. Following one of the bangs, there was smoke in the distance. "You know what? I don't think we should investigate," Croaked Apollo in between bursts of bangs. Suddenly, a scared and shocked face washed over the little frog. Fire. Fire. He saw fire. He immediatly turned around. "It's not safe to be out here, guys!" Suddenly the fire was right in his face. "FIRE!" He shouted as he turned around and sprinted, well speed-hopped away from the fire.
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  26. Drake began spraying the fire with water, putting out as much as possible. He wasn't the type to run away from much, more of a "save the day" kind of Pokemon.
  27. When noticing the fire Crag starts carrying any smaller Pokemon that would need help and taking them to the diglet tunnels where he lived to make sure that the fire didn't reach them the fire didn't hurt him much so he was trekking through the flames finding anything that can tell him what this is
  28. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Sobble start to panic, his attacks were useless inside the water.
    If he was using toxic it would have poisoning all the water, aqua tail is nothing but a weak normal tail slap, and ice beam would freeze the water.

    However, he is invisible in the water and he swims faster in the watter then running on the ground. But if he will swim out of the pool he would get spotted by the popplio.

    "C-cant they just give up? W-why would anyone want me?" He thought to himself as he staying at the button, but seeing the popplio fricked him again, along with the trouble outside.

    He start swimming wildly inside the pool, trying to get the farthest he can from the other pokemon. The fast swim did a lot of changes at the currents of the water.
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  29. "Woah! I'm not trying to get you! Calm down! I just wanna be friends!" Pablo said, spinning out of control from the current changing. " this is actually....kinda fun! " He yelled, before uses Aqua Jet to move through the water, ending up next to Sobble. "Before you run! Before you run, calm down! I can't hurt you down here! I'm a pacifist! now, I'll swim over there so I'm not right next to you." He said, swimming a couple yards away. " Okay, now, tell me why you keep flipping out. "
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  30. Scorch saw the fire around him but wasn't worried by it that much. He used scratch to remove some of the dry grass and slow the fire before running towards his den and wrapping up some of his berries into a rag and running towards the fields.
  31. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    "why would someone try to be friend with me" sobble yelled and stopped, since he was invisible it was look like the water are having their own will.

    However, somehow the popplio has found him, he was in shock but he didnt run away, but he almost used ice beam.
    He was completely scared, w-what kind of trick is that? He asked himself in his thoughts, he didnt show any sign and the currents were peaceful again.

    He looked with wide eyes at the popplio, why is he trying so hard? I even poisoned him in a mistake, im just a prey for everyone, why would anyone will try to help me instead of killing? He thought to himself as he still didnt let any sign, it was like he is not in the pool.

    However, he then noticed something.
    A shadow start covering the pool, like theres someone that watching them, someone that is way taller from him or even the popplio.
    Sobble shrunk in place upon seeing the shadow covering the pool, "w..w-what is that s-shadow?" The sobble said in fear

    (Ooc- i think it would be good if pablo and sobble would be in some kind of troubles)
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  32. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Apollo hopped back towards the pool where sobble and the popplio were, coughing along the way from smoke inhalation. The smoke already seemed to reach the pool and it was getting hotter and hotter. "Guys! There's a fire just north of us! Stay inside the water!" Apollo jumped into the water, and peered out of it watching the fire approached him with his big yellow eyes.
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  33. Sam had just finished his training with master Larry when he heard a loud boom sound from out of the den. " Check outside to see whats going on Sam." ordered master Larry. Sam takes a peek out of master's den but is only met by the sight of a group of small pokemon and a large druddigon running about. He feels a little saddened that he isn't able to play with them, but quickly shoos that thought away to prioritize his training. Larry is quick to spot that look of disappointment in Sams baby blue eyes. " why don't you go play with them if you're just gonna mope around about it? Sam quickly tries to put on his signature smirk. " I don't need them i have to focus on getting stronger. Besides i already have you to keep me company."." well someday i won't be around protect you. you have to-". Larry is interrupted by his epileptic coughing. "Larry! You need to rest for now!". Sam rushes to help the sick salamence lay down. "I'm good just need a little berry juice and some rest and i'll be fire blasting in no time. As Larry drifts of into sleep Sam sighs. "I guess i could go and see if i could make a couple of friends. Sleep
    well Master." He whispers.
  34. Violet hopped in the water, no longer cheerful, but now frightened. Even though her parents were fire types, she didn't like fire out of control like this. Fortunately she was a good swimmer. She looked to her left and saw her tree burn and eventually collapse. Tears began to appear in her eyes. She didn't know if everything would be okay. She turned to Apollo. "Will we be okay?" she asked.

    (Sorry for delay in response, my sister came over to visit today)
  35. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Apollo shrugged. "Eh?" The fire eventually came right up to the water's edge, but the loud noises stopped. Apollo sprayed water at the fire to keep it at bay, but they were surronded by fire and it was uncomfortably hot. "Well water is a very good fire repellent..."
  36. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Sobble panicked again when heard about the spreading fire and seeing the pokemon above him just swimming in the pool.

    "What im going to do? What im going to do?!" Sobble yelled as he swims wildly again, changing the currents again.
    "T-the flowers! They are burning them!" He then shouted.

    Sobble didnt know what to do, the colorful flowers near the pool will get burned if he wont do something, But if he will come out from the water they would spot him.

    From the worry he started gargling the poison gas in his mouth again, but upon relizing what he's doing he stopped.

    Now sobble have a new problem, if he will spit the poison ball, the water will get poisoned. But if he will swallow it, he will get poisoned.
    Right now sobble kept his mouth closed, one word or sign of the mouth and the poison will combine with the water.
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  37. As Sam gathered up his courage to go outside he noticed the raging fire thrashing about and remembered the other kids that were playing. "Oh no!". He whispered to himself. He then noticed the pokemon in the water using its ability too repel fire to their advantage. After that he realized to his horror that part of the fire was closing in on master's den. "Master wake up we need to go! There's a fire. But Larry was already up. "Hop on my back! Hurry!" He ordered. "Yes sir but we need to save those guys in the water!" Sam didn't really know them but realized that it really didn't matter when it came to helping pokemon." With force as strong as the wind the monstrous salamence flew out the den as Sam held on for his dear life and made it just above the pool of water where the pokemon were. He was a little nervous be cause it was his first time really talking to them face to face but decided that it really didn't matter right now. "Hey i'm Sam get on if you want to live!" He yelled in a hurry.

    ( btw u guys can use Salamence if u want!)
  38. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Suddenly, the sky was very gray and filled with smoke. Apollo bursted out in a coughing fit before submerging himself underwater. There is no smoke underwater, and he could in there indefinitely. He heard the Sam, but didn't care. The smoke was terrible for his lungs so he didnt want to go above water.
  39. Drake ran towards the water, spraying Water Gun on the fire. Pablo dove up as well, bouncing water bubbles at the fire.
  40. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Sobble couldn't do a thing, if he will try to do something he will release the gas in mistake, and then everyone in the water would get badly poisoned.

    The flowers... Sobble thought, he sat at the bottom of the pool and looked up.
    It was all dark, he could see only smoke above him and could barely see the pokemon that are trying to prevent it from coming to the water.

    He felt safe from the fact that no one except the popplio know he is inside the water.
    But the toxic ball of gas started to effect and give pain from the inside of the mouth where he keeps it, if something wont happen soon to the smoke then he will have to release it so the pain would stop.
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