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What games need sequels?

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. This is a question I think about a lot. I've got three ideas, but these are a bit out-of-date.

    The Pokepark Series: I'm a huge fan of these games, but it hasn't yet been updated for the Gen 6. WHY?! It would be so awesome to go around with all the new Pokemon! And Mega Evolution could up the gameplay even more! This series NEEDS a sequel.

    The Sonic Adventure Series: Now, you could say that Sonic Heroes (or... *Cough* 06 *Wheeze*) could be considered sequels. But they're not true Sonic Adventure! The games have awesome controls, awesome story, awesome music... that is Sonic at his best. WE NEED A SONIC ADVENTURE 3, PEOPLE!

    The Super Mario 64 series: This series already has two installments (well, three if you count Sunshine) but we need more of this awesome format. And sure, the Super Mario Galaxy series could be considered a successor. In that case, give us Galaxy 3!

    Well, that's my opinion. Now, how about you guys? What do you think we need sequels to?
  2. Super mario sunshine...they made a sequel to luigis mansion now they just need that
  3. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Oh the feels.

    Okami: I know, I know... It has a sequel. But I want to play as Ameratsu again! Not Chibi! I also think having the option to play as the other Gods would be cool. Running around blowing people down as Kazegami...<.>

    Pokemon Conquest: I like what they did with this one. The different layout, different kind of story, and different utensils and concepts. The story was cool, the challenge was real and it was overall a good game in my opinion. Making a 3d version with the new megas and the X and Y Pokemon would be Amazing!

    Pokemon Rangers: I only played Ranger signs, but that was one of the best games I played. My brother and I spent countless hours playing our 'stories' in the large world that you could explore. That's basically the game that made me fall in love with Latias.
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  4. Games that need to have sequels:
    Conker's Bad Fur Day
    Super Mario Sunshine
    The World Ends with You
    Sonic Unleashed
  5. Pokemon Colosseum/XD. Shadow Pokemon are hands down the most universally loved thing about Pokemon.
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  6. VaccineKitty

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    Fran Bow. FRAN BOW.
  7. Javelin

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    Skies of Arcadia comes to mind for me.
  8. OnePiecefan11

    There actually was suppose to be a Conker's Bad Fur Day sequel, but it was cancelled sadly.
  9. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Something with similar gameplay but with updated with characters that recently came into the universe, like Kamala Khan, Miles Morales and the new Wasp.
  10. Oh, please let there be another Super Mario Sunshine! I just... I need it! :love:
  11. Mewtwofan259

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    Black Void
    Okami 3
    Pokepark 3
    Super Mario Galaxy 3
    (A lot of 3's)
  12. HydreigonBorn37

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    Megaman X: I want my childhood back please... Please Capcom, I want Megaman X9
    Half Life 3(Obviously)
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  14. E.T. for the Atari 2600. Not Kidding here.
    Just Kidding. We need Sonic Adventure 3 or Punch Out!!! for Nintendo Switch.
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  15. Yes... all of the yes, maybe not 3d, i liked the look.

    A Black/White sequel that only has Unova Pokemon, as kind of a reboot, especially for all those people who think there are way to many Pokemon.

    Something Super Mario which isn't the same worlds again and again.

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  16. YES
  17. I think Sonic and the Black Knight also needs a sequel. Or a HD remake. But I think people hate it, even though I love the game and the lore makes you feel like you're in Hyrule... But with Sonic! :D
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  18. One of my favorite franchises of all time is Breath of Fire. Have all the games and I'm currently replaying BoF3. I want just a simple turn-based RPG, but NEW.
    That's something that bugs me. Most RPGs are either action or have that damn active time battle gauge (which I deeply despise). I like my action RPGs just fine, but what happened to simple turn-based ones? Aside from Pokemon, I mean.
  19. EtherealHaze

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    I absolutely love the Super Mario Galaxy games, so a third installment would be a dream come true.

    A sequel to any Spyro game would be great as well. I want Spyro back, not this Skylanders trash...
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  20. Mario Sunshine, That was a cool game. But a sequel would be cool. F.L.O.O.D Only came back in smash bros.....
  21. NonAnalogue

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    Man, I'm still holding out for a new Golden Sun game, but it's been long enough with no news that I'm thinking it's a dead series. Same with F-Zero - another game in the vein of GX would be amazing, but I doubt we're getting one.

    I also want another Robopon. If a hypothetical Robopon 3 improves on 2 by the same amount that 2 improved on the originals, 3 could be one of the best games of all time.
  23. Oxenfree, Mibibli's quest, So many more I can list. One of the best ones I have though is... drumroll please... Mirror's edge 3? yeah. I guess.
  24. I want Nintendo to update the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series to Gen 7.
    • Crash Bandicoot: I know that the remastered version will come out in 2017, but I mean a new Crash game, with new characters, levels, etc.
    • Monster Lab: I played Monster Lab in the PS2, and I don´t know how many people have heard of it, or played it, but that game is pretty good, and I highly recommend it to everyone.
    • Spyro: One of my favourite games of all time. Spyro needs to come back. I think that "Insomniac Games" should buy the rights again and make a great Spyro game, instead of another Ratchet & Clank game (I never said that the R&C games are bad, they are pretty good, but I prefer Spyro)
    • Jak & Daxter: I only played one of the J&D games, and I don´t even remember which one I played, but I´ve seen videos about J&D 1, 2 and 3, and they´re pretty good. Naughty Dog should make another one.
  25. I think that Croc needs a sequel. I played Croc LotG and Croc 2, and they're pretty good (insert iDubbbz video), so I want a Croc 3, but with new graphics.

    Also, another game that deserves a sequel is Conker Bad Fur Day, or maybe Banjo Kazooie.
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  26. New list:
    Pokemon Sun 2 and Moon 2
    obvious but black 3 and white 3
    Titanfall 3
    Unravel 2
    much more that i can list, but i dont want to spam
  27. Cave Story needs a sequel too.

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