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What do you name yourself in-game?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Lycaeus, Sep 8, 2010.

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  1. Do you go with your real name, a nickname, or a completely random name, or something else?

    I've gone with my real name (Jessie), usernames (too many to list), and currently the name.... Milo. :D

    Haha, any good names from you guys?
  2. I'm almost always named Nick. The name "Blarg" is usually reserved for my starters. ;)
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  3. In FR and LF my name is Ryan
    In G/S/C my name is Marcus
    In E/R/S my name is Seth
    And in P/D/PL my name is sel
  4. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator


    Okay in all seriousness, usually "Elliot". More recently, "Clubs".
  5. In Platinum: Andrew, Sparky, Kerauno.
    In Emerald: Andrew, Jason, Amy.
    In Crystal: Kristie.
    In FR: Andrew.
    In HG: Ashton.

    I constantly change. I never stay the same.
  6. I used to always go through with my real name (James) but I've been using Dusk and Verity (Depending on gender). They are two of my favourite OCs.
  7. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I'll use my real name (Denver (huzzah! He finally reveals his name! *bricked*)), or I may use other names, like Red, Silver, Dante, Diego, Joey, Ty, Caine, and Jared.
  8. It's normally my PRP Char's name (Daiko) or my username (Toru). I might consider a different name for when I get Pokemon White.
  9. I've started to name my characters Vic, for some reason. I was planning on calling myself that in White, but I'm not sure anymore.

    Other names I've used include Cal, Cid, Hillary, Seth, Sean, Pheonix (which is seriously my crappiest one EVER. But that's on my FireRed where I have all my best Pokaymahns, so I have to live with it :<) etc.
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Autumn in all of them.
    Edit: In Pokemon Diamond I named myself Erika. I have no idea why I did that. :p
  11. Ever since fifth grade I've named myself Chad in game. I'm not quite sure why, but I just did it once and it stuck.

    I played as a girl character for the first time ever recently and I named her Keely.
  12. In LeafGreen my character is a boy named Niki
    In HeartGold it's a boy named Max
    In SoulSilver It's a girl named Soul (original I know)
    In Platinum it's a girl named Kasumi
    In Emerald it's Niki again and in Ruby it's a girl called Nischi :3
  13. I'll tell you the ones I can remember ^^

    Crystal: Angela and Amanda (I think)
    FireRed: Mikayla
    LeafGreen: Malika
    Emerald: Mariah
    Diamond: Reina
    Platinum: Carmen
    SoulSilver: Lyre

    I used my middle name for Yellow (not telling you what it is) and I can't really remember what my names were for Sapphire or Silver.
  14. I always use my name for my games. I like being called by the right name when I am being talked to, so I keep it that way. In addition, I always choose female because I like to be referred to as 'she' in-game.
  15. Merp, I haz a pattern for names.
    Crystal: Rachel (my name and originator for pattern)
    Ruby: Ruby (... yeah...)
    LG: Rebecca
    Emerald Run 1: Robin
    Pearl: Rhythm
    Em Run 2: Risa
    MD: Reena

    With boys, I have no pattern. I was gonna name them all "Sirius" but meh.
    Red Run 1: Rogue... or Rouge
    Collo: Marth (SSBM...)
    XD: Sirius
    Diamond: Sirius
    Nuzlocke Red: Hiro (named rival Vilo >:D)
  16. My name in my games is either Zack (my real name) or Blisk. I go by both of those almost equally nowadays. Recently, for HGSS and any restarts, I've used Zack.
  17. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    For the absolute longest time I simply used my real name (Mike), but through most of Gen. IV I used the name "Huewn". It was a character I made for something, and it became my videogame altername. Recently I've been using names from the characters of a fic I'm working on. :3
  18. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I've used a lot of names, from my real name to Shiny to even Michael when I start out as a boy. In my latest games, when I could still use a nintendo game console, my in game name was either Lyni or Michael, depending on the gender I was playing.
  19. My in Game name was Max, it has always been a lucky name for my pokemon trainers for each game and i will use it for black and white
  20. My in game name is usually Zack
    Edit: NO. MARQUEE. TAG.
  21. Zack is a cool name i always wanted my name to be that... But anyway in diamond i named him sin-man cause thas my nickname. In ruby i named him DJ cause those were the initials of me and my gf at the time. In my fire red i named him sinny, again cause of my nickname and now my emerald its SexyEmo
  22. I usually either go with my name (Andrew) or I use the character's actually name. My current HG game I'm playing as Lyra. So once I know the name of the male and female character of B/W I'll decide who I'll play as and probably use their respective name. But at this point I'm leaning towards the female.
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  23. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Since Crystal, I've always chosen the female character and named her Katie (my own name) on my first play through. Then I'll typically pick the male character and name him Kenji on my second play through. Kenji isn't really a 'male persona' of mine, but the character he represents is quite important to me and reoccuring. Plus I've loved the name since Kenji/Tracey was first introduced into the Pokemon Anime series. :p

    After that it's anyone's guess. Sometimes I use my RP/fanfic/personal fiction characters, sometimes I use video-game or Anime characters, and other times I just make something up. :)
  24. I think at first I stuck with the suggested names (I think that my rival, however, was always stuck with names like "jerk" and "loser"), up until Crystal, where I probably named her something silly.

    The ones I actually remember are my Sapphire character, Kirie (an OC of mine), and then for Diamond/Platinum, my character's name changed to Xyrem. I don't think I've ever used my real name as a character name. I'm not quite sure why XD
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  25. My name in-game is either GV or Vann. Both corruptions to my own name
  26. Ked


    I always name myself my real name, Katie. Except for in Platinum I didn't want to get myself mixed up with Pearl so I changed the "K" to a "C" for some reason. I like being called my name and not some weird name or something.
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  27. It kinda takes less fun out of it if you name yourself your real name.. Just my opinion
  28. I don't think it does. I forgot to mention it before, but with regular intervals I name myself Axel, which is my real name. Sometimes it just feels good to be called by your real name :>
  29. Agreed with Weeds.

    I, myself, usually name my in-game self after an OC of mine or anything that comes to mind. As such, I usually try to make my in-game team my OC's team as well. Self PRPing, I guess?

    For me it's just a slight tendency xP
  30. I have always named myself myself except on my first play through of LeafGreen, where i called myself Ash. This was the only time i have ever completed the ENTIRE FREAKING GAME!! and now i only call myself Linus, which happens to be my real name. What a coincidence!
  31. Typically, I just stick with my given name, Cody.
    However, on the second playthrough, or the "not main" of the Generation (Basically. When D/P came out, Diamond was the "main" game in which I would not start a new game, etc. and Pearl was the "completer" so to speak. Nintendo loves me :3) I'll either pick a name at random, or play as a girl and pick a name at random. I really don't have any special way of doing it...
  32. There's normally several names I choose, I would sometimes choose my real name, but most of the time after characters I made up. I even sometimes nickname my Pokemon I choose to keep in my party after pets I have had in the past.
  33. My name is usually jason
  34. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Soul silver- Queen
    Emerald- Riolu
    Platinum- Alex (my real name)
    Heart gold- Rose (my surname)
  35. Alex Rose what an awesome name!

    I forgot that I called myself Jim in Pokemon Colluseum and Chester in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon EoT.
  36. When I first started I used my name and my brothers name for the rival....but starting at RSE and on I've used names from Characters I made in stories and what not and try to make my teams like how I made in the story....
  37. I've had a different name each game, my latest name is Trekk in SS... When I get Black I'll name my character Tetra.
    But, going all the way back:
    Leafgreen: Me (I was being a clever 5 year old :p)
    Gold: Char
    Firered: Thalia
    Emerald: Raven
    Diamond: Dawn (being a clever 10 year old :p, lost my copy of this a few years back)
    Pearl: SUNSET
    SS: Trekk (like I haven't said that enough)
  38. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    Depends how many characters the game allows you to have. With Pokemon games, I use h-l (lower case) as you can only have 10 characters, and my actual name (helen-louise) won't fit in.

    To distinguish between the different versions of me (so I know where a Pokemon came from without having to memorise my various Trainer IDs), I use the various extra characters that you can find in the keyboard:
    h-l - Diamond
    h-l* - Pearl
    h-l musical note - Platinum
    and h-l circle - SoulSilver

    When I get HeartGold (if ever, at this rate, seeing as I've barely touched SS), I'll be h-l heart.
  39. For the most part, I juggle between two names, depending on whether I choose the female or male player character. Males were named Jay, while Females were named Minnow. Though recently, I've started playing from the perspective of my OCs and so have developed more names for each game.

    Ruby/FireRed- Lee
    Sapphire- Madison
    Emerald/HeartGold- Naomi (Minnow's other name)
    Diamond/Platinum- Ruin (Jay's other name)
    and potentially for Black- MJ
    and White- Hope
  40. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I tend to name my Playable Characters rather random names. Sometimes I develop them into characters.

    The ones I can very clearly remember start at Gen 3 because honestly it's been too long since I've effed around with Gen 1 and 2. xD I'm pretty sure I had a Kenta in one of the Gen 2 games though. because the Raikou Special was awesome.

    Ruby and Sapphire: I apparently used Mieu in a Japanese rom-run of Sapphire (Phantasy Star 3 reference) and April in a rom-run of Ruby. The prototype Cori also happened on a Sapphire rom, but more on that later.

    Emerald: Over the years I've amassed three playthroughs of Emerald featuring three names and teams that became actual characters of mine. They were Cori (because I rather like that name), Soleil (because it fit the way she looked like in my mind and also means 'sun', which is appropriate considering her starter was a fire-type) and Deryn (whose name means 'bird', which is fitting considering I created her on board a flying airplane).

    LeafGreen: Amelie. For no real reason except that I liked the sound of it.

    Diamond: my ACTUAL copy of Diamond's player character is named Colin, which is one of my favorite male names. In the few rom-runs I've done I've used the names JeanLuc and Picard. Because look at the guy. He wears a frigging beret.

    Platinum: Continuing on the French theme, my Platinum rom-run character was named Valjean. XD

    SoulSilver: Erol, another favorite male name of mine.

    I'm not sure what I'll use for the English version of White, though I named the character Jaden in both the Japanese Black and white Roms, because LOOK at him. He's such a damnable Jaden Yuki clone.
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