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What do you do with your shiny pokemon?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by 0_0.Sinnysaurus.rex, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. Do you train them? Do you just keep em in your box for trophies? Do you trade them? Do you clone them? What? And why?.. Me, i trained my shiny scizor and charizard and now i kinda regret it cause i should of cloned em first. But now thats what i do unless i got atleast two of the same shiny by chaining then ill train it. But i do trade em also but only for other shinies unless its my bro then id give him a shiny squirtle and abra cause those are his favorite pkmn. But i just cloned a shiny dratini and squirtle and now im about to train them its gonna be rad. Oh and also do you name them?
  2. None of my shinies have been really good for training, so I just keep them as a trophy. For instance, I found a shiny chingling in Diamond, and I thought that it was cuter than chimecho and it had an adamant nature so I didn't train it. Then I found a shiny magikarp in Soul Silver. Disappointing, right? I already got a red gyarados! So, trophy.
  3. Well, I usually show them off when I battle, so I train most of them (thank you Umbreon, Charizard, and Flygon). But, pokemon like Mudkip, because I generally dislike the color pink, I just store them in the pc, then maybe trade them.
  4. I may train them ingame or keep them as trophies if they have a crappy nature. For example, I was excited to catch a Shiny Gastly in Platinum...but it was Relaxed which is quite possibly the worst nature you can have for a Gengar. I'm pretty sure my Red Gyarados actually has a somewhat decent nature, so I would train it. Middy also traded me some chained Shinies with good natures so I'll train those for competitive play as well.
  5. To be quite frank, unless it's a Pokemon I intend to use, it will pretty much stagnate in my PC forever, unless I want to send it through the GTS, which is a rare occurance for me. Besides Gyarados, I don't ever recall using a shiny. Ever.
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Like Carmen, I keep mine for trophies if they're not viable for battle, but if they have good stats and natures I EV train them and give them movesets for competitive battling. Even if they're slightly hindered due to lacking certain egg moves, it's fun sending out a different colored Pokemon that can hold its own in battle. I've used my shiny Rapidash quite a bit competitively. :)

    I don't clone my shinies nor tend to quickly trade them away. Even if they do end up as trophies, I really appreciate all of the shinies that I have because it's fun having something different to collect. I also directly tie my in-game shinies to one of my Pokemon fanfic characters, so every time I obtain a new shiny Pokemon - she obtains a new shiny Pokemon. It's fun because I already have more than enough shinies to make a complete team. ^^
  7. I tend to make mine trophies until I actually know what to do with them. I'm too worried about messing them up.
  8. Depends on the shiny, sometimes I'll use them depending on which and others I'll dump it off.
    A couple of them I traded off for some good pokemon as well.
  9. In Platinum, I caught a lovely Shiny Pichu which I mistakenly evolved, because it was cuter as a Pichu. I won a Beauty contest with it once, and then deserted it to the box. I did get a Shiny Eevee from a friend, which I intend on using in battle, but it's sitting idly in the box for now... Another friend traded me a shiny Mudkip, which never use anyway. I also convinced a friend to give me a shiny Mew (Which I later found out was hacked...) And I rarely use it, only for contests. And I have an extra event shiny Pichu. Don't remember how I got it, though...
    In Heartgold, I have the red Gyarados, like everyone else, and that shiny event Pichu. Gyarados is a battle menace, and Pichu is a trophy.
    I have a boatload of trophies on my hands. It is something I am not proud of, yet I don't care at the moment. That is all. Bai.
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  10. well i dont really like shinys, only exsception is the event pichu, if i find one i name it Rare, exscept for red gyradoise, and if i realy wanted to id trade it, other then that i keep it as a trohpey
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  11. I often train my shinies to their final forms, except for my three shiny Raltses. Then I just keep them on PC. :D
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I train my shinies and battle with them regardless of their natures. I think any pokemon can be a good fighter, and that there are no such things as good or bad natures.
  13. I train them IF I like them/they are strong. Like my Dragonite, for example. If I do not like them, I make them trophies/trade them.
  14. Depends. My shiny Pichu is boxed, because it can't be used for battling. However, my shiny Gyarados (ScarHara) is used in-game, and SparkPetal, my shiny Vileplume, makes up my main team.
  15. Well, normally if I like them better than the original, I'll use it in battles. If I don't like I ask to someone that I know, if it wants that pokemon, and if not, I'll delete it, since I just catched it to have it as catched in my pokedex or to trade with them. Ciao
  16. Choose to believe it or not but the first ever pokemon I ran into was a shiny bidoof but since that was my first time playing I just thought it was a normal pokemon and then I.... smashedmytvwhenIfoundoutthenextdayhowrareitwasandthereplacementtvcostalotofhardearnedmoney!!! The second was a shiny Pidgey which I used in my team until my girlfriend erased my data because she was jealous!
  17. Merp, I raised a shiny Wingull to level 50 or so on my Ruby. I don't like Pelipers so didn't evolve her. Named her Vivian.
    I gots me a shiny Zubat on Emerald once. Don't like Crobat so it just sat.
    So far, I haven't got any that the final evolution is a Pokemon I like =/.
  18. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    The three legitimate, random shinies that I've ever had are all gone. I hatched a Shiny Totodile once and raised it to a Crocanaw before throwing it into a PC and eventually deleting the file it was on. Then I did the same thing with a Zubat in my original Platinum playthrough. And I traded away a shiny Ariados I once caught (which I believe was the first shiny I ever even ran into in my entire life...:V).

    So yeah, I don't do anything with them. :T I mean, if I ever got a decent one (whether that be species or nature) I'll most likely raise it into something decent. And if I ever got a good natured Pokemon I like as a shiny, it would be EV'd up and used for novelty's sake. :3
  19. Normaly I would take and train any pokemon my friends dont want ;D,(I will take really any pokemon anybody doesn't want *hint hint*) so Though I only have one left due to my niceness, I try to rain it along with my hundreds of other pokemon. the pokemon i am really looking for now is the pikachu colored pichu i missed the event due to going up to north Michigan to see my grandparents. :p I shall now play with the many faces up top the typing box.. :) ;) :D ;D >:( :( :o 8) ??? ::) :p :-[ :-X :-\ :-* :'(
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    Warned for smiley abuse.

    Read the rules silversouled3archeos, and using your brain helps too.
  21. Train it, Duh >XD

    I recently migrated a shiny Marshtomp to Pokemon Diamond. I don't have any use for this Shiny, though.
  22. I mostly keep them in boxes. I have several shinies, but I'm trading them to Diamond to E4 train them. All except Shine, my shiny Beedrill. But yeah, Zubat was from Emerald. Victreebell was from leaf green. I traiined him for a while. Gyarados have no use. boxd. Shine I caught in my second Soul Silver as a Weedle. I trained her to level 12 then boxd her for the time being.
  23. I just going to release them...not very interested in those shinies...urg

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