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what do you consider in choosing your particular pokemon?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Barry, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Hi there!!!this will be my first time to post a topic..so I hope everyone will reply on this!

    I'm pretty sure everyone of us have some considerations in choosing their pokemons...some like it strong...some like it attractive,or both..
    but if you're gonna ask me..I prefer the pokemon that is not too attractive yet powerful...because i believe that power is more needed than mere beauty..like my golbat and my victreebel..


    what about you??what do you consider??I'll be waiting for all of your answers!!!!
  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Hm, an interesting topic...

    I'm mostly known around these parts (and all other areas) for choosing Pokemon based on their battling potential and ability for the most part. Sometimes though, I will attempt to use something people consider "weak" in order to test myself and also partially prove the masses wrong to a certain extent - that, and I love to experiment with stuff in that way.

    That said though, personal preference does come into play - I would never use a Pokemon I personally dislike (in terms of appearance mostly) even if it was one of the strongest in the game. For example, Blissey is considered the best special wall in the game - I wouldn't argue with that for one second, but I'd never use it myself purely because I hate Blissey. Usually though, my favourite Pokemon tend to be my favourites because of their strength more than their appearance (although I generally look for both aspects when choosing Pokemon to use.)
  3. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    I am known for my quirkier taste in Pokemon. Pokemon I use are Pokemon that I like to look at and think are neat - power and stamina are in the backseat.

    I am known to train Pokemon that other people definitely wouldn't even try. Sableye is my main example. Sableye is my favorite Pokemon and I do have a trained Sableye on one of my teams. And you know what? He works pretty well. So while power and the ability to take hits are excellent qualities to have, I don't at all let that limit me since I am 100% focused on appearance and "beauty". If I like how a Pokemon looks and figure out a way to use it that I think will work then I will try it. Simple as that.
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  4. I choose certain PokeMon for different reasons:

    1. Style. I would never choose a PokeMon that I think doesn't look super-awesome. I tend to go for though or cool-looking PokeMon instead of beautiful/cute ones, although I do like PokeMon like Gardevoir.

    2. Power. Let it be known that I am a 'natura' trainer; I give my PokeMon nothing but attacks, no defense stuff (Except Hypnosis, to combine with Dream Eater). I like fast, harsh and powerfull PokeMon, with a shitload of HP.
  5. Wow, this really is an interesting question...and my answer is pretty complicated. ^^

    I take into account three main things when choosing Pokemon for my team: personal preferences, team roles, and competitive battling potential. I'm not sure which one is more important the more I think about it. I wouldn't use a team made up of all my favorites because my team would be unbalanced, nor would I use a team of Pokemon based on their power alone because then my team wouldn't feel like mine...It's a bit of a mix of the two. For example, Scizor and Heatran are spectacular in the competitive arena but I'd likely never use either because I don't find them appealing.

    Trying to find Pokemon that fit into roles on my team ended up shaping my preferences as well. I ended up using (and then falling in love with) Meganium after I realized my team needed something that could take hits and be annoying. Though Meganium is, for all intents and purposes, outclassed by other Pokemon, I think it's kinda cute. I ended up with Salamence on my team because I needed a Pokemon in "powerful Pokemon that can deal lots of damage but isn't weak to fire" role and the dragon fit the bill.

    Keep in mind that my tastes are very fluid. I once hated Froslass but now she's a mainstay on my current team because she fit a role my team needed. Sometimes I'm just in the mood to experiment ~
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  6. I tend to choose my Pokemon based on appearance. Power is an added bonus.

    For instance, my main in-game team is:

    Empoleon (Favourite Gen IV starter)
    Blaziken (Favourite Gen III starter)
    Togekiss (Favourite Pokemon)
    Vileplume (Favourite Gen I Pokemon)
    Darkrai (Really like its design and ability)
    Jirachi (Favourite Legendary)

    So yeah, mostly design but power is a factor.
  7. I choose my Pokemon on how much I like them. Basically, I compact my favorite Pokemon into a team, use it, and modify with more favorites. Take into consideration my CB team:
    Lucario (Favorite Pokemon)
    Altaria (Favorite dragon type)
    Milotic (Okay, I like it cuz it's pretty.. And I taught it Ice Beam)
    Froslass (Favorite Ghost and Ice type)
    Camerupt (Favorite Fire and Ground type. Plus, Earthquake...)
    Raichu (Favorite Electric type)
    Behind the looks and favoritism, is power. I had to modify, and possibly still need to, but I base my teams favoritism, and then power them up.
  8. Hmm Looks is an imprortant factor to me, what other pokemon are out there that i can pair with them, And dual types are usually picked more than others
  9. Well, I would mostly go for the ones that look good next to my Poke-persona, and if not that, something that looks epic.

    Examples: I would probably pick Mijumaru for his cuteness at first, but (if the last evo is real) really its the final evo that makes the cut for me.

    But, I also like to make teams with lulz pokemon. Such as a ridiculously high leveled Rattata, Metapod, and Magikarp. I may get my butt handed to me, but not without laughing for hours as my friends try to kill Metapod with a level 50 or so (maybe lower or higher) pokemon with Meta's defense on max XD

    Plus, types also make a big difference. I hate picking Normal/ Flying types, as they don't always get that many "epic" attacks.
  10. Merp, for me it's mostly looks. If I don't like how the thing looks, then it's not on the team. Also, it has to be able to take something in a few hits, because I don't really have enough patience to train a tank. Unless it's a slow one that can dole out hits, like Torterra. But yeah, I really prefer sweepers that are pretty.
  11. Generally, I hang towards the defensive side of Pokemon; I'd rather keep them alive and healthy then all near dead and fragile ♥ In particular, I terribly terribly will never pick anything I find ugly. All cats are a must in my team, minus Zangoose, who is sorta on that weirdo boundary. Anything with tentacles tends to find its way in my team one way or another as well. Especially if it's pink ♥

    I don't much care at all about silly old base stats and all that jazz: If you can beat the game with a Magikarp team, then why not use what you like? In competitive terms, I'll generally stick with the Underused area of Pokemon as all my loves reside there ♥ Delcatty, Purugly, Persian, they're all too cute to pass up!

    This is also why I stand by that there will be a tentacle and a rainbow Pokemon come Black and White. :>
  12. I've never been one to fully dislike a Pokemon's design. That said, aesthetics only play a minor role in choosing Pokemon for me. (though with the likes of Buizel and Raichu, I'll make an exception.) I usually catch a Pokemon out of necessity, like if I need something to fill out my party or a specific type to get past a gym leader. Eventually, if I can use the Pokemon comfortably (akin to my love for sweeping) It'll stay in my party and garner my affections for it. Recently, I've also been choosing potential Pokemon simply based on their movesets, and if they have decent stats (though the latter is not as important to me as a former.) I have a bit of a thing for Pokemon that learn attacks they shouldn't be normally able to use. (Poison. Jabbing. Sharpedo.)
  13. Wow, like most other people I'm going to go ahead and say that this is a really interesting topic. When I choose my Pokemon, it's usually for a number of reasons, but it's always for the same number of reasons.

    First and foremost is that I choose Pokemon based on the Pokemon my characters have (or will end up having *spoilers*) and that's whether or not they are particularly good for competitive play or not. Even if they are generally lacking something, I'll still use them. Fic based teams are just something that I cannot do without; simply because I like having that connection to my writing.

    The way I choose the Pokemon my characters have, however, is where the thought really comes in because I put a lot of consideration into what my characters use. Of course, I also avoid having doubles of any Pokemon for any two characters, so some of them aren't overly good and chosen because I have to stretch myself to choose them.

    I look at the design of a Pokemon first, I know that it's shallow and whatever, but I can't use a fugly Poke; or, rather, a Pokemon that I happen to think is fugly. That rules out a few of them, and then I look at the Pokemon that are left and what types they have. It wouldn't do me much good to have an all ghost team, after all, I'm not a gym leader. Then after I've chosen a wide enough variety of types for my liking, I look at the stats and movesets of the Pokemon and/or their evolutions stats + movesets.

    After a long process of elimination, I'm left with my team. I just had to go through this process for the characters in Blood Ties; it's hard when I'm running out of Pokemon that I love D:
  14. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    It's funny, because I'm actually having to think about this question, since I usually just make the decision on whether I like a Pokemon or not quite quickly and never give it another thought XD

    Well, firstly I'd say it is looks. I tend to go for Pokemon based on animals over those that are mineral/tech/human based or whatever. I also tend towards those based on animals I like, such as Foxes, Birds or Prey, Otters, Rodents, Cats etc. On the flip side I tend to automatically dislike Pokemon based on animals I dislike, such as monkeys (Don't hate me).

    Because the game limits who's available, I also sometimes develop a liking for a certain Pokemon by accident. If I've just played through a whole game with something, odds are I'm going to have grow attached to the little bugger. Also, sometimes just by giving a Pokemon a chance I start liking them. Weavile is my obvious example of this. I really didn't like Weavile, just something about him bugged me. But then Linkachu and I played some Battle Factory on WiFi. Weavile was pretty much the only usable Pokemon I had to choose from, so I used him. I've never looked back since and a Weavile has a permeant spot on my completive team ♥

    I've never based my likes or dislikes on usability in battle, but that's possibly because I only got into competitive battling a couple of years ago - therefore I already had opinions on most Pokemon beforehand.

    Shallow, but if a Pokemon has an annoying back sprite I seriously consider whether to use it in game :V

    Finally, Type can sometimes sway my opinion. I have always seemed to lean towards Dragons, Fire, Ice and Dark Types. There aren't many Water, Poison or Grass types that I like either. Although Sceptile and Vaporeon are two of my favourite Pokemon~
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  15. I mainly choose pokemon that I think are cool-looking. For the most part, the pokemon that you use in the game don't really matter as long as you keep them leveled up. That said, I do like to keep my teams balanced since I like to get through battles quickly. I also like powerful pokemon, and my affection toward a pokemon can grow if it's powerful (like togekiss, for example). When it comes to more serious battling, like the battle tower, I try to use pokemon I like but I'll use whatever it takes to win.
  16. hey guys!!thanks for all the comments that you post!!look forward for some interesting ones!!
  17. Good question,

    I'm not exactly sure though, For the starters well If there's only one pokemon of the starter that appeals to me then I'll take that one. If I like more than one I'll take into account a couple things, is there another pokemon of the same type I may catch later in the game that I like? and how effectively they'll be at the start of the game. For the rest I try to keep the three main types in my team and then just pick pokemon that appeal to me.
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I dont catch many pokémon but when I do it will be based on appearence and/or movesets
  19. I go for Pokemon that aren't generally used on teams. Say for example....

    My team is:
    Water Rotom
  20. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    A lot of the Pokemon that I pick are based solely off of my personal preference towards them. If I like the Pokemon, I'll use them, despite the stats/movepools. I totally do this ingame, and to a degree in the metagame. However, I occasionally pick some Pokemon in the metagame solely because they are a good competitive Pokemon. But those Pokemon always grow on me and I end up loving them. :3

    Mainly though, I just use all Pokemon that I love the most and have fun with it. :'D
  21. I like the cool looking ones. Doesn't matter if it's strong or not.
  22. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Its usually the look if its Cute thats on my list but sience Pokabu seems cute and strong then there we go that pokemon is on my list. I just love the cute ones!
  23. I like the ones like charizard, dragonite, aggron, and Reshiharam + many more new pokemon
  24. I actually took the nuzlock challenge and caught pokemon and used on my team that i thought id never use. But i use the pokemon to try it out in a couple battles and if i like what i see then i keep them. Except for magikarp because you can never like what you see with him at first.. But this is a hard question, basically i like the cool looking pokemon like scizor charizard dragonite etc. I actually never used a bidoof in my life.. I go for looks and toughness because a pokemon trainers pokemon reflects upon the trainer on their style. I just hate it when a really cool looking pokemon isnt as tough as it should be.
  25. I tend to lean towards cool Pokemon (Like Scizor for instance) but I'll basically use anything I like, although stats do push me towards certain Pokemon than others, but I won't ever use something I don't like.
  26. Ked


    I basicly use whichever Pokemon I like.

    I usually use cute ones, cool ones, or pretty ones.
    When I pick a starter I always go with the one I think looks the best, in which Mijumaru fits the bill perfectly. :3

    When I battle through Wi-Fi I use my strongest Pokes, but that's usually my normal party.
  27. Honestly, it's just what "fits". And sometimes it's just what I encounter playing through. This sounds awful, but really, I don't have much criteria. Most of the time, in-game, anyways, I stick with what I catch early on, sometimes switching out if I encounter something awesome later. As I don't do much competitive battling, there's not much for me to think about there.

    My answer feels incredibly lame compared to some of the others xD
  28. In competitive battling i use a mix of pokemon that i like and ones that would suit my team of the ones i like. I dont care if there are pokemon that can do a better job than one of the pokemon i like.. Unless if i keep losing in battles then i might want to switch
  29. Poe


    I go after cuteness. XD *I'm such a girl... -_-*
    Or at least cool looks. ^^ It doesn't have to be very powerful. If it looks good enough, I can convince myself that it IS strong and powerfull, no matter how painfully obvious it is that the Pokemon I chose is a perfect whimp! ;D
    In worst case scenario, I'll MAKE it powerfull by feeding it ridiculus amounts of drugs! =D
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  30. We all have our own Idea's and opinions about Pokemon. For me, there are few Pokemon that I *really* dislike.

    Some though, are led by accident, such as Magpie stated. For example, I used to absolutely hate Chinchou.
    The good thing- Volt Absorb!
    I knocked out Lt. Surge, and Chinchou became one of my favorites ever since. (I still think Lanturn's cuter, though.)

    And I also tend to pick elegant Pokemon, such as Gardevoir/Empoleon, Cool ones such as Gallade and Salamence,
    and I have tanks such as Shuckle/Lanturn/Altaria.

    Meh, that's about it. It's good to voice out your opinions. ^^
  31. for me it is evolution, i only use pokemon that evolve 2 times like flygon, or aggron, this is so i can work with them and train them
  32. I like my Pokemon to be elegant and be a type that I like. They also have to be good looking and have good movesets and stats. So pretty much I take everything into account. :D

    My worst Pokemon would be a Dark/Electric type with loads of attack stat and rubbish speed, HP and defense.

    My favorite would be a Grass/Bug type that has normal stats for everything. Waluigi has a funny joke.
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  33. When choosing my pokémon, it's all about if my interest in them, some pokémon are told to be avoided at all costs and yet I go for them, before even knowing ANYTHING from the Ruby and Sapphire games, I was interested in Kecleon and Tropius! Even though half the pokemon I like have pretty average or not so decent stats I still go for them because I like them. I want a team I can enjoy playing with and a team that I can connect more with. I love the new Buffalo and desert Croc pokemon, I like the new sea turtle pokemon so you can rest assure that's enough to get me going in the new game. I'll start with the grass pokemon, catch those three above pokemon and take it from there, probably stick to the standard spearow of the game in this generation as the bird to tell you the truth, make the team functional THEN make room for those I really desire.
  34. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    In the past I only trained the Pokemon that I liked, whether it be their designs or evolutionary lines, their typing, or direct influence from the Anime series. There had to be something about them that stood out to me. Nowadays my teams are much more varied.

    When Gen 3 hit I went a bit nuts and trained hordes of Pokemon because I loved so many of them, but after I'd exhausted my top favourites I decided to start trying something new. Instead of simply training Pokemon that I loved, I'd try training some that I hadn't previously raised (including Pokemon I'd never raised from Gens I and II). Regardless as to whether people called 'em "ugly" or "worthless", if I saw potential in the Pokemon I gave it a shot. The end result was that I began to appreciate many different Pokemon that I previously hadn't.

    Now I'll train any Pokemon that I see potential within, even if its stats are overall lower than the averages and it's out-classed by other Pokemon. I won't train anything that I dislike simply because it's powerful nor build my teams based on competitive standards, but I'll happily train a powerful Pokemon if it interests me and I haven't trained it yet. I simply try to make the best out of whatever I raise. Not all of them make it onto my competitive teams (the majority would never be EV trained), but it's still fun raising them and having a large, meaningful collection. ^^

    Oddly enough, while I enjoy competitive play I very rarely raise Pokemon specifically for it. Of the EVed Pokemon I currently hold, all of them were originally bred for my regional journeys except for two that I've received from friends and two that I trained specifically to use in the Battle Tower WFC co-op. I find that journeying through the games with a team helps me build a much stronger bond with them (I feel like I know them, y'know?), so when I finally do take them into competitive battles it's a lot more enjoyable and meaningful . :)
  35. Oh yeah I forgot about that I look for that too.
  36. For me, when choosing a Pokemon, at first I just went for brute strength;
    now that I'm older, I much prefer the uniqueness in different Pokemon, their abilities and their moves as well as their aesthetic differences. (:
  37. I do not see the point in having just brute strength. Defense is just as important. :p


    A rababoo
  39. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    That definitely counts as SPAM, SlowPokemon.

    Warning for you.

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