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What did you treat your POKeMON like?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by SuperDJ888, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. Some of you treated your POKeMON like crap,children,soldiers,and friends.What do you treat your POKeMON like?
  2. I treat my pokemon with a different kind of approach. I want them to be strong in such a way that battling in the best way they can.If they are hurt (poisoned,burned,etc.) I make sure that they'll be healed immediately.Sometimes, I'm the type of guy who's a risk-taker,choosing pokemon that are weak against the opponent,but I so did that just to deceive the opponent for what my pokemon have (example:having Ccrobat go against a Rhydon,but eventually knows Steel Wing) and such.I know this kind of way was sort of familiar,so yeah.That's how I treat my Pokemon.
  3. Did? x3

    I still occasionally play my PKMN Diamond. Anyways, I treat my Pokemon in the middle of Soliders and Children. I ALWAYS have healing items for them. And during battles, I will not hesitate to take them or leave them in when they are weak (I take them out or leave them in depending on what Pokemon they are)
    And sometimes, I will start out bad on purpose to know my enemy. Eventually, I will know all of their Pokemon and all of their moves.
  4. Depending on the pokemon, for example I would use pokemon temporarily until I get a much more preferred pokemon later on in the game like a Growlithe!
    If they're the pokemon I wish to raise, I would treat them like family/best friends along with a fighting squad.
    If one is KOed, I'd heal them up ASAP! Save up a lot of money for Full Restores, Full Heals, and Hyper Potions, perhaps some Super Potions too because those 4 items are all you really need for the well being of your pokemon, to save money you can use alternates like Paralyze Heals (specifics) or berries/hold items
  5. Even my in-game Pokemon are treated like friends XD As long as I'm stocked up on the right healing item, they're healed from status problem right away (besides paralysis, that is). I generally give them poffins and things as well :>

    Also, I once thought I had lost my Rampardos (Descartes) to a game reset, and I was all sad because then my female Rampardos would have lost her brother ;_; but then he was found chilling on my Pokewalker, so it was all good :>
  6. I ALWAYS treating my pokemon as a friend,why?because i love watch them happy! :)
  7. My Pokemon, are most always treated like children.

    If not, then at the least, my most reliable friends ♥
    Take my Gengars for example; with their multiple names, personalities and accessories, they really are like siblings or babies :>

    And my other Pokemon too ♥
    I love them ♥

    Kasumi xx
  8. Friends and best partners. I always know what one of them will do, 'cause they usually reflect my traits and are impatient and hotheads. They always get healed up ASAP after a battle. They get Poffins/Pokeblocks/Berries everytime. I love them and they help me <333
  9. Same here.But i can't do the wifi battle yet :(
  10. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I've given it some thought, and I'd say I treat my Pokemon both like friends and partners. XD

    I don't like my team fainting and always make sure that their HP isn't too low after a battle, but I'll pit them against Pokemon they're weak against or throw them into impossible situations if such is necessary to win the battle. I feel guilty forcing my Pokemon into kamikaze situations, but their buffering is never in vain. I view us as a team, and we win or lose as a team.

    Sometimes I play favourites with my Pokemon, but usually I try to give 'em all equal battle time. I'll rotate them each time one gains a level so that the lowest leveled Pokemon is first out. I also try to use different Pokemon for different gym leaders/Elite 4 runs simply so all of 'em get to show off what they're made of. ;D
  11. I'm a totally horrible person. At least with HM slaves. I give them uncreative names like HM Slave, Rental or Hostage. They're always the lowest levelled Pokemon on my team, though their levels aren't as steeply different as the regular pokes. This is mostly because when someone randomly pulls out a switching move like Whirlwind or Roar, I make sure all my Pokemon can punish him for that mistake. That, and my HM Slave mostly functions to help me catch new Pokemon.

    Actually in some cases, my HM Slave also ends up being the most highly leveled Pokemon in the party, as they receive all the unwanted EVs and such when I come across wild Pokemon. It's probably because of this usage that they 'love' me. While they sometimes are used as meat shields to allow me a turn to heal the other Pokes, I also try not to KO them if I can help it. I guess I'm not terribly cruel, but I suppose I could be nicer to them xD

    As for my regular Pokes, I pretty much pamper them. Even if they're just ingame Pokes used to battle the E4, I make a habit of letting them encounter Pokes that have the right EVs for them. I heal them often if I have the funds for it, especially of statuses such as Poison and such, and if its any merit, I like to feed them poffins and give them a daily massage at veilstone, even if their happiness is already maxed out. xD
  12. Well, I'll say that I've treated them as friends. It's kinda hard not to though, since they don't allow you to hurt them yourself.

    But anyway, yes I would treat them as friends reguardless. Apparently, even my HM slave Machop (Rock Climb, Strength, Rocksmash, and Cross Chop I think :I) loves me, even though he's still at level 8, the same level I caught him at in Pt. But for the others, since I have cheats for money, I like to give my critters carbos, iron, etc. Bascially, they like it for some reason, though I can never ever find out why D: But anyway, I also try to stay away from those items that would lower friendship.

    I'm still creeped out by the messages I get though to let me know they like me. "I wanna nibble yo' neck!" is apparently Tyranitar's way of saying he likes me very very much :'3 and Some of my Pokemon's reactions were just plain wierd in SS. I trained a legityly caught Shiny Bunneary until she evolved into Lopunny, and she gives me wierd messages. She hugs me, she holds on to me, when she gets scared she hugs me, then she blushes a lot....What the heck do you call that? Not bestiality anyway. Humanity? Still creepy. Maybe I should give her something bitter :/

    But anyway, I try to treat them all the same. Though walking apparently does help with that. My shiny Monferno, who walks with me almost all the time now in SS, apparently likes me a lot :)
  13. I treat my Poke'mon like family.
  14. I guess I treat some of my Pokemon as slaves sometimes XD
    But most of them, I treat like friends, especially my Dragonite, which I've had for a long time, I treat him like my best friend~ ♥

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