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What characters should be in Super Smash Bros. 5?

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. This is a question I thought about a bit. So, here it is! I'd like to know what newcomers you would add to Smash! But first, I have my list.

    -Amaterasu (Okami): This amazing wolf have a huge amount of weapons and brush techniques. These could all be used for a wide and diverse move set. Plus, Ammy's just awesome. Amaterasu's Final Smash could be a combination of all the Brush powers.

    -Yuri Lowell (Tales of Vesperia): Now before you start saying "Smash Bros. already has too many sword-fighters!", let me explain. Yuri can use Artes, attacks that require a Bodhi Blastia. Yuri could use these attacks as his Specials. Plus, he can also use axes. Yuri's Final Smash could be Savage Wolf Fury.

    -MILES TAILS PROWER/DR. EGGMAN! (Sonic the Hedgehog): Admit it. The Smash universe needs more Sonic characters. And why not add in Tails or Eggman? Tails already has a diverse move set, what with all his gadgets. And plop Eggman in his Egg Mech from Sonic Adventure 2, and you've got two fighters! Tails' Final Smash could be an air bombing run in the Tornado, and Eggman's Final Smash could be him hopping into the Death Egg Robot.

    So, what do you think? Why not add to the discussion?
  2. I personally think that the Splatoon Inklings should be in smash. Their move pool could be a range from ink guns, boms, sprinklers, and rollers. Their final smash could be a ink strike right on a player. And for their costume swaps, they could have different coloured inklings, different gender inklings, and maybe even octolings!
  3. Javelin

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    Left Bumper from Pong.

    I'm serious. It would be very interesting and amusing to see what they would do with it. I'd also like to see Kain Highwind and Terra, or other SNES era Final Fantasy characters. It's cool that it has Cloud now and it makes sense that it's him if any due to the extreme fanboyism for all things VII, but it makes sense to me to include Final Fantasy characters that actually debuted on a Nintendo machine. That and I am biased by nostalgia and being a big FF fan for a very long time.

    Oh and Geno of course, but just don't write them about that because it really pisses them off.
  4. Splatoon is probs gonna be in game, but Shovel knight could fit in pretty well
  5. KoL

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    I'm going to stick with Nintendo characters for this:

    - I've always disliked Golden Sun but I still find it baffling that there has been no playable representation in Smash for this series so far. Isaac appeared as a pretty cool Assist Trophy and that's it, so Nintendo still pay attention to the series but if you're going to add more characters to the roster, may as well go with a series currently untouched for the most part. So, yeah, make Isaac actually playable.

    - The issues with Ridley's size have been mentioned a lot as far as making him playable is concerned, but Metroid is still very thin on the ground in Smash with only two forms of the same character (Samus) playable. Dark Samus is the most obvious choice for a character of similar size to Samus, although Rundas from Prime 3 and Sylux from Hunters were also popular enough for consideration.

    - Kid Icarus received a lot of attention in Smash 4 with Palutena and Dark Pit added to the mix, although no love for Kid Icarus: Uprising villain Hades. I don't expect he'll ever actually be playable, but it'd be hilarious if he was.
  6. Yang xiao long! She's a great fighter, and her smash can be when she punches her two fists together and goes super Saiyan. Also agumon. Agumon's smash could be him Digivolving into WarGreymon, or Victory Greymon
  7. For a smash experience even greater that what smash 4 brought us, we would need..
    Everybody from the previous 4 games (yes that includes Pichu)
    Everybody included as a mere mii costume (such a K. Rool, Geno, inklings...)
    Some Assist Trophies fighters upgraded to playable (such as the almighty Waluigi)
    More characters from already present franchises (metroid, DK, kirby, sanic...)
    And some random newcomers
    We would probably end up having over 200 characters but well we'll see how many characters the future consoles will be able to handle. It's too early to think about Smash 5 anyways.
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  8. pac_halo

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    This is ridiculous and would never happen, but Jebediah Kerman from Kerbal Space Program. Just think of the moves- solid rocket boosters acting as the special attacks, his RCS pack could provide a third elongated jump (Much like Kerby's) and his Final Smash could be a gigantic spacecraft slamming into the ground, and at the last minute, Kerman jumps from the ship and bounces around.

    Again, this isn't even plausible, but still.
  9. I think this game would need more fighting type characters, but we have enough Pokemon.
    Here's an idea, I saw this in a game. Have Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang as seperate characters, and their smash can be when they all use thier most powerfullest attacks, and merge them into one huge blast that hits all the other players
  10. Brendan Savem

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    I can think of one characters that righteously deserve to be in Smash, but KoL already beat me to Isaac. I still have a few off the top of my head that could do with representation.

    Elma from Xenoblade Chronicles X. The smash line-up has always been weak on gun wielders. And pre-bayonetta, there has never been someone with duel guns. Even now though, there's still no fighter with duel-swords, and that's one of Elma's main trademarks. Her variety of Arts, like Shadowstrike, Sliding Slinger, and Ghost Factory all provide some great moves that would fit very well on the Smash scene. She's got a lot of room for a unique play style based on Xenoblade mechanics, such as specials that upgrade to a stronger version if you hold on to them for long enough. And for a Final Smash, she can either go Overdrive and spend some time able to rapidly unleash much stronger versions of her attacks to overwhelm enemies, or just jump in a Skell and go ballistic. The only reason I can think of to have not included her in Sm4sh is because her game came out too recently. If Corrin's appearance proves anything though, it is that that is a moot point and she has no reason not to be a smash character.

    Bravely Default Characters. This spiritual successor to the Final Fantasy games of old has met some good success, and with a sequel on the way, there has to be room for one of these characters in a future Smash game. I can't say much more than this since I don't know much about Bravely Default right now. From the trailers though, Agnes or Tiz seem to be the major candidates for a Smash representation. I'll defer the ideal candidate choice to someone who actually has played the game and knows these characters better.

    Bandana Dee from Kirby Games. I'm not saying Kirby NEEDS more representatives, but if you had to pick, it would be between him and Hamster Rick, because there's nobody else that's consistent enough across the series. And any person who has experienced the multiplayer of Kirby: Return to Dreamland, or the more recent Rainbow Paintbrush, would know about his awesome spear fighting capabilities. I could see him as being slower, and perhaps even more frail, than Metaknight, but with incredible range in his attacks to compensate. And being able to helicopter back on stage would be an awesome recovery to have on a character. And seriously, he's effing adorable, who wouldn't want him?
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  12. So... look at all those Fire Emblem Characters.... Sorry if that sounded rude just trying to make a point...
    Splatoon Inklings : I would like to see how they would work out.

    Pokemon Tranier : Hear me out, if Pokemon made a Whole other Game then they could use the starters and the new tranier...(Good Advertisement)

    Silver the Hedgehog : I like him so I want him... Simple really.

    Sora : He would be awesome IF he was in the game

    Assist Trophies
    Riptor (Killer Instinct)
    Mighty 9 (Mighty NO. 9)
    Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog)
    Vega (Street Fighter)

    I will explain more things later...
  13. To be completely honest, I think that we need to throw Arlon the Serene in there as an assist trophy and put Viridi in as a playable character. Might as well upgrade Magnus to playable as well and bring Gaol into the mix
    Just hear me out, ok?
    Several assist trophies already make the stage dark, but with Arlon's we could something extra like inverted controls or attacks. Not to mention that he's actually a pretty formidable foe.
    We haven't actually seen Viridi herself in battle, so her moves could a be a total curveball. I'm thinking a Reset Bomb for Final Smash.
    Then there's Magnus and Gaol. It would be so much fun to fight those guys again without having to replay the entirety of Chapter 24. Solution: Put them in Smash. Magnus is more of a physical attacker as seen by his Assist Trophy, while Goal is geared towards special attacks, making them a formidable duo.
  14. Rovenz

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    Okay, so we need to stick to game characters. Okay. No TV show characters. Yes sir.

    I feel like Amy Rose, Knuckles, or Tails should be added in Super Smash Bros. NX (if rumour is real.). They just seem like great characters in fighting! Like, Knuckles is probably the best choice. But again, there's Shadow. Seems fit too. But the best choice of all has to be...

    Silver. Remember Sonic '06? The worst Sonic game ever made? Well, I bet Blaze and Silver will make a good fit. Blaze? I don't know. Shadow, Knuckles, and Silver fit. Remember how in SSB4, they are adding more third-party characters? Well, we're running low on Sonic characters.

    Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia or Sorey from Tales of Zestiria's probably a good idea. I mean, they are just really good games! I feel like the main protagonists of the Tales of series should get a spot, but out of all of them, I chose Lloyd and Sorey.
  15. NonAnalogue

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    I would adore it if they added in some Bravely characters; I just don't see it happening - there're plenty of other Square characters who would have dibs before these guys. I mean, Cloud was a big enough deal! That said, Tiz is basically the viewpoint character of the first game and a big part of the second, so if a Bravely character made it in, it'd likely be him. Or the Adventurer, actually, as a basically omnipresent side character who shows up in Bravely Default, Bravely Second, and Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light (the game that Bravely Default was a spiritual successor to).

    Aside from that, I'll second Isaac and Waluigi. Those two are my most wanted. Though if I had to pick someone aside from them, Chibi-Robo would be a lot of fun.
  16. Maybe characters from River City: Tokyo Street Rumble. If Nintendo is looking at bringing in character from other franchises, maybe Bill and Jimmy Lee from Double Dragon.
  17. I would love to see RWBY characters in the next SSB game. Ruby, Yang, Jaune, etc.
  18. Palusokudo

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    I'm thinking that they should add an older Fire Emblem character. There are to many newer fire emblem characters. I think Marth is a little lonely.:( They they should add characters like Alm from Fire Emblem Geiden. But those are my ideas. :)
  19. shrek

    But seriously, I would love the Hunter from Monster Hunter to be in it. It's a long shot, but maybe they could be like Mii fighters! If we are going really big, each weapon could be a different playstyle. Endless possibilities.
  20. Mr.Munchlax

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    I'd personally like to see either Banjo Kazooie or any of the main characters from the PS2 games such as Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, or Sly Cooper.

    Also, while I know that Disney would never allow it, I'd absolutely love it if they managed to get Sora or Riku from Knigdom Hearts as a playable character.
  21. Shovel knight, Black Night and the Enchantress from the shovel knight series

    Ridley from the metroid series

    King Boo and Bowser Jr from the Mario series

    Metal sonic, shadow, silver and Egg man from the sonic franchise

    Inklings from splatoon
    • RWBY Characters
    • Banjo and Kazooie
    • Spyro
    • Crash Bandicoot
  22. HydreigonBorn37

    Nintendo Network:
    Okay, get real guys, GOKU, but really, I could see Nintendo putting Sans in as playable charcter or assist trophy. Also, Shovel Knight. MY FREAKING GOSH WHY IS SHOVEL KNIGHT NOT IN THE DAMN GAME!
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  23. Tree Rex, Chompy Mage, or Kaos from Skylanders.
    Squirtle and Pichu from Pokémon.
    Tidus and Lightning From Final Fantasy.
    --------------------------- Assist Trophies--------------------------------------------------------------------
    Caliburn from Sonic and the Black Knight.
    NiGHTS from NiGHTS.
    Metal Sonic from Sonic CD.
    Aaaaaaaaaaaand that's it.
  24. Also, while I know that Disney would never allow it, [/QUOTE]

    I doubt it, Sora and Riku, from what I've seen, aren't really Disney characters. IN FACT, somebody put Sora in a Smash Fan game, and it hasn't been shut down at all. Plus, I'm pretty sure that Disney was on the list for 3rd (Or 4th, I don't exactly know) Party developers for the Switch, so even if they WERE Disney characters, they would STILL make the cut.
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  25. Am I the only one who wants Agumon in the roster?!
  26. The Kansas Volcarona

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    Billy Hatcher (Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg): This seems like a stupid idea, but Billy Hatcher is a cool character and has PLENTY to work with in a moveset. He could use many of the creatures that could be found in his game and use many egg based attacks, it would be great.
    Chrom (Fire Emblem): I know, we already have a ton of Fire Emblem characters, but one more won't hurt, right? Chrom is practically an icon of the series now and it would only seem right to throw him in the fray. He's got enough differences to make him a non-clone (Or at least a semi-clone).
    Bomberman (Bomberman): The goofy nature of the character seems perfect for Super Smash Bros. He's got plenty to work with in terms of his moveset and he's a fairly iconic character, so why not add Bomberman?
    Shy Guy (Super Mario/Yoshi): Shy Guy's a fairly iconic Mario character, so why not throw him into the battle. Shy Guy has plenty of material to use from the Mario series, from flying, throwing fireballs, or being fat. He'd be a unique, yet fun choice.
  27. Just going to list a few series' that may get more

    Super Mario: I doubt there NEEDS to be more representation, it really doesn't, but it would be interesting to see either the Goomba or the Koopa as playable characters. They could use items like the Paragoomba Wings and the boot to be their specials, and the Koopa could do something similar to Sonic's attack. The Hammer Bro could also be added, maybe a Koopa/Hammer Bro hybrid that can throw hammers and do the shell things

    Kirby: Again, there are probably enough characters but I, like many others would say Bandana Dee, but aside from that I'd also suggest Adeline from Kirby 64. Her ability to create pain creatures could be an interesting set of skills to use, perhaps taking a long time to prepare but wreaking havoc if allowed to complete, something which would work especially well in a team battle

    Pokemon: Pokemon trainer was an interesting addition and it would be cool to bring him back, perhaps with a new group of Pokemon or the ability to use all the existing Pokemon. Other than that I don't know, there are enough Pokemon.

    Mega Man: The robots, they could work like Bowser Junior did, with them all just being different versions of the same character, except their attacks would look different but still work essentially the same way. Maybe Doctor Wily could play a role similar to the Pokemon Trainer and send them all out
  28. Who I want, Defined by Series:

    Pokémon-Sceptile, Silvally.
    Fire Emblem-Ryoma, Xander, Azura, Takumi, Leo.
    Kirby-Galaxia Knight
    PERCY JACKSON(Books)-Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Leo Valdez, Frank Zhang

    Pokémon Sceptile- fast, Defence Capabilities, Regular Attack-Leaf Blade, Down Special-Detect, Up Special-Aerial ace, Special-Absorb, Side Special-Quick Attack, Final Smash-Mega+Leaf storm
    Pokémon Silvally- Bulky, Slow, Regular Attack-Crush Claw, Down Special-Sandstorm, Up Special-Aerial Ace, Special-Multi Attack, Side Special-Giga Impact, Final Smash-Random Z-Move.
    Fire Emblem-All-PLAY THE GAMES
    Kirby-Galaxia Knight-Play Kirby.
    Percy Jackson- Percy- CAN CONTROL WATER AND HAS A SWORD, Also, he is a Son of Poseidon, very Greek
    Jason Grace- Electricity, son of Jupiter(Zeus), Roman and Greek, Sword.
    Leo Valdez-THIS BOY IS ON FIRE! Son of Hephaestus, god of fire, Has A Magic tool belt, Main Weapon-hammers, Greek.
    Frank Zhang- Son Of Mars(Ares), Shapeshifting abilities, Bow And Arrow. Roman.

    I Want These Guys In.
  29. Viewtiful Joe. This guy has the moves, the attitude, and he's damn stylish. It's a crime that he's not in this game. They seriously need to bring him back whether it be in a new game or in Smash.
  30. I would honestly and seriously want to see Waluigi in the next Smash. Nintendo has been neglecting him for years, only making him a side character in Mario games, and whatnot. It's about time he shone in the spotlight.
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    • Rayman (From Rayman 3)
    • Banjo & Kazooie
    • Conker
    • RWBY Characters
    • Scrooge McDuck (From Duck Tales)

    • Crash Bandicoot (From "Of The Titans". I prefer the PS1 games, but the OTT version has more attacks)
    • Spyro (From "Legend of Spyro" because of the elemental breaths)
    • Raichu (Pikachu appears in every Smash Bros. games, Pichu was in SSBM, so, why not include Raichu?)
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  31. GreninjaTrainer013

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    If I were a director/game creator, I'd really let Smash Bros 5 have all the Sonic main characters (Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, whatnot), Paper Mario, and make them return a lot of missing characters which never saw the light of day in Brawl or Sm4sh. Examples of these are Ivysaur, Pichu, Squirtle, Young Link, etc.
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  32. OnePiecefan11

    Shadow could be a good addition. His final smash could be the chaos control. The inklings from Splatoon would also be a good choice. And as far as characters from other companies, I guess Phoenix Wright could work.
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  33. I think I heard something about there only being one character allowed from a third party company, sadly. So other sonic characters and more FF VII character are out of the question.

    But I say bring Snake back, and Chrom would be pretty cool (because I feel bad for him not getting into Sm4sh). Also, the inklings would have a cool moveset and character design, and I think that adding Bandana Dee since he's in Super Smash Flash and (after nerfing him a ton) he'd be great in smash *name unconfirmed*. Finally, add Goku as a DLC. You know you want to, his final smash could make him go super sayan, and his moveset is pretty much already laid out for you
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  34. Boi, bowser Jr and all of his brothers made it in at smash 4
  35. Decidueye would be great in Smash 5.
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  36. Nintendo should add:

    • Yooka & Laylee
    • Zero (From Megaman Zero, not Megaman X)
    • Kao the Kangaroo (Never played it, but the game looks fun)
    • I know it´s never happening, but Meliodas from Nanatsu no Taizai
    • And Charizard (but with Mega-Charizard Y)
  37. New List:

    • Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece: Luffy has a wide arsenal of attacks. His moveset could be very cool. Just imagine, Gomu Gomu no Pistol, Bazooka, Gatling Gun, etc. His Final Smash could be him using the Gear Second or Gear Fourth, or just him punching the enemy with the Red Hawk.
    • Tatsumi from Akame Ga Kill!: He is a sword-fighter, so his moveset would consist in using his sword to attack. When he uses his Final Smash, he activates Incursio.
    • Brad from LISA The Painful RPG: He could do a lot of combos with the Armstrong Style. His Final Smash could be him doing a 30 hits combo and send the enemy flying.
  38. Shrek and Goku obviously! Like come on guys, it only makes the most sense!

    Just kidding, I think they should add more characters from Sonic, like Tails or Knuckles. I also think they should add Mega Man X and Sero.
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