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What changes/improvements would you like to see in Pokémon Z?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Keleri, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. Or XZ/YZ or whatever chromosome combination we end up with.

    - Clothing improvements: more outfits and interchangeable between genders like ACNL, also the ability to not wear a hat if desired for the male trainer

    - Incorporate an Eon Flute-like mechanic: maybe you get a mega pidgeot to fly around on this time? Make it happen, Gamefreak.

    - More key items that have an HM-like function: surf has never been a problem for me, but give me a dang flashlight item. Also, more flutes: let me summon scythers to cut down trees or golems to smash rocks or whatever.

    - More megas*: my favorites would probably be mega gen 2 starters, mega flygon, mega dragonite, mega volcarona, etc. but I'd like to see megas of less useful/less loved pokemon too like mega slowking, mega weezing/muk/garbodor, mega butterfree (psychic/bug), etc.

    - Story: I wonder if they'll do the third version thing or the paired third version thing again, I wouldn't mind playing through a continuing story like B2/W2 again with new towns to go to and such.

    - Pokemon availability: XY was actually kind of overwhelming with the number of pokemon available right from the beginning. More of this! I assume that they will be handing out legendaries like candy like ORAS was at the end of the game as well, that's always fun.

    *Unless they finally patch XY, there will be several steps of compatibility rules between XY, ORAS, and Z. Friggin' patch the older games, pls nintendo
  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I want the entire storyline revamped to all hell and actually be awesome. Give it to the B/W writers please.

    Also fix the damn gym leaders, please. Add re-challenges with full damn teams rather than the sad excuse for such the Battle Chateau gave us. At the very least the Elite Four need to have a second-tier rechallenge thing.

    And yeah, more megas and customization options would be awesome too - but they ultimately aren't as huge a deal to me as actually fixing the story/game part.
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  3. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    How to improve X/Y for Z, let's see...

    - The whole "multiple rivals" shit needs to get scrapped, or at least done significantly better than it was.
    - Lumiose City needs to be revamped. It's annoying as hell to navigate as it is.
    - Battle Chateau needs to be replaced with something that doesn't suck.
    - Kalos as it is is quite bland compared to the 3D Hoenn in terms of appearance, so a touch up on the visuals would be nice.
    - Proper Gym Leader/E4 rematches.
    - An actual Battle Frontier would be nice too, we've not had one since Gen IV.
    - More end-game content. Kalos left us with almost nothing to do once the main game was beat besides go online and kill some players.
    - The story needs a redo. It barely made a scrap of sense before and it sucked compared to what Gen V did.

    Pretty much what Stel said. They should focus on making X/Y less shit before they start adding things to it.
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  4. I would like to see the Pokemon in ur party follow u like in HeartGold/SoulSilver.
    And that's all I can think of...
  5. *chanting* More customization! More customization!
    I need more dresses and shirts and skirts and hairstyles! And I really don't think it would kill Gamefreak to try to incorporate bodytype customization or curly hair.

    Where are the B/W/B2/W2 writers? Where did they go? Bring them back. Whether Z is a follow-up game like G/S/C and B2/W2 or has a totally different plot--I'm fine with either, if they bring back some good storytellers. Team Flare and the entire storyline with the multiple rivals was so tedious. And it wouldn't feel so tedious if they could just execute the story better. What the Unova games lacked in unanimously-loved pokemon they definitely made up with story. And the mutliple rivals in that game didn't feel like excess in the way that the X/Y rivals did. I just need a better story. And a better villain too.

    Like everyone else, I'm totally up for more megas. Since their introduction, there has been no going back, and I see absolutely no reason as to why Gamefreak should hold back on releasing more megas. I personally think some more single-stage pokemon need attention. And I am dying to see what the gen 2 starter megas could possibly look like. Gen 2 pokemon need more megas. Imagine a mega Ursaring, mega Feraligatr, mega Kingdra, mega Miltank, mega Ho-oh and Lugia! Or maybe incorporate some more gen 4 megas? That'd be fun.

    If Sinnoh did anything right, it was totally the Battle Frontier. Battle Maison gets monotonous after just bulleting through it for half an hour. More post-game content! More stories or "delta" episodes! If the gameplay is going to be more convenient/easy for players, then they're going to beat the game quickly, wanting more to do. The post-game of X/Y hardly felt like a bone was thrown to us at all. I'd love some more areas or islands to catch Pokemon we can't get in-game in X/Y! And I definitely agree with incorporating the Eon Flute. I love the better accessibility of legendaries because of it.

    Just. More. I just want more everything.
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  6. Generally, I would like:

    -A much better story than X/Y gave us. I feel like it could be better than it ultimately was.
    -A raise in difficulty concerning the Gym Leaders. They were all pushovers.
    -A new Battle Frontier would be nice.
    -A lot more post-game things to do, story-related or otherwise.
    -Some coherency regarding your group of friends.
    -Some incorporation of the ORAS Megas and new moves into the Kalos region.
    -More clothing and general customization options.
    -New areas to explore, maybe? Such as the rest of the Power Plant, or new areas entirely?
    -Some more importance to the Team Flare Admins.
    -Less limited "riding on Pokemon" options.

    And that's about all I can think of right now. Basically, I'm having high hopes that they improve upon the flaws of X/Y, improve the story, bump up the difficulty of the game, and just make the game distinctly good enough for me to want to buy it.
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  7. I'm probably parroting what others have said, but I'll bite.

    - More customization. By this, I mean more clothes and more options for said clothes. Maybe they could do like some other games do and allow us to wear clothes like a gym leader would have (I'd personally be down to have a jacket cape like the ice guy), or what past protagonists have worn (I'd be down for another Hilbert jacket myself). Also, a better color option. Maybe a color wheel or just different shades of different colors, for hair and clothes. While we're at it, maybe pants that aren't so tight or generally clothes that don't make me look a hipster. ALSO LET US TAKE OFF THE HAT! I HATE HATS! And while we're at it, more hair. I wanna look as anime as possible, yo. Gimme dat spikey hair I could use in combat. And dual color hair too, that host in the boutique was just a tease with hers.

    - Better story. I want them to take a cue from Black and White and ORAS, because both are excellent in story, even if one was original and another was adjusted. I want a story that truly makes me feel like I'm fighting with Pokemon that represent Life, Death, and Order. I know that won't happen, but schwatever brah. Actually, get the teams behind the original Mystery Dungeon games too, I WANT TO CRY FROM EMOTIONS!

    - Better visuals. X and Y had some saturation issues that made it feel kinda bland, while ORAS took it to a whole other level. Make Kalos more colorful, make the Pokemon have brighter colors, etc.

    - I don't mind multiple rivals, I actually enjoy them, but I want somebody that will actually give me a challenge and that has more personality than Serena did. Actually Serena had NO personality, so it's not much to improve on. I do like the implied crush someone like Shauna/May/miss contest whatsherface had on the player (MORE LIKE PLAYA OHHHHH), so if they want to stick with that, that's cool, just maybe let us have an actual challenging rival.

    - Revamp dem gym leaders. I'm sorry, it was streamlined the way Kalos had all the gym leaders with 3 Pokemon each (at least for the most part?), but it's only challenging for so long. Like as much as I like the ice guy, there was literally nothing to impress me for being the 8th gym leader. I literally took down all of his Pokemon with one hit each from one of my Pokemon before they even got to move once. By the time I get to the last gym leader, they should have at LEAST 5 pokemon, and no less.

    - Remix that music. I didn't mind the music in X and Y, but... clearly they can do better. Zinnia anyone?

    - Speaking of which, let's hear from her again. I don't really care much for Looker, but I'd be down for some more Zinnia. And while we're on the subject of returning characters, Blue. It's mentioned that he's been to Kalos, and what better way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon (assuming the game comes out in 2016, which it will) than by letting us kick the ass of the OG asshole himself. Red too, tbh, but give his team a boost of some sort. As a matter of fact, pull something like the Pokemon World Tournament again, but better and more challenging, and with E4 members this time.

    - Do like they did in ORAS and instead of distributing legendaries, make us FIGHT for them. I was so annoyed in 5th gen when we were literally handed the legendaries. Even if it's an event item, I want to see that bit of story to it, or I want some CHALLENGE.

    -Something like the Eon Flute, but with other flying Pokemon.

    -Deeper character development like in Black and White and ORAS

    -A mode difficulty like from BW2, but available from the get go

    -Improve Pokemon Amie, PLEASE. It misses my facial reactions half the time, and it's way too difficult to raise the stats besides fullness. Just... Idk man, fix it, I want to be able to see my Pokemon do the thing where it looks back like HEY FRIEND WHAT DO I DO NEXT :D

    -While I'm at it, maybe something that shows more of an interaction with our Pokemon and player, outside of Amie. Imagine something like what happened with the Lucario incident, but with your starter or another Pokemon.


    -MORE POST GAME STORIES. PERHAPS TO DO WITH SPACE. Or like... Perhaps combine what we had with X and Y's Looker chapters with Delta Episode. Like, multiple end game episodes of different events? That'd be cool.

    -MORE MEGAS FOR THE OTHER STARTERS (especially Typhlosion and Samurott)


    -And last, and LEAST likely to happen, an alternative to our starters. I know it won't happen, but this is the 20th anniversary. I want something that feels different from the others, but similar. No, I don't want Pikachu for a starter, but Idk man, I'm looking at it like this: 6th gen is all a big nostalgia trip, and has been since it began. Why else would we receive the Kanto starters so early in the game with our Kalos ones? It's meant to represent the nostalgia the series had as it progressed. While that's fine and dandy, Kanto was not my first Pokemon region, Johto was. Maybe an option to have other starters take the place of the Kanto ones? Like I dunno man, it could be done, I just want that shot of experiencing Kalos with my favorite starter without resorting to trading, because that feels less meaningful to me. Like I said, I know the chances are very low, but... It'd be unforgettable if we could do it. And while we're at it, give the rivals the other extra starters we don't use, too, that correlate to our teams. For instance, if I had Chesnaught and Typhlosion, they'd have Delphox and Feraligatr.

    And that's my extensive list of what I want. Will I get half of this? Probably not.
  8. I would like,
    • Trainer customizaton
    • A better story
    • More mega's
    • More for the post game
    • More character development
    • Better music
    • Amiibo interaction
    • GTS improvement
    Those are what I really want in the game.
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  9. I would really like if you had to find all the cells and the more of them you catch zygarde changes forms. And i would love to see gen 6 stsrter megas
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  10. I'm probably going to get hate on this, but I was thinking about Z lately and I'd honestly think it'd be best if it was exclusive to New 3DS. I don't even own one, but it's just that I want to see them really bring out the full potential of Z.

    General improvements I'd like from XY would be:
    -The free roam on circle pad from ORAS. Not being restricted to tiles would make the game more immersive.
    -More trainer customization. I like the variety in XY but I feel it was lacking in some areas like shoes and hats. Or, at least it didn't have many that I liked in that section. :V
    -Smooth framerate and more 3D. I felt the 3D effect in XY and ORAS was nice but the game lagged hard when it was on. This is one of the reasons I want it a N3DS exclusive, as it could be optimized to make this work.
    -More involvement for online play. Platinum had some really cool Wi-Fi features with the Wi-Fi Plaza. I want to see it return in some form. It would be cool to play against others in real time and have events and such.
    -More post-game content. After beating XY, I didn't have much to do aside complete my Pokedex. I haven't gotten to ORAS' post-game yet but I hear it has a lot. Just include some stuff from there, I guess.
    -In-game events for legendaries. I don't care if they need to constantly add DLC for this (as long as it's free) but I'd like it if we saw legandary Pokemon in the wild again in special locked off areas or events like in Diamond and Pearl for instance. Just give us an item to trigger an event instead of handing them out. I feel it could make the experience all the more rewarding.

    And that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Pokemon Z has the potential of being the perfect Pokemon. Honestly, XY was really close to it for me. It was just those little things that kept it from being truly spectacular.
  11. Volcanion and eternal floett are also goong to be included im sure..kalos is a great region overall

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