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What are you playing?

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Linkachu, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

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    EDIT: I'm expanding the purpose of this topic to encompass all 365 days of the year. So, what game(s) are you playing right now? You must include at least one line explaining what you think of the game.

    I'm going through a bunch right now:

    Main focuses:
    -> La Pucelle Tactics (PS2) - Played almost 30 hours over the last 5 days. Can't get enough of it ^_^
    -> Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (GBA) - What I'm usually playing when I'm not playing the first game or Pokemon.

    -> Pokemon LeafGreen - Been playing it for about a month now... Only just won my 5th badge.
    -> Skies of Arcadia Legends - Reeeaaally gotta get back into it.
    -> FFX - I started my game on it this time last year... Must finish final battle so I can finally started FFX-2 x.x
    -> Super Mario 64 DS - It's fun n all, I just haven't played it much so far. One of my friends collected almost 50% of the stars during the short time he was visiting.

    I think that's about it, for now. Gotta wait and see what surprises Christmas day holds for me.
  2. NonAnalogue

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    I'm working on Golden Sun: The Lost Age for the umpteenth time, but I'm also working in RPG Maker on an Invader Zim game. Needless to say, I won't be doing the show justice... :(
  3. DS: I'd like to finish Super Mario 64 DS by the New Year, which I think is possible, since all I have left are two 100-Coin Stars and nine Castle Secret Stars.

    GBA: I haven't played Pokémon LeafGreen in a while, since all I'm doing is training and filling my Pokédex now. Whenever I'm between games, I work on this (though I think I'll just leave the training until Emerald, and concentrate on my Dex only in LeafGreen).

    GC: I'm not really playing any games on GC right now...unless you count The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition. I got that more than a year ago. I actually remember saving just outside Snowhead Temple before leaving for last year's Christmas Eve service. X_X I haven't had time with all the other games! I need to play games more often...
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  4. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    GBA: Pokemon Sapphire. Again, I've got a fairly ballanced team that will have moves to go with their stats.
    Pokemon Silver. I just HAD to replay this game.

    GC: SSB:M. I have to get better before my brother overtakes my greatness. Good as 20 characters and slowly improving.
    F-Zero GX. I just LOVE the Blood Falcon's vehicle for some reason, even though it handles like a 3 legged rhino.
    Soul Calibur 2. For the sake of it.
    Pokemon Colosseum. Breloom and Blaziken are at level 36 now.
  5. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Sonic Heroes - which is still Evail and incomplete.

    True Crime - though i havn't actually played it since i got off, just in the weeks before.

    Pokemon Colosseum - Finally beat that Evice bastard last night! It took a good bit of training though,

    Pokemon Fire Red - I've only played it about twice since the holidays but i'm in Fushcia now as opposed to being in the TR Hideout in Celadon as I left it.

    SSBM - I've been playing this a bit with my Bro, pretty much just to pass time - managed to unlock the odd thing though.

    Aaaand that's about it. I still need to complete Pokemon Ruby again at some point - sometime before Emerald but that can wait i suppose.
  6. Last night at 5:32 pm I beat Kingdom Hearts FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    LG: At the Elite four or five
    RU: Trying to beat Norman
    Mario DS: Fooling aroung with the mini games
    SSBM: Trying to get Mewtwo and GameandWatch because my memory card got messed up.
  7. Need for speed underground 2: Must...win...races...
    Soul Caliber 2: Fun fun.
    LG: Damn you E4 pt.2.
    FFX: Bought it a few days ago after selling my first copy over 3 months ago. So close....have to beat the final boss....Been playing blitzball alot...it beats playing football.
    Prince of persia: sands of time: Seen an advert for "The warriors within" and it looked cool but i thought i'd try sands of time first and it kicks ass.
    Colloseum: Stupid purify needing pokemon >:| i want Ho-oh damnit.
    GTA: San andreas: My need to kill, she is great.

    Ok off to eat some christmas food, plus i can't remember any more games :p.
  8. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    New list since... uh, 5 hours ago:

    Sonic Heroes: Really good game, and I've mastered switching character.
    Minish Cap: Booya, I LOVE this game.
  9. My siblings and I got an XBox for Christmas so we've been playing a ton of multiplayer Halo 2 today. ^_^
  10. On January 10, The Minish Cap is mine! Yay!

    DS: Super Mario 64 DS - I've got every Star now but the Red Coin Star and Switch Star in Bowser in the Sky, and seven Castle Secret Stars.

    GBA: Pokémon LeafGreen Version - My Venusaur is starting to like me more...15 more days until The Minish Cap...

    GC: Mario Party 6 - The microphone is used so little in this game, I could've rented it and not missed it a bit... :?
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  11. My sister got MP6 just 'because it had a microphone'. :p

    Tales of Symphonia- Lloyd is SO funny!
    Baten Kaitos- Mmmmmm. Voiceovering is a tad cheesy, but the graphics are so cool. And winged people are pimpin'. :p
    Animal Crossing- Once you've started playing, you're a slave to this game.
  12. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

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    Animal Crossing makes you its bitch XD
    I turned my copy of it on just to get my gift from Jingle and everyone yelled at me for being away for three months. My mail box was also full with Birthday presents... So many weeds x.x

    My update:

    La Pucelle Tactics - 37 hours. b00yah!

    Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga - Only three hours in so far. Pretty fun game, but switching rapidly back and forth between the A and B buttons cramps my thumb. Battling also puts my blood pressure up. Personally I'd rather a laid back, puzzle-style RPG than this type :p

    *Cries* I've misplaced Pokemon Colosseum and it has one of my memory cards in the case ;_;
  13. Just use your underrated game radar. I'm sure it'll pick it up in a flash!

    DS: w00t, Super Mario 64 DS is completed and over. 150 Power Stars, of course. Would I settle for any less?

    GBA: Back to LeafGreen. My Venusaur is developing trust in me (Yeah, yeah, I hardly ever play, okay?)

    GC: Okay, I'm starting to love Mario Party 6. Star Sprint in Mic Mode is soooo much fun, and there's something...desirable...about saving up the Stars for everything in the Star Bank. Maybe it's just because I've never owned a Mario Party game before.
  14. Well it's crazy I'm addicted to NCAA Football 2003 lol I've been playing it for the past 2 monthes I'm on like my 15th season as head coach now of West Michigan since I keep getting fired from running the score up. But I have produced a NC each season I've coached.

    Otherwise Tales of Symphonia takes my time I'm on my 2nd or 3rd playthrough (believe 2nd) but it's been about 3 weeks since I've played that.

    Also the original Pokemon games have once again taken over my life (darn Pokemon Red)(yes the gameboy ones :p ) I was on an advance wars kick for awhile but my mind got tired of strategy games. I've actually played a few games of Pokemon on PBS and Netbattle. (I still like PBS but trying to find people to play on PBS is hard nowadays) I have to say for pure RBY pokemon PBS is the way to go :p. I have to say I may go out and buy La Pucelle Tactics today. I mean for 25 dollars it's a good buy. Actually I'm torn between it and Disgaea.

    I really need to go out and buy more games but i barely have time for them anymore :(

    Actually Baten Kaitos is pretty fun for any non believers it's a a turn absed battle system that uses cards that your weapons are stored in :p.

    I also still gotta kill Kuja in FF:IX

    So when i get time to actually play games I believe I'm gonna finish up FF:IX
  15. NonAnalogue

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    New games. I am now working on Ridge Racer DS and Final Fantasy I+II.
  16. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

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    $25!? That's still cheap even in Canadian funds! I bought my copy of it used for $55. Damn you! :p

    La Pucelle was a pretty good game, and considering that Disgaea came after it I say buy 'em in order. That's what I plan to do anyways ^^

    Speaking of which, beat La Pucelle Tactics yesterday! w00t! Now I must buy Disgaea. Tactics battle systems are just so good @__@

    Also restarted playing Skies of Arcadia Legends. This time I plan to keep on playing until I beat it... After that, gonna start Star Ocean 3. I've never played anything from the series before so I hope it lives up to everyone's praise.
  17. Star Sprint is the suckiest Mic game, if you ask me. I think Speak Up pwnz. :D Especially when the judges mishear your answer. That's always ridiculous. :p
  18. The original Star Ocean ='s the best. Sadly my main disappointment with SO3 was that you have to unlock full active battle mode which after playing ToS made me think of SO3 in disgrace. Also I hate the fact you die for running out of MP never a factor in an SO game before. I will say this though the original Star Ocean felt rushed at the end so I really wish Tri-ace would make a director's cut of it.

    Star Ocean 2 was fun to play and both it and 1 were funner games than 3 in my oppinion. The story of 3 is awesome after it gets going. So if you like story active games then you will eventually like SO3.

    Well I think I'll definitley go out and get La Pucelle now. Yea I love tactical RPG's that use a system familiar to Tactics Ogre and from what I've seen La Pucelle seems to use something similar to that. Damn I realize I have to finish up TO for GBA I'm at the very end of it too. I wish they'd make another FF Tactics game for GBA or DS hehe I love portable strat games to bad me playing them all the time takes up the batteries too quick. Bleh having to recharge so soon. Guess I can play on my computer with emulaties (then I'd have to restart sadly.) Damn I really have to finish up Dragon Quest V again it's like the best in the series.
  19. If you love portable strategy games, you don't want to miss Fire Emblem. If you've already played it, then keep your eyes open for the release of Fire Emblem 2!
  20. Yea I've already played through fire emblem.

    Well I'm now addicted to La Pucelle Tactics. Damn I'm sorta getting confused with all that purification stuff though. Man for awhile in chapter 2 I was getting pwned. I wish I understood the miracle circle thingies but I really don't. All I know is how to is battle pretty much. It is becoming easier to purify stuff nwo that I have an extra character to purify stuff. Maybe I oughta jsut get sucked into the dark world.

    Leveling up doesn't take long really but I really don't think I can handle dark world monsters.
  21. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Believe me, purification is easier than it looks. Everyone who watches the game is intimidated by it until they understand the workings ;)

    A few basic things you have to remember:
    A) The directions your characters or monsters on the screen face directs the dark energy flow. Position characters around the map so that they form a 15+ block ciricle (meaning it HAS to enclose at some point, not necessarily the starting point). When you create a Miracle, all monsters on the path and within the box get damaged. You don't gain normal EXP, but it helps to clear out tough maps.

    B) New monsters entering a stage can be a pain in the side, so always try to purify every portal you can (espeically those with entering monsters). If anything, learn to do this before creating Miracles. The Miracle system was simply put in place as a gimmick, and even though you gain purfication points at the end of battle it does not directly effect the outcomes of chapters (aka. ignore it if you want). Purifying single portals on the other hand is a must, unless you want to be invaded.

    C) Portals that take a lot of power to purify can often contain strong items, so if you see one that's outrageously powerful try purifying it to see what you get. Near the end of the game I got so many expensive/powerful weapons and armors it wasn't funny.

    And that's my 1-minute crash course on purifying ^^

    Since the majority of you are solely Ninty players this is meaningless, but if you own a PS2 and like tactics games I recommend this series of games (La Pucelle, Disgaea, Phantom Brave) to everyone :D (Except possibly Anime haters...)
  22. Strangely chapter 3 seems alot easier than chapter 1 and 2 lol.

    I'm gonna have to go through this game again already whenever I finish it just so I can get all good endings. I never knew there were different endings until I got a normal ending on chapter 1 and a good ending on chapter 2. I'm guessing the endings depend on how many of those red squares you activate and how many maps you clear. I love the story so far something tells me it has soemthing to do with fighting religion lol. Thats really all I know so far. How come there's always something to do with religion in S/RPGs.

    Phantom Brave is a great game in it's won right it breaks apart from the grid-lock map system. Disagaea will probably be my next game I purchase maybe it'll go down to 29.99 soon.

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