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DPPt/HGSS what are evs

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Lefttorightsidespin, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. excuse me for my ignorance but what are evs ? ???
    im not sure about what nature to use as well
    as i know practically zero about them
    so its the natures and ev spread as you call them
    im actually letting you guys decide for me

    im thinking of a team for the battle pyramid and i wonder if this could work

    Gardevior@Lum Berry

    Ability : Synchronize

    Calm Mind
    Magical Leaf

    lum berry and synchronize work well together, sort of like making your opponent's attack bounce back at them. teleport will help me escape from wild pokemon battles in case i cant handle them. And does magical leaf always hit ? how much base power does it have ? ???

    Altaria@Shell Bell

    Ability : Natural Cure

    Dragon Dance
    Dragon Claw

    With dragon dance altaria is going to do alot of damage which will help with shell bell restoring its HP. Im planning of using altaria as my lead so if it gets a negative status infliction i'll switch it out and then teleport away if gardevior.

    Linoone@Focus Band

    Ability : Pickup

    Belly Drum
    Odur Sleuth

    Linoone will be picking up items for the team, thats the main reason why i choose him.
    belly drum will max his attack, so at least i can use him in case he's cornered. and focus band will at least increase the chances of linoones survivability after a belly drum. odur sleuth is for double teamers and surf is in case anyone's defenses are very high can type coverage for ghosts and rock types
  2. Well, Natures are here: http://www.pokecharms.com/forums/index.php?topic=4070.0 and EV's are explained here: http://www.pokecharms.com/forums/index.php?topic=4259.0 (as are IV's). That's pretty much all I can help you with as I'm not a competitive battler, but I must just ask one question: Why does your Gardevoir have Teleport?
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    Lefttorightsidespin, Teleport is completely redundant on Gardevoir. If you're fighting wild Pokémon, you can give your lead a Smoke Ball which ALWAYS lets you get out of wild battles unscathed. If you're fighting anything else... you can't flee anyway, so Teleport is rendered useless and you've wasted a move slot.

    Also, almost all of your questions can be answered very simply by reading the stickies in this forum, and also by consulting Bulbapedia. If you want to find out what anything in the Pokémon world is or does, look there. For example, the effects of Magical Leaf can be found here. All of your other questions are left as an exercise for the reader.
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  4. KoL

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    Kindly try to use some sort of grammar when posting Lefty, it makes things much easier to read. Also, since there is wild Pokemon inside the Battle Pyramid, Teleport will find some use (albeit not much if your team is any good.)

    Your movesets, oddly, are getting there, but aren't quite there. Here's a few changes:

    - Gardevoir's hold item is very situational. Even though it combos well with Synchronize, it relies on your opponent hitting you with status. I'm assuming this is for Emerald, so Thunderbolt is a very good option over Teleport (which you shouldn't need if you're any good really,) and Salac Berry for the hold item can kick ass.

    - Shell Bell is pretty crap for a hold item - it gets outstripped by Leftovers unless you do over 50% HP damage to your opponent every single turn, which is very, very difficult to accomplish. Leftovers alone would be better. Also, if this is Gen III, Dragon Claw is a Special attack and is unaffected by Dragon Dance. Aerial Ace or Return will be more useful, although Dragon Claw can fit in over Refresh (which is very spare on this set.)

    - Linoone would be much better off with Shadow Ball over Surf, since Shadow Ball is physical in Gen III and thus gets a nice boost from Belly Drum. Return over Strength is a must, and thanks to Shadow Ball you don't need Odor Sleuth anymore - any move can do in this slot though, since Linoone doesn't have a lot as far as moves go.

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