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What Animal, or Creature would you like to see, as a Pokémon?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Rio1ink, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Rio1ink

    Rio1ink Formerly Derpy Lucario

    What Animal, or Creature would you like to see as a Pokémon?
    Me myself would like to see Capricorn as a Pokémon. One because It is my zodiac, and Two is because It already looks like a monster, so I'd like to see how GameFreak would make it even more monster-ier.

    (Edit: Please, do not post people's work uncredited and without their permission)
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  2. I'd like to see a Dark/Bug type Cockroach pokémon. It could have great defenses, since cockroaches are very hardy bugs. And a Water type Dolphin wich would be very fast.
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  3. I would also like to see a Pokemon based of Capricorn, because I’m also a Capricorn in the zodiac XD I’d also like Pokemon based of the other zodiac signs, like Sagittarius, Leo or Pisces. They could do a eeveelution type thing were a Pokemon could evolve into one of the zodiac signs, if you understand what I mean XD
    An Ice/Water Pokemon based on a Beluga Whale would also be really cool, or a Water/Dark Pokemon based on a Sperm Whale.
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  4. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Dolphins were always high up on my list, and still are. I'm surprised we don't have one yet, too! But eventually, maybe. Hopefully. *crosses fingers*

    I agree that Pokemon based off the zodiac would be cool~ I remember seeing some fanmons of them in the past and just thinking about it again makes me really hopeful they'll be a thing.

    One other thing I really want as a Pokemon is the Qilin/Kirin (not the giraffe, the east Asian mythical creature). I'm not sure what typing it'd be, though being part dragon wouldn't be a surprise.
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  5. I think it would be awesome if there was a aneater Pokémon! But the thing is that it would eat Pokémon....
  6. XenoRed

    XenoRed Formerly Charizard F

    Maybe a penguin that is water/ice pokemon.
  7. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Heatmor isn't an anteater?
  8. I didn't even notice that XD so there already is a Pokemon like that :p
  9. mhairigood

    mhairigood Likes Trains

    I'd love to see a train pokémon. Steel/Fire type.
    Mmm, yes - this would please me greatly.
  10. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    You know, I'm willing to swear we already have a thread like this. But since I can't find it right now I'll let this one be - if I'll find it, this will be merged into it.

    Also, SquirtleLover: Pokémon already eat other Pokémon and always have. Also, we do have an anteater Pokémon - and an ant, to boot.

    But yeah. Back on topic. There is an effload of fascinating creatures on this planet that totally deserve some kind of Pokémon representation, and here's a few examples:

    The Bombardier Beetle

    Those of you who know me probably expected these things to be the first creature I'd mention, if only because they practically already are Pokémon. Bombardier Beetles are known for their rather unique defense mechanism - when threatened, they pump two different chemicals (hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide, if you care) from two different reservoirs in their abdomen to a reaction chamber at the tip of their abdomen. These chemicals react with each other and assorted enzymes lining the reaction chamber's walls in an immensely exothermic manner - producing a noxious, boiling jet of fluid which the beetle uses as a defensive weapon.


    In other words, nature basically invented Scald - even though as a Pokémon I can totally imagine this thing as a Bug/Fire instead.

    More Spiders, Damnit

    I'm one of the few people out there who firmly believe that spiders are amazing, adorable creatures and that there should be more of them.

    "But we already have Ariados and Galvantula", I hear you cry, to which I retort "Yes, yes, shut up, there's an ass-load of canine Pokemon and fish pokemon and I don't see you complaining about those."

    But okay, I'll bite. if Spinarak/Ariados represent more web-spinning sedentary species and Joltik/Galvantula represent active hunters like Jumpies and Tarantulas, how about we pull some of the odder denizens of the arachnid realm.

    For example - how about a Bug/Water that doesn't lose its typing for something boring? Enter Argyroneta aquatica, the Diving Bell Spider - the only spider to spend all of its life underwater. It carries its air supply with it - using specialized hair on its abdomen and legs to trap bubbles of air which it uses to breathe when on the move (that is why their abdomen appears silvery in this picture - that's the air bubble around it). Diving Bell spiders build complicated 'diving bell' webs that are filled with air and their structure allows gas exchange with the surrounding water - that is to say, Oxygen diffuses in, CO2 diffuses out - like an artificial gill of sorts. The smaller females (an unusual thing for spiders, where the females are usually larger) live within their bell webs for most of their lives whereas the males are larger and are more active hunters (though they do construct diving bell webs as well, theirs tend to be smaller and require less air shifts).


    Or how about the Mirror Spiders of the Genus Thwaitesia? Their abdomens are lined with reflective 'scales' which they may change in size depending on how threatened they feel they are - can you imagine the potential of this for say, Mirror Shot or even Solar Beam?

    bay-2.jpg bay-3.jpg

    Or take, for example, the net-casting spiders or ogre-faced spiders of the family Deinopidae. Rather than building orb webs or pinning their prey down, these nocturnal spiders have developed the cunning strategy of spinning a web between their front legs and lying in wait for prey to pass by - which they then proceed to pounce on with their nets extended and ensnare. Perhaps one that specializes in trapping moves?

    Damon Wilder-Net-casting Spider-3-Resized.jpg

    And if none of these are weird enough for you, try the Assassin Spiders, also known as Spidnucks and Pelican Spiders (Because of their specialized 'necked' cephalothorax and long chelicera). Little is known about these tiny, weird little things - except for the fact they almost exclusively feed on other spiders. Most of what is known can be found in this rather excellent article. Hell, look at these things - their weird alien form alone would warrant a Pokémon - maybe even a Bug/Dragon of some sort, for the hell of it? ^^


    Eh. I can dream, Harold!

    But yes, excuse me for gushing about spiders. Let's see some other creatures then, shall we... preferably before I remember MORE spiders.

    Or how about some unusual sea creatures?

    And since I'm already on arthropods - how about the largest terrestrial arthropod, the Coconut Crab? Essentially giant hermit crabs on steroids, their larvae are aquatic and their young live in gastropod shells like other hermit crabs - but the adults are fully terrestrial and can actually drown if immersed in water for too long. They are quite strong and largely feed on fruit, but they do feed on carrion and occasionally opportunistically hunt. They come in a variety of colors and are really goddamn big. Do not attack their weak points for massive damage.


    Or what about about Giant isopods? these lovely deep-sea relatives of the common pillbug (though they cannot curl up like one!) are about the size of a cat and have seriously shiny eyes. They could evolve from a smaller roly-poly isopod, of course - but there is a vast variety of interesting creatures that they could be related to.


    Like, for example, the Sea Sapphire, a translucent copepod with some form of iridescent plating which makes them appear as vague sparkles when light hits them just right, like some kind of active-camoflaged wizardry.


    And if we're already undersea, how about certain species of Polychaete worms, such as the Bobbit Worm or even the mysterious deep sea genus Tomopteris that is probably the closest thing to a Skyrim Ice Wraith we can get on this planet?

    tumblr_mm5ktw21EM1qdlh1io1_400.gif tumblr_mhgp8ddugE1rgfqxxo1_250.gif

    Or how about - *is dragged away before he drowns the thread with this post alone.*

    Next time I'll cover some Tetrapods too, I promise. <<;
  11. Thomas Runner

    Thomas Runner Formerly Wolf Spirit

    I'd like to see more bug/flying type pokemon, maybe a mosquito, it'll have large wings, and a long, long........................there will be a lot more "long"'s, but a REALLY long nose
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  12. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator


    Butterfree, Scyther, Mega Pinsir, Ledyba, Ledian, Yanma, Beautifly, Masquerain, Ninjask, Mothim, Combee, Vespiquen, Yanmega, Vivillon...

    We do not need more fucking Bug/Flying types.
  13. FalChromiforme

    FalChromiforme Formerly Aurora Beam

    those and the white-tailed tropicbird need to happen. . .
  14. There should be more pokémon based on ancient animals. A mosasaur or a saberthoot cat. They could be one of a new pair of fossil pokémon.
  15. A bug/fairy! Like a moth or a big cute bumblebee! ♥
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  16. There isn't a dolphin Pokemon yet....

    Gorebyss is kinda close, but I think it's an eel ;P
    Alsoo, I would like to see another Hippo Pokemon... I know there is one, but I still want one that I like :T

    KOALA! Yes a koala! Why isn't there a grass-type koala yet?
    Oh, and a goat Pokemon so I can name it Sata- I mean Gompers........... Yeah.........
    And a kangaroo that can BOX! Not the normal type old Kanghaskan we all know and love, but a real kangaroo with boxing gloves.... Dojaroo?? Huh? Huh? No? Okay...... You knwo you like the name.. Okay I'll stop.
  17. Snow leopard or leopard
  18. I wouldn't mind seeing a Pokemon based on the Rosy Maple Moth - this little fella right here. It would definitely be a Fairy or Fairy/Bug typing.


    Aside from that, a Ghost/Steel animatronic Pokemon would be cool. I may or may not be referencing Five Night's there, but hey. It'd be a very beneficial typing, too - but it should be a little more straightforward than Aegislash.

    I want a Hot Spring Pokemon with a Water/Fire typing, a Forest Fire Pokemon with a Fire/Grass typing, and a Swamp Land Pokemon with a Grass/Water typing.
  19. Mine is a relatively simple choice, compared to some of the exotic creatures that everyone has been asking for.

    The Earthworm

    This adorable fella, despite being such a common creature and often a subject for small creature collectors of all ages, has so far evaded having any sort of pokémon to represent it. Sooner or later, that will have to change, and I when it does, I'd expect to see it be a Bug/Ground type. And I hope it'll be the next monolithic sized pokemon.

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  20. Dang it I mispronounced the question!
  21. tumblr_ndv6jwfx671rhavdko1_r1_500.png
    This sounds like it would make an awesome Fairy/Grass or Psychic/Grass Pokemon.
  22. A dolphin! Please Game Freak! Stop it with all of the bird Pokemon!
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  23. Jhan Garc

    Jhan Garc Formerly AkenabeShiro

    What about...sting rays? Or another shark? The Megalodon? A Diemetradon? Man,I love this topic already.
  24. Just take a wild guess.
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  25. i want an ice/fire type pokemon
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  26. I'd like to see the next fossils be based on prehistoric mammals, myself.
  27. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I have always, always wanted a Gryphon Pokemon. Yes it'd probably be Ground/Flying and therefore cursed with the mega-Ice weakness but I wouldn't care. I'm surprised there isn't a Gryphon Pokemo
  28. I thought of that this morning,but I want a 2 stage strawberry pokemon like cherubi and cherrim,I just want more fruit based pokemon,like a banana,oh and a grass type gym like a hawaii beach hut....plz:angel:
  29. I want a Dolphin pokemon like everyone else! but I would like a Jackrabbit + antlers. A Jackalope. Or may be a Koala, Kangaroo or Echidina. I would aslo like an Electric/Dark Pokemon.
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  30. I'd love to see Game Freak really utilize the vast number of dragons and give us some unique types. Grass/Dragon, or Fighting/Dragon for example. Also a most black dragons spew acid. Please give me a Poison/Dragon type that isn't Dreggalge. (Or whatever it's called)

    I'd also like to maybe see a Pegasus or something Medusa like. Otherwise I just want interesting type combos like Fairy/Dark or Poison/Psychic
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  31. Personally, I would love to see like Rapidash get a Mega and become a Pegasus or Alicorn. I mean, when I was playing Diamond way back when, I wanted my Rapidash to evolve further to be a pegasus so bad. So If GameFreak give Rapidash a Mega (It has to have wings), I would definitely use it.
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  32. I'm hoping for some sort of Poison-type komodo dragon.
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  33. I'd want to see either a Minotaur
    Or a weiner dog
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  34. I want to see a Grass/Fire type. Maybe its design will relate to wildfires or something idk. Also, I don't care what it looks like but..........POISON TYPE LEGENDARY GAMEFREAK!!! NOW!!!

    And I just realized that there hasn't been a dolphin or koala based Pokémon yet. I wouldn't mind seeing one in the new games. Especially a Koala. I mean we have a panda, polar bear, and I think Ursaring is like a grizzly bear.
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  35. I'll say it flat out. I want a Stegosaurus prehistoric pokemon of rock/grass or a new horse that evolves into a pegasus and is not a fire or electric type. Maybe Flying/Fairy. I mostly want more dinosaurs (seriously, only two each game generation is depressing if you don't count Relicanth and Aerodactyl)
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  36. Okay not an animal but I want to see more pokemon with the parental bond ability,but can someone help me with the animal????
  37. I'm surprised there hasn't been a Pokemon based on the Araripe Manakins they are very rare and special birds also it has a very cool design which could make the Pokemon very cool
  38. Id like to see a beta fish pokemon and its type being water/fighting :)
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  39. Here are some animals I'd like to see turned into pokemons:

    1. Red panda
    Reason: it is so cute
    Type: fire or fire/something

    2 . dolphin
    Reason: we really need one
    Type: water/psychic

    3 . Saber tooth tiger
    Reason: mammal fossil needed
    Type: ice/rock

    4 . Koala, kangaroo and platypus starters
    Reason: cuteness over 9000
    Types: grass for koala, fire for kangaroo and water for platypus

    Time for some mythical creatures:

    1 . Fenrir
    Reason: out of loki's 3 children I think he is the coolest
    Type: I have nothing, maybe steel?

    2 . Bassilisk
    Reason: giant snake with poison on steroids and can kill you if you look at it, enough said
    Type: poison/dragon

    3 . Manticore
    Reason: a giant lion with bat wings and scorpion tail sounds intresting
    Type: poison/flying

    Legendary pokemon (more mythology):

    1. Typhoon and echidna
    Reason: Typhoon the father of all monsters and echidna the mother of all monsters
    Type: both poison/dragon

    2. Dionysus
    Reason: good potential for psychic/grass
    Type: already mentioned

    3 . Sun wu kong (the monkey king)
    Reason: the trickery pokemon???
    Type: fighter

    4. Efritt
    Reason: had to add something from my religion
    Type: fire/ground, ghost/ground or fire/ghost

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