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Ask to Join Werewolf and Meif'wa High School

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by WolfyPop, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. So everyone! This is an rp where you are a Werewolf or Meif'wa in high school (Meif'was are cat versions of Werewolves)! This is the form:

    Age: (15-17)
    W or M?:


    1. No godmodding.
    2. Ask someone to be in the same dorm as you.
    3. Romance is allowed.
    4. Violence is not allowed, unless it is just a fight.


    Name: Astral Kanzaron
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    W or M?: Werewolf
    Personality: Astral is an antisocial girl, she does not have many friends, but she is loyal and kind.
    Appearance: Astral has red eyes, she has light blue hair going down to black, she has bangs covering her eyes. She wears the usual school uniform with white boots, and she has a black wolf tail. Her wolf form is black with red eyes.
    Dorm: 24
    Other: Cookies

    I will start the roleplay when we have 5 people in!
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  2. If this RP gets to be too much for me, I swear I'm actually gonna cry. xD

    Name: Dagmara Regala (goes my Mara)
    Gender: female
    Age: 15
    W or M?: meif'wa
    Personality: Mara isn't as rebellious as she first seems. Usually only taking risks when only a small form of punishment is involved (for example, her boots), she can be quite the talker. Always one to take one for the team, she will even put her life on the live if it meant saving someone else's. (Well, most of the time, anyway.)
    Appearance: Standing at around 4'11", Dagmara could definitely be skinnier, but she's not quite considered fat. Her skin is not quite pale, but not quite tanned, either, if that makes sense. With brunette hair cut in layers that falls down to the slightest bit below her shoulders, left-part bangs falling over her lighter, right eye, she usually wears the school uniform, but the shirt's unbuttoned, a grey tank-top exposed, and slipper boots (that look like this) cover her feet. (She tries to get away with this as much as possible.) Her right eye is a sky blue, while her left is closer to navy. Grey-white cat ears protrude from the top of her head, and a fluffy cat tail sprouts from her bottom. (I based her off of this picture.) When transformed, her cat form is as dark brown as her hair, ears and tail their own grey-white, and her eyes stay the same color as usual.
    Dorm: 29
    Other: Oh man, I could really go for some cookies right now. >w< Oh, and Mara speaks in a German accent!
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  3. Nice! You are accepted! By the way, Werewolves and Meif'was can change into their animal forms whenever they want! So your character can have her ears and tail anyway! :)
  4. Ah. Cool! I'll change that, then. Thanks a bunch!
  5. Oh yeah! I should say what my wolf form looks like! Editing THAT!
  6. Ahhhhhhh......both my characters fit werewolf but i really want to try out Meif'wa! ahhh *ten nervous breakdowns later*

    Name: Sakiya Hana Sabishi
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    W or M?: Werewolf
    Personality: Can I make this up as we go? If not, I'll put out that she's usually reserved and talkative when people speak of her ideals.
    Appearance: She wears regular school uniform with gray wolf ears protruding out of her gray hair along with a gray tail. A gray, fluffy, wolf tail. Her eyes are blue and if she manages to control it enough, her hair is naturally brown. In her wolf form, her blue eyes are more blood-shot and is an Alaskan Tundra Wolf. Sorry for jumbling up my words, late at night.
    Dorm: 21
    Other: She wears a turquoise amulet around her neck to control her forms, and only occasionally. Also, cookies! Oh, and she speaks in a Japanese accent!
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  7. Not accepted, You have not read the rules.
  8. Sorry! Fixed now, I knew one RP I joined had rules and forgot which...oops.
    I'd slap myself if I wasn't typing.
  9. Ok, now you are accepted :)
  10. Name: Ace
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    W or M?: WereWolf
    Personality: Ace is mostly independent, not wanting to hang out with most wolfs or Meif'wa, being a bit Paranoid here and there.
    Appearance: Ace has a gray fur on his tail and ears. Though he has something only a few wolfs have, twin tails (Is that a thing? Can I do that?) He's a bit paranoid about it. He also has Red eyes and Black Hair.
    Dorm: 25
  11. Lol accepted. Do any of you guys wanna be in dorm 24 with my character?
  12. I could be, if you'd like! It's only two to a dorm, right?
  13. Doesn't matter to me, as long as life goes on!

    You can force her into other dorms, too, Sakiya's pretty good at living with people. Well, no, but not my point.
  14. ...What? Only 3 replies and I'm already confused.@.@
  15. Yeah, two in a dorm :)
  16. Well Im the only Male Character, soo ill wait for another.
  17. So when will the RP be up, and Im thinking you were inspired to do this from Aphmau?
  18. When we have five rpers. :)
  19. K, hopefully the next one is male :nom:
  20. Man, I wanna see this thing up! Don't mean to rush anything, though. I'm just super excited! >w<

    Oh, and I was wondering if I could maybe make another OC to use? I kinda wanna make a werewolf, now that I have a meif'wa...
  21. Sorry, but 1 character per person.
  22. Alright, that's fine. Thanks anyway!
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  23. Well, for one, I agree with Ringmaster. Id like the see thw RP go up, as Im eager for some RPing right about now.

    Besides, People can join later on in the RP.
  24. True, but I need one more person THEN I will start the rp, sorry guys.
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  25. *Holds Up Sign *
    (If anyone is offended by this I'll remove it. Just having some fun.)

    Attention Peoples of The Land Down Under, Posh Land, 'Merica Land and Other Places:
    We Need YOU! To help us RP. Donate to the cause by signing up. Thank you!
  26. Maybe we could ask some people if they'd like to join? Definitely don't wanna rush things, though. It's your call.
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  27. Name: Josh Khione
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    W or M?: Meif'wa
    Personality: Josh is fun-loving and would most likely be the first to start a snowball fight. That is usually how he is unless he's around people he doesn't know very well, to whom he goes "cold" as his friends have dubbed it. Josh knows when it's time to be serious and will kick the butt of anyone who hurts his friends.
    Appearance: Josh has unusual white hair and his eyes are an icy blue. He wears the school uniform with black combat boots, much to the dismay of some. His cat form has white fur and icy blue eyes as well.
    Dorm: 22
    Other: Cookies.
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  29. Whew! We can finally start! :D
  30. Yeeeeeeet~! xD
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  31. So, uh... Are we gonna start? :S
  32. It's been forever since I've gotten a notification, thanks for just making me that less stressed...

    But yeah, are we going to start yet?
  33. Name: jess
    Gender: female
    Age: 16
    W or M: werewolf
    Personality: extremely shy and always in the background so hide in his room from as long as possible
    Appearance: is always in dark clothes with black hair with a purple line in his hair. Here werewolf form he is completely black
    Other: cookies and is slightly depressed
  34. Lol, what ever happened to this?
  35. I think I've been waiting for you to post, mate! xD
  36. Wait, Whaaaaaa? Was the thread already posted @.@

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