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Open Welcome, To the PokeVerse!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Zipz, Jan 2, 2019.

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  1. Maegan smiled at the boy and his Chinchou. "Uhhh...sure. I would love for you to sh-show me around. The name's Maegan. And this handsome boy right here-" She scratched the Litten's chin- "is Venalex."
  2. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    "That's a great name! Well anyway as you can see on the far right side is the Lake. Usually there are just Magikarps but at the bottem is a Sharpedo! On the top right side is the PokeMart and the PokeCenter! Then we have Some houses! Then after the houses is the PokeStadium! This is where we fight Pokemon! I call it a Village but....Its more like a city! After all it is pretty small!" Said Zipz "But that's a tour for ya!" Then Zipz waved goodbye and started to head East. Where the next town was!
  3. Maegan hesitated before following Zipz. "H-Hey, wait up!!! C-Can I, ummm...maybe...j-join you?" She stuttered nervously. "I-I mean, if you would like to have me along, that is." She sighed. "It's just that...I don't like being left alone...and, well...I really like your Chinchou!!! And Venalex seems to have taken a shine to you!" As if to agree, the Fire Type jumped off of her shoulders and padded up to Zipz, purring.
  4. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    "Well...I guess a little company would hurt!" Said Zipz "Now come on! We have to get to Yult City!" then Zipz walked on towards route 1 to start his adventure with Maegan. "Well what are you waiting for? Lets go!" Said Zipz as he ran towards Maegan and began pulling on her arm. Forcing her to move on "We have- to- go now!" Said Zipz grunting "The- Lab at- The city- wants to- give me an egg!" Chinchou began pulling at Meagans arm too but since he was small it did nothing
  5. Maegan started to walk beside Zipz, smiling widely. "You're getting an egg?? How cool!!!" She started jogging. "C'mon!!! If you want that egg, we'd better hurry!!!"
  6. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    "I guess?" Said Zipz "Hey wait up for me!" Then the two trainers ran off to get Zipz egg "Some say its another electric type!" Said Zipz panting "I personally want a Pichu!" said Zipz still jogging
    "Chinchou! Chin" Said Chinchou "Chinchou Chinchou!"
    "Or a Rockruff! I would want that aswell!" Said Zipz "To be honest, I don't know what I want!"
  7. "Well, if I were you, I would want an Eevee!!! They are one of the best Pokémon out there!!! N-Not saying that any of the ones you listed are bad!!! All Pokémon are awesome!!!" She giggled nervously. "But I like Eevee best out of all the Normal-Types."
  8. (Sorry I was away for a while)

    As Anwar was walking after the others, He noticed a little figure sitting on a Rock, a Bellsprout was sleeping. As a group of Ariados and Sevipers surrounded it
  9. Oliver saw a Litten and cried, “Litty!” He ran over and sent out Pablo, so he could meet it. “PoLO?” It said, confused.
  10. Venalex noticed the Popplio and smiled toothily. "Litten!!!" He chirped, sniffing at it curiously.
    Maegan smiled. "Oh, hi!!! I'm Maegan!!! And this tough handsome guy here is Venalex."
  11. Oliver smiled and tried to pronounce the Littens name, but failed miserably. “Ve...nu.....lu...ax...ven...ven.....Ven!” He said, happily. “Ven...meet Pablo!” He said, as Pablo smiled. “Blo...Bopolo.” (This is Ollie. He cant talk very well). He explained to Venalex, smiling as he did.
  12. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    "Oh? Hey Oliver!" Said Zipz "We were just going to Yult city! Want to tag in? I heard that there's a gym there aswell!"
    "Chinchou! Chin!" Said Chinchou out loud "Chou chin!" Chinchou splashed around furiously not wanting to wait
    "Chinchou! Calm down!" Said Zipz "We don't have much time so you have to make this decision quick! And We don't have enough time BECAUSE! I have to obtain an Egg from Prof. Palms lab!"
  13. He nodded at the two, smiling happily. "Yay! City!" He cheered, as Pablo cheered along with him. They both loved travling, so they were really excited.
  14. Maegan beamed at the boy and his Popplio. "Ven and I were joining him. We can all go together!!!"
  15. "Yay! Together!" The child said, as Pablo jumped into Oliver's head. " we are gonna have so much fun! " Oliver exclaimed.
  16. "Yeah!!!" The girl cheered. "And who knows, maybe we can find lots of wild Pokémon and make them our friends!!!" Venalex seemed to like that idea, letting out an excited yowl.
  17. "Yeah, let's go!" Exclaimed Anwar Running Ahead
  18. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    (Oof. Sorry I was a little late A.K.A a lot late replying! SSBU got me excited!)

    "Well we have to go!" Said Zipz "That egg is not gonna hatch itself!" Then Zipz ran into the Grass finding...Starly's and Zigzagoons
    "Chinchou! Chin!" Said Chinchou "Chinchou!"
    "Guys come on! We gotta go!" Said Zipz "Guyss!"
  19. Maegan ran alongside the boys, her Litten bounding along with her. "Yay!!!!!!!"
  20. As Anwar was running around, a Mankey popped up next to him and stole his backpack. "Whoa! A mankey, I'm gonna catch it" exclaimed Anwar!
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