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Ask to Join Welcome To The Moriduno Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Suixo, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Hi Im Professor . Ottouo ( ot_two_woo_) ! This is the Moriduno region full of Pokemon and wonders ! With new Pokemon and great new opportunities for new trainers ! With cool days in the vast plains and cold dark nights in the Ido ( e _ do _ ) trees ! Welcome to this Rp you can P . M me to join by giving me the trainer name and existing Pokemon personality and appearance ! Some new Pokemon as Slynx ( Sly_in-shx) The spotted bob cat Pokemon ! I will play as the professor in the first page talking about some of the new Pokemon and other things about the region . Now the rules 1. Be kind to each other 2. No OOC 3 . Keep it PG 13 4 . Read the rules for RP before playing 5 . Private message me only to give me your character For example my character Name Donny Personality :Relaxed Appearance:Blonde hair with a sweater and a silk neck scarf with bronze eyes Gender: Male Etc. ! 6 . Have fun ! Now go all out and give me your trainers and have fun with it !
  2. Now before Role play so people understand who my character is . Here before we start role playing don’t do what Im doing remember to P.M me your trainer ! Name : Sam Ukio Personality : Lazy Appearance : Brown hair with aqua blue eyes and a t- shirt with jeans and tennis shoes with a silk neck scarf . Gender:Male Pokemon: Sand shrew . Rp line rp under this line _________________________________________________________________________________________________
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