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Welcome to PRP Discussion~

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Sem, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Hiya. Okies, now, the purpose of this board should be fairly obvious thanks to the board's name, but here you go. In this board members can post up ideas for a Pokémon role play in order to see who is interested or if they would like some advice on their plot, or lack thereof. Really it is a place to discuss ideas. Not much more can be said than that XD

    Standard rules apply here. No spam, double posting, et cetera, et cetera.

    If you have any questions about the board or RP in general feel free to ask them here. Also. Topics here should only be for RPs that have not yet been posted on the main board. As soon as discussion is complete and the RP is posted the discussion thread will be locked. If you would like to discuss further with the people in your RP then you should utilize the PM system.
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  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Just wanted to poke this because that's not how we've been using the board. Y'think this bit of the description should be removed/rewritten?
  3. No, not making an RP here, just wanted to discuss RP related things. Figured this completely unused thread was a good place to do it.

    Talking in Kalseng's FoS RP had me thinking about ways to help keep RPs flowing (outside of whipping people when they're lazy of course). One such thing that can drag in an RP would be pokemon battles, especially if most participants have to wait while two of them drone on about an epicly long battle they're having. So I thought it would be interesting to discuss what sort of ways can be used to help keep battles in check.

    My suggestion, that I'll probably force people to use for some RP in the future, is when two participants are going head to head, they'll RP some attacks at each other for a few posts (3 or 5 would be ideal), and then the other members of the RP get to decide who will be the victor. How they decide the victor is entirely up them individually, and while the ideal trait for a victorious player would be the person who writes best, it can be for other factors (Popularity Contest!). And whoever has the most votes, gets to deliver the finishing blow and knock out their opponents pokemon. The loser then calls out their next pokemon and the cycle repeats (or the person loses, depending on what's happening in the RP). Of course, the main participants can choose to lose if they feel it is the right time, such as if their pokemon has been battling for too long.

    So what do you think, is this a good idea? Have your own ideas for facilitating battles? Or even have methods to organise other parts in RP (pokemon-related or what-not).
  4. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    My idea would be to get into chat and RP about the battle itself
    Post logs/modify them so they sort of fit or something

    Other things, though, include people just not posting in general and everyone basically waiting on them. Tailon's Digimon RP is an example of this; he ended up kicking people out/replacing people, and even then it's still at a standstill. And almost every RP I've been in has been subject to this. :<

    Maybe we could have an actual order for people to post in, so they feel obligated? Or a time limit/due date (like 2-3 weeks or something). I know it doesn't really work a lot, but just a thought. <<
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  5. I got a question: Is it possible to make a thread and post a discord chatroom link? Since I am running an RP on it and I need sign ups.
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  6. How do I make a Rp?
  7. To put it simply, you can click that Green button labelled "Create Thread". That's where you'll type up your RP.

    However, it's not as simple as just typing in "Pokeymans Jurney!!"

    You'd have to come up with a plot, something to start off on, other people interested in Roleplaying in that specific thread, and making sure it's all in compliance with the rules. That's is how to make an Rp.
  8. Well as someone who mainly roleplays as a Pokemon I notice that there are a lot more trainer rps then Pokemon rps. This annoys me but there is really nothing I can do but wait for an actual Pokemon rp to show up. I would personally think it would be nice if there were separate threads for trainer and Pokemon trainer and Pokemon role plays. And when I do find a Pokemon rp it is mostly inactive.
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  9. Can someone explain to me why eeveelution rps are made. I know it is not ment for originality because they are one of the most cliche types of Pokemon only rps. I know it isn't for attracting more people because some people are immediately unable to join because they don't have an eeveelution oc because of how cliche they are. Is it to help prevent people from having overpowered orcs because eeveelutions are generally not overpowered in the real games. That is literally the only reason I can think of and I know that is not it. Eeveelution rps just infuriate me ,and I want to know why these overly cliche rps exist. Host of role plays often make a good plot then ruin it by making it eeveelution only.
  10. The Pokemon RPs i've been in tend to be quite pointless in the sense that there is no real end goal to reach. This causes them to die quickly as people have really short attention spans and to be quite honest, there isn't many ways to really find an original Pokemon RP idea

    This is surprisingly popular for the exact opposite reasons to what you listed, and why Pokemon RPs die, an Eeveelution OC is something quite a few people have, as the Eeveelutions in general are quite popular. They are also don't take much effort to think of ideas but are popular enough to not die, at least instantly. Though you do have a point about the Eeveelution Only rule.

    If you really aren't content with the RPs currently here on 'charms, you could always make your own?
  11. Their popularity leads them to being excessive and their excessivity leads to them being boring. If you cherish a type of rp on a site you do not go overboard making a bunch of that rp ruining them. The fact that their are so many eeveelution ocs means that making one is basically makes your oc an act of conformity by defaut. Their are so many unique and interesting Pokemon ,but everyone focusing on one ruins half the fun. That half is seeing what amazing and wonderful characters people can make with all the Pokemon not just one. Going into an eeveelution rp means their is a much more prominent limit on how creative you can be with your oc. Limiting creativity ultimately leads to a limit on role playing skill shown. Basically it makes bad role players. They only use one Pokemon so their mind also limits themselves to ocs with sterotypes they created for those Pokemon. Rather then being the mother lay hypno that kidnaps other Pokemon so her children can still eat the dreams of that Pokemon then letting them go free, or the joltik who feeds on a generator because it doesn't have access to charge stones, you are an eeveelution a Pokemon that is popular sure looks cool ok maybe but has no unique abilities or traits that other Pokemon of their type don't have so you have limited materials to make a backstory.
  12. And I will tell you I'm a bad host I know from my rping on other sites. Good roleplayer bad host.
  13. You just answered your own question, an Eeveelution OC (and many will disagree with me on this) takes less effort, which means people can get straight to RPing, which is apparently "better" than spending time on an OC
  14. So it is better to be able to be able to make an crap oc quick then to be able to use the good ones you already made. Don't see the logic behind that.
  15. I want to rp in a medieval Pokemon rp. Not eeveelution not trainer just Pokemon only in a medieval setting some people say Pokemon rp then it really is a trainer rp ( despite pokeballs not being a thing so a regular trainer isn't possible) some make it an eeveelution rp making it not possible for me to use my ocs set up for medieval rps. I know I'm a bad host so even if I could think of a plot it wouldn't go well.
  16. A quick question I have, since I'm usually use to RPing as a Trainer/Tamer, is it possible for one person in the RP to be a Trainer/Tamer, and the other one to be a Pokemon or what's the deal with that?
  17. Not an official, but I assume if both you and the other person were okay with it, It's all good.
  18. Alrighty, because I'm usually use to that more than actually controlling all six team members at once, plus it grants the addition to make more bonds that way, so that's how I usually prefer it.
  19. Does anyone have a rp so I can join?
  20. hello!
    I'm really new here and all and would love to get started on some Pokemon rps with some new people since quotev disabled the search function for groups
    anyways, does anyone have a forum that might be good for me to join?
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  21. I have a dilemma:

    How do I set up a point system for a Ranger Tournament RP? Do I go by how many times the Stylus has circled around the Pokemon, more points goes to the one who captured the stronger Pokemon, maybe even obtaining two Pokemon at the same time? Any thoughts?
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  22. How would I go about making a private Roleplay? (Once you accept the rules, you and the person you’re role playing with use private Conversations instead of the actual thread)
  23. How should I make a roleplay? Do I make a thread here first for discussion and then make the actual roleplay thread? I'm sorry if I sound dumb, I'm just new lol.
  24. Well, normally you have two options:

    1-free to join
    These is where you explain the rules,the history, put the character sheet,etc. Anyone is free to join. These are located on rp boards

    2-Ask to join
    These is where you post in discussion and like that you explain the rules,history,etc. People will post their character, you will examine if they can rp or not. Then you open a thread in general Pokemon rp.


    These are almost exactly the one above, but:
    Closed- that means that no more characters can join
    Private- these is where people just accept their friends and rp, unless who created ask you to join

    I am sorry if I forgot something
  25. Ah, thank you! I'm gonna work on that all then, thank you :)
  26. How should I make my own concept in my PRP?
  27. You look at all the RPs that have been done and then brainstorm another concept that is different than anything else.

    However, a lot of ideas have happened on this site and either were successful for a time or plummeted as soon as the intro started. You just have to go with one that was not played with as much and make it yours.
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  28. Hey, could I ask how things generally go in the RPs that are hosted here? As in, what sort of structure is common, how long are they, how much time they can take, any rules regarding battles (as in, like, you say "Bidoof tries to go for Tackle!" and whether that hits you is up to you, with the courtesy of a fair fight or at least previous consensus on the outcome), anything like that. And generally, for the ones that are marked as "Ask to join", do you do that in DMs or in the discussion post? Thanks in advance.
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  29. Most of these questions can be answered by looking at the PRP Rules ( <- link).

    To give a quick rundown though, RPs posted here are paragraph-style (minimum is three sentences), there is no maximum limit to the length of the posts, you can't force hits or control someone else's character, and Ask To Join RPs have separate Discussion threads (usually) that you post a character sheet in and get accepted before you start RPing.

    There are other rules you should look at in the link I provided, but I decided to give you a quicker rundown of answers for your immediate questions. :)
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  30. Thanks. Well, in between posting that and your reply, I did read up on several of the rules. Heck, the "The Dodge It Problem" post directly answers one of my main concerns, for example. I also know now that RP admissions are in the discussion posts. I have plenty of experience RPing already, but I want to get used to this particular system. I guess that'll happen as I do things, though. Again, thanks a lot!

    By the way, this is perhaps an odd concern, but I've noticed that most active RP posts haven't been replied to in weeks. Is this normal, or is there a wider activity problem on the forums I should be aware of?
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  31. You're welcome :3 I usually wouldn't bother RPing in RPs that have been inactive for longer than 3 weeks unless you want revive it by asking the original creator behind it.

    The Dodge It Problem has nothing to do with the actual rules of the site but its more of a thread based on what people see in the RPs they've been in when it concerns dodging and abusing this action in their posts. Basically the whole takeaway is be mindful.
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  32. Yes, I'm already aware of the general gist of the rules, I was asking about what the consensus among the community was. Which is why the Dodge It Problem is something that benefits me to know about, because I've experienced plenty of similar issues before and I wanted to know how you guys handle the issue, that's all. "Be mindful" is obviously a non-brainer, of course, but I at least wanted to hear an opinion or two, so that helps.

    One of my main concerns, though, is for how long these RPs usually go. You see, one of the most recurring issues I've had in my time of RPing has been timezones. I'm in an European country, so that usually means I go to sleep when all the Americans wake up and vice-versa. I wouldn't want to get caught up in a battle and then have to go to sleep, you know? I imagine everyone handles this issue differently, but it'd be good to get someone's thoughts on it anyway.
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  33. Most of the RPs here run on a post-by-post basis. If people want fast-paced RPs, then they can ask for it in their posts. Usually those that make 2+ paragraphs posts usually post between every other day to multiple times a day. The timing is a bit of an issue, but we don't work like a live chat system like Discord. Most people are aware of this and treat the RP as such, waiting for the other person to post (patiently waiting for a day or two) before they can start with their other post. Most, if not all, of the people here treat real life as a priority over RP.
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  34. Ooooh, that's good to know. I think you could already tell that I've done a lot of RPing on Discord (because it was on my introduction post) so that's reassuring to know. It also explains why I could notice a generally slower pace to posts, this all makes a lot of sense. Again, thanks, because this is all very good to know. I'll keep all of this in mind for whenever I start RPing.
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