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Private/Closed Welcome to Pokeversity!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Wyverion, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. Welcome to pokeversity stroy thread!

    Please don't reply or leave any comments here so you will be able to read the story in the right order without being interrupted.

    If you want to comment please do visit http://pokecharms.com/threads/welcome-to-pokeversity-comments.14019/

    And all the characters pokemon card is in my profile! See you in the comment forum! And please be nice ;_;
  2. Hi everyone, my name is Chris, chris lance. You can call me chris, but some people call me Lance, usually my mom, followed by sarcasm sentence. Well, I'm from Ecutreak City in Johto, it's been a while actually since I come home. I've been travelling for almost 2 years now, i haven't seen my mom that long. Oh my dad? I haven't seen him again since i was 4 and now i'm 18 yea count that yourself. He left me nothing but a tirtouga and an aerodactyl. My mom told me that my dad can't be around because his job requires him to move around every once in a while, he still send me letters, but, well, I guess letters don't really help nowadays. Enough about my family! I'm on my way to Kanto now. 3 days ago my mom called me and told that the Kanto Pokeversity sent me an invitation letter for their new student enrollments. What? What is Pokeversity? I guess you really are new to all this pokemon world don't you? Pokeversity is a hogwarts but for pokemon trainer, that's the simplest way to explain it. All the regions got their own pokeversities, the Kalos one just opened recently though. I dont know but somehow I got invited to the Kanto's Pokeversity. I don't mind actually about being in any pokeversities. I've been travelling to 5 regions for the last 2 years though. There, i think i gotta finish telling all this stuff about myself because my bus just stopped in front of the Kanto pokeversity. I let out a sigh and mumble "Here we go". I got out of the bus and looked around the university, there was a lot of people, some look tough, some look okay and some look ridiculously clueless. I am excited though. I walked through the pokeversity gate when suddenly someone called, "Hey, Chris! Is that Chris Lance?" Huh? Who was that? I turned around and saw my long lost best buddy! Raven King! We grew old together in Ecutreak City, even his dad and my dad is best buddy! His dad told me stories about my dad how they hunt for fossils together, how they travelled around the regions together. But then one day, the king family had to moved to sinnoh, because raven's dad was offered a position to be a professor there, so there we are bidding our goodbyes when we were 12. It's been 6 years and he still look the same. "Aye king! Dudeeee its been a while huh!" I ran towards him. "Yeah, has it been a good six years for you? How's Leo?" he's asking about my Tirtouga. "He's been good man! I think I might beat you with Leo alone. How's your archen?" He chuckled "Trash talking like always aren't you? Haha he's been good aswell." We walked towards the registration desk or so it seems. "Hi, I'm Chris Lance and here's Raven King. We want to register ourselves for the 2016/2017 classes.""Sure, wait a second let me find your name." i'm pretty sure the girl is not much older than me, but i don't know why i got the vibe that she's a good pokemon trainer. "Here you go, please sign over here and you Raven over here." After signing all the paperworks we were led to a hall by a senior i guess? He explained about the pokeversity life, the team, moltres team, zapdos team and articuno team, and all the what to dos and what better not to dos. "Here, just wait here, the ceremony will start soon I think." The senior told us to sit down and handed us some brocchures about the pokeversity and then left to return to the registration desk I guess. When suddenly the door slammed behind us. "Get out of my way!" I knew that voice, not that I knew the owner of the voice personally, but because, it belongs to a prodigy or so they say named Carlo. He was all over the news because he defeated two of the hoenn elite fours and almost defeat the johto champion. "That Carlo." Raven stared at him, maybe he had met him somewhere because clearly his eyes said "that jerk". Carlo pushed 3 kids whose standing near the door and one of them fell. Great, drama. "What's your problem man?!" The fallen guy stood up and pushed carlo against the door. "Oh you think you can act like that just because you were all over the tv?" His tone got higher. "What? You got a problem with me? Let's settle it right here with a battle. This whole damned orientation bores me.". Carlo pushed the guy and walked towards the middle stage. "Let's teach this guy some lesson, nidoking." He threw his pokeball and the red light flickered then there was a nidoking standing. "I will defeat you, you tv clown." The guy walked to the stage as well. He threw his pokeball and sent out a Meganium. "Meganium use razor leaf!" The meganium jumped and sent out 4 sharp leafs out of its flower. "Come on, that's what you got?" Carlo really look like the guy you would hate at your school, but clearly, this guy is not all talk. He is strong. "Nidoking flamethrower!" Told you he is strong. Nidoking doesn't really use flamethrower, he must have taught it to him with TM. And looking at his nidoking I could tell, it is clear that he is on different level than the meganium. "What?! Flamethrower?!" Of course the guy looked startled. Nidoking's flamethrower burned down all the meganium razor leafs and hit Meganium. "That's it?" Carlo used taunt, and it looks like it super effective. "Shut up you! Im just getting started!". It was a one sided battle really. The meganium took several hits from the nidoking. Well, turns out this carlo guy is not a tv clown. The meganium fell to the floor, looking bad and almost fainted. "Nidoking one last megahorn." "No wait, my meganium is unable to battle, stop!" Of course he didn't stop. Well, strong trainers with shitty personality get on my nerves, when i was about to threw my pokeball, there was Raven and his Magmortar standing between the nidoking and the meganium. Surprisingly, Raven is not alone, another guy was there with his Luxray. "Stop it Carlo." The guy spoke. "Look who do we got here, Raven and Peter. Want to taste another defeat guys?". So Carlo had ever fought against Raven. And he won? Wow. "Shut up Carlo, he is unable to battle withdraw your pokemon." Raven stepped forward. "Don't be that arrogant or i'll have to give you an embarassing lost here." The peter guy added. "BUAHAHAHAHAHA! I have defeat you guys once, i'll defeat you again now!" Just then a voice broke the heated convo. " What is going on here? Who said you could battle here!?" It was that registration girl, and it looks like things will get ugly.

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