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Ask to Join Welcome to Hero High

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Frontier Master, May 12, 2019.

  1. Hmm this makes me rethink joining this so late
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  2. Original it was supposed to be metal manipulation but I changed it as to not be redundant but forget that existed too
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  3. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Understandable, but your power overshadows mine by a lot... (She was already having a hard time keeping up due to her getting her power so late, and me having to think for about 10-20 minutes on what animal I should use and how to use it)
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  4. Hmmm, they are very similar. However if you really have no other option I’ll allow the original metal manipulation, though the I really think the transformation power needs to be changed.

    Is this a workable compromise?
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  5. I don’t plan on letting the transformation ability allow Hannah to turn into animals if that makes things any better
  6. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    I like that compromise! Maybe you can't transform into any biological matter (that includes plants, fungus, and single-celled organisms)
    (Sorry if it seems like I'm just butting in, but I feel like I should have a say in this due to it being my power that this other power is so close to)
  7. It does, thank you.

    If I may make a suggestion
    @PlayfulShinx47 you refer to your power as Transformation.
    While @Grand Master Koop you might use a word such as Transfiguration or Transmutation.

    Just so it’s clear for everyone which power does what
  8. Yeah that works for me
  9. I'm assuming most personalities are to be shown as the RP progresses as we didn't include them in our bios?
  10. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    I'm guessing that as well! That's why I'm showing a little at a time.
  11. Yes, I wanted to strive for more organic character interactions, where people learn about their peers through experience rather than reading this thread
  12. I'm not offended, I just find this quite silly. I don't see why I'd need to take a piece of advice about his character for your rp to a pm.
    I've been in plenty of rp threads, and I've never seen someone be such a stickler about on topic posts.
    Not offended, confused about why I'm being patronized. I mean, you all literally started discussing points I brought up. I figured rps were a community of writers helping one another out.

    On top of this, you've again failed to say whether I'm excepted. XD

    I think I'll take the hint that your angry for some reason, so I don't think I'll be joining the rp.
    Apologies for wasting your time. Have fun.
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  13. @Frontier Master I could change Brendan's power from Metal bending to Earth Bending if that's better

    @Mystic Zander Alright calm down for a bit and don't say anything rash, I feel like there's a misunderstanding here
  14. The earth bending is a good idea
  15. If you had actually read my previous response to you in it’s entirety you would know whether you had been accepted or not

    (Hint it’s in the edit)
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  16. I read your reply through and through, I'd suggest you don't make assumptions. You never accepted me. Just explained why you hadn't yet, you didn't even hint at agreeing to accept me. I can quote it if you'd like.

    But as I said, I'll butt out of this issue before it begins. Don't wanna get your thread off topic to much.
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  17. Name: Ace Bronson
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: English
    Dorm: Serpent Silver
    Appearance: Ace is a pretty average looking boy. He stands at 5'11, which isn't abnormally tall, weighing in at 120 pounds, his skinny build makes him seem much more lengthy. Ace's skinniness is less due to not eating and more due to spending all the energy and calories on daily training with his powers. Ace sports a richly tanned skin, a caramel color which dulls slightly when he isn't spending enough time in the sun. His face is sharp and angular, with a pointed nose and thick eyebrows. The young male's eyes are a creamy brown color, almost usually pale and almost yellow looking. His hair is thick and messy, he never really paid it much attention. The bottom half is shaved, forming an undercut with the top just slightly overgrown and curling at the tips; his hair is a dirty blonde color with more honey brown highlights on the top layer.
    Outfit (civilian clothes): Ace is a fairly simple dresser. He'd prefer a pair of sweatpants of athletic shorts, though his current caretaker had been 'encouraging' a set of khaki's instead. Though not the most flexible, Ace wears the slick-tan pants with a simple white or black t-shirt most often. He matches that with a pair of white sneaker, slightly worn but the only pair he owns. Ace also had glasses, they re technically long-distance glasses, but you'd rarely catch the boy wearing them, as they fall off in battle and he has determined them to be distracting.
    Costume (hero garb): Ace's costume was not given much effort. When informed that he should have one that would help with his power, Ace couldn't think of much. In the end, he decided he didn't care enough to think too long about the costume. A thick black body-suit colors his entire torso, arms and legs. This protective covering his cold and heat protective, and rather sturdy. He then layers a simple white-t-shirt over this as well has baggy-sweat pants that pool around his ankles. He then wears a pair of thick, combat boots and has been unsure about adding a helmet or not.

    Power: Sonokinesis
    Explanation: Essentially, Ace can create or manipulate sound waves. On a minor level this would effect the way someone hears something. Using his power to this degree, he can mimic, intensify, hush, and distort any sound. This means how people hear him, one another, of things around them. He can turn two villain's whispers to shouts or the sound of an explosion to nothing more than a poof. Ace can also use his own mouth and vocal cord to create different sound waves of different lengths and frequencies. At low frequencies, sound can be potentially fatal to living beings by causing internal damage. At high frequencies, vibrations can travel through the air, ground, water and any form of medium meaning it's practically unstoppable. Some side quirks to Ace's power come in the forms of echolocation, enhanced hearing (likely just a side effect to being exposed to such high frequencies waves so often), sound sculpting/imitation.
    Weakness/setback: The most major setback to Ace's ability is it's intangibility. Though a blessing in ways, it's also a curse that Ace's attack has no physical form. Any sort of wave disturbance like a magnetic field or counter wave could cancel out Ace's entire power. Another important fault in Ace's power is that, although has become rather skilled with the use of his ability, ace still experiences hiccups or mistakes in his attacks at times. Just like a voice crack or croak, Ace's sound waves act as his voice- therefore he can experience similar dilemmas.

    Extra information: Ace is most almost always in a cranky mood, so he tends to have trouble making friends.
    Backstory(only really needs to be brief, I'd prefer to learn the details of your characters backgrounds naturally through the rp): Neither of Ace's parents had powers, so it was practical of them to be weary when there son began to show symptoms of possessing a supernatural ability. Of course, his parents wanted nothing to do with the oddity of super powers and they certainly didn't want their son to take on the dangerous occupation of being a hero. By age 5, Ace showed exemplary control of his power- he grew obsessed with it, really. Ace spent day and night training to be stronger and better, and by the time he was in middle school the boy was a real prodigy. One huge problem for Ace was the destructive tendencies of his power. It was simple; all he could do was destroy with his ability- and training took down half of the town's forest in just a month. That's when his parents, truly wanting the best for their child and fearing social consequences, banned the use of powers in their house. It was simple, either he got real and focused on life or he lived his super-human fantasies elsewhere. Clearly, they didn't know Ace very well. The boy showed himself out, by 13 he moved on. Didn't care really, the mastery of his powers kept him living and his dream of being the most powerful kept him fighting. Ace moved into the mountains, where he could focus on building his ability with destroying any of other people' abilities. Ace never learned of his parent's death. So you could imagine what shock he went through when he returned to his hometown 2 years later to find his house empty. His last words to them had been such a snarky goodbye, he hadn't seen them in years since then. He didn't attend their funeral, but in time he was tracked down as a legal orphan. In hindsight, staying in the abandoned house may have been a bad idea. Ace didn't fight this, his past was behind him- now he only looked to the future. Fortunately for the boy, a distant relative was willing to take him in, something something on his mom's side. A sweet elderly woman who was astonished by Ace's powers, she promptly enrolled him in Hero High.
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  18. It’s definitely creative and unique

    I’m a little unsure regarding the power, can I please have a look at the alternate power

    Also please just go over the rules again, I think you might have missed a thing or two
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  19. Um... well that's awkward. Sorry I know what I missed, I don't know how I missed it, though- I prefer not to question how oblivious I can be... it's scary sometimes. Well, I fixed my little rule nonconformity. I'm just gonna check with you before I edit his power (an backstory slightly to match). Although I'm almost 100% sure it's okay, the other power I had in mind is a lot less over the top: Sonokenesis. It's essentially the ability to manipulate and/or generate sound waves. Once I get the 'ok', I'll further explain it in Ace's Bio- though it's fairly simple.
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  20. Sounds great
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  21. Okay, sorry it took so long. I edited his bio ^^^
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  22. Accepted
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  23. Thank you very much, I'm excited to begin. just one question, did we already discuss dorm assignments? Is there any characters who have yet to acquire a roommate, who, perhaps, I could put Ace in with?
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  24. I think I'll wait a little bit more before I make Roman wake up, it still looks to early for him to wake up.
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