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weirdest thing you've done?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by 112% Elusive, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Well, yeah XD

    I've crawled into into a small space under my bed, with my sister XD
    It was a VERY tight fit. I blame mittens for giving me the idea by crawling back there. ^^;
  2. That...raises SOOO many questions...

    And would jumping off the roof and onto a trampoline and then into a pool count?
  3. o.O
    I'd say so.

    That reminds me! Once I jumped down from my attic onto a mattress XD
  4. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'm sure there is more than this, but my memory is failing me...

    When I was little I used my mattress as a sledge to ride down my stairs. After a few of those, I decided to lay inside my sleeping bag, on the mattress for more effect. However, the slippy nature of said sleeping bag resulted in the mattress remaining at the top and me injuring myself... badly XD

    I'm not sure how weird this is, but I found it weird... I went Weaseling when I was seven. Very fun, until the guy in front of me got stuck.

    When I was little, I used to pretend to be a cat and would make Mum bring me milk in a bowl to drink off the floor ^^;

    Edit ~ Remembered another

    I used to take eggs from the fridge and try to hatch them in the tree at the bottom of my garden. I built a little nest of grass and yes, I used to sit (Carefully) onto of the nest. I was convinced they'd hatch. Ah, youth.
  5. Hrmmm, would shouting random things like "MUFASA!" in the middle of science class work? XD

    Well, on a more serious note, when I do weird/stupid shit, it's cause I'm bored. One time I was super bored and called my cellphone from my house phone. And I had both phones in either hand, and on my house phone I imitated the guy from Saw and replied in my own voice into my cellphone. It was weird/fun/convincing me I was insane.

    "Hello L-----. I'd like to play a game..."
    "...Scrabble! :D"
    "No! I hate board games!"
    "Yeah hopscotch! But there's a catch!"
    "Damnit there's always a catch!"

    Yeah....That went on for a while...;;>>
  6. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Do you realize what you're asking? I'm a freak of nature who is illegally insane, I do something weird at least once a day!

    Hmmm... What would be considered my crowning achievement crazy? Ah here we go:

    One day I went for a walk and it was starting to drizzle. I didn't care, it was still a nice day. I was no more than a mile from my house when that drizzle turned into a torrential downpour in less than 3 seconds. I had to walk home in that and was soaked within a minute. If I'm not mistaken, that was the first time I fell into maniacal laughter and couldn't stop until I reached the front door of my house. Once inside I called for my brother to bring me a towel and began stripping right on the spot with the door still open. Luckily I had a towel before I could shed my boxers.

    If there is anything weirder than that I just can't think of it right now.
  7. Once I started laughing hysterically when I said "Edam and Ave" instead of "Adam and Eve". It went on for maybe an hour. I was ten.

    This autumn I also started laughing hysterically when my little brother grabbed a big car, yelled "Transform!" (like in Transformers) and then placed it down on its side. I still wonder what was so funny about that...
  8. Well... I've got a few right now.

    One time my brother and I were playing "Don't Touch the Ground" with a balloon and I hit it weird so it made a funny noise. I was rolling on the floor laughing asking why it was so funny.
    Another similar situation was on the bus when I had some tape on my finger. I flicked it off and it got stuck on my friend's glasses. I started laughing hysterically just like the other time.
    ... When ever we have sleepovers at my house we do that with sleeping bags, only we get inside it to the bottom and have a pillow at the bottom of the stairs. It's called "Downhill Racing in a Sleeping Bag" and it's nuts.
    Other than that, all I can think of is singing/dancing/drawing randomly, when I'm hyper of course.​
  9. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I count asking a boy out in 5th grade as weird, but that's just me.
  10. This is a vague topic for me, owing to my many tendencies to stray away from the lines of sanity. A general weird act for me is my ability to blot out my very consciousness when I am in the middle of devising an idea in my head. This happens more often than not during public transport rides, which most often lead me to being several miles away from my destination.

    Apart from that, other recent actions include crumpling a particularly horrid drawing of mine then proceeding to eat it. :V I hate it when my art is wrong.
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I walked around alone once in a massive blizzard when the entire city had been shut down (they'd even stopped plowing the roads) and danced around in a nearby strip-mall's parking lot yelling about it being Armageddon. There was NO ONE around, and I lived in the middle of the city. It was awesome. XD

    That's not the weirdest thing I've done, mind, but it was fairly random and hugely fun. I love blizzards ^^
  12. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    I have a list of stupid things I've done, but not weirdest.

    I reck the weirdest thing I've done is go commando to school. Loooong story.
  13. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I'm not sure how I forgot about this event given how I'm proud of it.

    In 2004 the 17yr cicadas emerged along the American east coast (I'm not sure how far west they went). So I'm on the bus coming home from school, it's a nice hot day in mid-May so the windows are down, and a cicada flies in. Being the freak I am, I snatch it out of the air and eat it!

    I got mixed reviews from the people on the bus. A lot of the guys thaught it was fucking awesome, some of the girls were grossed out, but everyone agreed that I was insane. A few days later, one of the Juniors (I was a Freshie at the time) gave me a cicada he caught and told me to eat it. It was already dead, so I said no not wanting to eat anything that's been decaying for who knows how long. I was given a live one the next day. In total I ate 6 cicadas that summer, those two on the bus and four more for any nonbelievers.

    Best part was, I had just evolved a Ninjask in my Sapphire Version.
  14. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I do that a lot to all my bad grades (as in grades below 95 for quizes and tests, 90 for homeworks). I first rip off the grade and eat it; then I eat the paper.

    I also tend to eat anything I can, including plastic, foil, bones, hair... almost anything, really. As long I don't die immediatly. XD
  15. O_o

    Woah. Paper eating.

    Yesterday, in a club, we were to drop eggs in protective capsules. Mine was made out of pure clay. when I dropped it, someone picked it up and squeezed it. Egg went everywhere XD. (It went Splat XD)
  16. And what's wrong with that?

    I, in fact, creep some people out by eating paper. And when my friends give me some paper to eat I sometimes go: "Oh yuck." Because it tastes bad. yeah, I really weird them out by going on how different papers have different "flavors" (that's not a lie) I'm pretty sure I irritated my best friend slightly whenever I was hungry after lunch because I kept asking her for some of her notebook paper. But it's not my fault, her notebooks taste so good!

    And on a side note, this year one of my friends has seen me eat way too many things that aren't made for eating that now she thinks I'll eat anything I pick up. (Which is totally not true. >=O )
  17. Does singing "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" in History class count? Other than that, the weirdest thing I've done (in high school) was singing Avenue Q songs such as "I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today" and "If You Were Gay" with my friends yesterday. The week before that, we were all doing the Caramelldansen.
  18. I fail to see how that's weird. I know of at least one man who goes commando a fair amount and he works in a shop. In fact, given that you tend to wear tight trousers, I suppose going commando might be a must >.> Unless of course you like VPL.

    Possibly the weirdest thing I've done so far is explaining to a boy of GCSE age what Anne Summers and rabbits are about, while we were sitting with some of friends at the painting table in a Games Workshop. I don't remember if I've mentioned that one before. It was made funnier by the fact that he owns to rabbits (the living, not vibrating, kind).
  19. Not necessarily weirdest thing I've done, but weirdest thing happened...

    Went to the bookstore to buy a book a friend recommended (I think it was The Thirteenth Tale) and sat down in a chair in the children's department to skim through it. After a couple minutes, a kid came up to me, stood 2 feet away, and just STARED at me. That was weird, but weirder still, over the next five minutes, there were four more kids... all standing in a semi-cricle and staring. None of them were even related.

    I got up to buy the book, and they all followed in a line. Finally, I just walked around the whole store until parents eventually saw their kid, and dragged them away apologizing. oO I still have NO idea why those kids were so... intent on staring and following xD Never happened before/since then, and no, I do not look particularly deviant from the average individual.
  20. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Its weird because I was in year 8 at the time.
  21. ...Oh, if only you knew my family and friends. :D


    My friend comes to school with the strangest of knowledge, like...
  22. LOL.. Bookstore Parade. A couple weeks ago I was watching the Darkrai movie. You know the part where the gears start up in the Space-Time Towers in the begining of the movie and the Pidey and Rattatta look at the gear? I said, out lud, voicing for Pidgey.."Oh shit! I think my cousin was in there!" Then I laughed my ass off. I even asked myself what was so funny.
  23. When I was little I would play dress up with my sister I had a sparkly skirt on with a matching purse, shirt, and hat. Also my brother was bothering me so I pulled out a coat hanger from under a bed and hit him with it. He just said "What the heck," then we started laughing for over 20 minutes straight I was laughing so hard I actually cried because my ribs were hurting so much. Oh ya Chibi never try to eat part of a folder it is nasty! I eat paper too it helps with tooth paste :). Now if you excuse me I am going to sing the popcorn song I'll teach it to you guys. Its the popcorn song its the popcorn song! You need popcorn for the popcorn song! You put it in the micro-wave and poof its done! Because its the popcorn song its the popcorn song!
  24. Apparently when I was little I used to sleepwalk quite often, almost every time I did I would pee at some point.

    One time I slept walk into the bathroom and pee'd into the toilet perfectly, my eyes closed the entire time as my brother and sisters watched in horror.

    ...Another time I sleepwalk'd into my sisters' room and pee'd on their bed, while they were trying to sleep, haha.

    I dunno if that's the weirdest, but it's pretty fuckin' weird in my opinion.
  25. Would you count jumping of a roof with a umbrella, only to twist both my ankles... Had to use a Skateboard like Ferdinand to travel around the house for around two weeks! xD
  26. Oh dear lord where do i start. Would having half of you're English class chanting "MAGIKARP" for about 10 minutes straight? or how about the time in game when the Pokemon event happen i shouted out everyone to the union room, giving away darkira.

    but the most weirdest thing I've done would have to be the time i went a hole day just shouting "i just lost the game" in public every half an hour.

    Oh i have ate paper too.
  27. This is kinda wierd. But when I was little when we went to fast food places, I would trick my brother out of his french fries by pretending to be a hungry Skitty. O.O I was such a mean little kid!

    Also, my friend bought this 'edible' paper and pens with 'edible' ink... Well, I ate a piece and it was the 2nd worst thing I have ever tasted.
  28. I do improv comedy at my school, so the weirdest thing I've ever done is, uh, really a hole with no bottom.

    I suppose repeatedly singing "My balls are heavy" opera-style might qualify.
  29. Like ABM, I have a comedy role in the school comittee, so I tend to be making strange noises, doing odd jigs, saying bizzare things, and doing stupid stunts.

    My best one in the last month was probably running into a locker door and falling and sliding on my back, I nearly knocked this girl over by accident and she looked down at me with arms folded. And I looked up, and I said "Ehehe, How're you doing?" (though it sounded like hebba dewbe)
  30. Moreso an LOL moment.

    Me and katie were doing the Battle Factory over WFC. We get a selection of pokemon and such. We get disconnected. When we reconnect, it's the SAME OPPONENT POKEMON, and the SAME RENTAL POKEMON for us both!

    Lol moment XD
  31. I almost got reprimanded by my Algebra teacher for using the Dry-Erase boards to write "You're toast!" and a picture of a lovely piece of browned bread with its fist raised on it. :D

    The same day, the teacher was explaining something on the overhead with two lights on, the other wouldn't work. Halfway through the lesson, that set of lights turned on.

    My class was fascinated. ::) Ah... something tells me that other countries don't have such simple-minded students in an advanced class. ... Those two moments almnost make me miss Saathoff Hitler's class.

    Oh, and I began spelling people's names backwards, teachers and students alike. Guess what Saathoff's was?

    S a a t h o f f (Say-TOFF)
    F f o h t a a s (Foht-ASS)

  32. Probably the time I needed a ride so I stowed away standing on the back of a truck.
  33. Say "log" and get in trouble for it?
  34. What?! Why/How?

    Well... I had an insane teacher this past year, one who made us all sit up straight and smile, and... *Shiver* Well, she locked us in her room in the morning (Myself and others turning in our projects) and I clawed at the door after she left for the bathroom.

  35. I had to read that twice to make sure it wasn't what I thought it said... Gheesh! I need to get my thoughts out of the gutters. XD
  36. That is 100% true. For example, I think notebook paper is the best and construction paper is the worst.
    (What? I get hungry during class!)
  37. I once stuck a blueberry muffin on my face. Actually, it was on my plate and I smashed my face into it and it stuck. Oh yeah, and I threw a caterpillar at my friend. He's TERRIFIED of caterpillars. He screamed and tried to flick it off him while I almost peed my pants from laughing. It was hilarious! I know, I can be evil when I want to. I have another thing so, can it be something funny that happened to you?
  38. What?! Why/How?

    Well... I had an insane teacher this past year, one who made us all sit up straight and smile, and... *Shiver* Well, she locked us in her room in the morning (Myself and others turning in our projects) and I clawed at the door after she left for the bathroom.


    When I was six, there was a creek with a log leading to the other side of the creek. I wanted to walk across it but my parents wouldn't let me. I begged, and they said, "If you say anything about the log, you're going in the tent." So I looked at my dad with a serious look and said "log".
  39. Sitting in science class, raised my hand and said "WAFFLES!"
  40. My friend and I rolled down our street in a shoping cart.
    Screaming like lunatics.
    Holding ferrets.

    Then we crashed. Hard.

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