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Weird Dreams

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by GalacticDeg, Mar 13, 2018.


Have you ever had a lucid dream?

  1. Yes, I want another one.

  2. Yes, I don't want another one.

  3. No, but I want to experience one.

  4. No, but I don't want to experience one.

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  1. Most people will have at least had a dream in their life, and most likely a weird one, as dreams can usually be odd, as the brain kind of wanders off? I don't know exactly how they work, but I'm curious on some weird dreams people have had. I have 2 that I can remember.

    I was in Tesco (the supermarket) and I asked my dad for Creme Eggs, and he said no, but when we got in the car (we walked out right after I'd asked), he had the whole box holding the Creme Eggs, and then we turned on the car radio, which was on the Heart station (Yes, I am in the UK), the person said something I can't remember, but after she did, the Creme Eggs blew up, out of the box, and covered the windows of the car. Then, they said "Now for the Cadbury Milk Chocolate!" which we had bought some, and my dad was probably thinking "Oh no..." and launched the chocolate out the window. The dream then ended.

    Me and my brother woke up in a hospital, which was quite small, and we went off to leave, but there was 2 cartoon characters, can't remember who but my mind makes me remember it as Cyborg and Jynx from Teen Titans Go, and they said to go out the back exit, not the front, because the alarm would go off. I was frightened of alarms at the time, so we took the back exit, and walked around the hospital, to the front, which was a small world, with edges probably 20 feet away on both sides if you were in the middle, and there was 2 tram lines infront of us and them stations before and after the tracks (but they were the ones where the tracks were low down, so you could get on the tram easily). I asked a lady nearby how we could get back to our world, and she pointed at an orb across the 2 track-lines, saying that would get us home. Everytime I went to step out to cross them (don't know how I would have stepped across it), a tram came out of nowhere at light-speed. Every. Single. Time. I woke up eventually, weirded out by the dreams.

    If you have any dreams you want to share, please comment them in the thread. Oh, and with the poll, no I haven't had a lucid dream and I'm sad about that.
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  2. FearfulNights

    FearfulNights Previously StarrySkys

    I once had a dream when I was on a piece of blank paper, later on, after walking a little while, I found a paper bag. Then the paper bag turned into a rabbit and ate me, I did not die, but instead landed of piles on piles on piles of fish eggs...then I died. That's pretty much it.
  3. I once had a dream where I was in kind of a neon wonderland, and everything was geometric. I was with my two little bros and my two cousins. We were being chased by pirates.
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  4. I've had ton of dreams. One I remember was one night I was reading Goblet of Fire and I had my wrestling video game on the background - I was simulating some matches - and I dozed off. I found myself in the Great Hall where Ron and Harry were teaming up against Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle in a handicap match. Ron had Malfoy in the Sharpshooter submission move.
  5. El Spazzino

    El Spazzino Previously dratz

    I had a nightmare where Bart from the simpsons was a cannibal

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