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Open Waver Region Travels

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Grand Master Koop, May 10, 2017.

  1. This is a new region discovered south of Sinnoh filled with minerals. A new Pokémon league and cities has been built on the region, you are a new trainer who have just stated their journey ether as a local of arriving at the region. However, a evil organisation by the name of Team Solid plan on exploiting the Region's ressources and won't let anybody stop them.
    1-follow the charms rules
    2-keep swearing to a minimum
    3-romance is allowed but keep it tame
    4-put minerals in you bio
    5-be respectful
    6-have fun



    RP Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/waver-region-travels-rp.16516/
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  2. I might be interested in this. Quick question, though. Is it possible be a gym leader or something similar?
  3. you can have multiple characters so yes
  4. But we do have to have a new trainer character?
  5. Nah its alright if you don't
  6. Cool. Mind giving me a listing of towns and things, just so I can optimize my characters based on that?
  7. That's something I could use help creating
  8. Oh. In that case, maybe we could do some world-building in a convo?
  9. sure but when more people joins

    Also I think I'll base the region off of Saudi Arabia cause it has a lot of ressources
  10. Alright. I do want to make a few towns at the moment, though. At least one of my guys will be a gym leader, so I want to have a town to build him and his team around.
  11. Bios:
    Name: Amity Ross
    Age: 15
    Appearance: sky blue long hair with a white stripe in the front, green eyes, wears a olive t-shirt, grey shorts, lilac sash, grey boots, lilac gloves, and olive hairy tie
    Personality: stubborn, interested in fossils and archeology
    Backstory: originally from unova her family moved to the Waver region so that her mother could take a job.
    Others: minerals

    Nickname(Optional): Patch
    Species: pachirisu
    Appearance: wears a lilac bandana
    Personality: excitable, friendly
  12. So since we have at least one confirmed trainer, think we might be able to start world-building?
  13. yeah. I think that the Central place will have a huge castle like Saudi Arabia
  14. Sure. Wanna throw up a convo so we can talk about it?
  15. ...I was hoping you'd put it up so...
  16. Bios:
    Name: Ken Mavis
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: wear a red tshirt covered by a yellow cloak. Grey shorts and grey sneakers, short black hair
    Personality: very laid back and a bit lazy, very loyal and kindhearted
    Backstory(optional): grew up in the Waver region, loved to watch Pokemon battles and determined to become a great trainer one day.
    Others: minerals

    Nickname(Optional): Dill
    Species: Totodile
    Appearance: normal
    Personality: really excitable and friendly
    Others: nothing
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  17. Name: David Gold
    age 15
    appearance: Short blonde hair . Wears a white t shirt with a blue over shirt. He wears black slacks.
    personality: A bit of a loner. He won't start a conversation but will gladly talk to someone, He's someone who will always do the right thing.

    Nickname: Ty
    pokemon: Cyndiqual
    appearance: Normal
    Personality: Respectful and like his master always willing to help.
  18. So, I was thinking of being a Gym Leader, will that be OK?
  19. Alright, I can help with the Locations if you need help with that stuff
  20. Nah, I'm up to my armpit in RP's. Maybe later if my schedule clears up a bit.
  21. Eh, why the heck not?

    Name: Amie de' Vill
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Amie is a short girl standing at roughly 5 inches tall, Her long hair is a light Blue(ish) Hue which she doesn't bother to style, She adorns herself with a Sky-Blue scarf, A horizontally White striped Blue Shirt, A Beige strap bag. Which she stores her items and Pokeballs in and Black Beanie cap which she usually covers with a Dark Green(ish)Hoodie, but whenever she doesn't wear her Hoodie she usually carries it over her shoulder, her bottom half is dressed with a Jade Skirt with two front pockets, Dark Green(ish) strapped shoes with Black long socks.
    Personality: Amie is a usually laid back girl, always thinking about positives. Breaking that positive side of her has been a feat only few have achieved. But most of time, you will see her smiling away without a care in the world, however when she catches people doing Unacceptable actions *cough* *insert evil team name here* she will Storm the battlefield without thinking about her personal health, she once saved her Partner from Team Plasma back when she was 6... And she almost fell off a Waterfall!
    Backstory(optional): Just your run of the mill Trainer, or is she? Na I'm just kidding..., or am I? No no I'm serious now she's just a normal girl, Or is she? XD
    Others: Minerals

    Nickname(Optional): Hex
    Species: Misdreavus
    Appearance: a normal Misdreavus with a matching scarf just like Amie's
    Personality: Hex is very grumpy, like real Grumpy. Even if her trainer had saved her she always looks after Amie, Amie being the careless girl she is. Requires constant supervision, Apart from the one time, Hex is always the one saving Amie from Life or Death situations
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  22. Hmm, before I sign up here, I would just like to ask if I could use an unofficial/unused Pokémon here. (I already have approval to use them as I have the fan made rights due to having my fan made works on them to bring them into my own, enriching light.)

    As an additional note, I will also be putting a lot more information on the Pokémon to supplement their needs.
  23. Sure
    and @PeachyPie you forgot to add something in your Bio
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  24. Well, alright thank you! I will be putting in my bios as soon as possible since I just got back from some exams here. (There is going to be a lot of information on the Pokémon to read, so be prepared!)
  25. Name: Bridget Lilly (called Bridget) Mikan
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Bridget stands at 5'0", and weighs 90 lbs (explained in backstory). She wears her hair in a pixie cut, black with a red streak. She usually wears a black tee and jean shorts, with worn-down converse and red fingerless gloves (also explained in backstory). Her eyes are lavender or a deep blue depending on the situation. She stores her pokeballs and equipment in a red and black patterned backpack.
    Personality: Stubborn, determined, funny, sarcastic. She will stand up for what is right.
    Backstory(optional): Bridget weighs very little because of anorexia, and wears fingerless gloves because of scars. She developed anorexia because of her abusive father, who gave her the scars on her hand and called her fat and ugly. He also abused Bridget's mother who passed away. She grew up in Kalos but is now traveling to Waver (she moved out of her father's house).
    Others: She has really bad nut allergies... Minerals.

    Nickname(Optional): Kin
    Species: Braixen
    Appearance: A regular Braixen
    Personality: Stubborn, modest
    Others: Wears a ruby bracelet. Female

    (If I could have more than one pokemon)
    Nickname(Optional): Aura
    Species: Gardevoir
    Appearance: A regular gardevoir
    Personality: Timid, modest
    Others: She used to have an abusive trainer. One day he went too far and scarred her hand. She wears a fingerless glove identical to Bridget's. Female.
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  26. you missed something in you form, Other than that you're accepted
  27. Hmm, I would like to ask an additional question as this popped in my head while I was working on my character bios still. (This will most likely be the last question that I will be asking to clear things up so I can work on my character sheets as fast as possible.)

    So well, am I allowed to have a Pokémon character without its trainer? (Just as a heads up, this Pokémon is going to be one of my starter fan made Pokémon.)
  28. Oh lol sorry I got caught up in Appearance and Personality I'll edit it right now

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