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Ask to Join Waver Region Travels (RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, May 12, 2017.

  1. (Discussion and Sign ups here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/waver-region-travels.16500/)

    The sun was shining bright in the sky like usual in the Desert Region of Waver. A black haired boy walked out of one of the houses. "Oh man its finally the day, the day I get to start my Pokémon journey." He said as a Totodile ran out of the house behind him and jumped on his shoulder. "Hey Dill, you excited too?" The boy asked, the Totodile nodded. The boy nodded back and started to walk towards the town's lab.
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  2. Amity blinked her eyes as they focused on the Pokemon that sat on her chest. The small electric type giggling at its trainer before scampering away. A breathy chuckle left the trainers lips as she picked herself up. Her cloves being tugged on as she finished getting ready. Patch climbed onto her shoulders and they were off toward the lab.
  3. Daniel yawned and stretched a little bit. Today was the day his journey begins. He let out a breath as he readied himself His loyal cyndiquel Ty fallowed right beside him. " You ready?" Daniel asked. " Cyndi." Ty said very excitedly. Both started to run towards the town's lab.
  4. Uberto was greeted by the forenoon sun, as the Kurusu in his sling shielded himself from the harsh solar lights that bestowed heat to those within the biosphere. He noticed Uberto walking towards a laboratory, as he saw a small flock of Pidgey flying past by when he turned his head up to take a glimpse at life beyond the crust. He discretely fiddled with his scarf, as a mysterious figure caught his eye. He saw the man dashing towards the laboratory in the very town he was in, as he noticed a Cyndaquil that followed right beside him. He saw some others that were also headed straight for the place, as Uberto quietly walked towards the laboratory with hastened steps.

    In the meantime, a Neourk sat down near some bushes that were within modest proximity to the laboratory. He saw some trainers that were headed straight there; including one that ran with his Cyndaquil as if it was a hundred meter sprint race. However, one particular trainer caught his attention, as his Kurusu seemed to have greatly obtained his focus. He squinted in an attempt to get a glimpse at the Kurusu, as he thought, "So... I suppose maybe I'm not the only mysterious one here after all. At least I made my cloth thing snug so that it doesn't show what's underneath... because I don't want people laughing at me again!"

    He silently made his way towards a rather large, grayish rock that felt smooth to the touch. He hid behind the rock and slightly peeked over at the Kurusu with his trainer. His head fin quietly wiggled in a vague motion, as he emitted some inaudible sound waves towards the trainers within the area. When the sound waves bounced back towards him, he gave off a slight sigh, as the sound signaled the fact that he was some meters away from the nearest trainer still. He blankly stared at the laboratory that the trainers seemed to be headed to, as he thought, "Huh... what could possibly be in there? Well, should I even bother going inside or not... I just better hope that no one knows about what I'm wearing at least."
  5. Ken ran into the lab followed by Dill. "Professor Cacti, I'm here." He called out into the lab. A woman with brownish skin was standing in front a white table in the middle of the room. "Hello there Ken, its finally the day huh." She said. Ken nodded. "Well come this way." She said showing a table with Pokedexes on it.
  6. David pushed the doors to the lab open. He and Ty were panting as they looked at the professor and a person around his age. " Hello perfessor." he said as he bowed a little bit.
  7. Professor Cacti looked over towards David. "Oh hello there David, good to see you in good shape." She said with a smile. Ken saw David's Cyndaquil. "Hey look Dill, a Pokémon who's from the Jotho region just like you." Dill chirped happily.
  8. Amity slid to a stop outside the lab before pushing the doors open. Her hair being secured into a tight ponytail before she scratched behind her partner's ears. The electic type shaking her head before she peered at the other Pokemon.
  9. Uberto quietly pushed open the frontal door to reveal the entryway into the laboratory, as the Kurusu felt rather relieved from the mild ambience that was a result from the cool air conditioning. He saw some other trainers and other Pokémon that were with them, as he thought, "Well... I suppose were not the only ones here aren't we? Let's just hope that we don't get into a fight or anything like people have done in the past..."

    He was rather quiet towards the others, as Uberto reached into his bag and got out a pencil and a notepad. He opened the notepad to a blank page, as he wrote, "Hello Professor and others, I'm Uberto, and the little guy in my sling is Kurusu. Yeah, he's a bit of a mysterious Pokémon since he's been a bit forgotten in Johto ever since his species went into hiding for some reason... which I'm yet to still find out to this day. I can't really talk because of my throat, so I'm having to write to speak in a different way."

    The Kurusu gave off a brief, deepened sigh after reading what Uberto wrote, as he showed the page on his notepad to the Professor and pointed to it with his left index finger. His ears perked up to the sound of strenuous effort that the door seemed to resist, as he shifted his attention towards the mysterious, blue shark-like Pokémon that seemed to look rather babyish to his focused eyes.

    The Pokémon quietly entered the laboratory and silently ran towards some of the crates and quickly hid behind them. He took in a quiet breath; hoping that no one detected him from the sound of the rigorous effort he placed on opening the door. He quietly reached into his pocket with his right forearm and kept it on a peculiar apparatus that rested in his pocket. He quietly tapped his right foot repeatedly, as he thought, "Hopefully no one heard me... I'm just a little so called Pokémon just walking in here and seeing what this place really is. Nothing wrong with a little shark in his uniform and somehow having the unusual capability of being able to execute countless peoples... and also even having memories of what it was like before he was a shark right?"
  10. "Hello to you two." Cacti said looking at Amity and Uberto. "Well, without further delays, here's the Pokedexes that will start you on your journey." She said pointing at the table behind her.
  11. Amity nodded her head in thanks as she strode forward to get a better look. Her electric type chattering happily with a seaying tail. The trainer looked at the others in the room and waved in gretting, "hello"!
  12. Steve woke up, and looked at his clock. "Oh shoot!" Steve said getting up yelled. He got dressed quickly, and grabbed his Pokeball. He ran into the Lab. "I am not late!" He explained. "I am fashionably late." He looked around to see all of the trainers. "So, these are my opponents huh. They don't look like much." He chuckled. "Anyways, can I have a Pokedex now?" He asked.
  13. "Whoa what's with the rush? The pokedexes are right here." She said looking back at the table. Ken stepped forward and took one. "Thai officially start our journey huh Dill." The Totodile cheered happily.
  14. Uberto quietly walked over to the table that was behind the Professor, as he slowly grabbed one of the Pokédexes that were on the table. He saw that the Pokédex appeared to resemble a Nintendo DS, as he opened the device by unfolding the top and bottom halves to reveal a set of buttons and two screens that were as blank as dormant isotopes. He pressed a grayish button that made the Pokédex boot up, as a loading screen popped up; followed by another screen that had sections of information. However, there was not a lot of information to be seen since the Pokédex was factory new of course. He pressed on the directional pad and navigated his way over to the scan menu, as he pressed the button to enter the scanning mode when prompted.

    He pointed the Pokédex to the Kurusu, as a robotic voice said, "Warning: Major error detected! This is an unknown Pokémon that is impossible to scan with the current version! Analysis is impossible for the time being." The Kurusu sighed in relief when he heard what the Pokédex uttered out, as Uberto quietly went up to the Professor and attempted to write his message in his notebook as fast as he could. The Kurusu watched the mysterious Pokémon peeking over from the crates, as he twinkled off a wink in the short distance. The Pokémon gave off a vague nod to the Kurusu, as he glanced over at the Totodile that seemed to be delighted to go on an adventure with their trainer. He turned his attention towards the Professor, as he thought, "Well, I guess my friend wasn't kidding... I'm still small even after those months passed by. I just hope that lady over there doesn't notice me, or she might probably storm over towards me like an angry paparazzi mob. At least you're still with me Silver, you've been by my side ever since I was a lot bigger and when I was still with the SS."
  15. Amie was finally arriving in Gisa City her flight was a little late on Mistralton City but it all seemed worth it when she saw the City through the Airplane Window it's was like a whole new world than the Life she had lived in Mistralton the City was definitely bigger than Mistralton it was almost like Castelia City back in Unova "Attention. The Plane will be landing soon" Amie had turned her Attention to the Plane Speakers they said they would landing soon she sat in her seat Eagerly awaiting to see Gisa

    As soon as the Plane landed Amie immediately got off, holding onto her Beanie Cap whilst running to the Exit of the airport she looked around whilst running there were so many Pokemon she had never seen before "Whoa" Her eyes as wide as it can be, as she saw the Magnificent City "Wow this City is huge" she said looking around curiously for a Pokemon Center when Amie had eventually found a Pokemon Center she was astounded at the design the City was definitely nothing she had ever seen even the inside looked different! I guess this is what you would expect from a new region she got in, healed Hex, and got out she was just that eager to see more of the City

    But she suddenly remembered something she was going to meet someone in Lupin Town just near her "Bye City!" She waved to no one in particular with a smile in her face as usual she looked at a Map near one of the City Exits and went along her merry way to Lupin Town she was on Route 1(?) It was nothing like the City a desert path with a few Clearings here and there with wild Pokemon playing in them she really didn't bother trying to catch any of them that is... Until an Electrivire came charging out at Here "Eeeep!" Amie immediately ran off to the side as the Electrivire stopped and began to glow a purple hue and in almost an instant it seemed to transform into a Zorua! The Zorua gave off a small chuckle "Oh my... A Zorua! It's so cute It's so cute It's so cute It's soooo cuuutte!" Amie began to hug it but it got out, "Oh right!" Amie snapped her fingers and reached into her bag and took out a Pokeball "Come on out!" Amie opened her Pokeball to release Hex her first and yet only Pokemon which was a Misdreavus "Alright Hex, Signal Beam!" Hex spun around the Zorua and stopped firing off an Already Charged Signal Beam, Zorua immediately retaliated with Dark Pulse it wasn't much effect to Hex being a slightly higher level than the Zorua but it still did quite a lot of Damage, Hex bolted to the ground but got up rather quickly "Alright Another Signal Beam!" Hex obeyed and Hit Zorua with another Signal Beam "Hmph! Go Pokeball!" Amie threw a Pokeball Shake. Shake. It got out! The Zorua shook it's head and launched another Dark Pulse which Hex Dodged "Dangit!" Amie looked at Hex "Are you still good to battle?" She asked Hex and the Misdreavus Nodded "Alright Shadow Ball!" Hex opened its Mouth forming a ball of Negative Energy and Launching at the Ground near the Zorua sending it flying "Alright... Go Pokeball!" Amie her left hand at waist level Threw a Pokeball at the falling Zorua the Pokeball fell to the ground Shake, Shake, Shake....... Click! "Alright!" Amie raced over to the Pokeball and put it in her bag "Come on Hex! Let's get to Lupin Town to get our new friend healed!" Amie continued talking with Hex by her side on their way to Lupin Town
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  16. David ed up to the table and grabbed on of the Pokedex. He simply nodded at the professor before walking away.
  17. Amity swiped one quickly before grinning at her partner. The little electric type eager to see what it could do. Amity powered it up and turned it towards Patch after the Pokemon jumped onto the floor.
  18. Amie had arrived in Lupin Town it was a lot more different than Gisa City that was for sure, There were minimal houses a couple of Cacti and A differential building that stood out, but the worst thing was it didn't have a Pokemon Center to heal her newly caught Zorua! "What! No Pokemon Center?" Amie scratched her head but a Building different from all the others caught her eye, she opened the door, peeping her head through the door she saw a number of people inside... Including, the one she was suppose to meet. The Professor! "H-hi!" She stuttered for a while "A-are you the Professor?" She asked the Woman in the Tank Top and khakis
  19. "hello there, you must be Amie right?" Professor Cacti asked with a smile. Ken walked next to Amie. "You're not from around here huh, well welcome to Waver, hope you like it here." He said before walking out of the lab.
  20. Amie had Nodded to the Professor's Question, returning the smile she looked at Ken but hadn't had the Chance to reply because of him leaving immediately "Are these the Waver Pokedexes?" Amie said taking A Pokedex before looking back to Professor Cacti "Is there anywhere I can heal up my Pokemon?" She asked whilst smiling
  21. Professor Cacti smiled. "Yeah, we have a healer right over here." She responded showing a healer at the back of the room. "You can use it as you please." She said.
  22. "Well anyways." He grabbed a Pokedex and put it in his Pocket. "I would love to stay, but I don't have a need to meet with weaklings like you. I would much rather have a head start, and catch more Pokemon than you ever can! And by the time you make it to the first, I will be at the third!" Steve breathed. "My name is Steve, and I can beat any of you in a Pokemon battle any time. Bye Professor Cactus." He opened the door and started running towards the First Path.
  23. "Thank you." Amie smiled walking to the back of the room towards the Healer she placed two Pokeball on it and watched Eagerly as they spun around as soon as they were healed Amie immediately grabbed the second one and put it in her bag and grabbed the first one sending out her newly caught Zorua "Hello!" She crouched down to look at her Zorua "Soooo? What do you want your name to be? Shade?" Amie asked as Zorua shook it's head "Black?" Zorua once again shook it's head Amie started listing edgy, Emo names "Hmmmm.... Zane?" Amie's eyes glistened in a way Zoru- or should I say Zane couldn't say no to
  24. Ken stopped Steve on the way to path one. "So you say you can beat all of us huh." He said with a yawn. "Then how about you battle me right here and now." He said with determination. "Lets go Dill." The Totodile jumped forward.
  25. Amity scoffed when she heard the other trainer's declared comment. Her shoulders squaring as she walked up beside Ken, "oh I'm so afriad. Trying to be intimating is not the best way to make friends".
  26. Uberto walked out of the laboratory after waving to the Professor, as he walked on the first path while the Kurusu turned around and saw the mysterious Pokémon silently following Uberto. The Kurusu turned back towards the other trainers that seemed to be arguing amongst themselves after hearing what they said, as he placed his right forearm and entered a state of intense pondering.

    The peculiar Pokémon seemed to be relieved that no one saw him back in the laboratory, or so he thought no one did. He used the bushes to shield himself from any trainers that were attempting to explore the path for any rare Pokémon. He walked towards another bush after getting out of yet another bush that he was briefly hiding in, as he saw a Totodile that was with one of the trainers. He emitted another inaudible sound wave towards the Totodile, as he took note of the short distance that he was from the Totodile after the wave of low frequency bounced back to him. He was still as silent as a fire mouse, since the choice of keeping the device concealed and holistered or having it out was still debatable to his contemplation.
  27. "Oh wow." Steve yawned. "A boring overused starter. Look, with all of the heat, I am surprised he has not burnt up yet. Alright Fisky, show this kid some electric spirit!" He said. The Stunfisk flopped over to Dill. It chuckled. "Finish it right now with Thunder Shock!" Steve yelled. Fisky had electricity form around him, and it launched at Dill.
  28. "Dodge it Dill!" Ken shouted as Dill jumped out of the way. "Now use Water Gun!" The Totodile jumped upward and shot a swift jet of water out of its mouth towards the Stunfisk.
  29. "Lured into a trap." Steve said. "How predictable." He chuckled. "Alright, Use Thunder Shock on the Water Gun." Fisky realized another wave of electricity, but at the water spraying out of dill's mouth. It hit the water, and started travailing towards the Totodile.
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  30. "Wow. You certainly are a jerk aren't you," amity scoffed as she crossed her arms and leaned back against the closest object. Her eyes following the fight, "go get him dill"!

    Patch was cheering for the water type starter. Bouncing back and forth as she made happy noises. Her tails swishing about.
  31. Ken smiled. "Point your Water Gun downward and disengage!" Ken commanded. Dill pointed his Water Gun to the ground and was propelled upward. He then cut the water before the Electricity got too close. "Dive down and use Scratch!" Ken shouted. Dill dived towards Fisky with great speed and shining claws ready to strike.
  32. "You really have learned nothing have you." Steve said, with a little annoyance in his voice. "Just stand still and lose already! Fisky! Shock him down!" Thunder shock came towards the falling Dill.
  33. "Dill! Strafe with Water Gun!" Dill shot a small jet of water to the side and spun out of the Thundershock's trajectory. "Attack now!" Dill fell closer toward the Stunfisk and when slashed downward at it.
  34. Meanwhile, a boy was heading in to Lupin Town. He had a letter in his hand, and was looking around for signs of danger. Hearing sounds of a fight, he headed towards the battle. Hiding behind a building (for safety's sake, you can never be too cautious in his line of work), the boy saw the conflict taking place. They were near the lab, which was where he had to go. Hopping up onto the roof, he tried to avoid the trainers. But honestly, he did kind of want to join in to the battle.
  35. Steve growled. "Enough of this!" He yelled. "Fisky move out of the way, and use Fissure!" He barked. Fisky moved from where Scratch was going to hit, and used fissure, creating a giant hole in the ground, if Dill fell into it, it would be done for. "And to make sure he can't use water gun, Use Thunder Shock when he moves!" The Stunfisk prepared a Thunder Shock.
  36. Dill stopped right before the hole tripping to regain its balance. Ken put his hand together and started thinking. "Well, playing it safe won't take me anywhere so time to take risks. Dill propell yourself at that Stunfisk and grab onto it!" Ken commanded. Dill looked back and nodded. He launched itself at the Stunfisk and tried to hold onto it.
  37. Fisky let Dill hold it. It shocked the Totodile to hold it. "I warned you!" Steve said. "Fisky! Let it out!" He ordered. Fisky launched the Thunder Shock he was holding in. "If you let go, Totodile falls into the Fissure." He explained. "If he holds on, he gets electrocuted and will faint."
  38. Ken smiled. "Did you think I would tell Dill to hold onto a electric type without a plan?" At that moment Dill's eyes opened up with determinations. "Dill use Ice Puch full power!" Dill clenched its fist as a blue energy surrounded it and let out a full strength point blank punch onto Frisky's body.
  39. The Thunder Shock hit Dill, and smoke appeared. "I am not even going to wait! Tackle it into the Fissure!" Steve ordered. Fisky launched itself into Dill with all of its force with the intent of launching it into the Fissure. It toke the Ice Punch attack, but was still standing, but was in took Damage.
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  40. "Oh no Dill!" The Totodile was very tired from the electric attack and stood in front of the charging Stunfisk. "Dill listen, I know you can dodge that, I know you can." Dill heard its trainer's call but struggled to move. Dill's face flashed with a determined look and bent back narrowly advoiding the Stunfisk.

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