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Ask to Join Waver Region-Battle Frontier(RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Baby giggled as she watched the Pokemon below. She looked at umbra before floating down to watch them more closely.

    Umbra leaned back against the tree on the branch she sat on. She read through her book before pulling open her bag again and pulling out a fossil, writing down its details in her journal.
  2. Ken looked up and saw Umbra pull out a fossil. "What kind of fossil is that?" He asked a little curious. Sieur walked next to his trainer and also sat down next to the tree in the shades.
  3. "Sheild fossil," umbra hummed as she gently wrapped a rope around the fossil and lowered it down to the frontier brain. She looked at him then at her journal, "found it at the dig site. Also found some well preserved plant fossils".
  4. Ken put his hands behind his head and leaned back. "Ah yes, fossils are interesting but its too bad none of the fossil Pokémon are ground types. Dask has a Kabutops just so you know." He said.
  5. "Interesting. Well we haven't found all of the fossil so there is still hope," umbra hummed as she raised he fossil up again to start taking notes once more. She ran her thumb over the rough surface of the crust that made up the edges and wrote more down. Once she had decided she had enough, she wrapped the fossil back up and put her things away.
  6. Dask, without skipping a beat, sent out Scizzors, his own Kabutops. It held an offensive stance for a few seconds before it finally relaxed. It looked up at Dask, and he gave it a banana nut ice cream cone. Scizzors took it gratefully, and began munching away happily.
  7. Umbra looked down at the fossil Pokemon and smiled. She pulled out er journal once more and flipped I the page of pictures that had been taken in unova. The pictures being of full body fossils, some almost perfectly kept. She book marked it and whistled to dask, "these are images taken from one of my earlier dig sites. Found a lot of fossils there".
  8. Ken looked at Dask then at Umbra and smiled. "Hey Dask, I 'm sure you're going to enjoy all of this fossil talk, you are a Rock type main." He said with humor.
  9. "Just because one is a rock type user doesn't mean they like fossils. Infact I've met quite a few rock users that think it's perfectly ok to train in dig sites and destroy fossils," umbra grovelled over the memories of trainers that she had felt with in the past. She looked down at Ken and hummed, "I'm guessing you are a ground type user then"?
  10. Ken looked up and smiled. "Yeah I use Ground type Pokémon, Sieur here is my partner." He said looking at his Quagsire who was asleep beside him. "I'm also the head frontier brain just so you know."
  11. Dask gave him a playful elbow. "Not for long. Number two here is gonna catch up to ya!" Dasken laughed.
  12. "Cool cool," umbra nodded as she checked in baby. The minoir floating and watching both Noah's Pokemon and Dask. The archeologist smiled and relaxed in her spot, "hmmm.noh yeah sorry about climbing in your construction space".
  13. Ken looked up toward Umbra. "No its fine, you did not know it was a construction site. Beside its nice to have visitors that aren't trainers looking for a challenge."
  14. "I bet," umbra hummed and started to make her way down from the tree. She shouldered her back pack and whistled to catch her pokemon's attention.
  15. Ken got up. "Oh you're leaving? Yeah I think I'll leave too. Don't want to keep potential trainers waiting on their challenges." He called Stake over and jumped on his back. "Hey Sieur we're leaving." Sieur woke up from the call and also climbed on to the Steelix
  16. "Yeah. Got to get back and do some more work before it gets to late in the day or I'll be filling reports out all night," umbra stretched and baby floated over to be with the archeologist as she started to walk back toward the dig site.

    Ivory hummed and looked at her I've type with a smile. She patted Noah on the head before walking off and letting Shear wreck some havoc. The ice type using ice beam on random trainers and the ground to make it slick before retreating after its trainer.
  17. "We should head back, too." Dask said. He moitoned for Rye to follow him, and the two made their way back to their Battle Building.
  18. Noah walked towards Ivory, "What's the plan now? Anything interesting, or are we going back to the base?" the man questioned her.
    Levin giggled as he watched Nora being carried by Noah. "Are you his baby?"
    "No." the pokemon spoke.
    Levin shivvered, her voice was mono-tone -like usual- but somehow still sharp/creepy.
  19. "Haven't decided yet. Shear and I were just gonna go freeze some thugs til the boss calls us in," Ivory whistled as she walked, throwing and catching the pokeball that held her ice type.
    Mimi walked beside her, the psychic type keep an ear out for anyone following them.
  20. Noah sighed, "I might return, I have some meetings.. As well as a small training session." He then turned to his pokemon, "So it's time to go back." he whispered.
    Levin gave him a sad face, and began to pout. "O-ok..." he nearly cried as he jumped off June.
    "Yes, master." the Lurantis bowed, graciously jumping to Levin's side.
    Noah returned the two, and mounted onto June's back. "Well, see you around." he attempted to smile as June dashed back towards the base.
  21. Ken arrived back at his dome riding his Steelix. "Thanks Stake. Now return." He said retuning the giant steel snake back to his Poke ball. "You return too." He said returning his Quagsire.
  22. Ivory hummed in goodbye before turning and walking around, pulling out her camera to take pictures of people and listening in on their lives, drawing lines in her head after she collected data. The team solid admin smirking when she managed to get two people together with a simple kiss.
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