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Ask to Join Waver Region-Battle Frontier(RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Noah nodded and began to walk towards the benches, while he sat he handed June his treat.
    June Sat firmly beside him, engulfing the chocolate sweet.
    Noah quickly pulled two pokeballs out of his backpack, and a Leavanny and Lurantis appeared.
  2. Krook plopped down infront of Ivory when she sat down. He happily are his ice cream, devouring it all in one bite but savoring the taste.
    Mimi was slower to eat, taking her time as she sat in Ivory's lap.
  3. The ground started shaking as a Steelix emerged from the ground and put its head right in front of the ice cream shop and opened its mouth, Ken pocked its head out. "I'll have a strawberry and 2 vanilla." He said. When he got his sweets, Ken sent out Quagsire again. "Here Sieur." He said handing him a vanilla cone. "And Stake, thanks for carrying me here. Here's your treat." he said as he threw the other vanilla cone into the Steelix's mouth. They all started eating their ice creams
  4. Ivory hummed as she ate her treat, looking around and smirking when she saw the frontier brain head. She looked at krook and the Pokemon seemed to have the same ideas as her.

    Umbra had once again climbed a tree, lookin over the veiw as she ate her ice cream. Baby sat in her lap, it's shell on as it rocked back and forth gently.
  5. Noah looked at Ivory's glare, noticing that she was up to something. He sighed and began to enjoy his cold treat.
    Levin twirled and fell over, but he managed to save the icecream.
    June sat still, and observed the pokemon around him.
  6. Umbra looked down as she watched people move about, unaffected by the stares and weird looks she got. The blond haired girl raised an eyebrow when she noticed a girl line up a shot.

    Ivory was trying to figure out at what angle would she have to throw the rest of her ice cream to hit Ken and maybe Steelix.
  7. Noah rocked his legs back and forth, as he looked at all the people around him, suddenly feeling anxious.
    June noticed his master's disturbance, and swirled around him, nudging Noah softly.
  8. Ivory stopped when she noticed her fellow admin and sat back down. She handed her ice cream to Mimi and turned to Noah, slight concern written all over her face, "you ok? You seen a little scared right now".
  9. Noah looked up, "N-no. Don't worry it's fine." He looked down at his feet, and reached out his hand, petting June.
    Levin stood up and looked at Noah. He let out a soft, concerned squeal and hugged Noah.
    Noah let out a soft smile and finished his food.
  10. "I'm defiantly gonna find you the perfect partner," Ivory said with a soft giggle. She looked around before leaning back and relaxing, "can I know your preference? It'll help me in the wrong run, I can probably even set you up on some dates and get you nice and socialized".
  11. Noah blushed, and quickly looked up. "You're trying to be my wing man? Or woman in this case.." He looked around for a second. "Y-you're crazy.." He paused for a moment. "Quiet, strong, independent, loving, wise... Why am I doing this.." The man began to twiddle his thumbs.
    Levin began to giggled, as Nora walked towards the group.
    (Nora's the Lurantis)
  12. Dask cracked his knuckles, walking out of his Battle Building. Several challengers had arrived that day, and decided to head out with his Rhyperior, Rye, to get a bite to eat. Rye bellowed in excitement, and Dask patted him on the back. "You did extremely well today, Rye. Great job, as usual." They smiled at each other, heading to the ice cream shop.
  13. "Not crazy, just a little insane," Ivory winked and nodded and looked at him. She patted his head and smiled stupidly at him, "but do yah like gals, guys, both, everyone".

    Krook looked at the other trainer's Pokemon and plopped down on the ground, looking between the two.
  14. Noah's face turned bright red, "I.. Ugh,," He took a long breath, and whispered "I- um.. Guys... Just a little bit more than girls.." Noah's hands began to shake.
    Levin looked at Krook, and waved to him.
    June sat patiently, and put a paw on Noah's lap trying to comfort him.
    Nora hid her nouth with her arm, and watched everyone's interactions.
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  15. Dask and Rye continued on until they finally arrived at the shop. "Hiya, peeps. How are ya?" He yelled from a little ways away, waving at them. Rye roared in joy of seeing the others, and promptly charged at them.
  16. Ken was eating his ice cream untiled he heard Dask and turned to look at him. "Hey Dask." He said. He then noticed the archeologist on top of a tree. He walked up to her. "Hey, do you spend your free time climbing trees or something?" He asked jokingly.
  17. "Yes actually I do," umbra looked down at him and smirked. Baby looked down at him to, the minoir keeping steady beside Umbra.

    "No judgment here," Ivory face him a gentle smile and looked around. She leaned back on the bench and hummed, "I hope you realize that we are friends now and that you are gonna have a hard time getting rid of me".
  18. Noah looked up at her, "Oh, friends... That's nice m-miss Ivory." he spoke as he pet June's mane.
    Levin stood up and nearly knocked Nora over, as he skipped through the grass running up to everyone he saw.
    Nora sighed and went after him.
  19. "Well, anyways, Daniel, thanks for the offer. But, I think I'm going to go and get some ice cream. I saw the place on the way. Catch ya' later!" Angel waved, as she left the Dark Type trainer's dome, Archie on her heels. After a minute or two of walking, the pair found the shop. "Gotta admit, we found the place faster than I thought we would." She admitted, as she got herself a chocolate rocky road. "Anyone else wanna come out, or at least want something?" She inquired, turning to the five Pokeballs on her belt that still contained Pokemon. One of the balls shook in affirmation and Wukong the Infernape was released, jumping around excitedly. "Alright, I'll take a Strawberry and a second Rocky Road with that." After receiving the three Ice Creams, Wukong took his and immediately went to where he saw the other Pokemon. Meanwhile, Archie stayed with Angel. She noticed someone she recognized as one of the Frontier Brains, and decided it would be a good idea to meet him. "Hey, you're one of the frontier brains here, right?" She asked, as she took a lick from her ice cream, holding the second one lower so Archie could lick his.
  20. Rye nearly broke down the ice cream stand, leaving a large dent in the side and skidding to the halt. Dask laughed, and dug out several thousand dollars. "One mint chip, three triple berry, one maple nut, one banana nut, and one vanilla, please. The rest should cover the damages." He turned to Rye, rubbing his head gently. Rye's eyes closed in joy, and the vender nearly tripped over himself getting the ice cream.
  21. "Just Ivory please. Miss makes me feel old," the admin laughed and grinned as she watched Noah's Pokemon. She got comfortable and pulled another pokeball from her pocket and looked at it, "ok shear, you can join us too"!

    She let her last partner out and the glalie just glared at everything around it, accusingly as if they committed a crime.
  22. Noah nodded, "Oh, sorry.. I guess I forgot." Noah sighed and looked at the Glalie. "Who's this?" he questioned her.
    Levin ran around like a child, knocking over everything in sight. As he ran, he suddenly bumped into a Rhyperior.
    Nora quickly stopped, and stood in shock at Levin and the Rhyperior's collision.
  23. He walked up behind Ken and smacked him across the back. "HEY! How are ya doin', man? Been awhile!" He released a hearty laugh, and flexed his left arm. "I beat my 37th challenger today. How about you?" He said, a wild grin on his face.
    Rye didn't even feel the hit, and his tail swung towards them.
  24. Levin nearly flew, as he landed at Nora's feet.
    The Lurantis looked up at the Rhyperior, and bowed to him. "Excuse my friend here.." She pleaded, in a soft, mono-tone voice.
  25. Ken looked back at Angel who came over to greet him. "Yeah I am. I suppose you're one of the new frontier brain that were said to arrive today." He said as he finished his ice cream. He felt Dask hit him on the back. "Oh hey Dask, I beat 46 challengers this morning and even had time for a nap." leaned down against the tree. "Shades on a sunny day feel great." He said to himself.
  26. Rye looked down, and jumped a little bit. "Excuse me, I'm sorry!" He laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his head. His voice boomed loudly and deeply, and yet seemed almost calming. "Can I help you with anything?"
    Dask looked indignantly at Ken.
    "I guess people just find it easier to beat ground types." He shrugged, a mischevious look in his eye. "People just can't reach my Battle Building as easily."
  27. Levin nodded, "Please big sir!"
    Nora slapped him in the back of the head, but her voice was still the same as before. "That's rude. Be more polite." she informed.
  28. "That's right! My name's Angelina Gray. This is my partner, Archie. As you can probably tell from him, I use Fire Types!" Angel replied.
    Archie took a look back at the Rhyperior and two other Pokemon as he finished his ice cream. He gave his trainer a questioning look, to which she gave a nod. The large Fire Type bounded over to the three. "You're one of the Frontier Brains' Pokemon too, right?" Archie asked, looking to the Rhyperior.
  29. *Undyne and Maximus hop off the boat they arrived in, their put his hood up and turned up the volume of its music to drown out any noise, Maximus walked next to it, silent*
    #69 Undyne_KTT_Demon, Feb 14, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2017
  30. Rye turned to the newcomer, grinning. "Yep! Rye's the name, and battlin's my game!" He punched his palm a couple of times. "I take it you belong to that fire-type trainer from the Battle Frontier? Angels? Angel? Something like that."
  31. "Yeah that's shear. He's a debt downer sometimes but one of my best friends," Ivory relaxed and gently scratched the ice types head. She smirked when he leaned into her touch but tried to look menacing.

    Umbra looked down at the frontier brains and hummed in thought. She shuffled through her book. She grabbed a book and opened it to a page, reading over it quickly.
  32. *Undyne looks at the battle frontier brains* Maximus? *it ask with curiosity, Maximus grins knowing its question* yeah... *they walk off to the ice cream stand, they order a chocolate caramel drizzle cone, vanilla cone, strawberry chocolate drizzle cone, a chocolate cone, and Rocky road cone, it sends out his pokemon, they sit on a bench and eat their ice cream*
  33. "Where's Levin and Nora...." Noah questioned himself as he began to walk around. To hide is identity a bit betterm he put on his hood, and began to search around.
    Levin laughed, but also rubbed the back of his head due to Nora's slap.
    The Lurantis had a no expression visible, but you could still feel tension in the air.
  34. Rye noted the tenseness in the lurantis, and said, "Loosen up, man!" he pat the Lurantis on the back, way too hard. The Lurantis went flying a little bit, and Rye went from laughing to nervous chuckles.
  35. Nora kept her composure, and held her ground. "Be careful." The Lurantis whispered once again, in a monotone, but now cold voice.
    Levin stepped back from the situation by a few feet.
    Noah quickly noticed commotion between his pokemon, and June walked beside him, picking up the Levanny. Noah bent over and offered his hand to Nora, which she sat onto. Noah looked at the Rhyperior and bowed, "Sorry for the inconvenience.." he mumbled as he slowly turned away.
  36. Dask had not seen any of the goings on, too enveloped in the massive bowl of mint chip he was devouring currently.
    Rye rubbed the back of his head and shrugged, then turned to the lurantis, and a chill ran up his spine. His face became slightly more serious, and as he held up his hand, it caught fire.
  37. Levin stuck out his tongue at the Rhyperior, as he rode on June's back.
    Nora watched the Rhyperior, her eyes becoming colder the more she stared at the pokemon.
    Noah looked at the two's rivalry, and decided to not intrude.
  38. *Bud (Houndoom) is running around happily with ice cream dripping from his face* DOOM DOOM! *Zianna (Altaria) flies around with a wet wipe trying to wipe Buds face* ZIA!
  39. Stake saw the interaction between the Rhyperior and the Lurantis and slithered over to them. "Hey what's going on here?" He asked after getting closer to them.
  40. Lurantis looked at the new pokemon that came over. "Nothing important. Just a mishap." Nora whispered, her voice starting to sound more harsh, but somehow still mono-tone and sweet.

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