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Ask to Join Waver Region-Battle Frontier(RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. (Discussion and sign ups go here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/waever-region-battle-frontier.15593/)
    Ken walked out of his Dome and looked around the new battle frontier, the place was almost complete and he heard new frontier brains were going to be arriving today. the sun was shining bright in the sky and there were a few clouds to provide shades. Ken's Quagsire walked up behind him. "Hey Sieur, are you exited to meet the new frontier brains?" He said as he patted his Pokémon on the head. Quagsire shouted happily. Ken then noticed a few people talking with the workers then walked away angrily. "Must be those Mineral Corporation guys again, they said they claimed the land before us but they don't have the documents to show it." He said to himself as he put his hands behind his head.
  2. Umbra walked around as she studied the rock formations. She hummed and grabbed her rope, swinging it onto a think branch of a high tree. She made sure it was stable before starting to climb. The archeologist grinned as baby floated up with her.
  3. Ken was stretching when he noticed a few worker talking about a woman on the site. He decided to follow them with Sieur following him. When he arrived he saw a girl on a thick tree branch with a Minior. "Hey lady! You don't have authorization to be on this construction ground!" Shouted one of the workers.
  4. "Hmm? Oh sorry! I'm looking for the excavation site," Umbra called down at him as baby sat by her shoulder. She stood up and looked out over the place, trying to spot her work place.
  5. Ken walked up and yawned. "Oh mister Ken, it nice to see that you're up." One of the worker said. "Yeah, Hey miss the excavation site is a few meter that way I think." Ken said as he pointed to the direction he was referring to.
  6. "Thanks," Unbra leapt off as she repelled back down. She smiled when her feet touched the ground and baby came down it her. She wrapped her rope up again and put her gloves in her bag. She nodded to the frontier brain before marching off in the direct of the excavation site, her Pokemon sticking close.

    Ivory sat back in a chair as she at the base. She whistled as she filed her nails, stopping for a moment to look them over.
  7. Daniel sat cross-legged in his dome. Right next to him, Saizo was also sitting. When Daniel and Saizo achieved sync, Daniel walked outside to see Ken wandering off. Daniel grunted and said,"Speak of the devil."
  8. Ken turned around. "Well now that taken care of I'll be going back to my dome and wait for the new frontier brains." He said as he walked away. when he was walking he noticed Daniel. "Hey Daniel what's up?" He asked.
  9. "Nothing, like always, you still haven't managed to beat me," Daniel trailed off. Daniel-Greninja stood next to Daniel and glared, due to the total sync between the two.
  10. Umbra ran and leapt over things as she made it to the excavation site. She stopped before she fell into the pit and caught baby, taking the minoir to the camp. She hummed as she found her tent and put her stuff down, counting her supplies.

    Ivory hummed and stood up after she was done. With a pout she started to walk around, looking for something interesting to do.
  11. Ken looked at Daniel the continued to walk toward his dome. "Just because he beat me flawlessly last week doesn't erase every other victory I had." He arrived at his Dome and walked inside. "Come on Sieur." His Quagsire followed.
  12. "I guess I should prepare for all these new Frontier Brains..." Daniel sighed as he turned around and went to his dome. Saizo jogged after his trainer. The pair entered the dome. Inside of Daniel's dome, it was almost pitch black from darkness.
  13. Umbra let ark out. The Royaling letting out a huff of air as he followed his trainer around. She checked on how everything was going, marking down discoveries on her clipboard. After she was done she picked up a set of her own tools, getting to work.
  14. Angelina arrived at the Battle Frontier, where she viewed the six battle-domes in which the Frontier Brains were stationed. "Now, which one was mine again?" She asked, more to herself. To her right, Archie nuzzled his head against his trainer, to which Angel gave a pat on his head as a reply. She sighed and shrugged, deciding to pick one at random. Unbeknownst to her, the one she decided to enter was Daniel's.
    As Angel walked in, she glanced at her surroundings. Darkness. So, she called out instead. "Hellooo~, anyone home?"
  15. Daniel jumped down from a platform above the entrance. He landed on a metal grate. The sound of his landing rang across the silent dome,"I'm Daniel Grey, The Frontier Brain of this Dome, are you challenger?" He asked, strangly polte, especially coming from him.
  16. "Oh, no, I'm not a challenger. I'm one of the new Frontier Brains. I just forgot which dome was mine, so I decided to go to random ones until I found the right one. Yours happened to be the first one I picked. Either way, it's nice to meet you, Daniel. I'm Angelina Gray!" She replied, giving a smile and extending her hand for a handshake.
  17. "Hmm, Another Gray/Grey, Interesting," Daniel shook Angelina's hand back,"Which type are you, I could possibly help you." Daniel almost choked on his words, but she did look like a strong trainer, so he that's why he was being so polite.
  18. On the coast, a Blastoise with a trainer on top docked on the beach. and one of the new Frontier Brains stepped off
    "Return" he said quietly and the Blastoise, Shellshock, nodded and was enveloped in a red light returning to its Pokeball.

    He arrived at the Battle Domes
  19. Noah quietly marched around the base, looking for the admin's sleeping quarters. June marched by his side, spooking every member that walked past them. the man reached out his hand and grabbed onto June's collar, pulling him into a room.
  20. Ivory sighed as she walked through the base and made a face at the boredom that she was experiencing. She let Mimi out and the meowstic purred as she sat in her trainer's arms.
  21. After Noah used the bathroom, he began to quickly walk through the halls looking for the leader. While he was walking, he suddenly bumped into Ivory. His whole face lit up, "I-I'm so sorry! I was, I just, Ugh." He quickly stood up and offered her his hand.
  22. "Hey. Names ivory," the team admin smirked and took his hand shaking it. Mimi meowed and waved at him as she cuddled into Ivory's arms.
  23. Noah pulled her up, "My name is.. N-noah.. Are you a new member..? If so.." he paused and took out a piece of paper, than began to read the words on it. "Blah, Blah, Blah, Admins must show around the new staff members.. Blah, blah." he took a deep breath.
  24. "I'm an admin but since I got here it's been soooooo boring", ivory grinned stupidly and wrapped an arm around Noah's shoulders. She pulled him toward the entrance and blinked, "idea! How about we go mess with those frontier brains? Cause some trouble, start some fights"!
  25. Noah looked at his watch, "Are we aloud to do that..? What if they beat us?" he questioned.
    June circled around his master, showing his dominance.
  26. "We won't be fighting them. We'll make them fight eachother! Then maybe I can find some new ships! Ohhhh this is gonna be so fun," Ivery giggled and pulled him toward the exit faster. She looked at June and tilted her head, "what's with him? If he thinks he's better then krook then he is very wrong".
  27. "M-miss, what if this backfires..? And d-don't worry about June, he's just protective over me.. I guess." he mumbled. "Please don't get me in trouble..." he whispered
  28. "I'll take the blame so don't worry. Also just Ivory if you want. Your so cute! I will find you the perfect person ever," the multicolored hair woman giggled and pulled her hair into a loose bun. She hugged Noah, pulling June in with Mimi, "come on! Let's go do something atleast! I'm bored stiff"!
  29. Noah sighed, but his face lit up due to the compliment. "Fine Mi- Ivory, but please don't make me fight people.." he whispered.
    June let out a small grunt, but stayed still for his master.
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  30. "Ok, I won't. I here there is a place selling ice cream nearby? I could go for some rocky road," ovpry pulled away and hummed. Mimi cheered at the thought of treats and leapt down to bounce around their feet.
  31. "Ice cream.. That sounds nice I guess.." Noah mumbled. "I haven't had food in a while, supplies are kinda scarce in this Solid base." he complained.
    June slowly circled around his master, somewhat getting excited for food.
  32. "Well don't worry. It's on me. I've been thinking about getting some grunts to help spruce up the place, you know like maybe painting the walls or fixing the lights, getting new things," Ivory crossed her arms over her chest and smirked, walking forward and out of the base. She looked around and narrowed her eyes, trying to remember where she heard the ice cream was.
  33. "Wow, you actually talk to people? I just make meetings and deals with the boss.." he took a small pause. "And I can also pay for the ice cream.." he suggested as he pulled money out of his pocket.
  34. "It's good to talk to people! That way you can make more ships," she giggled at the last part of her comment. Ivory grabbed his hand when she spotted the I scream, making a beeline straight for it. A dirt cover archeologist made it to the line before the admin and Ivory poutted.
  35. Noah sighed, "What did I get myself into.." he mumbled as he watched the archaeologist in front of them. "She better hurry up, I'm starving.." he complained.
  36. Ken walked out of his Dome again. "Man I'm bored, going to get ice cream." He said to Sieur that walked up behind him. "Take a rest inside your poke ball Sieur." He said as he returned his Quagsire into its poke ball. "Come out Stake." he said as he sent out his Steelix. "Take me to that ice cream place." HE said to Stake as he jumped into his Pokémon's mouth. Stake slithered a little then dug into the ground.
  37. "Well, I use Fire-type Pokemon. Archie here is my partner." The dual-hair-colored girl replied, giving a nod to the Arcanine next to her. When Archie's name was called, he gave Daniel a nod of greeting.
  38. Umbra looked at the choices before she picked Cotten candy. She accepted the sweet treat brefore paying and stepping away, smiling at the sweet taste in her mouth.

    Ivory stepped up and she ordered a rocky road before looking at Noah. She grabbed her cold treat when it was handed for it and got a vinilla and a Cotten candy for her Pokemon.
  39. Noah ordered a plain vanilla, while he got a cotton candy and two chocolates for his pokemon. He payed, then turned to Ivory. "S-shall we sit?" he questioned.
  40. "There are some benched over there," Ivory motioned to a spot under a shady tree after giving Mimi her cotten candy ice cream. She then tapped her second pokeball and released krook. The krookodile laughed loudly before his hands where stuffed with vinilla ice cream.

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