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Private/Closed Wauphobia

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by _obsequious, Feb 11, 2020 at 4:23 PM.

  1. hey! i know this might sound silly, especially b/c we dont talk very much, but i was wondering if u wanted to get together with some other w’s wednesday night. i know im being paranoid, but i’d feel a lot better with some other people… ever since the whole ‘“w”s are going missing’ scare, i’ve been really scared to be alone at night. figured i’d get some other w’s with me. obviously you dont have to come, i was just thinking we could all hang at my place overnight, since my parents are out of town. like i said, totally optional! i live down the street from the italian place,@ 1092 welch drive. hope to see u there! -winnie

    She’d sent the text last night. Nobody had responded.
    Winona Jenkins was sitting on her bed, anxiously bouncing her knee. The sun was just beginning to set, and with the night of a Wednesday came paranoia. The roads outside, typically alive with the sounds of children on their bikes, was dead silent.
    Maybe I should turn my porch light on. What if they’re lost?
    She sighed to herself, fidgeting with her thumbs. No, no. They’d come around! She sent the message to five other people- someone had to show up, right?
    God, please don’t leave me alone tonight.
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  2. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Jay yawned as he took a seat down on the bus. “At least that’s another day of hell over.” He thought as slouched down on his seat.

    He looked outside of the window silently for a bit, until his phone suddenly got a notification. “Huh, who’s it from?” He wondered as he pulled it out of his pocket, it was a pretty long text but he managed to get through it.”Who is this?” He proceeded to read on. “So it’s about this whole kidnapping shit, people are just too paranoid.” He thought as he then chuckled. “But the message is from a girl, what the hell I guess I’ll go. Gives me something to do.”

    He eventually came to his stop and hopped off, and then went into the direction of where this “Winnie” girl’s house was meant to be.
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  3. If it were any other day, being outside in the cool evening air would be rather refreshing for Wallace Fletes. Not on a Wednesday though. Not since the disappearances began. He glanced around nervously, as he strolled down Welch Drive. There definitely were lots of shadows cast by the setting sun... Plenty of places where somebody could be hiding.
    Outwardly, he looked calm and collected. Hands in his vest pockets, earbuds in listening to from Moana, humming the tunes as he walked. Internally, though, he was panicking. Being so alone and vulnerable on a Wednesday afternoon wasn't exactly an ideal scenario for him.
    He arrived in front of Winona's house, and stopped outside. He double-checked the address on his phone - this was it. He approached her door, and knocked.
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  4. Mica looked out his window, watching the sun set. He checked his phone again, re-reading the message sent by Winnie. He didn't really know her by that name, but it was easy to make the connection that it was Winona. Mica had a few classes before with her, and although he didn't really talk to her (then again, Mica didn't really talk to many people), she seemed rather nice. Even so, Mica had originally planned on not showing up. He didn't really know Winona, and he had already messed up with his sister. He didn't want to mess up with Winona as well.

    Mica sat for another few moments, watching the sunset. Then again... Winona said she was scared. I mean, who wouldn't be? It was like something out of a bad 80's horror movie, getting hunted because they had a w in their name. Mica would have thought the whole thing a joke if it wasn't for his sister being snatched. Mica considered for a moment more, before shaking his head before going back to his phone once again.

    I'll be late. Mica texted back, responding to Winona's message.
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  5. After around fifteen minutes, Winnie glumly accepted that nobody was coming. That was what she thought, at least, until she heard a sharp knock at the door. Naturally, she jumped. It was startling, hearing it so suddenly, but an evident look of relief washed over her face.
    Unless they’re here to kill me.
    She huffed, screwing her eyes shut. No, that was stupid. She trotted over to the door, opening it cautiously while peering at the face before her. It was
    Wallace, the boy in her history class. Sighing softly, she opened the door further and ushered him in.
    “Ah-! Sorry about the mess. You can have a seat, if you want,” she mused, despite there being little to no mess present in her living room. It was a simple, suburban home, in a light, wisteria purple shade. The trim was white, with wide windows. In the living room was a large, grey sofa, which would probably fit ~7 people, eight if you really tried.
    “Thank you for coming. Really, I mean it. I was really scared to spend the night by myself.” She admitted softly, before her face went light pink. She was well aware of what the situation seemed like, having a boy alone with her in her house. “It- It might just be us tonight. Nobody else is here, and nobody’s responded to my m-“
    The notification cut her off, and she scrambled to check her phone. “Oh! Mica’s coming- Mica Winchester, I mean. Do you know him? He might be in your chemistry class, I think.”
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  6. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Jay jogged for a majority of the way there, eventually starting to run out of breath. He never bothered to reply to the message but figured he’d show up anyway. “As long as this girls got refreshments of any kind I’m all good.” He then smirked, “If I’m lucky she may even have a couple booze.” He mumbled to himself as he eventually came up to his destination. He ran up to the the door, knocking loudly as he tapped his foot. “Hopefully I’m not kept waiting to long...”
  7. Having sent out the text, Mica began to get ready to head over. The white-haired boy threw on his blue jacket, making sure the rectangular device he kept with him since his sister's disappearance was still in the pocket. Next, Mica grabbed his backpack. The teen made his way over to his closet, putting in some spare clothes as well as the box of cosmic brownies he kept for snacks. Should he bring anything else? Mica grabbed his phone's charger as well, throwing that into his bag. The teen thought for a second, trying to think if he needed to bring anything else. No, nothing he could think of. Mica opened the window and was about to head out of it before he stopped, looking back at his room. The boy thought again for a moment before heading back to his desk and writing out a quick note.

    Gone out to the Jenkins. A friend's feeling scared. Should be back in the morning, sorry if this worries you. I'll be fine. Love you, Mica. The note read. Mica placed the paper on his bed, turning out the lights in his room. Feeling that he had readied everything he needed, Mica climbed out his window and closed it behind him. Looking around carefully for anything suspicious, Mica began to make his way as silently and stealthily as possible towards Winona's house.
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  8. Jimmy got the text and asked himself whether or not he should go. He had decided to finally answer the text, "I am coming in my car if you don't mind." he told his parents that he was going out and just left. He grabbed his keys and a water bottle. He starts his car and reverses and gets onto the road. Jimmy then drives to the girl's house and pulls to the side of the road and parks there. He gets out of his car and eventually gets to the front door and knocks on it.
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  9. Upon hearing the knock, Winnie clapped her hands together softly.
    “That’s probably Mica now,” she speculated, to an otherwise silent Wallace. She bounded to the door, opening it, and blinking in surprise to find herself face to face- er, face to chest- with Jay West. She looked up to meet his gaze, offering a tiny, sweet smile. Of all people she accepted not to show up, it was him. She also thought she could see the outline of someone else behind him. Oh, Jimmy Dalius. Middle name: William.
    Looking a tiny bit flustered for virtually no reason, she ushered them in, closing the door behind them.
    While it seemed like a good idea to fight the loneliness in theory, she realized it may be rather awkward. She fumbled with her hands, clearing her throat.
    “Um- can I get you guys anything..? You’re not thirsty, or hungry, or anything..?” She offered quietly.
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  10. Wallace took Winnie's offer to sit. He glad that other people also showed up, the whole safety-in-numbers idea didn't really work if it was just the two of them. He realised that Winnie had asked him something, but didn't come up with a response until the others had already arrived, and by that point the chance was kinda gone.
    "I'm good." He said quietly, replying to her offer. "Just, glad not to be alone tonight."
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  11. Jimmy came in and sat down at the teen girl's request. "Yea could I get just a glass of water please? That would be good enough for me thank you." He gave her and the rest of them already in there a welcoming smile. He knew what they were all going through because he himself was going through almost the same thing. He hoped that his parents didn't worry about him too much.
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  12. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Jay looked down at the girl who had invited him and was now letting him in. “Oh right I think I’ve seen her around before, I’m pretty sure she’s Winona Jenkins.” He thought before he stepped inside. As soon as he got in he took a seat right away, he then slouched down on the seat like he usually did. He sighed as he still had a pretty uninterested look on his face, but he gave off a little smirk in Winona’s direction.

    After he got comfortable he heard Winona asked if they all wanted anything. “Hmm...what you got? I’ll see if there’s anything I’d actually want.” He said before smirking once again.
  13. Winona tuned in to their requests, nodding briskly. She bit her inner cheek as she looked in Jay’s direction; that kid was all smirks, in her direction, and it was evidently flustering her. Not that flustering her was a difficult task, of course.
    ”Oh! Um- we have..” she hesitated for a moment, picturing the fridge. “Water, some Cokes, coffee, tea.. I think I have some apple juice left..”
    Listing it off felt a bit childish, like she was a little girl hosting a tea party. She failed to mention her parent’s alcohol; not on purpose, it just didn’t occur to her. Even if she had remembered, she wouldn’t have mentioned it, but noticeably on the countertop were two bottles. One of wine, and one of whiskey, for her mother and father respectively. She scurried into the kitchen to get Jimmy’s water, hoping Jay would just shout a response.
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  14. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Jay scratched his head as he sat up a little bit and straightened his posture a little more. He heard what Winona said she had in and then he decided to go into to the kitchen to decide what he wanted. “Apple juice, what am I...5?” He thought as he just stood there as he looked around the kitchen to see if he could spot anything else.

    After a little bit of looking around he noticed the perfect thing, two bottles of alcohol. One seemed to be a bottle of whiskey and the other a bottle of wine. “Ahh why didn’t you mention these?” He said as he pointed towards the bottles.
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  15. The streets were eerily quiet as Mica made his way towards Winona's house. As the sky darkened to the setting sun, the streetlights began to flick on one by one. Mica kept a brisk pace, almost jogging. Every other moment he would look over his shoulder, half expecting to find masked figures melting out of the darkness to grab him, or a white van to suddenly appear and snatch him away. The growing darkness caused a rising sense of dread and fear to form in Mica's gut. This was a terrible idea, a terrible idea! Leaving the house as night fell, what a fantastic idea. If this was a horror movie, this would be the part where the killer jumped out. Mica's grip tightened on the thing in his jacket pocket as he looked around once again. Still nothing. His breathing coming a bit more heavy, Mica turned onto Welch Drive. This was the street that Winona said she lived on.

    The teen looked around once more. Still nothing. Mica quickly pulled out his phone, checking the address one more time. 1092, that was the place. Mica shoved the phone back into his pocket, and made his way towards the house.

    Mica walked onto the porch, looking around the neighborhood one last time. He could feel the air starting to cool as the night continued to fall. The unnerving feeling of dread and uneasiness still held a knot in his stomach. This was a bad idea... But it seemed like an even worse idea to turn around and try to head home in the dark. Letting out a nervous breath, Mica gently knocked on the door to Winona's house.
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  16. Winnie squirmed slightly. She could see the distaste in his face at the mention of apple juice, but she quite liked it, personally... She blinked as he walked into the kitchen, pressing her back against the counter as though to avoid being in his way. She bit her inner cheek as he pointed out the two bottles.
    "Ah- that's my parents'," she mumbled quietly, ducking her head. She could feel her body heat up with embarrassment. Now wasn't the time to be a goody-two-shoes! What if he hated her? She pursed her lip into a tiny frown, but gave in shortly after. "Right, I... Sorry, I didn't think to point them out," she murmured, reluctantly getting him a glass. It felt wrong, and she knew it, but she didn't want to disappoint him. "Just... please don't take too much."
    Guilt set in immediately. They'd kill me if they knew I was doing this! Oh, my God! Why am I letting this happen! Why is he so scary!
    She shook her head quickly, in an attempt to shake the thoughts away. Whatever, it was fine. No big deal. She turned away, filling a glass with Jimmy's water and bringing it to him. Just as she was setting it down with a gentle "here you go", there was another knock at the door.
    Scurrying to answer it, Winona cracked the door open. The warm, yellow light from her home was a nice contrast to the dark, glum atmosphere of outside. After confirming that it was, in fact, Mica at the door. He looked really, really disturbed, like he was anxious. Winnie offered him the warmest smile she could, hoping to calm his nerves.
    "Hey, come in!" she offered, closing the door behind him. It then occurred to her that she was probably expected to say something to the group, considering she'd gotten them all together, but nothing came to mind whatsoever. She frowned curtly, tapping her foot.
    "Um- thank you all for showing up." She mused softly, fumbling with her hands. "I really, really appreciate it. If I'm honest, I didn't expect anyone to show up..."
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  17. Mica blinked as Winona opened the door. As nervous as he was, the teen was relieved to see a friendly, semi-familiar face greet him. With a nod, Mica followed Winona into her house. There were already quite a few people there, most of which Mica recognized. There was Wallace, an obvious w. Then there was... Jimmy? Mica wasn't aware that he was a w. From his position in the living room, Mica could see that there was someone's shadow in the Kitchen. Three other people? How many people had Winona invited? Did she know all these people personally? Well, Mica didn't really know Winona on a personal level...

    Mica leaned against the wall of the house, letting out a breath. His heartbeat began to slow as he calmed down. The familiar environment of a house helped chase away his thoughts of kidnappers chasing him through the night. He was here. He was safe. He would be fine.

    Having calmed himself down enough, Mica looked up once again as Winona began to speak to everyone. She seemed rather nervous, which made sense. Public speaking was a common fear, and while this was more of just 'talking to people', it was close enough that Mica could sympathize with Winona's discomfort. Mica managed a small smile, giving Winona a little thumbs up as he walked over to her. Reaching into his backpack, he took out the box of cosmic brownies he had and offered the box to her.
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  18. The young teen had been waiting outside of the house for a while now, still too nervous to come in. She'd been practicing her introduction since she got the message, holding her notecards in front of her.
    Finally, she collected herself, and emerged from her hiding spot. She - putting on a facade of confidence - knocked on the door, her three small raps barely making any sound. She prepared her script, mentally getting ready for any questions.
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  19. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Jay looked at Winona with a surprised expression. “You’re pretty alright y’know.” He shouted over to her as he cracked open the wine and poured himself a glass. He took one sip and then sat down on the couch.

    “So the rest of you guys, who actually are ya? Can’t say I’ve really spoke to any of you before so it would help if I knew your names and stuff.” He said as looked around at all the different people inside of the room.
  20. "Wallace Fletes. You can call me Wally, if you want." Wallace introduced himself. "I think you were in my maths class last year, can't remember if we ever spoke though."
    His attention was grabbed by another knock on the door.
    "I'll get it." He said, noticing that Winnie was preoccupied with the others.

    He approached the door and opened it.
    "Hi! Kiara, right?" He said. Kiara Ryder? He wasn't aware that there was a W in her name. Middle name, maybe? Did the kidnappers count middle names? "I'm Wallace. Everyone else is inside, come in."
    He gave a small, warm smile.
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