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Private/Closed Wauphobia (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by _obsequious, Feb 9, 2020.

  1. Wauphobia.

    Our story takes place in Gaten Grove, Montana, at Brookbasin High School. Gaten Grove is a small town, the kind with the friendly suburbs and the warm, kind neighbors. They prided themselves on their relationships with each other; everyone knew everyone in Gaten Grove. The school used to be known for its incredible art program, but as of late, it was the school of the kidnapping victims.
    Every two weeks, on a Wednesday night, one person went missing from Brookbasin High. Three months in- Brookbasin was on its thirteenth week, approaching the fourteenth- and they were mentally preparing themselves for their seventh kidnapping. Authorities were beginning to get frantic; setting strict curfews, advising parents to check in on their children every hour or so, and to alert police if they didn’t receive a response. Nobody could identify any similarities between the victims- for example, one had been a varsity tennis player, another a stoner- until Jane Wilson went missing last week; the only people going missing were people with “w”s in their names. That little tidbit of information didn’t necessarily help anyone; if anything, it just made people all the more paranoid. Some people with “w”s in their names became jumpy, others defensive. It was such a cryptic fact, and what if it was all a coincidence? Regardless, a severe sense of distrust fell over Brookbasin. The potential victims, who’ve just been dubbed as “w”s, have clustered together, insisting there was safety in numbers. Some tried desperately to go by fake names, but since Gaten Grove was such a tiny town, anybody could smell out a lie like that. Some believed the kidnapper was a student, others refused to believe that one of their classmates was behind this.
    The story revolves around a small group of “w” teens. We open on a Friday afternoon, just as school lets out. Discussion of the upcoming kidnapping buzzes around like casual gossip- they’ve become so frequent that they’re talked about like local news. _winniebear, Winona Jenkins, reaches out to you through social media, as well as some others.

    hey! i know this might sound silly, especially b/c we dont talk very much, but i was wondering if u wanted to get together with some other w’s wednesday night. i know im being paranoid, but i’d feel a lot better with some other people… ever since the whole ‘“w”s are going missing’ scare, i’ve been really scared to be alone at night. figured i’d get some other w’s with me. obviously you dont have to come, i was just thinking we could all hang at my place overnight, since my parents are out of town. like i said, totally optional! i live down the street from the italian place, @ 1092 welch drive. hope to see u there! -winnie

    1. please obey regular charms rules.
    2. there will be lots of swearing!! pls beware!
    3. you may have one character, and their name must have a "w" somewhere. (middle names work, too, if you'd like.)
    Physical Appearance:
    Name: Winona "Winnie" Jenkins
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Physical Appearance: Winona's rather average. She stands at about 5'3, and is on the slimmer side, with narrow hips and a smaller chest. Her skin is pale, lightly freckled, and slightly tattered from the occasional slip. Her hair, which stops in wavy curls at her shoulders, is a light brown in color. Her eyes are a deep brown. Typically, she's seen wearing standard blue jeans and a simple hoodie.
    Personality: Winnie is.. too nice for her own good. She worries about people to no end, and is incredibly charismatic. While she is rather nervous at times, she tries her best to be a friend to everyone, although she's rather sensitive and a bit of a crybaby.
    Likes: Storms, cute socks, hard candies
    Dislikes: Insensitive people
    Other: >:')
    Winona Jenkins - @_obsequious
    Jimmy Williams - @TheGrimmRemix027
    Mica Winchester - @Captain Cardboard
    Wallace Fletes - @Mr Fishykarp
    [To Be Named] - @EeviumZ
    Jay West - @AceTrainerGold
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  2. Oh, Dang, I should have read this one before I put the character in the other one because their last name started with W.
    Name: Jimmy William (W) Dalius
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Physical Appearance: Jimmy is 5'10 and has an average thin build. He has brown eyes, blonde hair, with a tan face from the vacation(More about that later) he came from just a week ago
    Personality: He is on the more rich side of the town. He although does not identify himself as 'the rich kid' as he sees it as leverage above people and he doesn't enjoy that. He is, however, quite charismatic and can make a joke or two every once in a while, but can be quite shy if he feels awkward in a situation.
    Likes: Jokes, Fun, People who are mostly on the nice side.
    Dislikes: People assuming since he's rich that he is [insert one of many rich stereotypes].
    Other: Wow another great plot and it is well written. I congratulate you on that and hope that both get to be actual roleplays.
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  3. accepted! i’ll add you to the character list soon :’)
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  4. Seems pretty cool! Here's my character!

    : Mica Winchester
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Physical Appearance: Mica has hair that he bleaches white. It's rather scruffy and covers his eyes. Occasionally, a blue eye will peek through his bangs. He's 5'4", and weighs about 130. For his clothes, he usually just sticks with jeans and a black t-shirt with a green mario mushroom on it, with the words '1-up' underneath it. He's more lean, with a bit of a runner's build.
    Personality: Mica always had been more of a quiet, introverted, kept-to-himself type. His little sister was one of the first few that had been kidnapped, and Mica feels like he's personally responsible for her disappearance. Since then, he had became even more quiet and withdrawn, rarely speaking. Even though his hair seems to come over his eyes, he is rather observant and quite good at picking up minor details. He was sometimes picked on at school, due to being rather short and bleaching his hair white, but is used to just ignoring it.
    Likes: Fantasy, History, Chocolate
    Dislikes: Heights, Public Speaking
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  5. !!brother of a victim! you’re accepted~
  6. Can I reserve a spot for this? :3
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  7. of course!~ i’ll get your name down.
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  8. This is a really interesting RP idea! Excited to see where it goes

    Name: Wallace Fletes
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Physical Appearance: Wallace is overall quite particular about his appearance. He keeps his golden blonde hair short, and neatly combed. He's quite pale and while he doesn't really have a preference in the type of clothes he wears, he does only wear clothes with lighter colours. He's 5'7, relatively thin, and is almost never seen not wearing earbuds.
    Personality: Wallace is energetic and enthusiastic, always being the first to take risks and try new things. He likes to interact with others as much as possible, though also appreciates being alone from time to time. Since this whole kidnapping fiasco began, and especially after everybody realised that it was "w"s specifically disappearing, it almost seems like he's getting increasingly extroverted week-by-week.
    Likes: Dancing, Musicals, Clouds
    Dislikes: Silence, Apple Juice
    Other: Learned dancing and gymnastics when he was younger, though isn't currently taking classes for either
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  9. accepted! welcome to the team!~
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  10. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    This seems pretty cool, I’m down for it.

    Name: Jay West.
    Gender: Male.
    Age: 16.
    Physical Appearance: Jay is of Chinese heritage (half Chinese) so has naturally black hair but he often bleaches it to make it blonde. He also has his hair permed (curly) but when it’s straight he has pretty messy fringe. He has a relatively lean build and is fairly tall standing at 5’10. His eyes are a chocolatey brown and he tends to have his left ear pierced with a silver stud.
    Personality: He is a slacker who’d rather die then spend the rest of his days at school, he thinks he’s wasting his life away there. He also happens to be brutally honest and doesn’t really care for others too much, despite this he is decently popular among classmates. This whole kidnapping hasn’t really affected him much as he thinks it’s a bunch of bull, he thinks the ‘w’ thing must just be a coincidence even if everyone keeps on saying otherwise.
    Likes: Football (soccer), Spicy foods, Dogs and Action films.
    Dislikes: Cats, Romance films, School and Being told what to do.
    Other: He has a boxer dog named Rocky at home and has four siblings. However he only lives with his older sister, little brother and his dad.
    Hope this is alright.
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  11. accepted! and, with that, the final slot is taken! i'll have the roleplay thread up by tonight, hopefully before 6pm, PST. :'))
  12. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    It’s all good. I’ll get a post up asap.
  13. she has two Ws in her name.... i guess she's E X T R A cursed owo

    : Kiara Willow Ryder
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Physical Appearance: Kiara stands at the diminutive height of 5'3, with a very slim build, pale green eyes, and very light blonde hair. She has very light freckles, and a tiny scar on her forehead (nothing special, she scraped her head on a low-hanging branch while running).
    Personality: Shy but charming, Kiara tends to keep to herself. She's a sweet teen, who tries to ignore the harsh world around her despite all the chaos.
    Likes: She's not really picky, but she tends to like the arts, programming, dance, etc. She also enjoys being with her friends and loved ones.
    Dislikes: She dislikes people who are needlessly judgemental or rude.
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  14. welcome to the party, kiara! accepted~
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  15. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    I’m actually interested to see how this group of characters will get along.
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  16. we have the people pleaser, the rich kid, the introvert, the extrovert, the slacker, and the sweetheart. i think we’ve got a pretty diverse group goin’!
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  17. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yeah we have lol. Very wide array of personalities here.
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  18. @EeviumZ are you going to post? It's fine if you're busy and all I get that. I just wanted to know if you were gonna post.
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  19. Sorry, had five hours of practice last night!~

    I have drama class this morning until noon but I’ll post once I’m home
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  20. I have a few questions about the kidnappings (just basic information that the characters would prob know, for RP purposes)
    About how many 'W's are there are Brookbasin High in total? And have the disappearances only been Ws who were alone/outdoors or were any Ws with other people when they vanished?

    (Also the opening post on this thread says the RP starts on Friday but unless I've completely misread the RP we're starting on a Wednesday? Not really a problem since everyone seems to be on the same page, just thought I'd point it out)
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  21. oh!
    -I cant necessarily think of an exact number, but the targets are people with w’s anywhere in their names. so i just did a little exercise! brookbasin is a small school, with ~1000 students attending. to figure it out, i just had the first 20 people to respond to my story be my data pool. of those twenty people, two of them had w’s somewhere in their names, so brookbasin has around 100 w’s in total.
    did i overcomplicate things? yes. but i want it to be kind of realistic, yknow? plus, it was fun.
    -the police of gaten grove are being crazy secretive, as they don’t want any information being released. but yes, most of them were alone. one victim’s room was reported to be broken into from her window. but obviously, most w’s wouldn’t wanna be outside alone at night just out of paranoia.
    -ah, yikes! thats a slip-up on my part. see, i intended for it to imply that the text was sent on friday, but i definitely worded it wrong. its currently wednesday night in the roleplay :’)

    TL;DR - around 100 w’s, most victims were alone, and its currently wednesday. if you guys have any more questions, let me know! i have the plot almost completely developed, and (if you’ve noticed~) theres a lot of w’s in the text itself (i.e wisteria, whiskey, wine, etc.). im doing it for a reason, so keep a look out!~
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  22. This is starting to remind me of those old 80's slasher movies I watched around Halloween :D
    So I've been listening to soundtracks from John Carpenter movies to set the mood while I write for this RP.
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  23. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ah yeah it is sort of like that. If it was Jay would definitely die first while going to grab a drink.
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  24. my next post will be when things start ~happening~, everyone buckle up, its mystery time! >:’D
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  25. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    I’m pretty excited. Gotta love a good mystery.

    Sorry I haven’t replied in a bit been busy with work stuff.
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  26. dun dun dunnn!
    that post seemed a lot longer when i was writing it in my doc, but as soon as i put it on charms it felt short :w:
    my apologies for a kind-of-rushed ominous scene, im currently sitting in french trying to be discreet >:"D
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  27. ooooooOoooh spooky >:3
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  28. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ahhhhh shiiiiit. We’re being watched. Yes this is starting to get spooky lol.
  29. Let Jimmy be the one to state the obvious.
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  30. winnie: on the verge of tears, panicking, checking all her locks
    jimmy: “...you seem upset.”
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  31. @_obsequious Just out of curiosity... is the bottle of wine cold, or does it feel room temperature?
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  32. th... thats a good question... i had a hard time struggling to answer that, and then i was like “wait most wine is served room temperature” so! it is room temperature :”)
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  33. is there an in-universe reason why calling the police wouldn't work, now that we know(?) there's a person(?) watching the house
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  34. Nope! It is a perfectly liable response, so they will do just that~
    Don't worry, I'm not making it that simple hehe
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  35. also fyi: most of the adults in gaten grove kinda suck, thats why rutherford is so nonchalant. i wanted the teens to feel isolated, like nobody was going to help them, so that they would have to take matters into their own hands. :”)
  36. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    That definitely works for this kinda story. Little bit like IT.
  37. A yes. The grand old slasher movie small-town police. I wonder if they're gonna bite the dust later? :D
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  38. Another one bites the dust
    Another one bites the dust
    Another one down, another one down
    Another one bites the dust
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