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Ask to Join Watership down RP discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Finch~, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Many years after the flee of Strandleford, after the death of Hazel, Fiver is the only rabbit alive who remembers the journey they made. Efrafa has moved on, but a new warren, just as strong and fierce, has been forged by many past Efrafa officers; Avenforn

    You must have some knowledge of Watership down before joining this RP
    Like the film and book, this RP may get a bit gory, so if you are uncomfortable with that, leave now
    Romance is allowed
    Inter-species relationships (other than Rabbit x Hare) are forbidden.
    You can have as many characters as wanted
    Does cant be Owlsla or Owslfa unless i say because if would be very uncommon


    Cheif Rabbit:


    Swift: White hare with ginger and brown patches @AstrapiDappletail

    Thistledown: Grey rabbit @AstrapiDappletail
    Clover: Black rabbit @AstrapiDappletail


    Cheif rabbit:

    Thistleleaf: Silver and cream dappled doe, mistaken as a buck as a kitten because of her size. Owslfa of left ear mark @AstrapiDappletail

    Left ear mark:

    Near hind mark:

    Right cheek mark:

    Right foot mark:

    Right ear mark:

    Feather: White she-cat with ginger and brown patches, blue eyes @AstrapiDappletail


    Species: (If not Rabbit/hare)
    Warren: (If rabbit/Hare)
    Mark: (If Avenford)
    Owsla: (yes or no)
    Owslfa: (If avenford, yes or no)


    Name: Swift
    Gender: Doe
    Age: 9 months
    Appearance: White hare with patches of ginger and brown
    Personality: Fast, Loyal, Stubborn
    Warren: Watership
    Owsla: No
    Mate: No
    Crush: No

    Name: Thistledown
    Gender: Buck
    Age: 13 months
    Appearance: Grey rabbit
    Personality: Friendly, Joker, Jumpy
    Warren: Watership
    Owsla: No
    Mate: No
    Crush: No

    Name: Clover
    Gender: Buck
    Age: 14 months
    Appearance: Black rabbit
    Personality: Serious, Lovable
    Warren: Watership
    Owsla: No
    Mate: No
    Crush: No

    Name: Thistleleaf
    Gender: Doe
    Age: 12 months
    Appearance: Silver doe with cream patches. As a kitten she was rather bulky and mistaken for a buck but as she grew older it was more obvious she was a doe. The owsla however saw good potential and made her an Owsla, then an owslfa
    Personality: Stubborn, serious, Loyal, changeable
    Warren: Avenford
    Mark: Left ear
    Owslfa: Yes
    Mate: No
    Crush: No

    Name: Feather
    Gender: Female
    Age: 32 months
    Appearance: White cat with ginger and brown dapples, blue eyes
    Personality: Friendly to rabbits and occasionally protects them, stubborn
    Species: Meow
    Mate: Nah
    Crush: Nah
    Other: Feather is friendly to the watership down warren and only eats mice or what the farm people put out for her
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  2. A rabbit roleplay!? Too bad school starts in just a couple of days and i'm already in too many roleplays ;_;;_;;_;

    I won't have time or emergy for this many. And i don't have too much knowledge about those movies or any at all about that book. Surprised? You should be.

    One more reason i'm not gonna join, i don't actually like having powerless animal OC's. It doesn't give me much options and i'll have to think really hard to know what to do :p
  3. I can’t do this RP, mostly because I have too many already and I don’t know much about watership down, so I don’t have the time to learn.
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  4. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Thats okay ;)
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  5. I can't do this either, I've never watched or read about Watership Down and I have no interest to. Sorry.

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