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Open Water vs Fire RolePlay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by TrappedNutCase, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. Name-
    Water or Fire-
    Shiny or Normal-
    Move Set-


    Fire Spin, Iron Tail, Mimic, Safegaurd


    Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Aqua Ring, Yawn

    Water trickled through the opening of a stream as a pair of blue, scaley paws stepped in it. The owner of the paws, a young Vaporeon, inhaled deeply with a smile, the scent of fresh water, and spring filtering into his nose making him exhale. "Such a pretty day!" He hummed smiling happily, before he saw movement over the fire-water border. "Pesky fire-" He stopped his words when he saw a pretty Vulpix step out of a bush, a berry in her mouth. Vapor shook his head, and walked away. 'No, it's forbidden.' He thought.

    "A Vaporeon..." Amber hummed as she ate her berry. "Oh well." She shrugged before padding back to her side of the territory, lapping a some water on the way. Her soft brown-red fure was shimmering softly in the sunny patch of territory, as she laid down to bask in the warm sun. "I'm so bored." Amber whined softly.
  2. Cam
    Ability: Simple
    Moves: Magnitude, Flamethrower, Amnesia, Sunny Day

    "wow!", exclaimed the numel. "it's such a nice day out", he said as he accidentally bumped into a vulpix. "oh i'm so sorry about that, sometimes i get distracted on nice days like today. what are you up to?" he asked the vulpix.
  3. Amber looked up and shook out her fur. "Its fine." She smiled and sat up, "I get a bit distracted on days like today too." She purred before pushing a berry towards him. "Want one?" She offered, her six tails swaying beautifully. "They're fresh, I picked them not to long ago." She smiled brightly.
  4. Name- Speedy
    Water or Fire-Water
    Species- Frogadier
    Shiny or Normal-Normal

    Move Set-Water Pulse, Fling, Smack Down, Round

    Speedy was doing his normal routine, running around the place looking for a nice pond to sit a meditate at. He often did that to conserve energy incase he got into a extreme fight and needed some energy. Speedy spotted a Nice stream and ran over to it. Sometimes Speedy went to fast and ran into things like trees but this time it was a Vaporeon. "My Apologies, I did not mean to run into you. I was trying to get to this stream by running but it appears I went to fast. Terribly Sorry Mate." Speedy Smiled "What's your Name, Eeveelutions?"

  5. The numel took the berry happily. "Thank you so much! I love berries," he said cheerfully as a bit of lava flowed out of his hump. Cam looked at the vulpix's tails admiringly. "Your tails are so beautiful, how do you keep them that way?" He asked munching on his delicious berry and laying to relax and soak up some sun.
  6. Name- Clyde
    Water or Fire- Water
    Species- Mudkip
    Gender- Male
    Shiny or Normal- Normal
    Move Set- Water Gun, Mud Bomb, Tackle, Growl

    Clyde was sitting under a tree, as he ate a oran berry that he caught in his paws. He got up soon after, as he walked around while he avoided the water. He felt a little awkward around others, since he was afraid of his own type and even habitat.

    He hid in a bush and slightly peeked out, as he noticed a Frogadier that talked to a Vaporeon. He also noticed a Vulpix and a Numel that also talked to each other, as he didn't seem to really know that the fin on his head was clearly visible to everyone. He thought to himself as he looked teary eyed, "Should I try to talk to the others... or should I just stay and hide here?"
  7. Amber smiled at the compliment. "Between you and me; a wash in the water type's stream everyday can do wonders." She knew it was forbidden to use the water type's water, but it was much fresher over there than the one the fire type's have.

    Vapor shook out his scale like fur and looked up at the frog Pokemon. "Its fine." He yawned and noticed a Mudkip's fin. "Hmm?"
  8. Clyde still sat in the bush, as he felt his fin wiggling in a silly motion. He felt that the air was a little cold, as he still peeked out from the bushes and saw that the Vaporeon had noticed him.

    He gulped, as he said to himself quietly, "Okay Clyde... just go out there and try to look normal..." He walked to the Vaporeon in a very funny motion, as he avoided the water type's stream.

    He stayed close to the shore, as he went to the Vaporeon while he wiped the tears from his eyes. He rubbed on his gills while the fin on his head wiggled quickly, as he was very nervous.
  9. The names seemed very surprised with vulpix's answer. He never would have thought to use the water types water for anything. "I don't like playing in water, it's way too much for me to handle but I bet it tastes quite wonderful," he said looking over at the sparkling water. "I'm Cam by the way. Cam the numel!"
  10. Clyde went to the Numel, as he whispered to him, "Umm... I need to tell you a confession. I'm afraid of water, I'm scared to go in what everyone thinks is my habitat."

    His fin shook in a rapid motion, as he went behind the Numel and curled up in a ball. He looked away from the sparkling water, as he started to cry. Some tears fell from his eyes, as a faint cry could be heard from him.
  11. The numel looked at the little mudkip. "What scares you about the water little mudkip?" Cam asked, "at least you can play in it, I'm a fire and ground type so water is pretty dangerous for me." Cam smiled at the little mudkip. "I'm Cam, what's your name?" He asked.
  12. Clyde hesitantly replied to Cam while he cried still, "I'm C- clyde... and I can't even touch the w- w- water.. I'm hypersensitive to it... waaaahhh!" He cried still, as he stayed curled up next to Cam. He refused to even be near the water, as he stayed as far as he could from the clear, sparkling water.
  13. Cam sighed in sorrow, "that is truly a sad thing. Well it's OK, you'll just have to learn to admire it like I do. Besides who wants to be wet all the time?." Cam smiled at Clyde. "Nice to meet you," he said as he sat closer heating up his hump to soothe the crying mudkip.
  14. Name- Miles
    Water or Fire- Fire/Normal
    Species- Litleo
    Gender- Male
    Shiny or Normal- Normal
    Move Set- Ember, Noble Roar, Take Down, Fire Fang

    Miles watched the conversations of the Pokémon with interest from his hiding place, a bush on the Fire type side of the border. He sighed quietly. So far, he had not been noticed. ' Should I stay where I am until they leave? Or should I try to talk to some of them?' Miles thought.
  15. The numel looked over and noticed the litleo. "Feel free to come join us if you'd like. It never hurts to have too many friends," Cam yelled over at the litleo with a warm, welcoming smile on his face.
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  16. Clyde felt a little calmer from the heat, as he slowly scooted away from the sparkling water. He heard Cam yelling to a Litleo, as he still stayed curled in a ball. The fin on his head wiggled in a rapid motion, as he was frightened. He still cried in a quieter tone, as he thought to himself, "I got a bad feeling that some of the fire types are gonna hurt me... And I can't even go in the water here, they'll all just laugh at me!"
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  17. Cam looked at the worried Clyde. "There's no need to worry Clyde. You're a water type so most fire types will probably worry about you. Besides if anyone has any issues with them just get on my back and I'll give them a nice magnitude," Cam said reassuringly. The numel looked up at the sky and smiled in the sun light.
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  18. (OOC: Introducing a new OC in the RP, funny how it's slient here.)

    Name- Noel
    Water or Fire- Fire
    Species- Cyndaquil
    Gender- Male
    Shiny or Normal- Shiny (Old)
    Move Set- Quick Attack, Ember, Smokescreen, Double Kick

    Clyde dozed off next to Cam, as a Cyndaquil could be seen within the bushes where Clyde had hid in previously. He picked some sitrus berries on the sides, as he thought to himself while he peeked out, "Huh, that Mudkip looks familiar... I just know it."

    He cautiously went out of the bushes, while holding three sitrus berries, as he saw that Clyde was asleep. He also noticed a Numel that was next to him, as he carefully curled in a ball next to Clyde.
  19. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Name: Rage
    Type: Fire/Flying
    Species: Charizard
    Male or Female: Male
    Normal or Shiny: Shiny
    Moves: Fire Blast, Dragon Rage, Roost, Dragon Pulse

    Rage flew over the area, watching events unfold. He crashed down on the ground and roared before crashing down again, this time, he had accidently crashed into the water border. "Dammit!" He shouted.
  20. Cam noticed the charizard crash into the border. "Well that can't be good," he said as he stood up carefully as to not wake Clyde. The numel covered the mudkip with some nearby leaves and proceeded towards the area where the charizard had crashed down to see if he was OK.
  21. The Cyndaquil still stayed next to Clyde, as he giggled when he was covered in leaves. He said to him as he placed a sitrus berry on his paw, "Oh Mudkip... now what was your name again? I remembered when you were like that when you were hatched."

    He heard a huge thud that came from the water border, as he said to Clyde, "Oh my... someone probably crash landed too hard." He noticed a Numel that went towards the area where the noise came from, as he stayed next to Clyde and watched him, while he munched on a sitrus berry.
  22. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Rage had created a huge crater in the ground and then he got up and saw Noel and Clyde. He roared. "You shall all die! Not you fire types but..." He saw all the different fire types and water types but his hate increased when he saw the water types.
  23. Cam looked in shock at the charizard. "why are you doing this?" he cried out. "we have a border for a reason, why would you go and try and start a war? some of the pokemon aren't strong enough to fight." cam looked over at clyde and noticed a cyndaquil near him. cam slowly backed up and stood in a braced stance. the numel had no idea what to expect from the enraged charizard, but his only true concern was making sure clyde would be ok.
  24. Clyde heard a Charizard roaring, as he got up and quickly ran away from him! He cried a lot, as the Cyndaquil quickly rushed towards him. Clyde quickly hid behind some bushes near a forest, as he thought to himself, "Oh my god... it's like that war I was in earlier! And now someone wants to kill me already!"

    He cried in the bushes, as tears flooded his face while the Cyndaquil came up to him. He said to him as he tried to pat his head, "Hey shh... I understand that you're very anxious here, just try to relax if you can."
    Clyde replied while screaming, "How can I relax when I'm NEVER safe here! For god's sake, SOMEONE ALREADY WANTS TO KILL ME!" His screams and cries echoed through the area, as the Cyndaquil sat next to him while he tried to calm him.
  25. Felix
    water type
    water shuriken,cut,ariel ace,water pulse

    As Felix the greninja was running throughout the water habitat, he noticed a vaporeon and frogadier next to a waterfall.He decided to walk up and say hello."Hello,"said Felix."My name is Felix."
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  26. Ashley
    Salad it
    Gender- Female
    Shiny or Normal- Shiny
    Move Set- Dragon claw, Venoshock, Sludge bomb, Sweet scent ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Ashen crawled out from a crack in the ground to check out what all the commotion, she looked around, and saw a few people crowded near the border, but a Charizard perked her interest... Was it rage? She kinda hated that Charizard. She crawled over and realized the Charizard was OVER the border.
    "What the hell is he doing? Trying to start a war!?" She said, quite loudly in fact.
  27. Name: Willy
    Team/Type: Water

    Pokemon: Wishiwashi
    Gender: Male
    Moveset: Feint Attack, Hydro Pump, Scald, Aqua Tail

    Willy saw a charizard over the border. "Why don't they stick over their side of the border. It doesn't look like friendly either." He said.
    He then went into his schooling form and growled.
  28. Name: Scone
    Fire or Water?: Fire/Fighting
    Species: Combusken
    Gender: Male
    Moveset: Flamethrower, Arm Thrust, Fire Spin, Gear Grind

    In the beginning, Scone was wandering near the border. Scone faced a Azumarill and evolved in the process, now being a Combusken. With his new form he gained the fighting type, which is a very useful type. Although this Azumarill still have an advantage, since it was water. But Combusken beat it with his fire type moves, considering it's also the fairy type.
  29. Name- Ashley
    Water or Fire- Fire
    Species- Typhlosion
    Gender- Female
    Shiny or Normal- Normal
    Move Set- Earthquake, Thunderpunch, Flamethrower, Eruption

    Ashley looked around. The Typhlosion was at her cave, seeking safety and shelter from the battles outside. She looked at the Flareon sleeping curled up in a ball deeper inside the cave. It had taken a hard hit, a Water Pulse to the head and gotten knocked out. Ashley seen and quickly took out the Feraligatr that had inflicted the damage.
  30. Name: Smoke
    Species: Ponyta
    Gender: male
    Stomp, flame wheel, growl

    Smoke was hiding from all the commotion, hoping to not be seen by a water pokemon. There was an enraged Charizard he didn't want to run into either. He tried sneaking into the fire type camp to avoid them, but tripped and fell, and started crying.

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